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How to Connect with Anyone爱,就是要这样看着你Studies say four minutes of uninterrupted eye contact increases intimacy.研究显示四分钟不间断的眼神接触会增加亲密感。Ok, I#39;m Jane.我是简。I#39;m David. Nice to meet you.我是大卫,很高兴见到你。Nice to meet you, too.我也是。I like your...我喜欢你的……Oh, thank you.噢,谢谢你。Whatever it is, it#39;s like infinity.不管我们在干嘛,感觉无穷无尽。I feel nervous. Do you feel nervous? I don#39;t know what we#39;re doing.我觉得好紧张。你紧张吗?我不知道我们在做什么。It#39;s all right.没关系的。I should have peed first.我应该先去尿尿的。So we invited 12 people to test this theory out.我们邀请十二个人来测试这个理论。What? You mean staring at each other#39;s...looking into each other#39;s eyes?什么?你是说盯着对方的...看着对方的眼睛吗?Yeah.对。Doesn#39;t seem natural.不太自然。Four minutes is a long time.四分钟很长。No other instructions?没别的指示吗?No, I have to look in your eyes.没有,我必须看着你的眼睛。Yeah, that#39;s it.对,就是这样。That#39;s it.就是这样。I just gotta rub my eyes.我只是要揉我的眼睛。I can blink, right?我可以眨眼睛,对吧?Shh! You#39;re not supposed to talk.嘘!你不应该讲话。I#39;m gonna hypnotize you...shh.我要催眠你……嘘。This is intense.这感觉太强烈了。It is intense.真的很强烈。I#39;ve never done anything like that.我从来没做过这种事情。I can keep going.我可以继续看着。How did you feel?你感觉怎么样?Weird.很奇怪。In 55 years of marriage, we#39;ve never really looked into each other#39;s eyes like that. But I do look at your eyes sometimes because I#39;m checking your blood sugar.在我们五十五年的婚姻里,我们从来没有像那样好好看着对方的眼睛。但我有时的确会看你的眼睛,因为我在检查你的血糖。You check on me all the time.你无时无刻都在检查我。Yeah.对呀。I wondered what you were thinking.我想知道你在想什么。How wonderful it was to just sit here and look at my wife for a change, without discussing work, business, and situations.这是多么美好,只是为了做点改变坐在这里看着我的老婆,不谈工作、事业和生活遇到的问题。When I look at you really closely, I realize how much I need you and what you mean to me, and because that#39;s the truth. And I couldn#39;t imagine being with anybody else.当我很仔细地看着你时,我才了解到我多么需要你以及你对我的意义,因为那是事实。我没办法想像和别人在一起。It#39;s pretty interesting to be able to sit in front of someone that you don#39;t know.能坐在你不认识的人面前还蛮有趣的。That you just met, like, what, 10 minutes ago?而且是你差不多十分钟前遇到的人?Yeah.对啊。And just...而且是……I feel like you can#39;t not see each other.我觉得好像不能不看着对方。Yeah, sorry, we#39;re gonna walk that way and yeah, let#39;s go have a drink.嗯,不好意思,我们要走那边,对,一起去喝一杯吧。Yeah, nice to meet you.好啊,很高兴认识你。I feel like we can get right to the dance floor after something like this.我觉得在做了这种事之后我们好像可以直接去跳舞了。Come on.来吧。One more time.再来一次。Okay, I didn#39;t feel that one.嗯,刚刚那个我没感觉到。You didn#39;t feel that one?你没感觉到?I didn#39;t feel it.我没感觉到。All right. Nice, nice.好。真好,真好。Just like old times.就像以前那些时光。Just like old times?就像以前那些时光?Say bye-bye. Bye-bye.说拜拜。拜拜。 Article/201606/447451Let me put it another way.让我换个方式来说。当中的put意思是表达,表述。I don't know how to put it.我不知道如何表达。Can you put it in simpler English?你能用更简单的英语来表达吗?蒋健棠----- /200803/29235

Like me, our next guste earned the PhD in the molecular biology before becoming an comedian跟我一样 我们的下一位来宾是一位从生物学士转型的喜剧明星please welcome the very funny joe wong Everybody Hi Emm, I am mariaged掌声欢迎 黄西 大家好啊 你好啊 恩 我已婚了When I first get driver#39;s license I decide to be an organ donator.当我第一次拿到驾照的时候 我决定做一位器官捐献者And I decide to donate my brain because makes me happy to think some guy捐的是我的脑袋 因为这个想法很逗wakes up some common goals I do not know who I am.比如从昏迷中醒来的人的大脑里想着 我怎么想不起来我是谁了I went to the amusement park a couple of years ago我几年前去了物馆公园and towards the end they are scarely wide.游客的举动比较狂野They took pictures of me screaming like this.他们拍照的时候尖叫的表情都是这样的And then they throw the salad to me.然后他们朝我扔沙拉So I bought a picture then I put it in my driver#39;s license.然后我就留了张照片 然后放进我的驾驶里Just keep it real. I have a friend, his name is weidie.就一直留着做纪念 我有个朋友叫做未带(想死)And recently he sent me page: Hey, John, let#39;s go to Canada to see some bears.最近他给我发信息说 乔 我们去加拿大看熊吧I say ,well, I am a little afraid of bears.我说 可是 我有点害怕熊Then he say to me, hey, John, you got to remember然后他说 记住 乔the bears are more afraid of you than you are afraid of them.比起你怕熊 熊其实更怕你So I say: well, I#39;m Pretty sure the bears are wrong.我就说 好吧 我很确定 熊想错了And on top of that I do not want to go nearly to bears some guy whose name is weidie.而且最重要的是 我不想跟一个叫做未带(想死)的人 去靠近任何一只熊Always I watch tv really late one night and they had a called emergence broadcasting on.某天晚上 我看电视到很晚 他们有个节目叫做 紧急培训I thought like what if it is the real emergency and I was asleep.我就想 如果真有什么紧急状况 而我睡着了怎么办They should let us know when is on. So I can tivol it.应该通知我们什么时候是紧急情况啊 这样我才能做好准备啊I came to this countries that many years and我来到这个国家多年之后I watched a lot of TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Show.我会看很多电视节目 比如吉米鸡毛秀And the funny think that time I was really and I thought people on the show有意思的是我还不了解这个国家的时候 我以为节目里这些观众are normally average Americans you know.都是普通生活水平的美国人That is I was right. It is kidding.原来我说对了 开玩笑的啦And a lot of bad economic news this year where the guys worry about the economy,I am not今年有很多经济糟糕的新闻 他们怎么会担心经济呢 我就不会Because I grew up poor you know,if I become poor again, I#39;ll just feel young.因为我小时候家里就很穷 我要是又变穷了 我就会感觉自己变年轻了We have a twin half-year-old now and and here is the thing.我家有一对半岁的双胞胎 是这样的I came from a long line of people who had kids.我来自一个拥有悠久历史的繁衍生息的国家Oh,you too,OK but so it#39;s amazing,cause my son is really cute now呃 你们也是的哈 好吧 但是 还是很神奇 我儿子现在很可爱了but when he was fistly born,he was ugly.但是 他刚生下来的时候 很丑And I wasn#39;t prepare for it,you know.我那时没做好思想准备I was looking at him in a delivery room and try to remember some of my ugly relatives我在产房看着他 联想我那些丑陋的亲戚and to decide exactly who passed the ugly genes to my son,you know然后想搞清到底是谁遗传了丑陋基因给我儿子了Then the doctor came in who was like congratulations he looks just like you.然后医生走了进来 说道 恭喜恭喜 他长得真像你thank you guys very much thank you,thank you.非常感谢大家 谢谢 谢谢 Article/201707/516013

There! I make the cappuccino.好了!我做了卡布奇诺。I#39;m Adler, and this is Bindle Coffee.我是Adler,这是Bindle咖啡馆。We are gonna make a decaf cappuccino.我们要做一杯无咖啡因卡布奇诺。I think it#39;s all done. Tamp it. Really hard.应该好了。压一压。很用力。I think it#39;s...I think it#39;s done. That#39;s good for now.我想...我想已经好了。现在这样可以了。You gotta put it in really tight.你得把它锁很紧。I want to do it! Okay, now pull it down.我想用!好,现在拉下来。There. I#39;m strong like the Hulk!好了。我和绿巨人浩克一样强壮!Can you blow out the air of the water there? No... Now steam that milk.你可以把那的蒸气用出来吗?不是...现在来蒸奶泡。Now time for cappuccino. I forgot to swirl.卡布奇诺时间。我忘记摇一摇了。First you have to swirl it. Yeah! Good job.首先你得摇晃一下。没错!做得好。Then...then I put it in. There! I make the cappuccino.然后...然后我把它放进去。好了!我做了卡布奇诺。Can I have a fist bump? Okay, now let#39;s taste it. Is it hot?我可以碰拳头庆祝吗?好,现在来喝喝看。会烫吗?It#39;s not too hot. I think it#39;s just right. What do you think?不会太烫。我觉得刚刚好。你觉得呢?Good. Does it taste good?很好。好喝吗?Yes! Thanks for stopping by! Thumbs up!好喝!谢谢你们来!点个赞! Article/201612/482358

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