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内江市第二人民医院挂号预约空军成都医院专家预约A story from the Russian blogger who names himself ;ntv;: ;I had to write this blog entry, since many still cannot believe I managed to purchase a BRDM-2(Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle). Yes, I really did buy it, and brought it to Russia myself.;一位自称“ntv”的俄国主日前写道:“由于大家都不相信我买到了一辆BRDM-2两栖装甲侦察车,所以我只要写这篇文介绍一下。我真的买到了这辆装甲车,而且还把它带回了俄罗斯。”;It all started early this year, when one of my friends developed a keen interest in combatvehicles. I have to admit, the idea of actually buying one didn#39;t enter his mind, but the less he was interested in getting one, the more my own interest bloomed.;“起初是年初的时候我的一个朋友迷上了装甲车,虽然他根本没想过买一辆什么的,但我却越发想要弄到一辆了。”So, in early June Iheaded out to the dear-to-my-heart Republic of Belarus.所以在6月份,我将目光转向了我们亲爱的白俄罗斯。Turns out, during the summer, the prices for all combat armored vehicles in Russia rise rapidly, and the only affordable ones are severely beat up or suspicious models without anydocumentation. Of course I suspected that transporting and successfully gaining entry from Belarus would not be an easy task, but there were no other options.那个夏季俄罗斯装甲车的价格猛涨,你买得起的那种也是一副年久失修的样子,而且连相关文件都没有。虽然我也担心从白俄罗斯买车的话方不方便运回国内,但是也没有别的法子了。Belarus overall and it#39;s Defence Ministry in particular do sell a tremendous amount of variouscombat and non-combat items. Recently they created a moderately easy-to-use website, which contains information on all items up for sale”.白俄罗斯乃至其国防部什么都卖,从战斗类到非战斗类的都有。他们最近还开了个网站,专门介绍出售商品的信息,非常实用。;They sell everything, from teapots to speedboats, armored personnel carriers and planes.I heard that soon they are going to make it a fully-fledged online store with a shopping basket and delivery services. “他们啥都卖,从茶勺到快艇、到装甲车乃至飞机。我听说他们还将推出自带购物车和送货上门务的网店。”;Your basket contains 1 item: a T-64Btank. Do you want to continue shopping?;. Fricking amazing! At times the catalogue contains photos of the items, but it#39;s best to view things like that for yourself. Unfortunately, foreign nationals (including russians) have tobook a visit two weeks in advance with the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus (KGB RB for short), otherwise you won#39;t be able to enter the military bases.“一辆T-64B坦克已放入您的购物车。继续购物吗?”简直不能更屌……你可以在名单上查看货品,但还是到现场看感觉更佳。不过外国公民(包括俄罗斯人)必须要提前两周向白俄的克格勃安全局登记,才能得到进入这个军事基地的许可。;On the way wewere stopped four times. We were only asked to show proper documentation on the fourth stop, all others were limited to shocked questions ;WHAT THE HELL KINDATANK IS THIS?!;“一路上我们被拦下来四次。其中只有第四次要了我们的相关手续看,其他几次都是问我们‘这是啥坦克啊?#39;”;The driver had an ice sense of humour and at the first three police stops he was like:“司机也挺有幽默感,每次他的回答大概是这样的:– What#39;s this?——这是啥?– That#39;s for ourguys on the South-East.——这是给我们在东南边的伙计们的。– Okay, carry on.——哦,开走吧。”On the fourth time the road police decided to be strict and looked over our contract#39;s front pagefor about two minutes, then asked:到了第四次,警察就比较严厉了。他盯着文件的第一页看了大概有两分钟,然后问:– So, dat must be very hungry one? How fast is it?”“这玩意很耗油吧?能开多快呀它?”;After we arrived,it turned out that just pumping the wheels back up and rolling it off the carrier would be a no-go. The BRDM#39;s weight would simply crush the carrier#39;s back ramps and possible topple the entire thing over, damaging other cars.Thankfully, a nearby construction site loaned us their crane;.“后来我们终于到了,但是给轮胎打气然后脱下来是不行的,因为装甲车的自身重量足以把拖车下坡的地方压烂,甚至可能把整辆车掀起来,让其他车也受损。幸好附近的工地就有起重机可以借给我们用。”;It was really terrifying to ride through the city, everyone stopped and blocked us from all sides. Once we were on a three-lane highway and stopped in the middle lane at ared light, with three cars in front of us. First the cars on either side of usstopped right next to our BRDM, not right at the lights. Then the road policejoined them on the right side and started taking photos of themselves in frontof the BRDM! At least they had the decency to show us the way afterwards.) The entire way to Moscow, including rest stops, took 24 hours;.“穿过城市的感觉太爽了,每个人都会停下来围观。有一次我们在一个三车道的路上行驶时遇到了红灯,就停在了路中央。结果路上的车也没有往前开,打头的车就一左一右停在我们的BRDM旁边。后来连交警跑到了我们车右边,还站在BRDM前面拍照!不过他们也没忘了本职,回到岗位上给我们指路去了。包括中途停靠的时间在内,开到莫斯科一共花了大概24小时。”;It was late evening and we managed to install the accumulators and pump up the wheels.Unfortunately one of the gas tanks had a leak, and the wiring in this thing drove me into a stupor. Say you see two black cables and one white, and logically you could assume that the white one should be positive and the black ones should go to the weight. But no, one of the black ones turned out to be apositive one, it turned out to be feeding the starter;.“深夜,我们准备安上蓄电池并给轮胎打气。不巧的是储气罐漏气了,然后给这个东西接线简直把我弄晕了。你可以看到两条黑的一条白的电线,你估计以为这白的是阳极,黑的是承重的吧,不是的,其中一条黑线才是,这个是接起动器的。;Of course wecouldn#39;t leave an armored personnel carrier out on the street – it could bestolen easily. So we found a garbage truck (!) that agreed to take us to our dacha house in the country, since it wasn#39;t too far away, just 2 kilometers.“当然我们不能把装甲车扔到大街上,很容易被偷走的。所以我们就找了个垃圾车!人家同意带我们去我在乡间的别墅,毕竟也不是很远,才两公里。”We tied the BRDM upto the truck with two cabled and, very slowly, departed. Problem was, we didn#39;t really have a license to drive it on public roads, it had no number plates orany russian documentation. So any encounter with the police would end in a fiasco.But we had no other choice :);我们把装甲车用两根电缆绑到了车上,然后以非常缓慢的速度开走了。问题是我们并没有在公共道路上开这个东西的执照,也没有车牌或者任何俄国方面的手续。所以说要是路上碰到个警察就惨了~但我们没有别的办法:);Found a couple of souvenirs inside;.“在里头发现了两个纪念品。”;Turns out, two cables aren#39;t going to cut it while pulling an armored combat vehicle. Right ona crossroads one of them snapped, signaling the end to all our plans. Getting stuck in the middle of a highway with a seven-tonne BRDM that couldn#39;t move onit#39;s own wasn#39;t a good new plan. Somehow, the single cable held out all the way to the dacha.;“结果电缆也出了问题,其中一条在路口断了,我们的计划差点泡了汤。带着一辆7吨重停在马路上动也动不了的BRDM想想就让人头大,幸好剩下一根线撑住了,让我们一直开到了乡间。”When we finally got there, we dropped it off near our fence, to attempt to start it the next morning. Right after waking up, I armed myself with all the instruction manualsand blueprints I had. Of course, the tricky accumulator scheme was not inthose, but by midday I figured out that I just had to swap the cables around and presto – it started!;我们把装甲车停在了栅栏旁,打算第二天试着开动它。第二天睡醒后,我装备上所有说明书和设计图就去研究怎么开动了,那个奇葩的蓄电池的说明虽然没有,但是鼓捣到中午我总算是发现只要把两根线调换一下——当当!开动喽!;Which my dog,Taras, immediately found very useful.;“我的Taras,突然发现挺有用的。”A little more about the thing itself. BRDM-2 is a Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle. Itweighs 7 tonnes, has a 5.5 liter engine and 140 horsepowers. It consumes 40liters of 92 octane gasoline every 100 kilometers. It#39;s an amphibious vehicle,which has a winch and a water cannon. Goes through any terrain, absolutely any.关于这个车再说一些事。BRDM-2是一种装甲侦察车,重7吨,每5.5升输出140马力。每100公里消耗40升92汽油。它是一种水路两栖载具,所以配备有绞盘和水炮。可以在世上任何地形行驶。And the main thing.Right now I#39;m in the active process of polishing it up, getting my license and documents. This will take some time, but after it#39;s all done, I will start the gnarliest road trip live journal has ever seen. This won#39;t be a chilled-out ride on rented four-wheelers with underseat heating and night stops in Hiltons, buta real off-road expedition through mud, lakes, rivers and forests.要干正事了:我现在正在给它抛光,并且准备好执照和手续。这会花些时间,但一旦我弄好了,我就要开始livejournal上最牛逼的旅程直播了。开着豪车,走一趟舒舒的旅程没什么意思,来一场跨越沼泽、湖泊、河流和森林的越野旅行才叫激动人心呢。You or your company can easily sponsor our expedition. The logo of each sponsor will be applied onto the armor of this beast, and we#39;ll give each and every sponsor a special mention in every update we do. Right now I#39;m looking for technical sponsors,which can consist of:欢迎你和你的公司赞助我的远征。赞助者的Logo将会被贴到装甲上,并且能得到我在每一次更新的特别提名。现在我正在寻求技术持,包括:1) A warm autoworkshop in Moscow莫斯科市内一座温暖的工作房2) Paint andfinishing works喷涂和修饰工作3) Armored windows and their installation防弹玻璃和安装4) Laser cutting,welding, metalwork激光切割、焊接和金工5) Interior work内部装修A technical sponsorship will is a relatively inexpensive and quick way to get your ad space throughout our expedition, don#39;t miss the chance! You can always reach me attima @ tima.me I#39;ll try to postupdates on the finishing we are doing on the vehicle as often as possible.技术持不仅省钱,我的这次旅行也能给你带来广告效益,所以不要错过这次机会喔!你可以在tima @ tima.me联系我,我将尽量多的更新我们修缮这辆车的进程。And finally, the mainquestion – ;why?!;. Here#39;s what I can say. Just one ride in this thing makes all the questions instantly disappear. It#39;s super fun and you just cannot getan experience like it anywhere else in the world!;最后,还有一个问题——“为什么要做这些?!”那么我所能说的就是,进行一趟这样的旅程,这些疑问就全打消了。这真的是太有趣了,你在世上其他地方是不会有这样的经历的! /201502/358794四川成都市第四人民医院男科医生 It wasn’t long ago that the main selling point of a piece of luggage was its durability — think American Tourister and its rather excitable gorilla.不久之前,行李箱的主要卖点还是耐用性——想想美旅箱包(American Tourister)广告里那只爱激动的大猩猩吧。Not for Kevin Harwood.凯文·哈伍德(Kevin Harwood)却不这么想。Like many travelers today, he is looking for technology to go along with durability. He stumbled across a carry-on bag controlled by smartphone — with a Bluetooth-enabled lock, GPS tracking and a USB port for recharging a device. It has a built-in scale, too.和如今的很多旅行者一样,除了耐用,他还追求科技含量。他偶然发现了一款可用智能手机操控的随身行李箱,它有蓝牙锁、GPS定位务以及可以给电子设备充电的USB接口。它还有一个内置秤。“I’m a little bit of a geek, always looking for products that extend from my phone, that connect my world and me,” said Mr. Harwood, a 30-year-old software developer from Austin, Tex.“我有点像极客,总是在寻找手机的延伸产品,把我的世界和我联系起来,”30岁的哈伍德说。他是得克萨斯州奥斯汀的一名软件开发工程师。Why should luggage be any different?行李箱为什么要有特别之处呢?At the crowdfunding site Indiegogo he was among the first to buy into a start-up called Bluesmart that is developing a connected bag. Mr. Harwood has plenty of company. Bluesmart raised more than million from more than 10,000 backers, far surpassing its goal.哈伍德是最早在众筹网站Indiegogo上持创业公司Bluesmart的人之一,该公司正在开发一款能与手机相连的箱包。有很多人想得跟哈伍德一样。Bluesmart从一万多名持者那里筹集了200多万美元,远远超出筹款目标。Bluesmart, which expects to deliver its first bags in October, is part of what has become a stampede of businesses — both start-up and established — into the nascent connected luggage industry.Bluesmart计划今年10月推出第一批箱包。一大批公司正在涌入新兴的智能箱包产业,既包括创业公司,也包括知名企业。On Tuesday, Samsonite will introduce a new line of GeoTrakR suitcases, containing a cellular-enabled baggage-tracking system from LugLoc, at the Travel Goods Association trade show in Las Vegas. Andiamo will introduce a new carry-on with a Wi-Fi hotspot, battery charger and other features.周二,新秀丽公司(Samsonite)将在的旅行用品协会(Travel Goods Association)展销会上推出新的GeoTrakR系列手提箱,它装备有LugLoc公司的手机操控行李追踪系统。Andiamo箱包公司将推出一款新随身行李箱,它具备Wi-Fi热点和电池充电器等功能。Delsey has been soliciting feedback since late last year for its Pluggage line of smart suitcases.法国大使箱包公司(Delsey)从去年年底开始征集对它的Pluggage智能手提箱系列的反馈意见。Even telecom companies are interested. ATamp;T is researching development of a smart bag, described in a YouTube posted last summer, that tracks a bag from airport to airport. Rimowa, a German luggage manufacturer, is jointly developing a smart suitcase line called Bag2Go with Airbus and Deutsche Telekom. The new bags, expected to be available next year, will interact with sensors in the cargo holds of Airbus aircraft to identify their location.甚至连电信公司也对此产生了兴趣。根据去年夏天发布在Youtube上的一段视频,ATamp;T电信公司正在研发一款智能手提箱,它能在机场之间追踪行李箱。德国行李箱制造商Rimowa正与空客公司(Airbus)、德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)携手开发Bag2Go智能手提箱系列。这些新手提箱计划明年上市,它们可以同空客飞机货舱中的感应器互动,以确定位置。“Adding electronic capability and communications to baggage makes a lot of sense,” said Frank Gillett, an analyst at Forrester Research. “What you’re seeing is the first round of innovation that will take time to evolve. The goal is to improve the travel experience.”“让行李箱具备电子和通讯功能很有意义,”弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的分析师弗兰克·吉勒特(Frank Gillett)说,“你现在看到的是第一轮创新,它需要时间继续发展。目标是改善旅行体验。”Hanif Perry, a 32-year-old New York-based marketing consultant who also participated in Bluesmart’s Indiegogo campaign, said he liked its bag’s laptop pocket. The carry-on, he said, “is more purposefully designed for the younger traveler who carries all devices.”32岁的哈尼夫·佩里(Hanif Perry)是纽约的营销顾问,他也参与了Bluesmart的众筹活动。他说,他喜欢这种行李箱的手提电脑口袋。他说,这种随身行李箱“更针对携带各种电子设备的年轻旅行者”。Bluesmart is not the only luggage venture raising money through crowdfunding. Trunkster collected .4 million from 3,500 investors through Kickstarter, easily surpassing its goal. Jesse Potash, a co-founder, said it would release a carry-on and a suitcase in late summer.Bluesmart不是唯一一家以众筹方式筹集资金的箱包公司。Trunkster公司通过Kickstarter网站从3500名投资人那里筹集了140万美元,轻松超出筹款目标。该公司的联合创始人杰西·波塔什(Jesse Potash)说,该公司将于今年夏末推出一款随身行李箱和一款手提箱。Trunkster’s bags will have a tracking system, a scale and a battery with two USB chargers, Mr. Potash said, as well as a roll-top entry providing quick access.波塔什说,Trunkster的行李箱将配备追踪系统、秤、含两个USB充电器的电池,以及能快速打开的卷盖。The push for the connected bag solves one of the most vexing problems for travelers — lost luggage.智能行李箱的开发能解决最令旅行者烦恼的一件事——行李丢失。“The last thing that you want to have happen is an unwelcome surprise of a suitcase disappearing,” said Henry Harteveldt, travel analyst for Atmosphere Research Group. “This is peace-of-mind technology.”“行李丢失是人们最不希望发生的,这种意外特别讨厌,”大气研究集团(Atmosphere Research Group)的旅行分析师亨利·哈特维尔特(Henry Harteveldt)说,“这项技术能让人放心。”Need a speaker in your suitcase? Hontus Ltd. is slated to introduce its Space Case 1 smart luggage this fall through its Planet Traveler USA unit. Besides cellular-enabled tracking, features will include a digital lock, built-in scale and Bluetooth speaker, said its chief executive, Harry Sheikh.你的行李箱需要一个扬声器?Hontus箱包公司计划今年秋季通过它的星球旅行者美国分部(Planet Traveler USA)推出太空箱1号智能行李箱系列(Space Case 1)。该公司的首席执行官哈里·谢赫(Harry Sheikh)说,除了手机操控的追踪系统外,这款行李箱还有数码锁、内置秤和蓝牙扬声器等功能。Samsonite said its new line of smart suitcases, made of ballistic-weave nylon, would be in stores by late summer and come in four models.新秀丽公司说,它的新智能手提箱系列由防弹尼龙制成,将于夏末上市,共推出四个款式。Catherine De Bleeker, global marketing director for Paris-based Delsey, said her company planned to offer its Pluggage line of three smart bags in the first half of 2016, with a possible price of 0 for a 24-inch model; she said Delsey is still collecting feedback from the public about what features these should have.巴黎法国大使箱包公司的全球营销主管凯瑟琳·德·布勒克尔(Catherine De Bleeker)说,该公司计划于2016年上半年推出Pluggage系列,它包括三款智能手提箱,24英寸款的售价可能是600美元。她说,该公司仍在征集公众反馈,以决定让手提箱具备哪些功能。She also said that Delsey was exploring possible collaboration on the suitcases’ tracking capability with Air France, with which it aly has a licensing agreement for co-branded luggage, and with airports.她还说,公司正在考虑与法国航空公司(Air France)及各大机场合作,开发手提箱的追踪功能。该公司已获得生产法航联名行李箱的特许权。Travelers who want to track their bags but not replace luggage they aly own, or who are concerned about a suitcase’s embedded tracking system possibly malfunctioning, have another option: free-standing devices.有些旅行者想进行定位追踪,但是不想更换现有行李箱;也有人担心手提箱的内置追踪系统可能失灵,他们还有另一个选择:独立设备。Beside LugLoc — which uses Bluetooth and GSM technology and costs , plus additional search fees — there is Trakdot, whose GSM device texts and emails users the location of their checked suitcase when their plane lands and costs , plus an annual service fee of .比如LugLoc和Trakdot。前者用蓝牙和GSM技术定位行李箱,设备费70美元,搜索费另付。后者的GSM设备会在飞机落地后给用户发短信或邮件告知托运行李箱的位置,费用是50美元,外加20美元的年费。Franck Dubarry, founder of Lev Technology, said his company would introduce a Smart device this summer that will tell users where their bags are after flights. It will cost , plus activation and other fees.列夫科技公司(Lev Technology)的创始人弗兰克·迪巴里(Franck Dubarry)说,今年夏天他的公司将推出一款智能部件,它能在飞行结束后告诉用户行李箱的位置。设备费为99美元,外加激活和其他费用。To comply with regulations governing personal electronic devices, the tracking systems are generally designed to automatically shut down once they are stored and to automatically turn back on once a plane lands.为了遵守个人电子设备的管理规定,箱包追踪系统通常会在行李存放妥当之后自动关闭,飞机落地后自动开启。Experts say this new smart baggage represents just the first wave of this equipment.专家们说,这种新智能行李箱只是这类设备的第一波浪潮。“Products that make travel easier and better for customers quickly sp throughout the market,” said Michele Marini Pittenger, president of the Travel Goods Association. “To use recent examples, we’ve seen lightweight bags, expandable cases and four-wheeled luggage rapidly become the new normal,” she said.“让旅行更轻松、更舒适的产品通常会快速席卷市场,”旅行用品协会主席米歇尔·马里尼·皮滕杰(Michele Marini Pittenger)说,“以近些年的一些产品为例,我们已看到,轻型箱包、可扩容箱包和四轮行李箱很快成了新的常规产品。”And what about that American Tourister commercial with the gorilla (actually, a man in a gorilla suit)? Those commercials lasted 15 years, ending in 1985 — quite durable, as ad campaigns go.那么,美旅箱包的那有大猩猩(实际上是一个穿着大猩猩装的人)的广告呢?它播出了15年,1985年停播,和它的广告卖点一样,是够持久的。 /201503/366172Grindr, the popular dating and social networking app for gay men, has found itself a match.受男同性恋欢迎的约会和社交应用Grindr给自己找到了一段姻缘。The company on Monday said it had sold a majority stake to the Beijing Kunlun Tech Company, a Chinese gaming company, valuing the six-year-old start-up at 5 million. Beijing Kunlun will acquire 60 percent of Grindr, with the remainder to be owned by Grindr employees and Joel Simkhai, the company’s founder. Grindr has previously not raised capital from outside investors.该公司周一宣布,已将大部分股份出售给中国游戏公司北京昆仑万维科技股份有限公司。作为创业公司,Grindr已成立六年,此次交易对其估值为1.55亿美元。北京昆仑将获得60%的股份,公司其余股份将由Grindr员工和公司创始人乔尔·西姆卡伊(Joel Simkhai)持有。Grindr此前没有进行过外部融资。“We have users in every country in the world, but in order to get to the next phase of our business and grow faster, we needed a partner,” Carter McJunkin, chief operating officer of Grindr, said in an interview. Mr. McJunkin said the pairing made sense for Grindr because of Beijing Kunlun’s digital expertise, and its agreement to let Grindr’s founders continue its operating structure and retain its current team.“我们的用户遍布全球每一个国家,但为了让业务进入下一个阶段,实现更快的增长,我们需要一个合作伙伴,”Grindr首席运营官卡特·麦克琼金(Carter McJunkin)在接受采访时说。麦克琼金称,对Grindr来说,和北京昆仑搭档是合理的,因为后者拥有数字领域的专长,且同意让Grindr的创始人保留当前的运营结构和团队。For Beijing Kunlun, Grindr offers a chance to expand beyond its core gaming assets and into other lifestyle categories, as well as markets outside China.对北京昆仑而言,Grindr提供了一个机会,让他们可以扩展到核心的游戏资产以外,进入其他生活领域及国外市场。“We have been very impressed by Grindr’s progress to date and are extremely excited about the future of the company,” Yahui Zhou, chairman of Kunlun, said in a statement. “We will continue to seek out and invest in high-quality technology companies led by top-tier management across the globe.”“我们对Grindr目前取得的成绩印象深刻,我们对它的未来充满期待,”昆仑董事长周亚辉说。“昆仑万维会继续在全球寻找目标,投资一些高质量、由顶尖管理层领导的高科技企业。”Founded in 2009 by Mr. Simkhai with a few thousand dollars of his own money, Grindr has grown to become a mainstay of the gay hookup and dating culture in 196 countries around the world. The mobile app lets users see photos of one another based on their location, and users can share photos and text messages with one another.2009年,西姆卡伊自己出资几千美元成立了Grindr。现在,Grindr已经成了全球196个国家的同志伴侣寻找和约会文化的主要平台。这款移动应用让用户能够根据各自的地理位置查看彼此的照片,并相互分享照片和文字信息。Grindr sees two million regular visitors every day, who spend an average of 54 minutes using the app, according to the company. Grindr’s revenue was about million in 2014, according to a financial disclosure, up 29 percent from million in 2013.据Grindr称,公司每天有200万活跃用户,他们在该应用上花的时间平均是54分钟。从披露的财务数据来看,公司2014年收入约为3200万美元,和2013年的2500万美元相比增加29%。The online dating space has heated up in the last few years, as the InterActive Corporation, the digital media conglomerate, has systematically acquired and consolidated Internet dating properties. Last year, IAC spun off its dating companies into a separate company, the Match Group, which debuted on the Nasdaq exchange in November. Tinder, the popular mobile dating app, is that company’s crown jewel, and is especially popular among young audiences.过去几年,随着数字媒体企业集团IAC(InterActive Corporation)对互联网约会务产业展开有计划的收购和整合,在线约会领域升温。去年,IAC将旗下约会业务剥离,成立了独立的公司Match Group,后者于11月在纳斯达克上市。用户甚广的移动约会应用Tinder是该公司的拳头产品,特别受年轻用户的欢迎。To grow beyond its current audience, Grindr tried its hand at courting other demographics — Blendr was the company’s attempt at a social network for more than gay and bisexual males — but those efforts have largely fizzled.为了扩展到现有用户之外,Grindr试过取悦其他群体。比如,该公司尝试推出的社交网站Blendr,面向的就不仅仅是同性恋和双性恋男性。但这些努力大多虎头蛇尾。“We experimented in other audiences, but we decided we do the gay audience best,” Mr. McJunkin said. The company’s future growth prospects rest on “solving more problems” for Grindr’s core gay user group, including things like places to go and things to do, he said. “We’ve expanded to make it more of a lifestyle company,” he said.“我们在其他群体中做过实验,但还是确定最擅长同志领域,”麦克琼金说。他表示,公司未来的增长前景在于为Grindr的核心男同用户群体“解决更多问题”,包括可以去的地方和可以做的事情等。“我们进行了拓展,希望成为一家更生活化的公司,”他说。 /201601/423417攀枝花市人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

成都青羊成航医院妇科When shares in Daimler’s China joint venture partner begin trading in Hong Kong later this week, the listing’s sponsors are hoping that investors will be reminded of another stock that has soared by virtue of its association with German manufacturing excellence.戴姆勒(Daimler)在华合资伙伴北汽的股票将于本周晚些时候在香港开始挂牌交易,上市保荐人希望这将让投资者想起另一只股票,因为与德国卓越制造能力的关系,该股得以大幅飙升。For Beijing-based BAIC Motor, China’s fifth-largest domestic carmaker, comparisons with Brilliance China Automotive are flattering. Since Brilliance Auto was selected as BMW’s China partner in March 2003, its Hong Kong shares have risen more than 800 per cent.将北汽股份公司(BAIC Motor)与华晨中国汽车(Brilliance China Automotive)相提并论或许有些高看了,北汽股份总部位于北京,是中国第五大自主品牌汽车制造商。华晨汽车集团(Brilliance Auto)自2003年3月被宝马(BMW)选为在华合资伙伴以来,其在香港挂牌的股票涨幅已超过800%。For early investors in Brilliance Auto, the timing was perfect. The company’s manufacturing joint venture with BMW, based in Shenyang, was up and running just in time for China’s emergence as the world’s largest car market. Last year, passenger car sales in the world’s second-largest economy reached 18m units, compared with 15.6m in the US.对于华晨汽车的早期投资者来说,与宝马的合作适逢其时。就在中国成为全球最大汽车市场之际,该公司与宝马位于沈阳的合资生产企业及时建成投产。全球第二大经济体去年乘用车销量达到1800万台,美国为1560万台。While still trailing Volkswagen unit Audi, which got off to an earlier start in China, BMW has long enjoyed a comfortable lead over Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz division in China’s market for premium sedans. BAIC’s backers say that as Mercedes closes the gap, it too will offer investors an opportunity to cash in on the biggest motor boom in history.宝马目前仍落后于大众(Volkswagen)旗下的奥迪(Audi),后者在华起步较早,但在中国高档车市场上,宝马一直领先于戴姆勒旗下的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)。北汽的出资者们表示,随着梅赛德斯逐渐追上宝马,北汽也将让投资者有机会从汽车史上最大的繁荣中获利。Priced at HK.90 per share — midway in the HK.60-HK.80 indicative price range — BAIC will raise US.4bn through the offering.北汽IPO发行价为每股8.9港币,位于参考定价区间7.6港币到9.8港币的中间位置,预计融资14亿美元。Daimler, which has a 12 per cent stake in the state-owned carmaker, has said it would welcome a cross shareholding arrangement with its China partner in future. BAIC declined to comment ahead of the December 19 IPO.戴姆勒持有这家国有车企12%的股权,它表示欢迎与其中国合作伙伴在今后的交叉持股安排。北汽拒绝在12月19日正式挂牌前发表。BAIC’s sales pitch, however, differs from Brilliance Auto’s in two respects. While Brilliance only has one partner and limited manufacturing operations of its own, BAIC’s IPO comes with baggage including a larger joint venture with Hyundai and own-brand operations that lost Rmb3.3bn (7m) last year, according to Bernstein analysts.不过北汽的卖点与华晨汽车存在两点不同。伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)分析师指出,华晨只有单一合资伙伴,自主制造业务的规模也不大,而北汽IPO还囊括其与韩国现代(Hyundai)规模更大的合资企业,以及自主品牌业务,后者在去年亏损了33亿元人民币(约5.37亿美元)。BAIC’s partnership with Hyundai is highly profitable, with earnings of Rmb5.4bn in 2013 compared with Rmb757m from the Mercedes venture. Hyundai was the second most popular brand in China last year after VW.北汽与现代的合作利润颇丰,2013年盈利54亿元人民币,而与梅赛德斯的合资企业仅实现盈利7.57亿元人民币。现代是中国去年第二大受欢迎品牌,仅次于大众。The South Korean carmaker’s joint venture with BAIC has an annual capacity of 900,000 units at its main Beijing plant, and the two partners have plans to build two more factories in Chongqing and Changzhou, a city southwest of the capital in Hebei province.现代与北汽在北京主要工厂的年产量为90万台,双方计划在重庆和沧州再建两座工厂,沧州位于河北省会保定市的西南方向。BAIC’s relationship with Hyundai makes it more like other state-owned giants, such as Dongfeng Motor or Guangzhou Automobile Group, that also derive most of their profits from joint ventures with mass market players such as Peugeot Citroen, Nissan, Honda and Toyota. “Originally they were trying to push [BAIC] as a kind of luxury play. Brilliance would be the comparison,” says Janet Lewis, head of Macquarie’s industrials and transport research team in Hong Kong. “But investors are realising that 90 per cent of their profits come from Hyundai. A better comparison is Dongfeng or Guangzhou Auto.”北汽与现代的关系,使其更像东风汽车(Dongfeng Motor)、广汽集团(Guangzhou Automobile Group)等其他国有汽车巨头,这些车企的大部分盈利也来自与标致雪铁龙(Peugeot Citro#235;n)、日产(Nissan)、本田(Honda)和丰田(Toyota)等大众市场品牌的合资企业。麦格理(Macquarie)在香港的工业与交通运输研究团队的负责人珍妮特#8226;刘易斯(Janet Lewis)表示:“起初,他们试图将北汽定位为豪华车生产商,可与华晨相提并论。然而投资者意识到,北汽90%的利润来自现代。更合适的类比应该是东风或广汽。”BAIC is also coming to market at a time when slowing economic growth finally appears to be affecting previously impervious demand in the car sector. In November, sales of passenger cars rose just 4.7 per cent year-on-year, the slowest rate of expansion in almost two years according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.北汽赴港上市之际,中国经济增长放缓似乎终于影响到了汽车业需求。根据中国汽车工业协会(CAAM)的数据,今年11月,中国乘用车销量同比只上升了4.7%,是近两年来的最低增幅。Year-on-year sales of domestic brands such as BAIC’s Senova passenger cars, based on SAAB technology acquired five years ago from the now-defunct Swedish car group, did slightly better last month, rising 5.5 per cent according to CAAM data. But analysts remain sceptical whether China’s state-owned domestic brands can win over drivers — or make a profit. “BAIC makes unit losses for every Senova sedan it sells,” Robin Zhu, Bernstein analyst, wrote in a note.根据中国汽车工业协会的数据,包括北汽绅宝(Senova)在内的自主品牌乘用车的表现确实要更好一点,上月销量同比增长5.5%。但是,中国国有车企的自主品牌能否赢得车主认可并实现盈利呢?分析师依然持怀疑态度。伯恩斯坦的Robin Zhu在一份报告中写道:“北汽每卖出一辆绅宝都要亏损。”北汽5年前收购了目前已不复存在的瑞典萨公司(SAAB),以后者的技术为基础研发并推出了绅宝。“As Senova volumes ramp up, we fear BAIC’s domestic brand loss could increase, eroding incremental profits at Hyundai and Mercedes.”“随着绅宝销量的增加,我们担心北汽自主品牌的亏损可能会增加,从而侵蚀现代和梅赛德斯所带来的增量利润。”BAIC’s original selling point remains compelling. Over the first 10 months of this year, Daimler’s China unit reported a 30 per cent rise in Mercedes sales to 226,000 vehicles, putting it on track to sell 300,000 cars next year as outlined in a three-year turnround plan.北汽起初的推广卖点依然很有说力。今年头十个月,戴姆勒中国业务报告,梅赛德斯销量增长30%达到22.6万辆,这使其有望实现三年扭亏计划中关于明年销售30万辆的目标。BAIC and Daimler have rapidly expanded their Mercedes dealership network to take advantage of growing demand in smaller cities. Their venture is also doing well in larger cities where strict limits on new licence plates to curb congestion and pollution have capped the size of the local market.北汽和戴姆勒已迅速扩大了梅赛德斯经销网络,以利用中小城市汽车需求不断增长的趋势。双方合资业务在较大城市也表现不错,为了减少拥堵和污染,这类城市对发放新牌照有严格限制,从而限制了当地市场的规模。Such limits are effectively turning cities such as Beijing and Shanghai into replacement markets, which tend to favour premium brands as existing drivers upgrade their vehicles.北京、上海等大城市实行的限制措施,实质上使它们成为“换代型市场”,这往往更有利于高端品牌,因为现有车主会倾向于换更好的车。 /201412/349425成都市第七人民医院可以做引产吗 成都哪里可以看男科.

锦江区妇女儿童医院如何Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the world#39;s top smartphone maker, plans an initial production run of about 5 million of its upcoming Galaxy S7 smartphones, South Korea#39;s Electronic Times reported on Monday, citing unnamed sources.韩国Electronic Times周一引述未具名消息报道称,全球最大手机生产商--韩国三星电子计划初期生产约500万部Galaxy S7智能手机。The paper said Samsung is planning to launch two different versions of its new flagship smartphone: a 5.2-inch flat-screen version, and a 5.5-inch, curved-screen version that will be called the #39;Galaxy S7 edge#39;.该报纸报道称,三星电子计划为该新款旗舰智能手机推出两个不同版本:5.2英寸平板屏幕版,和被称作“Galaxy S7 edge”的5.5英寸曲面屏幕版。Samsung plans to initially make 3.3 million of the flat-screen devices and around 1.6 million of the curved-screen version, the report said, with plans to launch the handset in February.报道指出,三星电子计划初期生产330万部平板屏幕Galaxy S7,和约160万部曲面屏幕Galaxy S7 edge,这款新手机拟于2月上市。A Samsung Electronics spokeswoman declined to comment on the report.三星电子发言人拒绝对上述报道置评。 /201601/419268 四川生殖专科妇科医院成都市第十一人民医院不孕不育科



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