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  • Ukraine crisis hurting Russias economy Russias credit rating is downgraded amid growing tension with the West. CNNs Jim Boulden reports.The russian economy is aly feeling the pinch from its tense standoff with Ukraine. The Russian Central Bank said Friday inflation this year will likely overshoot its five percent target, so it raised interest rates for the second time in two months. The rouble continues to lose value and investors are dumping Russian assets. Its becoming more expensive for Russia to borrow. The central bank said, e, ;Uncertainty about the international political situation; was hurting production and investment in Russia. A sentiment shared by some business leaders who feel Moscow failed to capitalized on the Winter Olympics.Sochi was a very successful event, but all of that has unraveled, unraveled as a result of the Ukrainian crisis. And it is worrying, and development in the 24, 48 hours have made increasingly worried.More sanctions to squeeze the Russian economy are imminent. The West has been ramping up economic pressure as president Obama explained on Friday.What weve been trying to do is to continually raise the costs for Russia of their actions while still leaving the possibility of them moving in a different direction. And weve- well continue to keep some arrows in our quiver in the event that we see a further deterioration of the situation over the next several days or weeks.Ratings agency Samp;P added to Russias economic woes by downgrading the countrys credit rating, saying more downgrade will likely come with more sanctions.Recession could be on the cards.That immediately create additional neverousness in the amp;* community, and there definitely is a risk for my country, for my economy.And while the tension may be regional, economists worry the impact could be global especially if energy prices rise.If both sides go forward with sanctions and counter-sanctions, what youll get is a global recession. If you get a global recession, equity markets will sell off very violently, because weve come a long way. And energy prices will go up.The big question: will the threat of all of this in any way affect president Putins next moves?Jim Boulden, CNN, London. /201405/294020。
  • If you really want to know the truth about your cubicle behaviours ask your cubicle-mate. He or she may tell you that they dont like your perfume or aftershave, or they may not like your bangles and bracelets that you wear every day. That can be very annoying for people. You might find out that your cubicle-mate doesnt like your fingernail polish remover that you use twice a week, indeed youd be amazed. Again if you ask your cubicle mate, ;How is my cubicle behaviour? Is there anything I can do to improve?; they may tell you that they dont want you to pop your chewing gum, or any number of human things that you do. Yawning is also a common problem, especially people that just lean back and yawn in their cubicle. Yawning is contagious, not in the real sense but its a human behaviour to mimic yawning and doctors dont even know why yawns happen. Indeed you may be yawning now as I say this, but in your office cubicle you may want to avoid letting people hear your yawn, or having body functions that are unappealing to your cubicle-mate. Remember if you ask them, you have to be willing to listen, and you cant get your feelings hurt because you asked. But a good office will run through some lists once in awhile of good cubicle behaviours, and make sure everybody knows what those good office cubicle behaviours are. And then everybody can sign an agreement and put it in the coffee room.[qh]如果你真想知道自己在办公室格子间的表现如何,问一下你隔壁的同事就可以了。他或她可能会告诉你他们不喜欢你的香水或须后水,或者他们不喜欢你每天戴的手镯和脚链。这对任何人来说都是很烦恼的。你或许会发现你的同事不喜欢你每周两次使用的卸甲油,你确实大为惊奇。然后,如果你问你的同事,“我在格子间的行为如何?我有什么需要改进的吗?”他们或许会告诉你不想看你吹泡泡糖,或者你做的某件事情。打哈欠也是一个常见的问题,尤其是那些歪向椅子后背在格子间打哈欠的人。瞌睡是会传染的,不是真正意义上的困倦,但是打哈欠很容易让人模仿,医生甚至不知道人们为何会打哈欠。实际上,或许我在说这些的时候你正在打哈欠,但是在你办公室的格子间里,你最好避免让其他人听到你打哈欠,避免让你身体的表现影响你的同事。记住,如果你问他们的话,一定要乐意倾听,不要因为问了别人而使自己的感情受到伤害。但是一个好的办公室应该列出好的格子间行为,确保每个人都知道什么样的行为才是比较好的。然后,每个人都签署一份协议,张贴在咖啡室。[qh]Thanks for watching How To Know If You Are A Good Office Cubicle Mate.[qh]感谢收看“你在办公室格子间的行为得体吗?”视频节目。[qh]视频听力栏目译文属。[qh]201307/248194。
  • 「在神圣的荒野中,我们能看见自己最良善的特质」野生生态保育人士伊德amp;#8226;瓦提(Boyd Varty)与我们分享动物、人类及两者相互关系的故事,也就是南非谚语Ubuntu所言:「是你成就了我」。伊德将此演讲献给那位宽怀无私的人性代表—前南非总统曼德拉。201408/319857。
  • Our journey starts in the far south west,我们的旅程始自遥远的非洲西南部in the oldest and strangest corner of the continent.是非洲大陆上最古老最人迹罕至的角落Here, the thirsty land is covered在这里 干涸的大地with thousands upon thousands of circles.被成千上万个神秘怪圈所覆盖We still dont know their origins.我们至今未知它们的成因Poisonous plants, foraging insects有毒植物 觅食昆虫and even magnetism have all been suggested,甚至磁场都曾被列为假设原因but each ruled out.但最终均被排除The circles dont move, and their shape never varies.那些圆圈不会移动 亦不会变化Theyre unchanging, much like this part of Africa itself.如同非洲这一片地区一样 亘古不变Ancient and arid, it almost never rains on this land,古老而又干旱 这片土地几乎从不降雨yet there is water here, hidden away.但却有水源存在 只是深深隐藏了To survive here, life must use every trick in the book.想要在这里生存 所有生灵都必须使出各门绝活201311/266421。
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