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四川生殖专科是几甲郫县男科咨询China ‘may build 20 floating nuclear power plants’ in South China Sea中国也许会在南海造20个移动式核电站BEIJING: China may build mobile nuclear power plants in the South China Sea, state media reported on Friday, days after an international tribunal dismissed Beijing’s vast claims in the strategically vital waters.据报道,中国也许会在南海造移动式核电站。而数天前,一家国际仲裁法庭驳斥北京对该战略重要海域的主张。“Marine nuclear power platform construction will be used to support China’s effective control in the South China Sea,” the website of the state-run Global Times cited the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) as saying on a social media account.环球时报引述中国国家核能集团的话,称“海上核动力平台,能用于援中国在南海的有效控制。”The Global Times cited the report as saying that “marine nuclear power platforms will be used” in the islands and reefs of the Spratly chain in the contested sea “to ensure freshwater”.海洋核动力平台将为中国南沙岛礁提供淡水保障The original report was deleted from CNNC’s account on social media platform WeChat on Friday, and a staffer at the firm told AFP that it “needed to confirm” its accuracy.原来的报道被从核能集团公司的微信账号中删除。公司的一位员工对法新社记者说,需要实报道的准确性。“In the past, the freshwater provision to troops stationed in the South China Sea could not be guaranteed, and could only be provided by boats delivering barrels of water,” the Global Times cited the report as saying.过去,南沙岛礁驻岛官兵淡水供应得不到保障,只能通过小船往岛屿上送桶装水。“In the future, as the South China Sea electricity and power system is strengthened, China will speed up the commercial development of the South China Sea region,” it added.未来,得益于南海电力和能源系统建设力度加强,中国将加快南海地区的商业开发。 /201607/454808四川省二院预定电话 China’s top planning body has relaxed working day restrictions on its coal mines after reduced output boosted prices, frustrating central planners’ desire to control both price and supply of the nation’s most important energy source.中国最高规划机构放松了对煤矿工作日的限制,此前产量下降提升了价格,让中央规划者同时控制煤炭价格和供应的愿望落空。煤炭是中国最重要的能源来源。China’s National Development and Reform Commission said on Thursday that all mines could produce for 330 days each year, after last week extending a production band of 276-330 days through the end of March. 中国发改委(NDRC)周四表示,所有煤矿每年可按330个工作日组织生产,此前它在上周延长限产措施,规定煤矿在明年3月底前可以在276天至330天的工作日之间组织生产。Mines had been regulated on how many days they could operate, within the band.煤矿的工作日数量受到监管,不得超出这个区间。The relaxation came after output statistics for October showed Chinese coal production had dropped 11 per cent in the first 10 months of 2016 versus the same period the year before. 在发改委放松限制之前,10月产量统计数据显示,2016年头10个月,中国煤炭产量同比下降11%。On a daily basis, output in October was down 1.5 per cent from September.10月日产量环比下降1.5%。The relaxation is likely to hit frothy thermal coal prices, Fitch Ratings said in a note on Thursday: The strong pricing rebound since early 2016 is unlikely to be sustained as the Chinese government relaxes its working-day curtailment policies to manage prices.放松工作日限制可能冲击存在泡沫的热能煤价格,惠誉评级(Fitch Ratings)周四在一份报告中表示:随着中国政府放松工作日限制以管理煤价,2016年年初以来强劲的价格反弹不太可能持续。A prolonged slump in coal prices has allowed the Chinese state to re-exert control over a sector that was known for its private capital and ungovernable private mines when the Chinese economy was booming.煤价持续低迷使中国政府得以恢复控制该行业。在中国经济蓬勃发展之际,私人资本大量进入煤炭业,涌现出难以控制的私营煤矿。Many indebted private mines have shut or been absorbed by large state-owned mining companies, leaving Beijing wrestling with a re-nationalised industry in an economy that is more complex than during the heyday of state planning.许多负债累累的私营煤矿已被关闭,或者被大型国有煤矿公司合并,这使得北京方面不得不应对一个重新国有化的行业,而当今的中国经济比计划经济全盛时期更为复杂。Output restrictions on thermal coal had been intended to bolster prices and allow China’s chronically bloated state coal miners to repay loans. 中国限制热能煤产量的本意是提升价格,并让长期臃肿的国有煤矿偿还贷款。But planners failed to account for the degree to which private miners had also dropped out of the market, and were caught off-guard when investors profited by the squeeze to drive up futures prices of coking coal, used in steelmaking. 但规划机构未能考虑到私营煤矿也大量退出市场,同时没有预料到投资者会利用供应紧张获利,推高焦煤期货价格;焦煤用于炼钢。Coal futures are up roughly 200 per cent year-on-year, even after a sell-off this week as futures exchanges imposed measures to deter speculation.煤炭期货同比上涨约200%,这还是在本周因期货交易所采取抑制投机措施而暴跌之后。As recently as November 11 the NDRC had maintained it would stick with the band of working day output restrictions. 就在11月11日,中国发改委还坚称要严格执行工作日生产限制措施。The increasing price of coal will not dampen the determination to cut coal capacity, its vice-secretary said at the time.其副主任当时表示:煤价上涨不会打击我们去煤炭产能的决心。The NRDC has also strong-armed state-owned miners to sign supply agreements with state-owned power plants at below-market prices in an attempt to persuade traders that prices have risen too much.中国发改委还要求国有煤矿以低于市场的价格与国有发电厂签订供应合同,此举旨在让交易者相信,煤价涨得太高了。Power plant supply agreements that were set too low was one of the factors that deterred state coal mines from expanding two decades ago, opening the door for private entrepreneurs to capitalise on strong spot demand for coal as economic growth took off.价格过低的电厂供应合同是20年前阻止国有煤矿扩张的因素之一,随着经济开始腾飞,这为私营企业利用强劲的现货需求进入煤炭业打开了大门。 /201611/479233攀钢集团成都医院妇科检查怎么样

成都第二人民医院割包皮多少钱A court in Saudi Arabia handed down death sentences to 15 people Tuesday for spying for Iran, according to reports. Fifteen other suspects were sentenced to jail terms ranging from six months to 25 years while two were acquitted.据报道,周二沙特的一家法院给15个人下发了死刑判决书因为他们为伊朗从事间谍活动。另外15名嫌犯被判6个月到25年不等,还有两人被判无罪。The suspects comprised 30 Saudi Shia Muslims, one Iranian and an Afghan. They were detained in 2013 over espionage charges and stood trial in February. Prosecutors accused the suspects of forming a spy ring in collaboration with Iranian intelligence.嫌犯包括30名沙特什叶派穆斯林,1个伊朗人和1个阿富汗人。他们在2013年因为间谍罪被逮捕并在二月受审。检察官指控他们与伊朗情报部门勾结形成间谍团伙.An elderly university professor, a pediatrician, a banker and two clerics were among those arrested in 2013. Most of the suspects hailed from al-Ahsa, a region in eastern Saudi Arabia home to both Shias and Sunnis.一个年迈的大学教授,一个儿科医生,一个家及两个神职人员在2013年被捕的人当中。嫌犯大多来自al-Ahsa,一个什叶派和逊尼派共同居住的沙特东部地区。The Shia community, which reportedly makes up about 10 to 15 percent of Saudi Arabia#39;s population, alleges constant discrimination by Saudi officials. However, Riyadh has denied these allegations. 据报道什叶派占沙特人口的百分之10到15,有人称这是沙特官员莫须有的歧视,然而利雅得否认了这些指控。In January, the kingdom cut diplomatic relations with Iran after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked over the execution of the prominent Saudi Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, and three other Shias. Saudi Arabia has maintained that Nimr was among 46 others who were accused of being terrorists or inciting violence against the Saudi royal family.一月沙特切断了与伊朗的外交关系后,在德黑兰的沙特大使馆在著名的什叶派教士Sheikh Nimr以及其他三个什叶派的怂恿下遭到了袭击,沙特方面坚信Nimr在46个被控恐怖主义及煽动暴力对抗沙特王室的人员之中。Nimr was a well-known critic of the Saudi regime and his execution further soured relations between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the region. Elsewhere in the Middle East, both Iran and Saudi Arabia are involved in a proxy war in Yemen, with the former supporting Houthi rebels looking to overthrow the existing regime supported by Saudi Arabia.Nimr是一个著名的批评家,批评沙特政权及其行为进一步恶化了地区中逊尼派和什叶派穆斯林的关系。在中东的其他地方,伊朗及沙特都卷入了在也门的代理人战争,前者持胡塞武装叛军意图推翻现在由沙特持的政权。 /201612/482610新津县产检哪家医院最好的 龙泉驿区妇幼保健医院治疗阳痿早泄

四川成都市第四人民医院做彩超B超价格The Ministry of Environmental Protection has released a report suggesting a quarter of all Chinese cities are living with excess levels of noise.环保部日前发布的一份报告显示,我国1/4的城市噪音超标。;It means a quarter cities go to sleep in noise,; said a ministry official. ;And the lack of clear definitions about who should be responsible within the government is making it harder to solve the problem.;环保部一位官员表示:;这意味着1/4的城市睡在噪音里。政府内部缺乏明确的管理责任界定使得噪音问题雪上加霜。;Environmental, cultural, traffic, industry and commerce departments, as well as urban inspectors and local police all have the power to control noise. But when confronted with a specific problem, it remains unclear which department has jursidiction.环保部、文化部、交通部、工商部以及城管和当地警察都有权控制噪音。但当面对一个具体问题时,目前尚不清楚哪个部门应该为此负责。Statistics from central authorities show 354,000 complaints were received about noise nationwide in 2015, making up 35.3% of all environmental complaints that year.中央政府部门的数据显示,2015年全国共收到35.4万起噪声投诉,占全年环境问题投诉总数的35.3%。Construction noise was the biggest complaint, with just over half, 50.1%, of all complaints connected to construction.在所有投诉中,建筑噪声类投诉最多,占比将将过半,达50.1%。Noise from industrial companies made up 16.9%. 21% of the complaints related to human-generated noise, while the remaining 12% related to vehicle traffic.工业企业噪声类投诉占比16.9%。社会生活噪声类和交通噪声类投诉分别占比21%、12%。In 2015, 59.3% of all noise complaints received occurred in eastern China, while 11.7% were in the west, 22.2% in the central region and 6.8% in the northeast.2015年,我国东部地区噪声投诉量占全国的59.3%,西部、中部和东北地区分别为11.7%、22.2%和6.8%。 /201611/476996 四川省第一医院包皮手术多少钱广元市第一人民医院好不好?



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