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上海减肥瘦身多少钱上海复旦大学附属闵行医院做双眼皮多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201612/480349上海市第一人民医院激光祛痘多少钱 Conversation A : In the Office?HOWARD: Excuse me, Martin.?MARTIN: Good morning, Howard. Good morning, Waleed.?HOWARD: Can we talk to you? ?MARTIN: Sure. Come in.?WALEED: We're going to watch baseball tonight. Can you go with usMARTIN: Not tonight. I'm going to take the children to their grandparents.?HOWARD: Aren't they in ChicagoMARTIN: My parents are in Chicago. My wife's parents are in Ocean City. We’re going to Ocean City.?WALEED: Are the children going to stay in Ocean City? ?MARTIN: Yes. They're going to stay for five days.?HOWARD: That's nice.?WALEED: Does your son like thatMARTIN: Oh, yes. His friends are there.?WALEED: My son doesn't like visiting his grandparents. They live in the country.MARTIN: His friends are here.?WALEED: That's right.?HOWARD: Doesn't he like his familyWALEED: Yes, he likes them. He likes his friends, too.?HOWARD: You can't go with us tonight.?WALEED: Can you go on Thursday.MARTIN: Sure.?WALEED: OK. Let's go on ThursdayMARTIN: Are you going to watch tonightHOWARD: Sure. And we're going to watch on Thursday.?WALEED: See you later.?MARTIN: Good-bye.?CARA: Hello, Martin. May I come inMARTIN: Of course.?CARA: Do you and your wife like swimmingMARTIN: Yes.?CARA: Do you like to watch swimmingMARTIN: On televisionCARA: No. My daughter is going to swim in Baltimore on Saturday. Can you come to watch?MARTIN: Is it a swim meetCAREA: Yes, it is. She's going to swim tonight, too.?MARTIN: Sit down. Please. I'm going to phone my wife.?CARA: Thanks.?MARTIN: Hello, Eileen. What are we going to do on Saturday? Cara's daughter is going to swim in Baltimore on Saturday. Cara, in the afternoonCARA: Yes, she's going to swim in the afternoon.?MARTIN: She's going to swim in the afternoon. It's a swim meet. OK. Good-bye.?MARTIN: We can come on Saturday.?CARA: Can your daughter comeMARTIN: No, she's visiting her grandparents in Ocean City. Can you come to our house after the meetCARA: No, thank you. We have to come home. She has a meet here on Sunday.?MARTIN: OK.?CARA: Thank you.?MARTIN: See you on Saturday.?WALEED: Martin, Howard and I are going to eat. Can you comeMARTIN: Yes. I'm going to finish this story later.?会话 A 在办公室?霍华德:对不起,马丁。?马 丁:早上好,霍华德。早上好,瓦利德。霍华德:我们能和你谈话吗马 丁:当然可以,请进来。?瓦利德:我们今晚去看棒球赛,你能和我们一起去吗马 丁:今晚不行,我要带孩子们去他们外祖父家。?霍华德:他们没在芝加哥吗马 丁:我父母在芝加哥,我妻子的父母在大洋城,我们要去大洋城。?瓦利德:孩子们将在大洋城呆一段时间吗马 丁:是的,他们将呆五天。霍华德:很好。?瓦利德:你儿子愿意吗马 丁:噢,是的。他有朋友在那儿。?瓦利德:我儿子不愿意去他祖父母那儿,他们住在乡下。?马 丁:他的朋友在这里。?瓦利德:不错。?霍华德:他不喜欢他祖父家吗瓦利德:不是的,他喜欢他们,他也喜欢他的朋友。?霍华德:你今晚不能跟我们去了。?瓦利德:你周四能去吗马 丁:当然能。?瓦利德:好的,我们周四去。?马 丁:你们今晚去看吗霍华德:当然,而且我们周四也去看。?瓦利德:再见。?马 丁:再见。?卡 拉:你好,马丁。我可以进来吗马 丁:当然可以。?卡 拉:你和你妻子喜欢游泳吗马 丁:喜欢。?卡 拉:你们喜欢看游泳吗马 丁:在电视上吗卡 拉:不是的,我女儿周六将在巴尔的游泳,你们能来观看吗马 丁:是游泳比赛吗卡 拉:是的,她今晚也参加游泳比赛。?马 丁:请坐,我给我妻子打个电话,问一下。?卡 拉:谢谢。?马 丁:喂,艾琳,我们周六将做什么?卡拉的女儿周六将在巴尔的游泳。马 丁:卡拉,在下午吗?卡 拉:对,她在下午参加游泳比赛。?马 丁:她在下午游泳,是场游泳比赛。好,再见。?马 丁:我们周六能来。?卡 拉:你们的女儿能来吗马 丁:不能,她还在大洋城的外公家。你们比赛后能到我家吗卡 拉:谢谢你,不能。我们得回家,她星期天在这还有一场比赛。?马 丁:好的。?卡 拉:谢谢。?马 丁:周六再见。?瓦利德:马丁,霍华德和我要去吃饭,你能来吗马 丁:好的,我以后再完成这篇报导。? /200602/3391TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/477464玫瑰王晨光院长做鼻部综合

青浦区抽脂瘦腿多少钱The angels, in turn, are supported by carved stone plinths bearing Richard#39;s own emblem,the white hart.天使的承重柱是一根根刻有花纹的石柱 刻的是理查的象征 白鹿But the alien strangeness attributed to Richard seems a lot less strange如果你把理查看成一位 文艺复兴时期的国王if you think of him as a Renaissance prince for whom the idea civilised life was not necessarily a mark of being un-English.他的怪异之举就不足为奇了 对他而言 不是仅有 英国以外的国家才有文明The Wilton diptych is the clearest illustration of his exalted vision of kingship.《威尔顿双折画》清晰表现了 君王的尊贵身份Richard instinctively felt he belonged in the company of saints,so here he is with three of them:理查本能地觉得 自己属于圣人之列 所以图中他与三人位于一处John the Baptist, Edward the Confessor and the Saxon martyr king Edmund.施洗者约翰 忏悔者爱德华 萨克逊殉难者国王爱德蒙The other panel shows him in the even more exalted company of angels,the Christ child and the Virgin.另一幅画则显示了 他被更为尊崇的天使所环绕 圣子和圣母He is her appointed lieutenant.他是圣母指定的代理人She is receiving his kingdom as her dowry and in return will bestow on it her special protection and favour.她将查理的国度视为己出 自然对其多加偏爱和庇护 Ceremonial style was not, the king decided,just an affectation the window dressing of power国王觉得 礼节仪式并非仅是 故作姿态或是彰显王权it was at the heart of its mystery, its capacity to make men obey.而是使人臣这一秘诀的关键所在Richard had this in mind when,for the first time in the history of the British monarchies,理查将此铭记于心 英国历代国王中 首次有国君要求the king let it be known, he should like to be addressed as ;Majesty; And ;Highness;,a kind of mystical elevation.称呼国王为 ;陛下;和;殿下; 以体现尊贵 /201612/481495上海做双眼皮 You#39;re so good, because everything you#39;re saying, it just is so natural for你太厉害了 你么一句话都说出的那么自然you just to give those notes like that.就像给大家小贴士一样And you just signed on for season 13, right?你刚刚签下了第十三季 对吧?Yes, I can#39;t wait. Good, so there#39;s a break.是哒 我已经迫不及待啦 好 那先来一段广告And then Gwen comes back with the rest of those guys, and then you come back.回来的时候 我们会和剩下的那些人一起 然后你也来I know, I#39;m getting jealous. I just saw them out there right now, filming.我懂 我有些小小的嫉妒啦 我刚看到他们在外面拍摄And it#39;s hard, I miss my chair. Yeah.对我来说 有点难 我想念我的座位 恩Yeah, I know, someone else#39;s ass is in my chair right now, I don#39;t like it.恩 我知道 别人的屁股正蹭在我的位子上 我不喜欢But I guess it used to be her ass, and I#39;m now in her chair, so.不过我猜 以前可能是他的屁股坐在了我的位子上 所以You#39;re territorial with chairs. Yeah, hell, yeah. Good. Of course. No need to curse.椅子是你的领地 对啊 我的妈太对了 好 当然 不用爆粗口啦All right, so there#39;s a photo that got a lot of attention of your engagement ring.好吧 所以你订婚戒指的照片 吸引了很多人的注意Uh-oh. Are you wearing it right now? I am. So congratulations.啊偶 你现在带着吗 带着呀 那 恭喜你啊Okay, so listenI actually don#39;t really talk about it that much恩 听着 我其实不爱多谈这个事儿but I think something that people should understand is I think young people in但我觉得人们应该学会理解普通的年轻人general, and what we wear, and what a relationship and我们穿什么 我们怎么界定双方之间的关系a commitment means is very different to what tabloids like to make it mean.婚姻的承诺 和小报上传说的那些流言蜚语有很大的区别I think young people have a different idea of partnering我想年轻人对于伴侣的界定 有他们自己的理解and not feeling that this necessarily means this is going to而不是说 一段关系一定要有have a legal document signed and dated.法律文件的签署 和正式的约会Because it#39;s really- sharing a life with someone因为 这其实是和伴侣共享一种生活and not about a legal paper that tells me anything-而不是一张法律文书上写的任何东西even though I fought so hard for LGBTQ rights so they#39;d be able to get married即使为了LGBTQ人群争取结婚的权力 我已经付出了极大的艰辛but I don#39;t even really want to. Yeah, right. Yeah. So it#39;s fun.但并不是我想要这么去做的 恩 对 恩 所以说这很好笑Well, I think the reason you fight whether you want to or not我觉得 无论是不是出于你的意愿 你去争取这份权力is just- everybody should have the exact same rights.仅仅是因为 每一个人本就都应该享有同样的权力It#39;s very weird cuz this is real jewelry.这有点怪怪的 因为这是一颗真的珠宝And most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy. Uh-huh.而我的首饰 大部分都是小熊糖或者棉花糖做成的 啊哈And they don#39;t look that good together, cuz they kind of mix up.它们看起来不那么像样 因为他们会混在一起So sometimes I replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney Tune.所以有的时候 我会把它们换成独角兽或者《宝贝一家通》里面的角色(比如兔八哥)And he#39;s kinda like, what#39;s going on?他就会说 发生了什么It#39;s like, well, this really isn#39;t my aesthetic, but I#39;ll wear it cuz you love me.就像 好吧 这其实不是我的审美 但我还是会戴着 因为你喜欢我啊God. He could#39;ve saved a lot of money by giving you a gummy bear ring or something.天哪 那他可以省下好多钱 就给你一个小熊糖的戒指或者其他的I know. I know, good girl to have. Aw! I can just wear cotton candy.我懂 我懂 一个好女孩值得有用 啊哦 我可以只戴棉花糖的戒指的 Article/201706/515310上海玫瑰超声刀钱多少

上海胸部整形好吗Okay, I#39;m down.Bear, you all right?好的 我下来了 贝尔 你还好吗Sean, what#39;s going on?He#39;s good.He#39;s good?Lean back and put your weight on it. Down you come.肖恩 怎么样了 他没事 没事吗 向后仰 重心靠后 下来吧Nice and steady.This is a pretty scary situation.慢慢来 不要晃 这真是非常恐怖的情况I didn#39;t want to go down there. You feel very alone.我不想往下走 感觉孤立无援You just got to trust Bear and his experience.你只能相信贝尔 还有他的经验Okay, Joe! We got Sean down!Oh, man.好的 乔 肖恩下来了 老天啊Okay, we#39;re going down, Joe. Let#39;s go.下来吧 乔 来吧 This is really gonna push Joe,and will make him confront his fear of rappelling.这对乔来说是一大难题 他得面对他最怕的索降Who#39;s guarding the rope?You got me, Bear?我下去了谁看着绳子呢 贝尔 你能保护我吗I got you 100%, brother.All right. I trust you.我全力保护 哥们 好吧 信你That#39;s good. That#39;s good.Keep it coming.Lean back.好极了 好极了 就这样下来 向后仰I reckon you can walk down this,so lean right out like you did on that first granite rappel.我保你能安全下来 向后仰 就像你第一次从峭壁上下来一样That#39;s it. Lean right back. Right back.就这样 后仰 对了Hips forward, remember.Feet flat against the ice...not to the ice.记住 臀部向前 双脚平放抵住冰面 不要离开冰面Crevasses are scary places.And this is really challenging Joe.冰裂缝是令人生畏的地方 对乔来说无疑是个巨大的挑战He#39;s gonna have to put his fears to one side and put his confidence in me.他必须抛弃胆怯 对我充分的信任Good job, Joe.Oh, good stuff.Bear helped me.干的好 乔 确实不赖 贝尔帮了我I mean, he told me everything#39;s gonna be fine.他告诉我任何事都会好起来的But, you know, he#39;s been saying that all day.但你也知道 他整天都这么说And I have been fine,so I guess I need to start believing him at some point.而事实上我确实毫发无损 所以一定程度上我想我该相信他 Article/201705/511614 A journalist with the biggest story of his life.还是一名记者 身负自己一生中最重磅的消息New technologies will harness the power of mass communication.新技术利用了大众传媒的巨大力量Information will travel further and faster than ever before.消息将比以往传播得更快更远A three-minute warning to disperse and go home.抗议者被命令在三分钟内解散 各回各家But the protestors won#39;t back down.但他们没有后退90 seconds later, the police attack.九十秒后 警方动手了40 cans of tear gas, 8 cans of nausea gas.动用了四十罐催泪瓦斯 八罐催吐瓦斯On the receiving end, activist Amelia Boynton.受害的一方 是激进分子阿米莉亚·因顿Imagine the courage and the fear that they have to confront想象一下 警方以警棍抽打 拳脚相加 一直把他们打趴在地上as club and foot and hand is smashed upon them,until they#39;re driven into the ground.他们所面对的是自己的勇气 以及恐惧Boynton, left for dead.因顿被打倒在地 奄奄一息She#39;ll be unconscious for two days.她将有两天不省人事But the world is watching.但世界正在关注Selma, Alabama.Police attack a non-violent protest.阿拉巴马州的塞尔玛 警方袭击了一群非暴力的抗议示威人员Civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Is one of 50 who are injured.民权激进分子阿米莉亚·因顿 是五十名伤员中的一名But key to any protest movement in the modern age:Television.但是在现代 任何一起抗议运动的关键则是 电视 Article/201606/447843上海市同济医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格上海第九人民医院激光除皱多少钱



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