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四川省消防总队医院中药科邛崃市中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱So let's go back to Sheffield to that whole plan by McDonald's to try and burn the waste and the leftovers from their burgers and the packaging to try and turn it all into household energy. Lucy Manning reports from Sheffield.Their ads say their customers are loving it, but what no one much likes is the amount of rubbish McDonald's and other big businesses generate every day. So the Golden Arches are trying to take on a greener tint. A pilot project in Sheffield will see 11 MacDonald's restaurants turn their waste into heat and electricity for local buildings. It works something like this: take a MacDonald's burger, chuck it away, take that and a hundred tons of rubbish each restaurant generates a year. And instead of taking it to a landfill, drive it down the road to an energy recovery plant, mix it up with some of Sheffield's other rubbish, burn it in an incinerator and get electricity and heat.We've got a real serious issue to address here in Britain overall. And that is there is just too much rubbish being buried in the land. There is too much waste going to landfill. I think it's incumbent on big, big businesses, business like McDonald's to try and find innovative solutions ‘coz we all have aspirations to send zero waste to landfill. But bringing that into reality is something of a challenge for us.MacDonald's has done much over the last few years to try and rebrand itself. And now like a lot of other companies, it's choosing to go down the green route. But will my filleted fish, milk shake and chips really make a difference to the planet.The amount of electricity and heat it creates is not gonna be that great. In fact, this entire scheme covering 11 stores is gonna provide the heat and electricity for about 50 homes, that's all, 50 homes. And even if you extended it across the whole of the MacDonald's estate, it would only be 5,000 homes. So it's good, but it's nowhere near enough.What more do you think needs to be done for McDonald's to go green? Well, there is an astonishing fact that they have released, haven't they? They've told us that each store, each individual MacDonald's produces 100 tons of waste a year, that is the most enormous amount of waste. And that what MacDonald's really ought to be working on now is trying to diminish that, trying to cut that to a reasonable level.But MacDonald's says it has tried to minimize packaging and improve recycling. Its delivery vehicles will soon be powered with used cooking oil and it hopes it can lead the way on dealing with waste.One things that MacDonald can't bring is scalability to positive programmes such as this, so if being proven out in its 11-restaurant green city trial, then the potential across 1,200 restaurant estate and across the broader food industry and general commercial waste is huge.But there're only around 20 of these energy recovery plants across the country and unless more are built, that's going to mean long drives for the rubbish, reversing any green benefits and green campaigners say no matter how hard MacDonald's tries to be environmentally-friendly, the fact (that) its core product is beef means it will always struggle. The vegetarian society has launched this campaign, warning people about what it calls the dangerous emissions from cattle, more deadly it says than the effect on climate change of the transport system across the world, but this link between diet and global warming may be more difficult for the Big-Mac-Generation to stomach.200805/39907成华区儿童医院咨询电话 Britain's largest bank, HS, has written off .2 billion in bad debt after the U.S. housing market slide hit the value of its loans in 2007. The annual loss is the largest reported amongst Britain's big five mortgage lenders.  英国最大的汇丰在美国的房地产市场2007年出现下滑对的贷款价值造成冲击之后不得不注销172亿美元的坏帐。这是英国五大房屋贷款提供商所报告的年度损失中最大的一个。The record HS write off is larger than the next four British banks combined. 汇丰创记录的坏帐冲销比另外四家英国注销的坏帐总和还要多。HS Chairman Stephen Green admits the global financial system had come under what he calls 'extreme strain' in 2007. 汇丰的董事长王志浩(Stephen Green)承认,全球金融体系在2007年经历了“极度的冲击”。As to 2008, he says the outlook is uncertain, but he warns the economic slowdown and the credit difficulties in the ed States may get worse before getting better. 至于2008年,他说,前景还不确定,但是他警告说,美国经济的减缓和信贷困难在好转之前可能会更加恶化。 Despite the massive write down due to the U.S. credit problems, gains elsewhere around the world kept HS in profit. 尽管由于美国的信贷问题而导致大规模的资产缩水,汇丰在全球其他地方的表现仍然使它出现盈利。 Market analyst David Buik from the London brokerage firm BGC Partners says wise choices outside of the U.S. more than covered the debt damage. BGC合伙人公司(坎特-菲兹杰拉德金融公司所设的合伙企业)在伦敦的市场分析师布伊克表示,在美国以外地区做出的明智选择所获利润超过了在美国的债务损失。 "Strong in Asia; China, India and also other emerging nations and a terrific presence in the ed Kingdom as well and this is why unlike the other banks, particularly Royal Bank of Scotland and to a lesser degree Barclays, they produced such a stellar set of number for the second half of the year where profits were up by 17 percent," he said. "Whereas everybody else has been scuttling around trying to work out these provisions for bad debt, HS has done that but despite it, managed to do very well." 他说:“亚洲的表现非常强劲,像中国、印度和其他新兴经济体,另外英国的表现也相当不错。这就是为什么与其他不同,特别是相对于苏格兰皇家以及一定程度对于巴克莱,汇丰在去年下半年创造了一系列引人注目的数字,利润上涨了17%。而其他还一直在到处张罗,试图为这些坏帐找到解决办法。汇丰已经完成了这一步,而且尽管存在这种情况,它还能有很好的表现。” For the year in total, HS profits rose 10 percent to .2 billion. 在去年全年,汇丰的利润上涨了10%,达到242亿美元。Given the problems in the U.S. market, HS is restructuring its operations there. It has reduced the amount of credit it extends and it is closing about 400 of its U.S. branches. 对于美国的问题,汇丰正在对那里的运作进行改造。它减少了的贷款数量,而且正在关闭大约4美国分行。In other banking news, Britain's Barclays Bank announced Monday that it has agreed to buy Russia's Expobank for 5 million. Expobank has 32 branches mostly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Subject to regulatory approval, the deal is expected to be completed by midyear. 在其他的业新闻方面,英国的巴克莱星期一宣布,它同意以7亿4千5百万美元购买俄罗斯的出口。出口拥有32家分行,这些分行大部分集中在莫斯科和圣彼得堡。如果得到监管机构的批准,这笔交易预计在今年年中会完成。200803/28364Host: After a whirlwind romance, just have dated for just a couple of months, anounced that they are getting married and oh my gosh and now a baby. We are talking of course about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. People magazine senior, what is your title exactly here? Is it senior edi...Jess Cagle: Obviously, senior editor, Rene.Host: Speak of Seals, coz he's a senior citizen. Jess Cagle:Oh, that's true, yah.Host: Jess Cagle is here with more. Oh my gosh, what's happening here?Jess Cagle: Well, Tom and Katie have been dating since April. He proposed in June. And yesterday they broke the news to People that they are having a baby.Host: And how was that news received?Jess Cagle: Well, I mean, it's all over. It's global news. I mean, I put it up on people. com. And I think five minutes it was all over the world. Host: Wow, what about his...what about his ex-wife Nicole Kidman? What about his kids Isabella and Connor? How...how are they taking this?Jess Cagle: I asked his sister and publicist Lee Anne De Vette how each individual was taking it. she didn't want to single anybody out. She said the entire family, excuse me, is very excited about it, yep.Host: Em, you know this seems like such a whirlwind. And and... I think a lot of people were skeptical initially that this romance was indeed genuine. Do you think this will quell some of that?Jess Cagle: No, I think that he got involved with Katie, to promote his movie. And they don't probably have a baby to promote the next movie. Host: Hahahahaha. Ok, alright.Jess Cagle: No, it's ridiculous. Obviously, this is, it has been very, very fast. It was...it was a surprise to a lot of people but (yeah) I think that people who were that cynical about the relationship sort of have an egg on their face now.Host: yeah.200807/44534成都最佳无痛人流价格

四川第六人民医院的qq号是多少Pope Benedict Visits 9/11 Terrorist Attack Site天主教教皇走访纽约世贸大厦遗址  Pope Benedict XVI began his last day in the ed States at Ground Zero, the site of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York.  教皇本笃十六世以参观纽约世贸大厦遗址开始他最后一天对美国的访问。世贸大厦遗址是2001年9月11号发生恐怖袭击的地方。 The pontiff brought his message of peace to hallowed ground as the popemobile descended the ramp to the lowest levels of the former World Trade Center site. 在教皇乘坐的专车徐徐驶下斜坡抵达前世贸中心遗址的最低一层时,教皇给这个神圣的地方带来了和平的信息。Pope Benedict knelt in silent prayer on a pew placed in front of a large candle, which he then lit.  本笃教皇跪在一大蜡烛前的一个可以放置双手下跪祈祷的跪台上默默地祈祷,然后起身点燃了蜡烛。The pope then offered a brief prayer for peace and healing for survivors and the families of victims of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.  接着,教皇作了一个简短的祷告,乞求上天让发生在纽约、华盛顿和宾州的恐怖袭击的幸存者和受难者家属获得平安,让他们的创伤得到愈合。"Oh God of love, compassion and healing, look on us people of many faiths and traditions who gather today at this site of incredible violence and pain. We ask in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here, to heroic first responders, along with a the innocent men and women who were victims of this tragedy simply because their work or service brought them here on September 11th, 2001," he said. 教皇说:“啊,充满爱、同情和拥有治愈大能的上帝,请看顾我们这些拥有不同信仰和不同传统的人。我们今天聚集在这个发生过可怕的暴力和痛苦的地方。我们请求您的慈爱永远照耀那些在这里逝去的人,那些英勇地首先作出反应的人,以及在2001年9月11号那一天,仅仅因为工作或务来到这里、使他们成为无辜受害者的男男女女,让他们获得安息。”The pope then met individually with two-dozen survivors and representatives of victims' families.  接着,教皇会见了20多个幸存者和受难者家属的代表,同他们一一进行了交谈。According to officials, Benedict XVI insisted that a stop at Ground Zero be put on the schedule of his three-day visit to New York. For the low key, secular occasion, the Pope wore a long white overcoat in marked contrast to the more elaborate vestments he has worn throughout the rest of his six-day visit to the ed States. 有关官员说,是本笃十六世坚持把访问世贸大厦遗址列入他对纽约三天访问的行程中的。为这个低调的世俗场合,教皇穿了一件白色长大衣,这与他在美国的六天访问中始终穿着比较精美的正式饰形成鲜明对比。 200804/35850四川省红十字肿瘤医院引产多少钱 This is ground zero of China’s economical boom, tens of thousands of factories churning out just about anything the rest of the world wants to buy, and financing China’s extraordinary turnaround, in just 30 years going from Communist/ backwater to by some accounts, the world’s second biggest economy.China has 1.5 trillion dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves built up from its exports, and now it’s spending some of that money to buy up big overseas, it’s got a 200 billion-dollar/ war chest taken from those reserves to start with, and an insatiable demand for energy, resources, financial services, tech firms, IT providers, anything that will help them secure the raw materials and the expertise their economy needs. The spin's so far this year modest by international standards, 5 billion/ dollars for a near 10% stake of Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley, and initial billion for a small stake in / fellow Wall Street of bear stearns with an option to spend billions more. 3 billion for 10% of private equity group Black Stone plus energy deals in Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.But it’s just the start, Standard Chartered Research Head Nicholas Kwan estimates China is laying out about 20 billion dollars this year with much more to come.What you've seen the last year or so, is just the beginning of a new trend that China’s going out more and more actively, to acquire the kind of resources they need for their own development.Next year, he says that figure could be several times higher. Rumors persist that it could buy the giant mining house Rio Tinto. That deal alone / could be close to 150 billion. So where are the targets? Anywhere in the world, say analysts, but Africa still looms large at energy and resources.I thing it's persistent where they are, we can expect China to continue its long-term interest/ in Africa.Africa has pretty much welcomed China with open arms, but the reception may not be as warm elsewhere. With / election year coming up in the US, how will politically-charged Washington view a major takeover funded with Chinese government money.Politics always makes business sometimes tougher, so I would expect more resistance/, more time of quarrels, and rubbles, here and there.but China is in this for the long haul, it needs to buy big overseas to protect and boost its own economic growth, as some in the investment community are now saying it’s just the start of China’s great leap outwards. Andrew Stevens, CNN, Hong Kong. 200807/43260成都妇保医院治疗不孕不育好吗

成都妇女儿童中心医院做引产需要证明吗 And Mr Lime ordered grapefruits, but got pineapples. Tom. Yes.Listen.Lime 先生定了葡萄,但是收到的是菠萝。汤姆! 是的。听着。Were you responsible for these errors? Well...yes, but Paul...你能对这些失误负责吗? 是的,但是保罗……Mistakes happen. But it seems that Mrs Kumquat left our offices even angrier than when she came in and she says she will never use Tip Top Trading again.错误已经发生了。但是似乎Kumquat女士离开办公室的时候甚至比她进来的时候更生气,并且她说她再也不会光顾 Tip Top Trading了!I tried my best.我尽力了。I understand you told her to spray paint the bananas and to stop being such a miserable old witch.我知道你让她去给香蕉喷漆,并且不要像一个令人讨厌的老巫婆一样。Yeah, well look, shed been very rude to me.If you werent such a good salesman I would fire you for that.是的,她对我非常的粗鲁。如果你不能当好一名销售,我就因此开除你。Anna Yes.安娜。 是的。Well done. Not only was Mr Lime satisfied that his business would be resolved, but we might even get some extra business from him, thanks to your Imperial Lemon proposal.干得好。Lime先生不仅因为他的商业问题得到解决而满意,而且我们还可能和他达成了额外的订单,多亏了你的皇家柠檬建议。I hope so.希望如此。You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well.你处于困境却处理得很好。You remained calm, friendly and professional.你仍然很沉着,友好,专业。So, great job. Im really impressed. Im going to…干得好,给我留下了非常深刻的印象。我将要……Oh no. Its a call from the USA.不,是从美国来的电话。Oh god! What?上帝! 怎么了?Its the boss! Whose boss? Ours!是老板! 谁的老板? 我们的! /201612/483613四川中心医院治疗不孕不育好吗泸州市无痛人流多少钱



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