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Obama's election voted top news story of 2008The epic election that made Barack Obama the first African-American president was the top news story of 2008 — followed closely by the economic meltdown that will test his leadership, according to US editors and news directors voting in The Associated Press' annual poll.The campaign, with subplots emerging throughout the year, received 100 first-place votes out of 155 ballots cast for the top 10 stories. Two other political sagas — the history-making candidacies of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin — also made the list.The vast economic crisis, plunging the US into recession and ravaging many business sectors worldwide, was the No. 2 story, receiving 49 first-place votes. The precipitous rise and fall of oil prices was No. 3.The top story of 2007 was the massacre of 32 people at Virginia Tech University by a mentally disturbed student gunman.Here are 2008's top 10 stories, as voted by AP members:_1. US ELECTION: Obama emerged from Election Night as a decisive victor and a symbol for the world of America's democratic promise._2. ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: It was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and will cost the federal government well over trillion in various rescue and stimulus packages._3. OIL PRICES: The price of crude soared as high as 0 a barrel in July before crashing to this month. In the U.S., the average price for a gallon of regular gas peaked at .11, then plunged below .70._4. IRAQ: The much-debated "surge" of US troops helped reduce violence after more than five years of war, but Iraq is still buffeted daily by bombings, ambushes, kidnappings and political uncertainty. A newly ratified U.S.-Iraqi security agreement sets a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal by 2012._5. BEIJING OLYMPICS: China hosted the Olympics for first time, drawing praise for logistical mastery. The games themselves were rated a success, highlighted by the record-shattering performances of swimmer Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt._6. CHINESE EARTHQUAKE: A huge quake in May killed 70,000 people in Sichuan province._7. SARAH PALIN: Few Americans outside Alaska knew much about its governor when Republican John McCain picked her as his running mate._8. MUMBAI TERRORISM: Ten attackers allegedly sponsored by a Pakistan-based Islamic group terrorized India's financial capital in November, killing 164 people in coordinated attacks on hotels, markets and a train station.._9. HILLARY CLINTON: She didn't win, but Clinton came closer than any other woman in US history to becoming a major party's presidential nominee._10. RUSSIA-GEORGIA WAR: The two nations waged a five-day war in August ignited by a Georgian artillery barrage on the breakaway region of South. /200812/59534襄阳市无痛治疗狐臭的医院The Shepherd and the Bureaucrat  A bureaucrat was hiking when he came upon a shepherd tending a large flock. The bureaucrat took a fancy to the sheep and asked the shepherd, "If I can guess how many there are, may I have one?" The shepherd thought it unlikely the man would guess the exact number, so he agreed.  The bureaucrat guessed, "You have 287 sheep." The shepherd was astonished, since this was exactly right.  "Can I pick out my sheep now?" asked the bureaucrat. The shepherd grudgingly gave his permission. Selecting one, the bureaucrat slung it over his shoulders to carry home.  The shepherd got an idea." If I guess your occupation'," he said, "may I have my sheep back?" The bureaucrat was surprised, but figured there was little chance of the shepherd guessing correctly, so he went along. "You're a bureaucrat, "announced the shepherd. Amazed, the bureaucrat asked.  "How did you know?"  The shepherd replied, "Put the dog down and we'll talk about it. 牧羊人与官僚  一位官僚在徒步旅行,这时他看到一个牧羊人在看护一大群羊。这个官僚特别喜欢羊,就问牧羊人:“如果我能猜出有多少只,我能领走一只羊吗?”牧羊人想他不可能猜中准确的数目,就同意了。  官僚猜道:“你有二百八十七只羊。”牧羊人惊呆了,因为这确是准确的数目。  “我可以挑一只羊了吧?”官僚问道。牧羊人勉强地答应了。官僚挑了一只羊,把它甩在肩上就往家里扛。  牧羊人来了主意。“如果我猜中你的身份,”他说,“我可以收回我的羊吗?”官僚甚感惊奇,但考虑到牧羊人猜中的机会很小,就同意了。“你是个官员,”牧羊人猜道。  官僚一愣,问道:“你怎么知道的?”  牧羊人回答:“先把我的放下,然后我们再说话。” /201107/145402铁四局一处襄樊医院早孕检查多少钱Breaststroke 蛙泳   Breaststroke is the slowest of the four official styles in competitive swimming, but it is commonly agreed that it is by far the most difficult to do correctly. The history of breaststroke goes back to the Stone Age. The leg action of the breaststroke may have originated by imitating the swimming action of frogs. 蛙泳是竞技游泳的四种标准泳姿中最慢的一种,但它却是公认最难做得标准的一种。蛙泳的起源可以追溯到石器时代。蛙泳中腿部蹬水的动作很可能是模仿青蛙的泳姿而来。 /201108/147503Thought I’d let you know why my blog activity has been quiet for the past week. My gorgeous youngest son, Jack, whilst playing tiggy (tag), broke his collar bone and fractured his shoulder. The pain was not nice and the lack of sleep for days left me in zombie land. The joys of motherhood.My youngest son JackEverything is fine, after 5 days he is well on his way to a speedy recovery. I have been treating him holistically and thought I would share what I have been doing as broken bones are quite common problem in both the young and old.Holistic Healing of Broken Bones:Even though I am not a naturopath I have built my knowledge by visiting many natural practitioners over the past 20 years, I have great friends who are practitioners in the alternate medicine field and often chat to naturopaths at our local health food stores. The following suggestions are not meant as medical advice but simply what I have been doing personally to heal my son naturally.1: Emergency essence:This is the very first thing I do anytime there is upset or trauma. It removes the shock from the physical and emotional energy fields of the body. Emergency essence is similar to rescue remedy except its made from Australian Bush flower essences. I continued giving the essence to Jack every half an hour until he was settled.2: Arnica a must for internal bruising:This was the first homeopathic remedy I ever used. Its fabulous for the quick healing of internal bruising. Great if you have just given birth and perfect for my boys after a rough and tough ruby game. I only used arnica for the first few days.3: Nutrition for the muscle and bone:I have a powder drink which I buy from our local health food store and use for my boys before and after a sports game. Its a blend of magnesium, calcium and potassium. 50% of the total magnesium found in the body is in the bone. Magnesium is also known as an anti stress mineral and helps with muscle recover. I will continue giving Jack two glasses of this mineral drink for a couple of weeks.4: Reiki:When my son is asleep at night I place my hands over his broken bones and ask for energy to flow into his body and support the healing process. As soon as I start reiki I usually feel a heat flow from the palm of my hands.5: Comfrey ointment:Comfrey is rich in iron, silica, potash and calcium. In the alternate medicine field it is known for its teeth and bone building properties. It’s nick name is the bone knitter. Comfrey is always applied externally. If I was very clever I would be growing it in my garden but failing that I buy it in ointment form from our local health food store.6: Homeopathic drops for bones:My good friend Butterfly who is a homeopath suggested calc phos. Calc phos is made from the mineral salt found in bone and teeth. I haven’t yet started my son on this as I have run out. I’ll be buying some today in either pill or liquid form.7: Realignment of the body:After the bones have healed I will be taking my son to a bowen therapist who will correct any misalignment in the body. This is just to double check that nothing is healing in the wrong place and that the hips, spine and muscles are back where they should be be. 我想让你知道为什么我的客在过去的一周里十分安静。我俊俏的小儿子杰克在玩捉迷藏的时候锁骨骨折了还弄裂了肩关节。这种痛苦很令人难受,再加上这几天我缺乏睡眠,弄得我和行尸走肉一样。不过这也是做母亲的乐趣。事事顺利,五天后他已经开始迅速恢复了。我很小心地治疗他并且我觉得我要和大家分享一下我对于青年人和老年人身上常见的骨折问题是如何处理的。全面治愈骨折:即使我不是一个自然疗法学家,在过去的二十年里,我也通过拜访许多的自然疗法的从业者们建立了在自己的知识体系,我有一些了不起的朋友们,他们是替代医学界的从业者,他们经常与我们当地的保健食品店的自然医术者们聊天。以下的这些建议并不是医学建议,但却是我个人如何自然治愈我儿子的方法。1. 紧急救助药物:在任何时候,当我不安或受伤时,我第一个考虑到的就是这个。它会安抚我身体及精神上的震惊。紧急救助药物类似于救援措施,除了它是由澳洲灌木花精制成以外。我不断将这种药物应由于杰克身上,每隔半个小时就用一次,直到他稳定下来。2. 阿尼菊是治疗内部淤青的必需品:这是我第一次使用顺式治疗药。它能神奇般地快速治愈内部瘀伤。如果你刚生孩子,或者你的孩子刚玩了一场艰难的脚本游戏,阿尼菊十分有效。不过我只在最初的几天使用它。3. 为肌肉和骨头提供营养:我有一种饮料,是我从我们当地的保健品商店买来的,在我的儿子运动前后我给他喝。它是镁、钙和钾的混合物。人体内50%的镁都存在于骨头中。镁是一种抗压力的矿物质,能帮助肌肉恢复。我在接下去的几周内会继续让杰克每天喝两倍这种矿物质饮料。4. 灵气:当我的儿子夜晚睡着时,我将自己的手放在他骨折的骨头上,将能量输入他体内来加速愈合的过程。当我开始灵疗的时候,我总能感到一股热量在我的手掌处流动。5. 聚合草油:聚合草富含铁、硅、钾和钙。在替代医疗中,它以健齿和修复骨骼而闻名。它的绰号是骨骼编织工。聚合草通常是外用的。如果我够聪明,我就应该在我的花园里种上一些,但是我没有,我从当地的保健医院里买了聚合草油。6. 用顺势医疗剂治疗骨头:我的好朋友Butterfly是一个顺势疗法医生,他建议使用磷酸钙。磷酸钙是由骨头和牙齿中的矿物质盐制成的。我还没在我的儿子身上使用这个。哪一天我会买一些药片或者液体的顺势医疗剂。7. 全身重组:在治愈了骨头之后,我要带我的儿子去一个鲍恩法治疗学家那里,让他纠正身体上任何错位的地方。这只是为了复查一下,确保没有伤口愈合的不好,臀部、脊椎和肌肉都回到了原来的地方。 /200805/38839襄阳四院医院电话预约号码多少

襄阳第四人民医院女子医院无疼人流襄樊市第二人民医院治疗便秘多少钱Your brain is conned to spend, spend, spend. Here's how to take back controlWe really should know better. Despite the neon-lit fact that we're in the depths of the credit crunch, official figures show that last month we splurged on shoes and clothes, spending about 9 per cent more than this time last year. Why is it so hard to restrain our retail urges? A new study helps to confirm that when we're shopping, our brains are not our own. We might think we are in control, but in fact the big levers are grabbed by our primitive drives.Worse, the marketing industry has spent billions scientifically perfecting ways to hijack your hyper-emotional primordial circuits into buying stuff that your sensible higher brain knows you don't need or particularly want. The good news is that much of this research can be turned on its head - instead of bamboozling our brains into breaking the bank, we can kid our instincts into spending less. Here's how:Give yourself - and your purse - a breakPausing briefly between choosing something and taking it to the checkout can dramatically boost the chance of the cash staying in your purse, says a study to be published in December's Journal of Consumer Research. Wendy Liu, of the University of California, Los Angeles, ran four tests where she interrupted people's purchasing. She found that a break in the buying process changed their priorities. Before the interruption, shoppers fixated on whether the object they desired was a bargain. After the interruption, they returned with a far more objective, higher-brained view - did they really want the thing at all?The need to cool off our consumer brains is reinforced by Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. His brain-scan studies show how the feelgood-chemical dopamine is released in waves as shoppers see a product and ponder buying it. But dopamine is all about the hunt, not the trophy: only the anticipation, rather than the buying, squirts the chemical. Once you've sealed the deal, the chemical high dissipates in minutes, often leaving a sense of regret that retailers call “buyer's remorse”. With practice, you can get your hormone kicks from window-shopping: no purchase necessary.Don't even touch your cardsFour studies on 330 people in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied confirm the suspicion that it is much easier to spend money in the form of a credit card. The New York University-led report concludes that we regard anything but hard cash as “Monopoly play money” and that real currency is the only thing that gives you the “pain of paying”. Credit cards might not only anaesthetise retail pain, they may create a physical craving to get the dopamine high from spending, says Professor Drazen Prelec, a psychologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He cautions in Marketing Letters that when you see and touch the plastic it is just like smelling biscuits baking when you are hungry: you feel compelled to splurge to satisfy the craving.Keep brands out of your brainDesigner brands have proved unprecedentedly effective at persuading you to spend more money on “special” goods that are actually only of average quality. Brands are painstakingly developed to encourage people to identify with them, to believe that their favourite labels have exactly the same human values as they do. A study in the Journal of Advertising Research reveals how our Stone Age brains are built to relate to other people and animals - and this way of relating attaches to inanimate objects, too. We habitually anthropomorphise, which is why many of us call our cars “she” and give them cute names. In similar fashion, we increasingly attribute human-like personality traits to brands.The research shows that we can even believe that the brand has an attitude towards us, so we develop tight “primary” relationships with it that are on a par with marriage and kinship. So instead of simply choosing between products, subconsciously we think we are picking life partners and powerful new tribes, and that we can buy our way into higher group status.Don't shop with friendsJennifer Argo, an assistant professor of marketing at Alberta University's School of Business, realised that whenever she went shopping with a friend, she changed her habits, choosing costlier foods and clothes. Argo employed mystery shoppers to stand by a rack of batteries, and found that their mere presence made the battery buyers pick the most expensive brand. If no one was there, they chose cheaply. The result, published in The Journal of Consumer Research, was consistent in three separate studies. “We will spend more money to maintain our self-image in front of others,” she says. One answer, according to a separate study, may be to shop with your relatives: we buy fewer things when visiting stores under the eagle eyes of family members.Staying calm costs lessWe might be more liable to spree when financially squeezed: under stress we can feel driven to hoard, says a study of students in Behavioural Research Therapy. This might have an evolutionary explanation: getting gripped by the urge to stockpile provisions in times of threat would have helped our ancestors' survival. This residual instinct can also help to explain how sales campaigns may work en masse by collectively preying on our deepest insecurities - you smell bad, you're not good enough, no one likes you.Be suspicious of special offersChainstores love to make you feel that you are getting a generous deal, because this makes you buy more than you need. When you see special offers on the shelves, your rational brain tends to go soppy with thanks and makes you want to return the favour by splashing out on unnecessary items. It's called the “spill-over effect”. Here, at least, it's worth honing your ingratitude.Think global, feel richerA study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation last year found that wealthy Londoners no longer feel rich, because they do not mix with less affluent people any more. We need to look wider, to the global neighbourhood. About half of humanity lives on less than pound;1 a day according to the UN. Meanwhile, a fifth of the Earth's people buy nearly 90 per cent of all the consumer goods. That's us, the stressed guys in the wealthy neighbourhood.Satisfice yourself“Satisficing”, in social-science jargon, is the sensibly shod alternative to maximising. When you satisfice, you don't let an impossible quest for the perfect option destroy your enjoyment of the merely OK. The credit crunch is an opportunity to decide that life in the West today, with its unheralded levels of healthcare, home comfort and personal safety, is pretty much as good as it will get, and there is actually no need to try buying more contentment. We just need to convince our primitive brains of this. /200810/54038Ever found yourself dumped by a friend embarking on a romance? Don't worry, you're probably not the only one. For according to Oxford University scientists, every time we start a relationship we jettison two of our closest friends。  Most of us simply don't have enough time for intimate friendships with more than four or five people, their research shows。  And a new love interest leads to two friends being pushed out of the inner circle。  Professor Robin Dunbar, one of Britain's leading experts in evolutionary biology, explained: 'If you go into a romantic relationship it actually costs you two friends in that inner core of relationships。  'Instead of having the typical five friends, they only have four in that inner circle. And bearing in mind that one of those is the new person that has come into your life, it means you have to give up two others.'  Men tend to have four or five intimate friends, women five or six, he said。  However, men were just as likely to jettison friends at the start of a new romantic attachment as women, found the study of those aged 18 to 60.  'Your attention is so wholly focused on the romantic partners, you just don't get to see the other folks you had a lot to do with before,' the professor told the British Science Festival in Birmingham. 'Those relationships start to deteriorate.'  But it's not just romance that can push out close friends, he explained. Children or buying a dog can have the same effect。  'You can only have five slots for deeply intense and meaningful relations. Those individuals don't have to be human. They can be your dog - or your favourite chrysanthemum plant. They can be people in an entirely fictional world - they can be soap opera characters. They can be God or they can be saints.' /201009/113984襄阳四院妇科医院做孕检怎么样好不好Run, bike, walk, roller blade or swim. Pick your poison and get outside. These are some of the most important and easiest ways to get a cardio workout--the key to any successful workout regimen--and anyone can do it. If you haven't exercised in ages, start with a slow and easy workout and give yourself two weeks to increase in speed and distance.选择一项不用花钱的运动,从小运动量开始锻炼 慢跑,远足,骑车,游泳,滑轮, 这些都是最简单也是对你的身体健康来说重要无比的有氧锻炼。请根据自己的喜好从这些运动中选择一样,然后出门,运动,然后坚持运动下去。需要注意的是,如果你已经很长时间没有做大强度的运动了,你可以先从短距离小运动量的锻炼开始,让你的身体适应运动量后再酌情慢慢增加运动强度和锻炼时间。贵在坚持! /201010/116615襄阳第四人民医院治疗腋臭狐臭多少钱

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