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2019年06月16日 12:58:30 | 作者:千龙共享 | 来源:新华社
A children version of ;Lady White Snake; permed by a group of young post-00s stole audiences hearts.近日,一群00后小朋友主演的少儿版《白蛇传把观众萌化了;Lady White Snake; mainly tells the love story between the White-Snake-turned Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian.《白蛇传主要讲述的是白蛇变身的白素贞与许仙的爱情故事The legend was first adapted into a TV series in 199 and permed by Hong Kong actresses Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip. The shows achieved huge success, leading to the constant reruns.这个传说最早在199年被改编成电视剧,由香港女演员赵雅芝和叶童出演该剧获得巨大成功后,各种翻拍层出不穷But this time, a group of young post-00s artists seem to receive more praises than doubts and criticism.不过这一次,一群00后小演员受到的赞美似乎比质疑和批评要多;They are just incredible. When I see the little Xu Xian crying the loss of Bai Suzhen, my heart broke,; said Weibo user Xraindays.新浪微用户Xraindays表示:“他们太棒了当我看到小许仙因为失去白娘子而流泪时,我的心都碎了”;Those so-called little-fresh-meat actors charging so much their permances should really examine themselves. Look at these children, they are not second to anyone,; another Weibo user Quiesrter added.另一位微用户Quiesrter表示:“那些片酬极高的所谓的小鲜肉演员真应该自我反省一下看看这些孩子,他们不逊色于任何人”The children version of ;Lady White Snake; was produced by a Hunan TV program called Xiao Xigu, which literally means young artists in English, and features children in the roles of classic characters from Chinese literature and folklore.此次的少儿版《白蛇传由湖南卫视;小戏骨;栏目出品;小戏骨;的字面意思是;小艺术家;,该栏目的特色是由小孩扮演中国文学和民间传说中的经典角色 79After the popular TV series Eternal Love, adapted from the online novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Blossoms, a movie adaptation of the same book will hit Chinese theaters in the summer.继热播电视剧《三生三世十里桃花之后,根据同名网络小说改编的电影版也即将在今年暑期上映The novel is about the bitter-sweet romance between a fox princess and a dragon prince.这部小说讲述的是狐族帝姬和龙族太子之间爱恨纠缠的三世情缘The TV series, which was broadcast earlier this year, topped the ratings on TV channels across the country, and saw a record 31 billion online views on five -streaming sites, including v.qq.com and iqiyi.com.今年早些时候播出的电视剧版本的《三生三世十里桃花,在当时全国各大卫视收视排行榜上独占鳌头,而在包括腾讯和爱奇艺等在内的五大视频网站上的播放量也达到了创纪录的3亿On Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, the TV drama was discussed in more than .3 billion posts.此外,该剧在新浪微(中国版推特)的主话题阅读量也达到了1亿The TV series saw mainland actress Yang Mi and Taiwan actor Mark Chao, respectively, as the fox and the dragon, but their roles will be played by actress Liu Yifei and Yang Yang in the movie.电视剧版本的《三生三世十里桃花由大陆演员杨幂和台湾演员赵又廷联袂出演,分别饰演女主角狐族帝姬和男主角龙族太子,电影中相对应的人物角色则分别由刘亦菲和杨洋饰演The movie is jointly directed by the photographer-turned director, Zhao Xiaoding, and Anthony LaMolinara, who won the Oscar best visual effects award Spider-Man in .该电影由曾担任摄影师、现已转行的赵小丁导演,以及曾于年凭借《蜘蛛侠获得奥斯卡最佳视觉效果奖项的安东尼·拉默里纳拉联合执导Financed by Alibaba Pictures, the movie has up to ,5 special-effect scenes. The scenes took 50 visual effects animators months of work.该电影由阿里巴巴影业投资,共设计了5个特效镜头,由50位视觉特效师花费个月辛苦合成The movie will open across the Chinese mainland on July 1.据悉,该电影将于7月1日在内地各大影院上映 5730

Wamena, Papua, Indonesia: Tribesmen holding spears perm a mock battle during the Baliem Valley festival Photograph: Ulet IfansastiGetty Images 印度尼西亚巴布亚岛瓦梅纳:Baliem谷节日上,土著居民手持长矛模仿战争场面进行表演(Ulet IfansastiGetty Images ) 91

Catherine在和好友Jake聊天,谈到Catherine今天在公司的职位,以及所取得的优异成绩,Jake赞不绝口于是Catherine就提到了之前的种种努力与艰辛,最后还说:I have had a hard time many years. I have had a hard time many years.我经历了很久的艰难日子啊have a hard time意为“过得很艰难”,类似的词组还有很多,例如:have a good time玩得很高兴;have fun玩得很开心完成时表示一种状态持续到现在,可能结束了也可能还在持续,在这里当然是指已经结束了的艰难日子,是一种成功后对艰辛努力的回顾所以,如果有人以为你的成功来得很容易,你就可以跟他说:I have had a hard time many years.我经历的很久的艰难日子啊 Jane:I heard you were promoted today.简:我听说你晋升了Shirley:Yeah! What I've done in the past time is worthwhile. I have had a hard time a long time.雪莉:是的,过去我所付出的一切都是值得的过去的艰难日子我已经过了很久了◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎-口语频道免费下载《一周商务英语Google提供的广告 期待事业更上一层楼?让沟通更轻松 助你熟练掌握商务英语交流术 www.englishtown.comEF 6小时掌握学英语的秘诀!--点击看答#3;: 19

When the temperature's out to set new records, the last thing you want is the pain of poison ivy or the burn of a blister. Here we offer inexpensive, easy remedies the season's most common afflictions.当气温试图创下新的纪录,你最不想要的就是毒葛之痛或水泡的刺痛感在此我们给这个季节最常见的烦恼提供又便宜又简便的疗法NOTE TO OUR READERS:读者请注意:The inmation in this feature should not be substituted , or used to alter, medical therapy without your doctor’s advice. a specific health problem, consult your physician guidance. Bee using any of these remedies, especially if you have an existing medical condition, or are pregnant or breast-feeding, check with your physician. Some remedies may interact with prescription drugs, including the Pill and antidepressants; always do a -hour skin test bee using. The publishers and author cannot accept responsibility any damage incurred as a result of any of the therapeutic methods contained in this work.如果没有医生的建议,此文中的信息不应代替或用来更改药物治疗对于一个特定的健康问题,要征询医生的指导在使用这些疗法之前,特别是如果你现有一种疾病,或怀了或在哺乳期,要征询医生的意见有些疗法可能与处方药,包括口避药和抗抑郁药相互影响;在任何情况下,使用之前都要做一个-小时皮肤测试对本作品中所述的任何治疗方法所引起的损害,出版商和作者概不负责 1971

Call it a daddy-daughter date night. With beer. And root beer. And hair braiding.就叫它父女约会之夜吧有啤酒有根汁汽水还有梳辫子;Beer and Braids; is an event dreamed up by Denver, Colorado salon owner Calli Huebl-Bodilis. Her Envogue salon has been hosting the event dads and their little girls since Huebl-Bodilis husband suggested it. His business partner showed up late a meeting because his wife was out of town and he had to style his daughters hair in various pony tails and braids, with disastrous results.这个“啤酒加辫子”的活动是由美国科罗拉多州丹佛市一家美发沙龙的老板卡丽想出来的最初得到丈夫的建议之后,她的时尚美发沙龙就开始为老爸和他们的女儿们开办这个活动有一次,她丈夫的生意伙伴开会迟到,原来是因为他妻子不在家,而他要给女儿梳辫子,结果怎么也梳不好When Huebl-Bodilis heard the story, ;a light bulb went off.;卡丽听到这个故事以后,就有了这个主意;Dads today are so much more hands-on,; she said. ;Many of my [female clients] are the bwinners, the CEOs, and the dads stay at home.;卡丽表示:“如今的老爸们动手能力强多了,我的很多女性顾客都是家里的经济柱,是老板,而她们的丈夫都待在家里”It works like this: Up to six dads can register the class and bring as many daughters as he likes. Dad gets one-on-one training in pony tail, braid and bun basics. The girls put on a fashion show, complete with red carpet and Taylor Swift blaring, which is judged by the stylists. The dad who wins gets a six-pack of beer and all the girls get goody bags of hair products to take home.“啤酒加辫子”的活动流程是这样的:六位老爸付55美元注册梳辫子课程,他们想带多少个女儿来都行老爸们接受一对一的梳辫子培训,内容包括马尾辫、麻花辫还有基本的发髻女儿们则在一旁上演时装秀,有红毯,还有泰勒·斯威夫特式的尖叫,店内的形象设计师给她们做评委结束时,梳辫子表现最佳的老爸会得到半打啤酒,所有的小姑娘则会拿着满满一袋子美发产品回家The girls, Calli Huebl-Bodilis said, love the time spent with their dads, and many take the opporty to get dressed up and have dinner out after the event. And the dads, she said, gain a lot of confidence during the course of instruction.卡丽表示,小女孩们很喜欢跟老爸在一起的时光,很多小姑娘都借此机会穿上漂亮衣,活动结束之后还能在外美餐一顿老爸们也在培训之后信心倍增 38598

Empty Quarter Desert, Oman, 1995Late afternoon light glints off the sand dunes in the Rub' al Khali (Empty Quarter) desert.鲁卜哈利沙漠(这片沙漠又称为空域)沙漠的沙丘在午后的阳光下闪闪发光 作者: James L. Stanfield 来源:http:www.ngpod.cn 《国家地理杂志 888

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