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小学生英语话剧:小狮子王 --6 :9:38 来源: 小学生英语话剧:小狮子王Like all children,Little Lion likes sleeping and playing,but his parents always wake him up very early ,they have a lot of things to teach .So the little lion has to study and study and study......Characters: Little Lion,Mother Lion , Father LionScene I(天刚蒙蒙亮,小狮子仍沉浸在甜美的梦乡里……) Dad: Son, it's time to get up. Little Lion: Dad, it's still early. Let me sleep, please! Dad: No. You will be a king. A king must learn some skills. Mum: Sweetie, your father is right. Little Lion: Mum, why do I have to be a king? Mum: Because your father is a king. Little Lion: But I don't like to be a king! Mum: Come on, sweetie. Your father will show you how to be a great king. . (狮子爸爸和狮子妈妈带着小狮子来到湖边) Little Lion: Mum, the lake is so beautiful! Mum: Yes, it is. Look, this is you. Little Lion: Wow, a beautiful new bathing suit! But I don't know how to swim. Dad: Don't worry, I will teach you. Mum: Yes, your father is a great swimmer. Little Lion: Why does a king have to swim, Dad? Dad: Because there are too many rivers in the est. A king must know how to save himself in the water. Little Lion: OK, Dad, teach me how to swim now. 3. (小狮子学会了游泳,和爸爸一起回到岸边) Little Lion: What will you teach me tomorrow, Dad? Dad: I will teach you how to use a computer. Little Lion: What is a computer, Dad? Mum: It's a magical thing. If you want to know something, just ask it. Little Lion: That's great! I will be a great king! 小学生英语话剧:小狮子王

三年级英语作文:I love music --1 01:57:1 来源:   Many people like music. It has many sorts: soft music is graceful, rock music fast, claical music GREat, light music relaxing, and children, music interesting.  You can pick and choose whatever you like. Now popular songs are in fashion. If you like music, you usually like singing, too. I am no exception.  My brother and I like pop songs, and my parents like to listen to soft music. We are a musical family. Do you like music? Is your family full of music, too? Music is really GREat! I like it very much.

好消息和坏消息-- :6:3 A:Drew.You want the good news or the bad news?  Drew.想听好消息还是坏消息?  B:Well,bad news first.  还是先听坏的吧  A:Well the bad news is I ruined one of your DVDs.  坏消息是我弄坏了你的一张DVD  B:Oh,no.I hope it's not X-MEN .That's my favorite movie.  什么?我希望不是X战警那可是我最喜欢的电影了  A:I'm sorry,but it is X-MEN.  不好意思,就是那部片子  B:Damn.What is the good news then?  见鬼那好消息是什么?  A:The good news is the other 3 DVDs are ok.  好消息是你借我的其它三DVD都没事儿  B:No,Joe.You can't do this to me.What has happened to my DVD?  Joe,你不能这么对我我的DVD怎么了?  A:You know,I was trying to watch X-MEN last night.So I opened the case and tried to get it out.But all of a sudden,it fell on the floor.When I picked it up,I found there's lots of dirt on it and my DVD player couldn't it.  你知道,昨晚我想看X战警来着我打开盒盖儿,可突然那张盘就掉到地上去了我捡起来一看,上面全是灰我的机器读不了盘  B:My X-MEN. I just got it. I haven't even seen it.  我的X战警啊我刚买的,我还没看呢  A:I'm sorry,I'm terribly sorry.You know,I'm gonna make it up to you.  实在抱歉我会补给你的  B:How?Giving me one of your shitty DVDs?  怎么补?给我一张你的烂片子?  A:No.Let's go buy some DVDs tomorrow and I can buy an X-MEN you.  不,明天我们一起去买碟我会给你买一张的  B:Shake it off,buddy.You're gonna buy me an X-MEN? I won't hold my breath.Remember last time. You said you would buy me beers my birthday.But you didn't.  算了吧你给我买X战警?我才不信呢记得上次你说要给我生日买十瓶啤酒,结果你没买  A:I really mean it this time.Trust me,will ya?  这次是真的相信我好不好  B:What else could I do?  我还能怎么办呢?  A:All right. I'll call you tomorrow morning,See if we can go together.  好吧明天我打电话给你看看是不是能一起去  B:Ok.You are on.  就这么定了  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]shake it off口语中这句话表示"算了吧,忘了吧"相当于我们长说的get it.  []I won't hold my breath.这句话的表面意思是我才不会憋气呢因为憋时间长了会憋死,所以它的引申含义是"我才不信你的鬼话呢"  [3]You're on.又是一句让人摸不到头脑的话,它表示"就这么定了"如果有人和你打赌,你就可以和他说"Ok.You are on."  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问老外它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  PG DVD5 DVD9 sound track

人:赖皮孙子糊涂爷爷 -- :35:01 来源: 人:赖皮孙子糊涂爷爷演员: P: Pirate-Grandson. M: Mother.F: Father. K: King -Grandpa.旁白: There are members in a family, Pirate, a 7-year-old naughty boy. His mummy is a beautiful white-collar worker. His dad, Andy Lau is a famous singer, and his dear grandpa, King is a kindly old man. Pirate loves his grandpa most, because King is very spoiling him. He hates his parents. Frankly speaking, he is afraid of them, Because they are very strict with him. .正剧:(P,K出场)P: Old King, Open the TV, I want to see Tom and Jerry. I love that mouse. Quick! No time! I can’t wait another second.K: Oh dear! I nearly get it. Don’t worry, I open it right now. (作开电视状)P: Ha Ha! It’s really funny! Tom is so good! (作高兴状) Oh no! “The End!” Where is Tom? I hate the end! (摔电视机,作极度气愤状) Old King!? (对K吼)K:Oh, what a pity dog! (作左顾右盼状) Your parents are not here ,and we can change another one ,our brave Pirate, just tell me. I’m sure your demand will be satisfied. (作充满自信状)P:Really! OK! Now, let’s watch Caribbean Pirates!K: Humm, No, it’s unfit you…… (作犹豫状)P: I just like this film, Old King, you tell lies. You don’t keep your promise.(作气愤欲泣状)K; Oh yes, I play it you. (作为难状) But please be quite, I’m afraid your parents wound not like us doing these.P: Don’t tell so much! I have been an adult man of 7 years old. I promise it to you. (作自豪自信状)K:OK. (作舒心,安慰状)P: Fight him, kill him. Throw these bad guys into the sea…… (高声喊)K: Xu …….. (作禁声状). Remember your promise, young adult man.P: Oh? What promise? I have gotten it. (作天经地义状)K: Oh?! You are right(作理解状,因为Pirate一贯如此,出尔反尔)P: Old King. I give you an honorable mission. (作自豪状) Be my horse, and I will ride on your back , let’s help these people in dangerous situation, just like a brave knight.(作勇敢状)K: What! Ride on my back! Be your horse!!(作惊异状)P: Yes, your hearing is very good, any question? (作若无其事状)K: No, No, sound a good idea! Very good! You are a brave Pirate. Now come on my back. (作无奈状)P: (作高兴状,作跃上马背状) Hei! Let’s go! Kill all those bad men. Quick! Run quick! ....... (意气风发状)(M,F携手进场):P: Oh, my god! Mummy, Daddy! (A,D作慌忙状,挡在电视机前)M: Dad, what are you doing!? Naughty Pirate, isn’t your trick!? (作气愤状)P:(作阳痿状) Mummy, it’s not my fault. Old king let me massage his back. Hei Hei (作心虚状,以掩饰内心的恐惧)M: I don’t believe it. (作严肃状) Dad, isn’t really that? (询问K)K: Yes, of course, I can’t image a child only 5 year old, can massage so good. Oh……. (释然状,因为圆了我的谎)M: Really. I don’t believe the litter pirate can massage, who taught him. (作怀疑状) Dear, isn’t you ?F: No, I haven’t, but I decide to enjoy his massage another day, Do you think so, dear?M: Yes, really a good suggestion.(P,D作惊恐状A:发抖,D:挥汗)(P挡着电视怕被M、F发现,K也为P作掩饰)P: Mummy, Do you feel a little cold?K: Yes, I can feel it. (边挥汗边说冷)M: No, it’s summer. Really hot, do you catch cold?P: No, No, just my feeling. (更加发抖,一不小心被B看到了电视)M: Pirate, what’s behind you? (疑问状)P: Oh, nothing, nothing! (作惊恐状)M: Move away .little Pirate! (作气愤状)P: Oh no! The storm will come. (捂脸作害怕状)M: Caribbean Pirate! What’s a bad film! Little Pirate!? (气愤状)P: Mummy, I surrender. (作投降状)M: Daddy ,this film is unfit him , it is full of killing,ce and negative passion, and it will let him become bad !K: I know that, but I meat to let him watch Tom and Jerry and he like it very much. Yes? Pirate? (想转移话题与Pirate站在同一战线)P: Yes, a very clever mouse and a stupid cat. (作学状)M: Dad, don’t let him watch so much TV, it wastes a lot of time, and it is bad his eyesight. He may become short-sighted. (诚恳状)人:赖皮孙子糊涂爷爷 58英语网整理 人

My family(3) --1 :: 来源: My family(3)  There are four people in my family.My father,mother,sister and me.  My sister is younger and shorterthan me.My father is tallest in my family.He isa teacher.He usually take a bus to work.My mother is an office worker.  She get to work usually by motor bike.I and my sisterare studens.

i like the merry-go-round我爱旋转木马 --01 18:18:58 来源: Among all the amusement devices,i like the merry-go-round best.On saturday,my dad took me to the amusement park.The merry-go-round waved at me,a red pony smiled with the music,i rode on a white pony.I felt i was flying like a bird.所有的游乐设施中,我最喜欢的是旋转木马星期六,爸爸带我去了游乐场旋转木马朝我挥挥手,一匹红色的小马听着音乐朝我笑,我骑上了一匹白色小马我觉得我就想一只小鸟一样飞着

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