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四川生殖专科医院生孩子好吗四川省第七医院妇科好不好双流县妇幼保健医院男性专科 In the greatest transportation exercise seen since the campaigns of Edward III,在这场自爱德华三世战争以来 最大的统治阶级迁徙中Wolsey shipped over the entire ruling class of England.沃尔西征召了整个英格兰的统治阶级Earls, bishops, knights of the shire 5,000 men,including, in a display of unconvincing humility,伯爵 主教和骑士 共五千人 包括枢机主教本人 身着红天鹅绒袍the Cardinal himself on muleback dressed in crimson velvet.乘着骡子 故作谦卑地侍在侧Music played, wine ran red and white from fountains,a great deal of heron got eaten.一边欣赏管乐齐鸣 享用喷泉中涌出的美酒佳酿 一边大啖鹭肉The two kings spent hours trying on glamorous outfits that could be worn only once.两个国王均花了大把时间挑选出华 最终却只穿了一次They wrestled, not only with knotty problems of state,but with each other,他们不仅为领土问题争执不休 更相互扭打起来the nimbler Francis at one point throwing Henry on his back.灵敏的弗朗西斯一度将亨利摔了个四脚朝天No doubt he laughed, no doubt he hated it.胜者无疑大笑不止 败者无疑恼羞成怒Somewhere in the middle of all this overdressed melee was a young English woman,在这两个盛装国王相互殴打时 有位年轻的英格兰女人站在人群中a lady-in-waiting to Claude, the wife of the French king.她是法国王后克劳德的侍从女官This was the woman who would bring Wolsey#39;s immense house of power就是这个女人 最终让沃尔西的权力大厦crashing down in ruins and with it, inconceivably,the power of the Roman Church in England.土崩瓦解 并随之不可思议地 瓦解了罗马教会之于英格兰的大权Her name was Anne Boleyn.她便是安妮·林 /201612/485268四川省妇幼保健院收费如何

成都成华区妇幼保健院价格表青羊区四维彩超医院 In many ways,plastic is the perfect material:we can make it strong and rigid enough to build spaceships and replace bones,or thin and flexible enough to makes shopping bags,that weigh as much as a nickel but carry up to 8 kilograms.在很多方面,塑料都是完美材料,塑料可以非常牢固坚硬,以制造航天飞船,替代骨骼,也可以很薄很坚韧,以制造购物袋,一块薄镍币厚度的塑料袋就能撑8公斤重量。And unlike other materials,plastic doesn#39;t rust or rot,it can last for centuries,even when we only need it to last a few seconds.We make tons of plastic precisely because it#39;s cheap,durable and yet expendable.But the features of plastic that make it so useful to us have also transformed life in the oceans,where as much as 10% of our discarded plastic-millions of tons per year-ends up.但是和其他材料不同的是,塑料保和省锈蚀也不会腐烂,即便我们有时只需要几秒钟,塑料却能挺过好几个世纪。人们大量生产塑料因为它便宜又耐用,但是塑料依然属于消耗品。人们懂得利用塑料的特性,但也因为如此,塑料改变了海洋生物,每年全球10%的废弃塑料进入海洋。Big pieces of plastic are definitely bad news for marine animals like whales,albatross,and sea turtles which risk getting tangled in the debris or ingesting large pieces of it.Yet despite the publicity about huge garbage patches in the sea.most of the ocean#39;s plastic isn#39;t big,our castaway shopping bags and soda bottles get weakened by sunlight.and torn apart in the wind and the waves into little bits of plastic confetti.对于鲸,信天翁和海龟等海洋生物来说,大块塑料当然不好,海洋生物可能被塑料缠住,或吞下大块塑料。虽然媒体中出现在海中的都是大块塑料,但是大多数海洋中的塑料并不大,购物袋和汽水瓶会在阳光下变薄 被海风和海浪撕扯成为小块碎渣。On the micro-scale,though,it#39;s still super durable the microorganisms that decompose ripped-up bits of wood and seaweed down into simpler organic compounds can#39;t easily digest plastic.So while the plastic confetti gets broken into smaller pieces,it doesn#39;t go away it just sps out over time.从微观角度看,塑料依然无法被微生物分解,分解木头和海藻的微生物无法轻易消化塑料。所以虽然塑料碎渣碎成更小颗粒,但并未消失 时间过去,塑料只是扩散开来。Which is why we#39;ve found;microplastics;pretty much everywhere in the oceans,from the Arctic to the Antarctic,and from the seafloor to the surface.Unlike the easy-to-observe impacts of large plastic trash.the effects of microplastics are as subtle and difficult to trace as the fragments themselves:the durable fragments can serve as new real estate,on which small ocean creatures can grow and multiply;or choke slightly larger ocean creatures that think the plastics are food;or attract and collect toxic chemicals,which become introduced into the food chain if the particles are eaten;and probably a million other problems we haven#39;t noticed yet.这就是为什么几乎全世界任何海洋中都发现了塑料微粒,从北极洲到南极洲,从海底到海面 和大块塑料垃圾不同,塑料微粒的影响不易观察,和微粒本身一样,其造成的影响微妙且很难追踪:耐性良好的碎片会成为生物新的栖息地,小型海洋生物在其上生长繁殖。稍稍大些的海洋生物会认为塑料是食物,如果吞下就造成阻塞。塑料也会吸附并积累有毒化学物质 如果微粒被动物吃下会进入食物链。也许还有更多问题,只是我们还未察觉到。Because we#39;ve only recently started paying attention to all these microplastics in the oceans.But it#39;s undeniable how much plastic trash we#39;ve introduced into marine ecosystems,and the wonderful durability of plastic guarantees it#39;ll be an issue for years to come.it#39;s possible we can decrease further impact by Switching to biodegradable plastics,dumping less plastic in the oceans,or cleaning up the patches of sea most strewn with plastic.因为我们也只是刚刚开始关注海洋中的塑料微粒问题。人类向海洋生态系统倾倒塑料垃圾数量之巨不容置疑,塑料惊人的耐性肯定会在未来的日子里成为一项难题,但是我们可以改用生物降解塑料减少以后塑料造成的影响,减少向海洋倾倒的塑料量,或是清理堆满塑料的海岸。But until we do,the question is,will the oceans be plastic enough to deal with our favorite material?不过在此之前,我们要问海洋是否能够适应我们最喜欢的塑料? Article/201501/355414四川省成都第十医院可以做人流吗

成都生殖科哪家强Over 1,000 dead from the ongoing heatwave in southern Pakistan巴基斯坦热浪持续肆虐 1000多人因此丧生The death toll from the ongoing heatwave in southern Pakistan has reportedly climbed to more than 1,000.巴基斯坦南部的持续高温天气使得死亡人数总数攀升至1000多人。The heatwave has been particularly severe in Sindh Province, whose capital city Karachi has been facing temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius.而信德省的气温最高,其省会城市卡拉奇一直是45摄氏度的高温。The record high temperatures since 1979 have meant that major hospitals in Karachi are struggling to cope with an influx of heatstroke patients.这股打破自1979年以来高温纪录的热浪已造成卡拉奇各大医院应对因炙热而涌入医院的人群。Most of the deaths have been among the poor and manual laborers who toil outdoors.大多数死者是穷人及户外的体力劳动者。A large number of patients are still in serious condition.仍有大量病人情况危急。And the death toll is expected to rise.而且死亡人数预计还会上升。The Sindh provincial government has issued a state of emergency in Karachi, calling on residents not to go out in the high temperature.信德省政府已宣布卡拉奇进入紧急状态并且呼吁当地居民高温下不要外出。Weather authorities say the heatwave is expected to ease, as the rainy season nears.气象部门表示随着雨季的临近热浪有减轻的可能。 译文属 Article/201506/383112 成都第一医院有治疗前列腺炎吗金堂县妇幼保健院收费怎样



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