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Prince William and Kate will be among the first guests to meet the Beckhams’ new baby daughter.谁将第一个见到小贝的女儿?威廉王子和凯特就在被邀请的客人之列The newly wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be in Los Angeles on the July weekend David and Victoria’s little girl is due to be born.小贝的女儿预计在七月份出生,届时威廉王子夫妇将前往洛杉矶看望And it is possible that proud Becks, whose friendship with William runs much deeper than has previously been thought, may even ask William to be godfather to the baby.小贝夫妇和王子一家感情真的很好,讲不定会请威廉王子做女儿的教父William and Becks ged a strong friendship when they worked together on England’s failed 18 World Cup bid.英国申请举办18年世界杯时,威廉王子和小贝结交,成为好朋友Sources say the pair have been in touch frequently since.知情人说自那之后他们就经常往来“They are always texting each other,” said a source. “People haven’t realised quite how close they are.“他们经常互发短信,大家也许不知道他们的关系居然那么好吧”Meanwhile we can reveal the new baby will NOT be named after a place.Becks and his wife are said to be torn between a fashionable American girl’s name such as Alyssa or Morgan, or a more traditional British name like Amelia or Grace.可以确定的是,小贝的女儿将不会跟儿子一样,以某个地名为名,或许会取一个时髦的美国女孩名字,诸如Alyssa或者Morgan,或许会取一个典型的英国女孩名,如Amelia或者Grace 58Charlize Theron isnt hiding any fancy headwear anymore! Months after shaving her head a movie role, the Oscar winner is finally revealing her new do.自从为新角色剃头以来,这几个月,各式各样的帽子成了查理兹#86;塞隆(Charlize Theron)的出街圣品帽子下藏着的光头造型是什么模样呢?In new pictures snapped during Theron trip to her native South Africa, fans can finally get a closer look at her buzzed head after she spent months keeping the cut hidden under various hats.最近,这位奥斯卡影后回南非老家时,被记者抓拍到了几张没有戴帽子的照片,粉丝们才有幸一睹女神光头的造型Theron shaved her head the upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road. She joins the company of actresses like Natalie Portman, who shaved her head back in V Vendetta.为了她最新的电影《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路(Mad Max: Fury Road),塞隆才狠心剃掉了一头长金发,加入了“为戏剃头”的女星阵营娜塔莉#86;波特曼 (Natalie Portman)在年时,也为电影《V字仇杀队(V Vendetta)剃过头What do you think of Theron shaved head? Can she pull it off?光头的女神还是女神否? 70Although the new year has just begun, screens both big and small are aly bustling with films and shows looking to become the biggest hit of . While Mojin - The Lost Legend seems well on its way to setting records when it comes to film, a number of contenders have aly begun enticing audiences on small screens.尽管新年刚刚开始,大银幕和小银幕已然充斥着各色电影和电视节目,它们都期待着在年能够大受欢迎电影方面《寻龙诀有着创纪录的态势,但是也有很多竞争者在小银幕上吸引着观众的目光Looking back at the year , the majority of popular TV shows were adaptations of online novels. From The Journey of Flower to The Legend of Mi Yue, shows based on online literature IPs did not just become top-grossing productions, but also have helped lauch the careers of a number of young actors and actresses.回首年,大部分广受欢迎的电视节目都是根据网络小说改编,从《花千骨到《芈月传,根据网络小说改编的影视不仅卖座,还成就了很多年轻的演员Looking at this year TV lineup it looks like characteristics of previous successful shows, such as beautiful costumes, shows targeting female viewers and a reliance on star power, are expected to continue in this year productions, while urban dramas will continue to build upon their aly huge audience bases.在今年的电视节目中,之前成功作品的一些特征,比如华、针对女性观众、依赖明星效应,还将在今年的作品中延续而都市剧情剧将继续依赖已有的庞大观众人群Chinese Paladin 5《仙剑奇侠传5This year Chinese Paladin 5 is expected to maintain the franchise high quality. After Hu Ge and Huo Jianhua, will Han Dongjun, who will play the lead in Chinese Paladin 5, be the next big Paladin star?今年的《仙剑奇侠传5将延续以往系列的高质量继胡歌与霍建华之后,《仙剑奇侠传5的主演韩东君会成为下一名仙剑巨星么?Jade Dynasty《诛仙Adapted from the online marital arts novel written by Xiao Ding, drama Jade Dynasty looks like it will be a definite hit. It boasts a cast of red-hot stars including Li Yifeng and TFBOYS. With such a huge built in fanbase, unless the show deviates completely from the original material it seems impossible it not to cause a stir among TV viewers. The drama began filming on December 5 and is scheduled to hit the airwaves on Hunan TV later this year.该剧根据萧鼎的网络武侠小说改编,《诛仙似乎将会火爆荧屏演员阵容包括李易峰和TFBOYS如此庞大的粉丝群体,除非电视剧完全脱离原著,否则该剧将必定会在观众中引起轰动该剧于月5日开机,将在今年于湖南卫视播出Ice Fantasy《幻城Written by Guo Jingming, the novel is a fantasy story taking place in a world divided into two lands, one of ice and another of fire, and centers around the struggles between the two lands. One of the biggest productions this year, the drama has dedicated quite a lot of time and money on its special effects so as to recreate the fantasy world from the novel.原著小说作者是郭敬明该小说讲述的是一个奇幻故事,发生在一个被分割成火族和水族的世界,讲述了水族和火族间的较量据悉,该小说改编剧是今年巨制之一,在特效上投入了大量的资金与时间,来尽可能地创造出小说中的奇幻世界Translator《翻译官Readers familiar with the original novel may understand the difficulty in adapting this novel. Sensitive plot lines about prostitution pose a difficult challenge when it comes to bringing this written work to the screen. How much of the original novel will be kept in the adaptation is a concern many fans.原著的读者应该可以理解改编该小说的困难性原著中有关性交易的敏感剧情将会给改编剧带来巨大挑战,有多少原著中的内容将得以保留也是粉丝们关心的话题 030U.S. presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt and French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy all made the cut an annual list of the world’s best dressed – and gave a few tips on where to find bargains.    Vanity Fair magazine’s International Best-Dressed list, now in its 70th year, included the U.S. President the first time although the U.S. first lady has made the list three times.   美国总统夫妇巴拉克·奥巴马和米歇尔·奥巴马、布拉德·皮特以及法国第一夫人卡拉·布鲁尼- 萨科齐都入围了年度全球最佳着装榜,并给出了一些去哪里淘货的建议   《名利场杂志的“全球最佳着装榜”今年已经步入第70 个年头,虽然美国第一夫人已三度入围,但美国总统还是首次上榜 9

Marvel took a tremendous gamble in producing Guardians of the Galaxy. Where other Marvel film franchises tend to bank on reliable, star superheroes like Spiderman and Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy does not. The movie takes a handful of misfits from the lesser-known regions of the Marvel Comics universe, puts them together, and asks them to carry a story the length of an entire movie.制作《护卫队对漫威是个不小的赌注其他漫威系列电影多靠重量级的知名超级英雄来撑场,比如蜘蛛侠、钢铁侠相较之下,,《护卫队却汇聚了一群漫威宇宙漫画中格格不入、没有名气的小角色,还让他们独挑了整部电影的大梁Well, it seems the gamble paid off. Guardians has grossed over 3 million (about billion yuan) at box offices worldwide, and it’s the highest grossing film of the year in the US. With that kind of money on the table, Marvel has aly OK’d the production of a sequel (to be released in ) and a new animated television series.不过,现在看来,这个赌注下对了《护卫队全球总票房已经超过6.53亿美元(约0亿元人民币),目前为止是美国今年盈利最高的影片拥有如此佳绩,拍续集自然不在话下,漫威已承诺将于年上映第二部,并制作动画版电视剧Guardians tells the story of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Rocket (Bradley Cooper), Groot (Vin Diesel) and Drax (Dave Batista) as they try to keep a powerful stone from falling into the hands of Ronan, a supervillain who seeks to use the rock to destroy entire planets. The crew initially meets in prison, where they’ve all been arrested by The Nova Corps. From there, the story unwinds through a series of stunning interplanetary action sequences and well-timed meta-jokes.《护卫队讲述了星爵(克里斯#86;帕拉特 饰)、卡魔拉(佐伊#86;索尔达娜 饰)、火箭浣熊(布莱德利#86;库珀 饰)、格鲁特(范#86;迪塞尔 饰)、以及德拉卡斯(戴夫#86;巴蒂斯塔 饰)一行五人保护无限宝石,不让它落入超级大反派罗南手中,从而拯救整个系的故事电影伊始,这五人都被新星军团所抓,在狱中相遇故事随之展开,其中宇宙空间动作戏令人瞠目,各种卖萌犯贱也出现得正是时候 someone who has paid casual attention to comic-inspired movies all of their life, I must shamefully admit I had some trouble following the story. The cast of characters is Marvel’s most interesting yet, but it’s also the least familiar.作为一个长久以来持续关注漫画改编电影的观众,我必须很惭愧地承认自己在看这部片的时候有些吃力影片中的人物虽是漫威中最有趣的角色,但也是最边缘的角色Guardians introduces quite a few characters never bee seen on film, and each has a backstory only the dedicated comic book fan could be expected to know offhand. This makes each character’s individual motivations and origins hazy.《护卫队中的许多人物从未登上过漫威电影的大荧幕,而他们各自的背景也只有那些资深漫威迷才说得出这也让他们的个人目的和背景都变得难以捉摸That said, I was quite impressed with Guardians. This is the tenth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the continued success of Marvel movies owes to their rich storytelling heritage. The foundations these characters and films were laid decades ago, and they’ve been tified and fleshed out over time. Guardians of the Galaxy takes B-list heroes and gives them a well-deserved chance to shine alongside their more popular super-powered peers.即便如此,《护卫队依旧令我印象深刻这是漫威电影宇宙中的第十部影片,而漫威电影相继成功离不开其出色的叙事能力,漫威一向的优良传统其电影中的角色都有着几十年的根基,并随着时间不断丰富充实《护卫队选择了一些二流人物为主角,同时也给了他们机会像那些最受欢迎的超级英雄一样大放光 65

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