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2019年09月21日 06:14:48 | 作者:快乐媒体 | 来源:新华社
Anchor:Your money in the year 2006. Is this the time to get that great new job? Is this the time to sell or to buy a new home? Well our financial contributor Mellody Hobson has canvassed all the expert including herself and she's got some answers this morning , Mellody, Good morning, Happy New Year to you. Mellody Hobson:Good morning. Anchor: All right, houses. Is it the time to buy a house? Is it the time to sell a house? What's happening out there? Mellody Hobson: Well, actually, housing it looks like it's going to be a bust in 2006. The National Association of Realtors just announce that housing sales for the month of November were down 1. 7%. That's the second month in a row. And yet prices are still really high, in fact, in 65 of the biggest markets, the markets are not just overpriced, they are extremely overpriced and headed for a correction or a drop in prices. And it's important to know that mortgage rates have been up, so that's one of the big reasons that it's slowing down buying and it's been up, those rates have been up all year. And on top of that the other big indicator that we saw last week -- mortgage applications are down. Actually last week mortgage applications hit a three-and-a-half-year low. So what does all this mean? Nat, nat!(it means not.) If you are a buyer, I think you are gonna find some bargains out there. And in fact, the president of the National Association of Realtors said yesterday that he expects 2006 to be a buyer's market. Anchor: Ok! I love someone, first of all, who'd say, nat nat and really no one means it. But it, it is puzzled to both then by the middle of the year you really find bargains and it really will be a buyer's market in a whole new way. Mellody Hobson:I actually think it will. I think that this, this housing market is gonna bust, I don't think it's going to be the soft landing that people are talking about. Anchor: All right, your jobs, is this gonna be the year to look for a new job because they're gonna be available or is this a year in which more people again will get laid off. Mellody Hobson:This is good news on the job front, the Department of Labor reported that in November 215, 000 jobs were added , that's up from 44, 000 in October. December looks good. Companies out there say they're planning to hire in the first quarter of this year and there are still jobs shortages in certain areas like finance, health care and construction. Anchor:Great to get some optimistic news, and a quick word on the stock market, up downs, boom, bust. Mellody Hobson:I think 2006 is gonna be a very hard year for the stock market. I'm not expecting big returns but , long term I'm always bullish on stocks , buy the high quality names to withstand the ups and downs that we might see next year. Anchor:But watch out this year because it could be a little rocky? Mellody Hobson:It's going to be a little rocky I think so. Anchor:All right, Mellody thanks again and have a great weekend, a great New Year's Eve. 200808/46464But there was something even better. Odyssey may not just have found ice. There may also be liquid water, and that means, there could be living creatures there too. Right now, there might be liquid water on Mars. It's not gonna be on the surface. But if we go down deep enough, it's almost certain we'll find liquid water at some point beneath the ice. It's all down to the interior of the planet. Scientists believe that Mars' heart may be a great core of molten rock and metal. At the very center, it could reach temperatures of almost 2,000 degrees centigrade. This heat is sp outwards, so that despite the very cold surface of Mars, just tens of meters down, it may be warm enough to melt ice. What Odyssey is seeing really is maybe just the tip of the iceberg, there could be, underneath that layer of ice that it could detect, a literal frozen ocean of water beneath that. Surprisingly, there could be life today on Mars beneath the ice in the liquid water, so the Odyssey results are also telling us that we ought to reconsider the possibility of life on Mars today, search for it more vigorously than we might have. Odyssey's discoveries mean that there is now a genuine possibility that there is life on Mars. And if so, then we’ll soon have to start reconsidering our place in the universe. Odyssey's discoveries are so sensational that scientists are beginning to speculate: What strange creatures might be there waiting for us? What might an alien look like? Would they, for instance, be based on the same biological principles as we are? When we look at life on Earth we see that all life on Earth uses the same chemistry, the same genetic code, the same hardware, the same software. It's really interesting to wonder if life on Mars, if it started independently, would it use the same code, the same chemicals? On Earth, everything is based on DNA, but could it be that life on Mars is completely different, that there is an utterly alien way of doing genetics. genetic code: The sequence of nucleotides in DNA or RNA that determines the specific amino acid sequence in the synthesis of proteins. It is the biochemical basis of heredity and nearly universal in all organisms200809/48763

nemesis ———— 死敌(名词)英文释义 (noun) An unbeatable opponent that causes great harm or ruin.例句 The terrible winter snowstorms were the invading armys nemesis, and after seeing thousands of his brave soldiers trapped and dying in the snow, the general called for a retreat.冬天可怕的暴风雪是入侵军队的大敌。在看到他的数以千计的勇敢战士困在雪中死去后,这位将军下令撤退。 /201606/446451

India Limits Rice Exports to Boost Local Stocks印度减少大米出口以保国内供应  India has taken steps to drastically limit rice exports in a bid to cool prices and ensure sufficient food stocks for its more than one billion people. India is battling inflation and a spike in food prices. 印度政府大幅度减少大米出口,以求缓解国内粮价上涨并保印度超过十亿人口的粮食供应。此外,印度也希望此举有助于对抗通货膨胀。 The Indian trade ministry has steeply raised the minimum prices at which all except the most expensive grades of rice can be exported. 印度商务部大幅提高除了最昂贵等级外所有大米的最低出口价格。The price of rice, a staple in many Asian diets, has nearly doubled in international markets during the past three months.大米是很多亚洲居民的主食。在过去3个月里,国际市场上的大米价格上涨了将近一倍。Farm analyst Devender Sharma, with the New Delhi-based Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security, says looming rice shortages in the world have prompted the government to virtually block exports.总部设在新德里的生物技术和食品安全论坛的农业分析师迪凡德.沙尔马说,国际市场面临的大米短缺前景使得印度政府基本上停止了出口。He says the government wants to boost local supplies in order to stabilize rising prices in the domestic market. 他说,印度政府希望增加国内大米供应,以求稳定国内市场的粮食价格。"I think the message is very obvious, because if you look at the tightening of rice position globally, Vietnam has banned exports and Thailand has imposed restrictions," he said. "India knows very well if at this juncture it allows rice exports to go, there is a clamor for rice from many developing countries. So India has ensured that its own domestic supplies are maintained." 沙尔马说:“我想,这个信息是很明确的,因为现在国际大米市场供应出现紧张。越南禁止了大米出口,泰国也已经采取了一些限制措施。印度政府很清楚,如果允许大米任意出口的话,很多发展中国家的需求是非常大的。所以,印度需要首先保国内供应。”India is the world's second-largest producer of rice and a major rice exporter.印度的大米产量居世界第二。同时,印度也是主要大米出口国。But in keeping with a worldwide trend, India too is coping with a steep hike in prices of staples such as wheat, rice and lentils. Inflation last week climbed to nearly six-point-seven percent - its highest level in the past year. Spiraling food prices are the main culprit.但是,由于受到国际市场的影响,印度目前也面临着小麦、大米和豆类等主要粮食价格急剧上涨的问题。上个星期,印度的通货膨胀率攀升到6.7%。这是过去几年来的最高水平。印度粮价上涨是通胀的主要原因。That has prompted pledges from the government that it will do all it can to stem the rise. The government has aly banned the export of cooking oil, and cut some food import taxes to contain prices.面对通胀威胁,印度政府誓言要尽其所能制止涨价。印度已经宣布暂停食用油出口,同时削减了部分食品的进口税。Food prices are a politically sensitive issue in India, where poor rural and urban masses make up more than two-thirds of the country's one billion plus population. The government faces elections next year, and is concerned that runaway food prices could anger voters.在印度,贫困的城乡人口占全国10多亿人口的三分之二以上,因此,粮食价格是一个敏感的政治问题。明年印度将举行大选,粮价问题可能会激怒选民,因此政府对此格外关注。Other South Asian countries are also facing a problem. Neighboring Bangladesh faces a massive hike in prices of rice after a cyclone last August wiped out half its rice harvest.其他南亚国家目前也面临相似问题。印度的邻国孟加拉国在去年8月飓风摧毁了大约一半粮食收成后,现在也陷入米价飞涨的困境。Agencies like the Food and Agriculture Organization have warned that food prices will continue to climb steeply in the coming year.包括联合国粮农组织在内的一些国际机构警告说,粮食价格将在未来的一年里持续上涨。200804/33029

jink ------ 急转弯(不及物动词)英文释义(intransitive verb) To change direction suddenly when avoiding someone or something.例句The hunter watched as the rabbit jinked quickly right and left as his dog chased it across the field.猎人放在田野中追逐兔子,兔子忽左忽右地急转。 /201611/471218

happy-go-lucky ------ 无忧无虑的(形容词,非正式)英文释义(adjective, INFORMAL) Describing a cheerful, carefree person who has a relaxed, unconcerned attitude about everything.例句While my aunt is a serious woman who seldom laughs, my uncle is a happy-go-lucky man who never worries about the future.我的婶婶是个严肃的人,很少大笑,而我的叔叔是个乐天派,从不担心未来的事情。 /201611/471211

Marilyn Monroe wasn't the only woman to fall for his charms. Hundreds of letters written by Albert Einstein to his second wife and step-daughter show the scientific genius to have been a king of lothario who liked to talk about his success with women. The letters were released on the instructions of his step-daughter Margot 20 years after her death. Alex Thomson has this. When not grappling with relativity, Albert Einstein was grappling with other people's relatives, getting to grips with no fewer than ten mistresses at various times in his two married lives. Israel's Hebrew University has had a vast batch of Einstein letters, but could only now release them under the terms of his step-daughter's will. This material consists of two batches of letters. One, er, 200 about 260 letters, most of whom were written to Elsa while he was away from home and the others are letters from his children Hans Albert and Eduard and from his first wife Mileva, particularly after their separation. The letters, more than 1300, largely cover a period when Einstein lectured across Europe and the US, where he died in 1955 aged 76. And in them, he openly discusses various affairs with his second wife and cousin Elsa and Margot, his step daughter, often giving the impression that these women's affections were unasked for and unwanted and referring to them by a letter, rather than a name. She followed me to, to England and ah, I didn't really want to this I didn't really want to, want her to follow me. I was, I would tell her that she should disappear next time I see her. In the same letter, he explaines to Margot that it is not Mrs. M, it is Mrs. L who is the only one I care for. At that time it was really Mrs. L who, who had a certain place in Einstein's life. And it's pretty clear the man himself would not have wanted all this disclosed to the public gaze. Einstein was a person who did not like the limelight. He did not like to, expose his private life to the public. His secretary and the, and the other trustee of the estate, en, first kept a lot of letters, um, hidden from public and wanted to be published only letters of scientific content. Only step by step, other letters from Einstein's estate became part of Einstein's archives. It is also apparent there will not be another such disclosure of private correspondence. In summary, this is a very, ah, rich body of material that I believe will motivate biographers of Einstein, maybe to write new biographies with modified emphasis in different chapters and aspects of his life. And finally, er, the other thing about this event is that this is the last time that such a large comprehensive body of material comes to light. So now at last we begin to see what Einstein was really driving at with his famous theory. ''E equals MC squared'' was in fact designed to mean "Er indoors equals multiple conquests squared". The equation men have been balancing or not down the centuries. Alex Thomson. We're back tomorrow noon again at 7 till then from Chrisnan and from me. That's Channel 4 News. Good evening. lotharioA man who seduces women.勾引女人的男人grapple To struggle, in or as if in wrestling斗争a batch of一批;一组;大量limelightA focus of public attention.众人注目的中心 200805/39446

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