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白羊座 3.21-4.19Throw yourself into your profession. You need to do more research before you make your final decision. You may find that purchases or entertainment could be expensive. Go out with friends who are positive and supportive.专注于事业。你需要做好充足的思考和研究,然后才做决定。你可能会发现,购买的商品或是活动是昂贵的。和态度积极、持你的朋友聚聚。Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.本周幸运日:周二。 /201007/109400自贡产科生孩子多少钱Conference lanyards are often made of nice sturdy woven webbing. They seem like they ought to have plenty of uses, like replacement shoelaces or camera straps. After enough conferences, they start to look like an awful lot of raw material. Even enough to make a bag. 开会用的吊牌大多是由漂亮而又结实的带子制成。它们应该有更多的用处,比如做鞋带或照相机带。开会开太多了,这么多吊牌留着也是个麻烦啊……对了,为何不废物利用,把它编成个包呢?以后去开会就带这个包去,绝对回头率100%。【动手来试试】 /201104/132984新津县人民医院私立还是公办One spot in the nation's capital is offering visitors a peek at presidential recipes, including Lyndon B. Johnson's chili, John F. Kennedy's chowder and Dwight D. Eisenhower's three-page guide to vegetable soup. 美国首都的一角正在向访客们展示总统的菜谱,包括林顿#8226;B#8226; 约翰逊的辣椒、约翰#8226;F#8226; 肯尼迪的海鲜杂烩汤,还有德怀特#8226;D#8226;艾森豪威尔那份长达三页的蔬菜汤指南。 The National Archives opened its first exhibit in June on the history of U.S. food and the government's effect on the nation's diet. "What's Cooking Uncle Sam?" is a departure for the Archives, which more often deals with issues of presidential policies, war and peace. 今年六月,国家档案馆揭幕了关于美国饮食史和政府对国民饮食影响的首次展览。举办此次展会的出发点是“山姆大叔在做什么吃的呢?”,而通常情况下,其展出的主题是总统决策、战争以及和平等。 Former White House executive pastry chef Roland Mesnier, who served Presidents Jimmy Carter through George W. Bush, said he was hired at the White House because he promised first lady Rosalynn Carter he would make healthy, light desserts with lots of fresh fruit. 罗兰#8226;梅斯尼尔曾经在吉米#8226;卡特总统到乔治#8226;W#8226; 布什总统任职期间(1977—2009年间)担任白宫的糕点执行主厨,他说他之所以能受雇于白宫,是因为他答应了当时的第一夫人罗莎琳#8226;卡特,他将会用很多新鲜水果来做一些健康低脂的甜品。 /201108/147480自贡市第一人民医院预约

攀枝花市中心医院是正规医院?成都做包皮过长手术费用要多少钱A Soldier#39;s Brilliant Idea士兵坐飞机有美女陪伴的高招 Mr. Robinson had to travel somewhere on business, and as he was in a hurry, he decided to go by air. He liked sitting beside a window when he was flying, so when he got on to the plane, he looked for a window seat. He found all of them had aly had been taken except for one. There was a soldier sitting in the seat beside this one, and Mr. Robinson was surprised that he had not taken the one by the window; but, anyhow, he at once went towards it.由于生意方面的事,罗宾逊先生得出趟门。因为有点紧急,他决定坐飞机。乘机旅行时,他喜欢靠窗坐,故而一登机,他就寻找一个靠窗的座位。他发现只有一个靠窗的座位还空着。在那空座位边坐着一名士兵。令罗宾逊先生纳闷的是,这位士兵没有坐靠窗的位置。罗宾逊先生不管那些,他马上径直朝那个空座位走去。 When he reached it, however, he saw that there was a notice on it. It was written in ink and said, ;This seat is preserved for proper load balance, thank you.; Mr Robinson had never seen such an unusual notice in a plane before, but he thought that the plane must be carrying something particularly heavy in it, so he walked on and found another empty seat, not beside a window, to sit in.然而,等到了那儿,他看见座位上有则启事,是用钢笔写的:“为保持装载平衡,特预设该位置,谢谢合作。”罗宾逊先生还从来没有在飞机上见过如此不同寻常的启事。不过,他想飞机上一定装了什么特别重的物品,于是他找了个不靠窗的位置。Two or three people tried to sit in the window seat beside the soldier, but they too the notice and went on, when the plane was nearly full, a very beautiful girl hurried into the plane. The soldier, who was watching the passengers coming in, quickly took the notice off the seat beside himself and in this way succeededin having the company of the girl during the whole trip.又有两三个乘客试图坐在那个士兵旁的靠窗座位上,他们看到那则启事就走开了。当快满座时,一位非常美丽的姑娘匆匆走进机舱。一直在注意进舱旅客的那个士兵赶紧拿掉他旁边空座位上的启事。士兵用这种办法,成功地找到了一位姑娘一路作伴。 /201206/185567Women who gain more than 40 pounds (18 kg ) during pregnancy have nearly twice the risk of delivering a heavy baby as those who gain less, US researchers said on Friday.The study of more than 40,000 U.S. women and their babies found as many as one in five women gains too much weight during pregnancy, doubling the chances her baby will weigh 9 pounds (4 kg) or more.And they found women who gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy are more likely to have a heavy baby even if they do not have gestational diabetes, a short-term form of diabetes linked with pregnancy that is known to increase the risk of having a big baby."Because there are so many women who are gaining more than 40 pounds during pregnancy, it's an important health message for most women to avoid excessive weight during pregnancy," Dr. Teresa Hillier of Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon, whose study appears in the journal Obstetrics amp; Gynecology, said in a telephone interview.Hillier said gaining extra weight during pregnancy increases the risk for having heavy babies, and studies suggest these babies are programed to become overweight or obese later in life.According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, babies who weigh more than 9 pounds at birth are considered heavy.A large baby can pose risks for a difficult delivery -- increasing the chances of vaginal tearing, bleeding, and Caesarian-sections for the mother and the risk of stuck shoulders and broken collar bones for the baby.In the study, Hillier and colleagues examined the medical records of 41,540 women who gave birth in Washington, Oregon and Hawaii from 1995-2003. All had been tested for gestational diabetes and 5.4 percent were treated for it with a program of diet, exercise and insulin, if needed, to control blood sugar.Overall, 20 percent of the women in the study who gained more than 40 pounds -- the upper limit of pregnancy weight gain recommendations in the ed States -- gave birth to heavy babies.Fewer than 12 percent of women in the study with normal weight gain delivered heavy babies, she said.The group at greatest risk were those who gained more than 40 pounds and had gestational diabetes. Nearly 30 percent of these women had heavy babies, compared with 13.5 percent of women with gestational diabetes who had normal weight gains during pregnancy.The researchers said the findings suggest all women should avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. And women who are being treated for gestational diabetes should also strive to keep weight gain below 40 pounds."You can't treat the glucose and ignore the weight gain issue," Hillier said.Weight gain during pregnancy has been rising over the past two decades, and some researchers suspect this may be fueling an epidemic of childhood obesity. 美国研究人员于上周五称,怀期间体重增幅超过40磅(18公斤)的女性生出超重婴儿的几率几乎是增重较少女性的两倍。该研究共对美国4万多个女性和她们的宝宝进行了调查。调查结果显示,其中多达五分之一的女性怀期间体重增长过多,这使她们的孩子出生体重达或超过9磅(4公斤)的几率增加了一倍。此外,研究人员发现,期体重增加超过40磅的女性即使没有患妊娠糖尿病,也更易生出体重超标的婴儿。妊娠糖尿病是妇在妊娠期间易患的一种临时性的糖尿病,该病会增加妇生出超重婴儿的风险。位于俄勒冈州波特兰市的凯萨健康研究中心的特里萨#8226; 希利尔士在电话采访中说:“现在有很多妇期体重增幅超过40磅,所以对于大多数女性来说,避免期增重过度是一个很重要的健康信息。”该研究结果在《产科和妇科医学》上发表。希利尔称,期增重过多会增加生出超重婴儿的风险。此外,研究表明,这些孩子日后体重超标或肥胖的可能性也较大。根据美国妇产科医师协会的标准,婴儿出生时体重超过9磅即为超重。胎儿过大会增加难产的风险——产道撕裂、大出血、剖腹产以及婴儿肩难产和锁骨骨折的几率增大。在研究过程中,希利尔及其同事对华盛顿、俄勒冈和夏威夷1995年至2003年间的41540名妇的病历进行了研究。这些妇都接受了妊娠糖尿病检测,其中5.4%的人通过饮食、运动或注射胰岛素(如果需要的话)控制血糖,治疗糖尿病。总体来看,在期体重增幅超过40磅的女性中,有20%的人生下了超重婴儿。在美国,期增重建议最高上限为40磅。她说,期体重增幅在正常范围内的女性中,生下了超重婴儿的不到12%。其中最危险的群体是期增重超过40磅且患有妊娠糖尿病的人,她们当中近30%的人生出了超重婴儿,而这一数字在体重增幅正常、患妊娠糖尿病的妇中仅为13.5%。研究者称,该结果表明,所有女性都要避免期增重过度,而且正在接受妊娠糖尿病治疗的妇也要尽量将体重增幅控制在40磅以内。希利尔说:“妇不能只顾控制血糖,而忽视体重增加的危险。”在过去20年中,女性期增重过度的问题越来越严重。一些研究者认为,这可能会导致儿童肥胖的流行。 /200811/55022攀枝花市宫颈糜烂多少钱What will 2012 bring? Economic recovery or a double dip? A new president or ; a double dip? Another tsunami? Revolt in Europe? No one can say with certainty. But here are 5 trends that consumers can take to the bank.2012将会带来什么?是经济的复苏还是加倍的衰退?是新的国家领导班子还是独裁与腐败?是海啸?是欧盟分裂?没有人知道,但这里有五样东西,今年不买你就亏大了!According to the shopping website dealnews, these five items will get cheaper this year:根据网上店家的交易统计,下列五样东西会在今年降价,它们是:Wine Bottles priced at or more are languishing on store shelves. To move stock, retailers will offer discounts.1.葡萄酒:为了减少库存,所以零售商们为提供折扣的。Car rentals Agencies have a glut of vehicles sitting idle on the lot. They will offer discounts to get those cars on the road.2.租车:因为租车公司有很多闲置的车,所以他们必须要通过优惠来让这些车;活;起来~iPad 2 Technology always gets cheaper. This year many computer-related items like perfectly usable eBook ers and tablets will come down in price ahead of the iPad 3 release.3.iPad 2:数码产品发展非常迅速,iPad 3上市之后iPad 2一定会跌价。3D TVs This relatively new technology will hit critical mass this year, and with many new designs and makers in the game, prices will fall to an irresistible level. 4.3D电视机:这项新技术在今年就会变得非常普遍,在游戏功能方面也会有许多新的设计和竞争者,该类电视机的价格也就会跌到一个大家能够承受的程度。Homes Home prices fell about 3% last year and should fall that much again this year. But the smart money is getting y for a rebound after that, expecting prices to rise by 30% over the following 10 years. 5.房子:在2011年,房价大约跌了3%,预计在今年会更大幅度地降低,所以大家在投资的时候要更加谨慎! /201201/167037泸州医学院附属内江医院能做孕检吗?

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