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本溪医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱本溪经济技术开发区白带异常哪家医院好的本溪北大男科医院是公立? You can hardly find anything for a single dollar these days. Even the ‘Dollar Menu’ at McDonald’s boasts falsely! But the truth of the matter is that there are many things all over the world that will only set you back by one single bill. Below is a list of these items from all around the world; keep it handy, because you simply never know when you will find yourself in Timbuktu with only a picture of George Washington in your wallet.如今你很难找到一美元可以买到的东西。甚至麦当劳的“一元菜单”也是虚假宣传!但事实是,全世界有很多一美元就能买到的东西。下面是来自世界各地的一元物品清单;把它放在手边,因为你根本不知道什么时候会发现自己在廷巴克图,而钱包里只有一美元。1. Nepal 尼泊尔Ever had a craving for manta ray? In Nepal you can score ten pieces for a buck.想吃魔鬼鱼吗?在尼泊尔,1美元可以吃10片。2. Mexico 墨西哥If you ever have a need for 48 bananas, but you find yourself pretty broke, Mexico is where to go.如果你需要48个香蕉,但你发现自己几乎破产,那就去墨西哥吧。3. Ireland 爱尔兰Here you can get a bag of potato chips, but don’t hold out for the dip.在这里,1美元可以买到一袋薯片,但是蘸酱就别想了。4. Australia 澳大利亚A dollar will get you a single minute of talk time on your cellular phone.1美元能让你用手机通话1分钟。5. Kenya 肯尼亚Here’s a bundle for your buck: Four bulbs, four tomatoes, and eight heads of lettuce. Salad time.1美元你可以买到一包东西:四头洋葱,四个西红柿,八颗莴苣头。吃沙拉的时间到啦。6. Zimbabwe 津巴布韦You have variety in Zimbabwe. They have dollar shops where you can find a range of items, including food and clothing.在津巴布韦你有很多选择。他们有一元商店,在那里你可以买到各种东西,包括食品和衣。7. Thailand 泰国This is the place for Green Thai Curry amp; Rice.1美元可以让你吃到泰国绿咖喱米饭。 /201607/452838本溪平山b超多少钱

本溪医院割包茎好不好本溪桓仁县医院做人流的费用 Levels of debt in emerging markets continue to rise and are becoming a source of “significant concern”, the Institute of International Finance warned on Wednesday. 周三,国际金融协会(Institute of International Finance)警告,新兴市场债务水平继续攀升,正在成为引发“严重担忧”的一大源头。 Total government, household, financial sector and corporate debt in emerging markets rose .6tn last year to tn, or more than 210 per cent of gross domestic product, according to the IIF, which represents global banks and other financial institutions. 国际金融协会是一家代表全球和其他金融机构的组织,该组织称,去年新兴市场政府、家庭、金融部门和企业债务总额攀升了1.6万亿美元至62万亿美元,是其国内生产总值(GDP)的2.1倍以上。 It happened even as developed markets reduced their overall debt by an estimated tn last year, to about 5tn. 与此同时,据估计去年发达市场总体债务却减少了12万亿美元,至大约175万亿美元。 “Total debt in EMs is high and getting higher,” said Hung Tran, the IIF’s executive managing director. “This will inhibit the ability to borrow to support growth, and the need to delever in the future will be a strong headwind to future growth.” “新兴市场总的债务水平极高,而且正在继续升高。”国际金融协会执行总裁洪川(Hung Tran)表示。“这种状况将会抑制新兴市场通过借债持经济增长的能力,而未来去杠杆的必要性也将成为阻碍未来增长的一大不利因素。” Mr Tran said the IIF’s figures were consistent with those of the Bank for International Settlements, which said recently that dollar-denominated lending to EMs had peaked in the middle of last year and subsequently fallen for the first time since the global financial crisis. 洪川表示,国际金融协会的数据与国际清算(Bank for International Settlements)的数据一致。最近,国际清算的数据显示,发放给新兴市场的以美元计价的贷款在去年年中达到峰值,并在随后出现全球金融危机以来的首次下滑。 The BIS, the central bank of central banks, warned of a vicious circle of deleveraging, financial market turmoil and a global economic downturn. 作为“央行的央行”的国际清算就去杠杆、金融市场动荡和全球经济下行的恶性循环发出了警告。 “Many non-financial corporations in emerging markets and especially in China have paid down their foreign currency debts so the BIS is correct,” said Mr Tran. “But they have increased their local currency debts by more than the amount they have paid down so net on net the stock of debt continues to increase everywhere, particularly in China.” 洪川表示:“在新兴市场、尤其是中国,许多非金融企业已偿还了外汇债务。因此,国际清算说得没错。不过,他们的本币债务增加的数额超过了他们所偿还的数额。因此从净结果看,各地的债务额仍在继续增加,尤其是在中国。” Companies in developed markets reduced their level of debt to GDP by 0.4 percentage points during 2015 to 87.4 per cent, the IIF’s figures show, while those in emerging markets added 6.7 points to reach 101.3 per cent of GDP. The IIF’s figures are for 19 emerging markets; in those countries taken together, corporate debt rose more than .9tn in 2015, to more than tn. 国际金融协会的数据显示,2015年期间发达市场企业债务与GDP之比降低了0.4个百分点,降至87.4%。与此同时,新兴市场企业债务与GDP之比却增加了6.7个百分点,达到101.3%。国际金融协会的数据涵盖了19个新兴市场国家,这些国家加总来看,2015年它们的企业债务攀升了逾1.9万亿美元,达到逾25万亿美元。 The IIF warned that emerging market borrowers face a particularly heavy period of bond and loan maturities this year and in the subsequent four years. Including governments, households, the financial sector and non-financial sector, about 0bn in bonds and loans will come due between April and December this year, rising to more than 0bn next year, according to the IIF. 国际金融协会警告,今年和今后四年,新兴市场的借款人面临一段债券和贷款到期的尤为密集的时期。根据该机构的数据,包括政府、家庭、金融部门和非金融部门在内,大约7300亿美元的债券和贷款将会在今年4月和12月之间到期,这一数字明年会攀升至逾9000亿美元。 Most of the maturities are in the non-financial corporate sector (see chart). 这些到期债务中的大多数来自非金融企业部门(见图表)。 “This is a challenge for many EM corporates,” said Mr Tran. “If we continue to see the current picture of a strong dollar, low commodity prices, slow growth and rising US interest rates, it will be very tough for many companies to raise the necessary refinancing.” 洪川表示:“这是许多新兴市场企业面临的一大挑战。如果当前这种强势美元、低大宗商品价格、增长低迷和美国利率攀升的局面持续下去,许多企业将极难进行必要的再融资。” He said this was reflected in the low rate of bond and loan issuance this year, which is running at about 35 per cent less than it was this time in 2015. 他说,今年债券发行和贷款发放低迷就能反映出这一点——比2015年同期低了35%左右。 “The level of non-performing bank loans has been rising and will probably keep rising, and we think the risk and incidence of default by corporates will increase this year,” he said. 他说:“不良贷款的水平一直在攀升,也许还会继续攀升。我们认为,今年企业违约的风险和发生率将会升高。” /201603/434577本溪站前治疗前列腺怎样

本溪哪有男科医院3.Foreign Labor3.海外劳工If North Korea has anything in abundance, it#39;s people. And how can this commodity be monetized? By sending them overseas to work and send their earnings back to North Korea, holding their families hostage to ensure compliance.如果说朝鲜还有什么是充足的,那就是人口了。那怎么利用劳工来获利?朝鲜把这些劳工输送到海外去打工赚钱,再把他们的收入吸收回国内,同时挟持他们的家人作人质来迫使劳工们从。Over 50,000 North Korean laborers toil overseas for the regime, sending back remittances totaling nearly billion a year.超过5万名朝鲜劳工为国家辛苦跋涉至海外工作,他们每年寄回的汇款总额约达20亿美元。The laborers work in terrible conditions for long hours and are lucky to see even 10 percent of their paycheck.这些劳工们在恶劣的条件下长时间工作,运气好时自己也能仅能拿到10%的收入。North Korean laborers can be found in more than 40 different countries in the Middle East, Africa, and even Europe—but mostly in China and Russia, with 20,000 and 19,000 workers, respectively.朝鲜劳工散落在中东、美洲以及欧洲等地的40多个国家,但主要集中在中俄两国,其中,中国约有朝鲜劳工2万人次,俄罗斯约有1.9万人次。Most are employed in industries requiring hard physical labor, like construction. And with the ed Nations cracking down on other North Korean cash flows, the country has been increasing the number of laborers sent overseas to make up for the shortfall in cash it earns from other activities.他们大多从事建筑业等重体力劳动行业。并且随着联合国打击朝鲜其他违法交易力度的加大,朝鲜在这些活动中所得收益减少,只能输出越来越多的海外劳工来弥补这一现金缺口。2.Methamphetamines2.冰毒North Korea has been involved in the drug trade since the 1970s, when it defaulted on its international debts and ordered its embassies to self-fund.上世纪70年代,朝鲜严重拖欠国际债务并令其大使馆自筹经费,那时起朝鲜就一直参与毒品贸易。One of the ways the embassies initially accomplished this was to traffic drugs using diplomatic immunity.朝鲜大使馆最初筹资的方式之一就是利用其外交豁免权贩运毒品。Later, North Korea started manufacturing illicit drugs of its own—primarily methamphetamine—and exporting some of them through its embassies.而后朝鲜干脆在其国内制造以冰毒为主的毒品,并通过其大使馆出口到各国。North Korean methamphetamine gained notoriety primarily for its high purity (99 percent), which is not surprising considering the drugs were manufactured in state-owned factories under the supervision of professional chemists.朝鲜制造的冰毒因纯度高(99%)而声名远扬,不过想想这些冰毒是在专业药剂师监管下由国有工厂制造的,一切便也不足为奇了。However, since the mid-2000s, illicit drug activity appears to have been ;privatized,;with the state apparently taking a smaller role in manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of methamphetamine.但到了2005年左右,随着朝鲜在制造、运输、分销冰毒中所起的作用越来越小,毒品交易显现出;私有化”趋势。The purity has decreased dramatically, indicating that production may no longer be taking place in state-owned factories. However, methamphetamine is still plentiful in North Korea itself, where it is reported that meth is offered ;as casually as tea.;冰毒纯度明显下降,这表明朝鲜的国有工厂或许已经不再生产毒品,但据悉其国内,冰毒依然泛滥,人们购买冰毒就像购买茶叶一样随意。In a country where food is scarce and famine stalks the land, the appetite-suppressing properties of methamphetamines are very useful.在这样一个食物紧缺、饥馑遍地的国家,冰毒能抑制食欲的特性还是大有用武之地的。1.Nuclear Reactors1.核反应堆Probably the most audacious North Korean export has been an attempt to build a fully functioning nuclear reactor for Syria at Al-Kibar, which Israel bombed in 2007. North Korea patterned the reactor on its own gas-graphite one.或许在朝鲜的所有出口贸易中,最拉风的就是试图为叙利亚在艾其巴建立一个全功能的核反应堆。朝鲜效仿气冷石墨反应堆来建造这一核设施,As this type of reactor is not very complex, North Korea could have and probably did supply most of the parts itself.由于这种反应堆并不算复杂,朝鲜可以独立完成绝大部分的工程。The North Koreans apparently modeled the building almost exactly on the Yongbyon reactor, later constructing outer walls to hide the shape of the facility, turning it into a featureless box.这一核设备几乎完全参照宁边反应堆来建造,核心部分建好以后再建造厚厚的外墙来隐匿身形,最后整个反应堆就变成了平淡无奇巨无霸盒子。If the reactor had not been bombed, it could have produced enough plutonium for one or two weapons per year once it was operational.如果艾其巴核设施没有被炸毁,它一旦开始运作,每年产出的钚足以制造一两枚核武器。Just three days before the reactor was bombed, a North Korean ship was caught delivering nuclear fuel rods, most likely destined for the reactor. And the whole thing ended up netting up to billion for North Korea, with the money coming from Iran.在这核设施被炸毁的三天前,一艘运输核燃料棒的朝鲜船舶被拦截,这些核燃料棒很可能就是准备用于这一核反应堆。这整起事件疑云重重,最后却以朝鲜赚了伊朗20亿美元告终。 /201608/463674 Xuejiawan, a small village in northwestern China#39;s Gansu province, used to be known as a hotbed of fortune-telling.薛家湾,是一个位于中国西北部甘肃省的小村庄,曾因作为占卜文化的发祥地而被人所熟知。Near provincial capital Lanzhou, Xuejiawan, with a population of 600, has a history of fortune-telling that dates back many generations. The people of Xuejiawan were often compared to gipsies. They spent months on the road and making their living through prophesy based on the I Ching (Book of Changes) and other mystical texts.薛家湾在甘肃省会兰州市附近,这座约有600人口的村庄有着世代相传的占卜传统。薛家湾的村民与欧洲的吉普赛人一样,他们常年漂泊在外,通过研究易经和其它神学著作来替人算命谋生。;People moved from place to place and had no land to grow crops in the village, so every spring, they would take their donkeys, dogs and children and hit the road,; said Gao Jinjiang, a villager in his 50s. ;They only came back for winter,; he added.该村一位名叫高锦江的五十多岁的村民表示:“这里的人们从一个地方搬到另一个地方,在村里没有耕地,所以每到春天,他们便拖家带口,牵着驴和上路,只有在冬天才会回到村里。”After the founding of the People#39;s Republic of China in 1949, villagers were allotted land and started to settle down.在1949年新中国成立后,村民分到了土地,便纷纷开始定居下来。;My grandfather was a famous mystic, and my father inherited his gifts,; said Gao, who only tells fortunes part-time, though he is still among the most popular in the village, mostly due to his family background. He gets invitations from customers from Beijing and Shanghai. On a recent trip he save a couple from breaking up.“我的爷爷是一位远近闻名的算命先生,父亲从我爷爷那里继承了这门技能。”高锦江对记者说到,他目前虽然只是利用业余时间为人算命,但由于家族背景的原因,所以在村里仍旧十分出名,并且经常受到来自北京、上海等地的邀请,最近他刚刚挽回了一对夫妻的婚姻。;I used the I Ching to determine their fortune, leading them to believe in unity and harmony,; he said.他说:“我运用易经里的理论来预知他们的命运,让他们信奉相合相爱的哲学。”Fortune telling is by no means a stable source of income. ;Sometimes I earn thousands of yuan from a happy customer, but occasionally, I have to pay for my own trip and earn nothing at all,; he said.然而,算命并不是一项稳定的收入来源,高锦江说:“有的时候客人高兴了会付我上千元,而有时又一无所获,甚至要自己掏路费。”Gao now spends most of his time growing garlic and cabbages, earning 20,000 yuan a year.高锦江目前主要靠种植大蒜和卷心菜为生,每年有两万元的收入。Now, only a few dozen elderly people have knowledge of the I Ching, and far fewer actually practice the craft. Young people have distanced themselves from complexities of the I Ching and found jobs outside the village.如今,除了少数的老人对于易经还有所研究之外,越来越少的人以此为生,年轻人更是抛弃了高深莫测的易经,离开村庄去城市里工作。Gao#39;s son and daughter live in Lanzhou. His son works at an IT firm. ;Fortune-telling? ; Gao shook his head. ;Young people are not interested at all.;高锦江的儿女如今都住在兰州,他的儿子在一家IT公司工作,当被问到“儿子会算命么?”时,高锦江摇着头说:“年轻人对这一套没有兴趣。” /201603/434806本溪去医院人流要多少钱本溪哪里治疗软下疳最好




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