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哈尔滨一般怀孕多少天人流好呢黑龙江省哈尔滨市七院妇科咨询UN Report: Bio-Fuels Adding to Food Crisis联合国:食品价回落粮食危机仍在  The U.N. Special Investigator on the Right To Food says soaring food prices have declined somewhat, but the crisis remains and the problems are exacerbated by the production of bio-fuels. The expert submitted a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council as a follow-up to the Special Session convened on the Global Food Crisis in May. 联合国食物权特别报告员奥利维尔·德舒特(Olivier De Schutter)星期三在日内瓦报告说,飙升的食品价格虽然有所回落,但粮食危机仍然存在,而且随着生物燃料生产的扩大,粮食问题正在恶化。德舒特根据今年五月全球食品危机特别会议的要求向联合国人权理事会提交了一份报告。The Special Session in May was called to deal with the negative impact of soaring food prices on the world's poor. U.N. Investigator on the Right To Food, Olivier De Schutter, says the concerns people had then still remain. 联合国五月份举行全球食品危机特别会议就是为了对付粮食价格暴涨对世界各地的穷人所造成的负面影响。联合国食物权特别报告员德舒特说,当时人们所关心的问题现在依旧存在。He says prices of food commodities in international markets have decreased from their peak levels of last spring. But, he notes they remain much higher than they were before the crisis and predictions indicate they will remain high for several years. 他指出,国际市场上的粮食价格现在已经从今年春天的高峰回落,但是跟危机爆发之前相比,价格仍然太高,而且在今后的几年中,粮价会继续在高位徘徊。德舒特说:"Before the crisis, it was estimated by the FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization] that 854 million people were hungry in the world, not receiving sufficient calorie intake per day," he said. "And, two billion were malnourished. As a result of the crisis, it is estimated that at least 50 million more people have grown hungry. And, it is estimated that probably 100 million more people have fallen into extreme poverty."  “在危机爆发之前,联合国粮农组织估计全世界有八亿五千四百万人处于饥饿状态,他们从每天的饮食中得不到足够的卡路里。二十亿人营养不良。在危机爆发之后,估计又有至少五千万人陷入饥饿,赤贫人口又增加了一亿多。”De Schutter says the poor are hungry and malnourished not because there is no food, but because they cannot afford to buy the food that is available. He says governments must take steps to protect their people from the emerging threats to the right to adequate food.  德舒特表示,穷人忍饥挨饿和营养不良并不是因为世界上没有足够的粮食,而是因为他们买不起那些粮食。他说,各国政府必需采取措施保护人民,不要让他们的生计受到威胁,丧失获得充足粮食的权利。For example, he says they must protect land users from the risk of eviction, provide their poor with social safety nets and make sure rural women have the same rights as men to access land and other productive resources. 德舒特举例说,政府必需保耕者有其田,不能让他们被迫搬迁;而且要给穷人提供社会安全保障;确保农村妇女有权跟男人一样获得土地和其他生产性资源。The report notes speculation in the futures market of primary agricultural commodities is behind much of the volatility in food prices. It suggests measures be adopted to decrease the resulting vulnerability, particularly for net food importing developing countries. 联合国的这位食物权特别报告员还指出,食品价格的剧烈动荡主要是农产品期货市场上的投机活动造成的。他建议采取措施来减少市场动荡所造成的冲击,尤其是要帮助那些大量进口食品的发展中国家。The report says the whole issue of agro-fuels has to be rethought. It says there is growing evidence that many agro-fuels consume too much fertile land, use massive amounts of water and energy and, therefore, are not a long-term alternative to fossil fuels. 根据德舒特的报告,利用农作物生产燃料的问题完全需要重新考虑,因为越来越多的据显示,很多生物燃料的生产占据了太多的肥沃土地,使用了太多的水和能源。可以说,生物燃料从长远来看并不能取代化石燃料。De Schutter says with the possible exception of sugarcane in countries such as Brazil, the environmental impact of other agro-fuels currently produced from food crops is not particularly positive. 德舒特指出,除了巴西那种利用甘蔗生产生物燃料的国家之外,利用农作物生产燃料对于环境的影响也并不怎么可取。他说:"I am not opposed as a matter of principle to agro-fuels," he said. "Although, I think their environmental benefits in many cases have been widely overestimated. And, I believe particularly bio-fuels produced from maize as is the case in the U.S. is quite detrimental to the environment. But, having said this, I am not excluding in the future that agro-fuels may continue to be produced, but there needs to be some form of international discipline imposed on States." “从原则上讲,我并不反对利用农作物生产燃料,尽管我认为,在很多情况下,生物燃料在环保方面的好处被大大夸张了。尤其是像美国利用玉米制造生物燃料,那对环境的破坏是很大的。不过,我并不排除将来继续利用农作物生产燃料,只是需要设立一套国际准则来对各国进行约束。”Otherwise, he warns the pressure on land suitable for the production of crops will continue with dire consequences for the poorest people in the world. 联合国食物权特别报告员德舒特还警告说,农业用地所受到的压力将会继续,进而给世界上最贫穷的人们造成可怕的后果。A World Bank Study finds between 15 percent and 43 percent of food price increases on international markets reflect the rush towards agro-fuels by certain countries. 世界的一份研究报告也显示,国际市场上15%到43%的粮食价格暴涨跟某些国家大力开发生物燃料有关。200809/48206黑龙江中医药大学附属医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱 We have been hearing a couple of things about this, this news that Ford Motor Company is slashing up to 30, 000 jobs, shutting down 14 plants nationwide, American automakers trying to get in on the road to recovery, and industry they once dominated. So, what if the unthinkable happens, and America never, ever gets its mojo back in motor vehicles. Then what happens? What if we are prominently alsorans to the likes of Asia and Europe. Is that such a big deal? If we do all the buying but none of the making. With us now, is Malcolm Bricklin, he is the CEO, and a founder of Visionary Vehicles. He plans to sell Chinese-made vehicles to the American market by 2007. And Mark Gillies is the executive editor of Automobile Magazine. Mark, at it with you, begin with you, is it a big deal if we are no longer manufacturing these cars? I think it's a huge deal, I mean the, the companies are massive employers both directly and indirectly. If you look at Ford after their restructuring, they've actually got 87, 000 employees which is twice as many as Microsoft have worldwide. Moreover, if you look at the, the . . . , those, those jobs, they are very high-paying jobs, these are people who can afford to buy their own products, unlike , er, the employees at Wal-Mart or people of flipping burgers at McDonald, do you know, they can't afford to buy an F150. The guys on the line at Ford can. Er, it's a good point, Malcolm, and the one that seems to indicate a big hit for our economy if these jobs go bye-bye. What do you make of that? Yeah, I agree. By the way, I, I mean it's a really sad day for America, but I will tell you, it goes deeper than just pension, and it goes deeper than just expensive labor. You know, 'cause we're down to the dealer, it's not a pleasant experience to go buy cars right now, and I think there is a major restructuring that the major car companies have to do. Yeah, but it's not any more pleasant going to a Nissan or Toyota dealer, right? That, that's true, by the way, I have navigated a whole change in the whole industry. (Right) The whole way is being done. But, Neil, now Ford and GM have an opportunity. Unfortunately the word's bankruptcy. Yeah. But it's an opportunity to restructure and may be take a lead in the industry that definitely needs a lead. You know, Mark, I am not wishing this upon anyone here. But if we were to lose our auto industry manufacturing in this country, many feared disastrous consequences if we were not (at) the place making VCRs, if we were not the place making televisions and yet, the American economy went merrily on even as those type of jobs did not. What do you make of that? I, I think that's slightly naive because one of the beauties about the car industry is these are very very high-value items, I mean, one of those things is that if you look at the financial situation of the companies, GM, for instance, doesn't actually turn over much less than Wal-Mart does. Wal-Mart has 1. 3 million employees, I think. And if you look at GM, they, they, in 2005, they had 181, 000 employees. But Mark it's not as if cars are stopped being made, right? That, the likes of Toyota, and, and, and so many these others do have plants in this country, and are making vehicles in this country, they are just not American companies doing so. Well, there is still, you know, there is still a large number of cars being made by American manufacturers, I think people forget that. More than half of the American cars sold in America are American for instance, so what's happened over time is that as the market share has fallen, foreign car companies have come in, and they have taken over plants. Effectively they've set up new plants, and they have taken over that capacity. So, it's not like, there are less cars being produced in America than there were 30 years ago. Well, Malcolm, let me ask you about the Chinese coming in, er. . How serious is that threat? what would it mean to American jobs, if and when that happens? Well, it's a serious threat, of course, it is. We are gonna go right in the middle market, in the 20s, which is a market that has been held by most of the manufacturers very comfortably because they sell cars in the 30s to 50s. So, it's gonna be serious but I think it's gonna give an opportunity to the American manufacturers to look seriously at where their place is in this world, and I think there is a very major place for them. It just has to be restructured again from top to bottom. (Right) I, I, Excuse me if I can butt in that, I. . . I disagree with that, the Chinese cars we have seen so far aren't that great and they don't have the branding that's necessary to make a huge impact in the world, world stage. Well, neither were the Japanese cars, neither were the South Korean cars, when they first came in, they were considered you know, tin cans with wheels and I think they've come a long way. Mark, you are right, by the way, the cars you have seen from China do not meet what I just told you. But nobody has actually seen the cars I am talking about, except the one at the Shanghai Auto Show, that won car of the show I believe this year. All right, Malcolm and Mark, thank you both very much. Thank you. Thank you. 200808/46902哈尔滨阳光妇科医院要预约吗

哈尔滨市第五人民医院产科Hello? Hello?你好?你好?Oh, Ive lost the signal, hes gone.我没信号了,他挂了。Never mind Anna.没关系,安娜。I think he got the message.我想他明白了。Another drink?再来一杯吗?Lets hope Paul has got the right message about Anna and Tom!希望保罗不会误会安娜和汤姆!Anyway, shes briefed the boss and kept him in the picture.总之,她通知了老板并且让他了解情况。Heres a reminder of some of the phrases she used: Its good news – Ive closed the deal and the contract is signed.这是她使用过的表达方式。我有好消息。我达成了协议并且签了合同。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.我们要尽快推进订单。Im committed to getting the order delivered on time… but I will need some help.我承诺了会及时发送订单,但我需要帮助。A good days work for Anna but now its time for bed.安娜今天做的不错,但现在到了睡觉的时间了。Right, well, its time for bed.好吧,是时候休息了。Weve got an early start tomorrow.明天我们要早起。So, where are we staying?所以我们住哪呢?A lovely little boutique hotel, just round the corner.街角处有一个很不错的小型精品酒店。Ive booked a room with a view.我定了一间可以看风景的房间。A room? One room? !一间房?一间房吗?Err yeah. Thats all they had, actually… honest!是的,说实话,他们其实就这一间了。This could be interesting.这可有意思了。Lets hope things remain professional.希望一切都能公事公办。Until next time. Bye!下次见了! /201705/507586哈尔滨省第七医院等级 Do you think weve been burgled?你认为我们被抢了吗?Oh no! I left my lap book and my me pad on the desk...and my i top – theyre worth thousands!不!我的折叠书,平板电脑和i top游戏还在那里,他们值几千呢!Theyre all the latest versions!它们都是最新版本!And I left out my elephant mug and my lady curve nail file.我的大象杯和美甲刀还没带走呢。They better not have stolen them!他们最好别把这些偷走了!But its premium, premium, faux orange premium!但这是优质的,优质的人造橘子。Anna? Its Anna, shes asleep. Anna!安娜? 是安娜,她在睡觉。安娜!Oh! Lemons! Denise? Tom?柠檬!丹尼斯?汤姆?Have you spent the night asleep at your desk Anna?安娜,你是在桌上睡了一宿吗?Is it morning? Oh dear, yes I think so.早上了吗?上帝,我想是的。Well, at least we havent been burgled then.至少我们没有被抢劫。Anna, youve really been burning the candle at both ends lately.安娜,你最近真是过度劳累。Yes, youve been doing hours and hours of overtime.是的,你一直连着几个小时的加班。Most people get their work done within office hours and anyway, we dont pay overtime here.很多人能在工作时间把工作做完,总之,我们不付加班费。 /201701/483823平房区人民医院挂号电话

阿城区产科生孩子哪家医院最好的A new type of visa新型签A: I have heard that you are going to Italy next week. Have you got everything y?A: 我听说你下周就要去意大利了。都准备好了吗?B: Almost. I have just got my visa from the visa office. Its a totally new type of visa.B: 差不多了。我刚刚从签办公室拿到了签,这是一种全新的签。A: Oh? Why do you say so?A: 哦?有什么不一样?B: It looks like a normal card, but it is intellectual, it has all my information in it. The Italian government can identify all the information about me in this visa.B: 它看起来和普通的卡差不多,但它是一张智能签,我所有的信息都在里面。意大利政府可以通过这张签来识别我的所有信息。A: So, when you go through the customs you dont have to answer the routine questions because the information about you is in this visa.A: 所以在你过海关的时候就不必去回答那些例行提问了是吗?因为通过这张签就可以识别你所有的信息了。B: Exactly. Isnt it very convenient?B: 完全正确。是不是很方便啊?A: Yes, you are quite right. Nowadays our life is becoming easier and easier due to these great inventions.A: 是啊,你说的很对。我们的生活由于这些伟大的发明而变得越来越轻松。 /201603/428812 阿城区人民医院地图黑龙江省海员总医院妇科预约



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