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Song: HeroArtist: Mariah CareyThere a heroIf you look inside your heartYou dont have to be afraidOf what you areThere an answerIf you reach into your soulAnd the sorrow that you knowWill melt awayAnd then a hero comes alongWith the strength to carry onAnd you cast your fears asideAnd you know you can surviveSo when you feel like hope is goneLook inside you and be strongAnd youll finally see the truthThat a hero lies in youIt a long roadWhen you face the world aloneNo one reaches out a hand you to holdYou can find loveIf you search within yourselfAnd the emptiness you feltWill disappearAnd then a hero comes alongWith the strength to carry onAnd you cast your fears asideAnd you know you can surviveSo when you feel like hope is goneLook inside you and be strongAnd youll finally see the truthThat a hero lies in you 830

3 The Rescued Puppy第3单元 获救的小Sammy was out a walk in the woods when she came across a little puppy laying on the trail. Sammy bent down and the little dirty puppy opened its eyes. She could see that the small animal hadnt been eating proper meals and its skin was covered in cuts.萨米在森林散步时发现一只小躺在路上萨米低头看,脏兮兮的小张开它的眼睛,她看得出这只小动物已经很久没好好吃东西,身上还有几处伤口Sammy scooped up the creature and carried it home. Once home Sammy put the puppy straight into the bath. The puppy didnt like the water and as it was trying to get out of the sink, Sammy discovered the puppy was a girl. Finally, after the pup was cleaned and fed, she took her to the vet. The vet gave the tiny dog some medicine and told Sammy the pup would be fine.萨米抱起小,带它回家一回到家,萨米便帮小洗澡,小不喜欢水,一直想逃出洗手台,就在此时,萨米注意到它是只母等到洗干净并喂过小后,她带它去看兽医兽医替这只小开了些药,并告诉萨米它没事Sammy wanted to keep the puppy but she couldnt because she was allergic to dogs. Sammy posted the puppy picture on the Internet. Five days later a family came and took the puppy home. Sammy was sad to see her little friend go but she knew she was going to a good home.萨米很想养,可是她对过敏不能养她在网络上张贴小的照片,五天后,一户人家前来带小回家萨米看着她的小小朋友离开,感到很难过,不过她知道它将去到好人家 1930英国每日电讯:德国研究人员发现,对于男人来说经常出去和男性朋友聚会有助于促进其身体健康.Telegraph: Researchers in Germany found it was good a man health to be allowed time to bond with fellow males.According to the research, male bonding is more likely to lower a man stress levels than a night out with his partner, or time spent with the family.The study – bound to be wheeled out as an excuse by men across the country – found males suffer less anxiety when out in a group. 3877Page: 1You can put a paper cube this size together yourself, or cut one out of soap or cheese.To make a paper cube, take a pencil and make six one centimeter squares like this:Now take your scissors and cut round the outer lines.Do not cut the broken lines but make folds there.Put the edges together to make a hollow paper cube,as in the picture.Your cube will be a cubic centimeter in size.A cube has six sides; its sides are equal squares.The surface of a one-centimeter cube is six square centimeters.In one cubic centimeter of our blood there are about five billion red cells.Page: Living things are made up of cells, and cells do not grow to be more than twice the size they were at first.But trees can grow to be many thousands of times the size they were as seeds.The tallest tree known is 36 feet high.One great tree in Calinia is as much as 1 feet round its trunk at the thickest point.How does such growth take place if cells do not grow to be more than twice as large as they were at first?It all take place through division.The cells which make up the organism are able to divide into two and this division goes on and on.When you were born you had as many as 0 billion cells in your body all coming,in nine months, from the division of one cell 1?5th of an inch across.Page: 3All organisms which you see in the world about you have grown by cell division.You and I have become what we are through billions of division in the cells whose outcome is our cell structure at this minute.In cell division the two halves of the cell (as you see in picture four) become y to separate.In picture five you see that they have separated.The cell in picture one, by division, has become two separate cells.The daughter cells do in every way the same as their mother cell did.One of the greatest questions scientists are working on is:What keeps the daughter cells doing what they have to do?Page: Even the simplest living organism is far more complex than any machines that people have made.Organisms are built up of parts which are themselves more complex than any machine.And these parts in turn are the most complex things the science of chemistry knows.It is because they are so complex that they can work together in an organism in so many different ways.Chemistry is about different ways which different materials are built up. example:Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen ed in a way which may be represented like this.Carbon dioxide is make up of carbon and oxygen in a way which may be represented like this.Chemists make use of the mula HO water in their writing.They use mulas to represent the structure of all material things.Page: 5The most important of the materials in our bodies are the proteins.Among them are materials with the most complex structures known to the chemist.We can get some idea of how complex proteins are by comparing the mula one of them with the mula water or carbon dioxide.Compare this mula a protein m milk:with the simple mulas water:or carbon dioxide:The letter N this mula represents nitrogen and the letter S represents sulphur.Page: 6There may be as many as 0,000 different sorts of proteins in the human body, at work in as many different ways.It is protein in our blood which takes up oxygen from the air we breathe into our lungs and carries it to the cells which need it.It is another protein which makes our bones strong, and another which makes our muscles able to pull on and move our bones.It is other proteins in our hair and skin and nails which make them what they are.Others again do very important work in the digestion of food, in controlling other changes in the body, in keeping it healthy and in making children become so surprisingly like their parents.Page: 7How do these very complex materials come into being?The answer is, through the work of plants.Plants need sunlight.This is common knowledge within the experience of most of us, but you can show how true it is if you make this little experiment.Grow two bean seeds over glasses of water, starting them in a dark cupboard.After a few days take one glass out into the daylight and keep the other in the dark.Compare the two from time to time.You will find that it is the plant in the light which grows a strong stem and green leaves.Page: 8In 7 the Englishman Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of oxygen, made a most important experiment.He knew from experience that air is necessary to plants and animals.He knew that if you put a live mouse, example,under a glass so that no fresh air can come to it,the mouse in a short time will die.It will have taken all the oxygen out of the air and without oxygen it cannot go on living.Priestley put a green plant under a large glass cover standing in water so that no fresh air could get in.He thought that in a little while he would find the plant dead like the mouse.Page: 9But no.Here is what he said:When it had gone on growing there some months, I found that the air would neither put out a candle nor was it bad a mouse which I put into it.In other words, the green plant had not used up all the oxygen in the air.The next step was taken when a Dutch scientist found that Priestley experiment would not work without light.In the light a plant gives out oxygen and builds up sugars and other complex materials in itself.In the dark it gives out carbon dioxide and water.Page: 0The materials which makes plants green is necessary if they are to use energy from light healthy growth.Unlike animals, plants can take what they need straight from the air and earth and water in which they live.Through their green leaves and stems they separate H from HO and e it with CO to make carbohydrates.Structure of part of a carbohydrate, a sugar.This power of plants is named photosynthesis.People and animals depend upon photosynthesis in plants to supply their food and energy.We and the animals either eat plants or eat plant eating animals or both. 87

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 Advice ;Kid;忠告“年轻者”A bit of advice those about to retire.这里想对将要退休者提一点忠告If you are only 65,如果你只有65岁的话,never move to a retirement commy.千万别进退休社区Everybody else is in their 70s, 80s, or 90s.因为那里人人都七八十岁或者八九十岁了So when something has to be moved, lifted or loaded,每当要搬东西,抬东西或者装东西时,they yell,;Get the kid.;他们就叫喊,“让小的干吧”Notes:1.be about tov. 将要,正打算;临到;即将;就要Energy taxes, aly high, may be about to rise.已经很高的能源税可能会继续上涨.retirevi. 退休;撤退;后退,退却vt. 退休,退隐;使撤退;收回n. 退休;退隐;退兵信号常见搭配:retire into oneself不和人交际; 苦思不语; 离群索居3.movevt.amp; vi. 移动,搬动vi. 搬家;行动;进展;(机器等)开动vt. 提议;使感动;摇动;变化n. 改变;迁移常见搭配: get a move on[俚]行动起来; 赶快采取行动, 采取紧急措施get on the move开始移动;开始走动know a move or two机灵, 精明 make a move走一步 (棋);离开, 走;开始行动; 立刻采取行动;移动一下, 换个地方 One false move may lose the game.[谚]一着走错, 全盘皆输 move around走来走去; 到处活动, 老在搬家; 经常更换工作move along再往前走; 走开! 散开! 本节目可可原创节目, 3835

The Mean Man Party 小气鬼宴客 The notorious cheap skate finally decided to have a party, explaining to a friend how to find his apartment, he said, 一个出了名的小气鬼终于决议要请一次客了他在向一个朋侪诠释怎么找到他家时说;Come up to 5M and ring the doorbell with your elbow When the door open, push with your foot; “你上到五楼找中间谁人门然后用你的胳膊肘门铃门开了之后再用你的脚把门推开 ;Why use my elbow and foot; “为什么要用我的肘和脚呢?”;Well, gosh,; was the reply, ;Youre noting empty-hangded, are you; “你的双手得拿礼物啊天哪你总不会空着手来吧?”小气鬼回覆1.notoriousadj.臭名昭著的;臭名远扬的;声名狼藉的;恶名昭著eg:The country is notorious its appalling prison conditions.这个国家因监狱状况恶劣而臭名远扬.explain to explain可以用作及物动词,也可用作不及物动词及物动词的用法为 explain to sb sth 或 explain sth to sb即它不能直接跟双宾语,在表人的间接宾语前,总有一个介词toeg:Could you explain to me what that means?你能解释下这意味着什么?3.elbowelbow这个单词可以做可数名词(肘部,扶手),可做及物动词(挤进,用肘推),也可做不及物动词(用肘推着前进)有一个我们大家熟知的短语和elbow有关:eg:Elbow grease gives the best polish只要功夫深,铁杵磨成针 0188Dialogue 1Jingjing: Hey, Mark. How was your weekend?京晶:嘿,马克你周末过得怎么样?Mark: Well, it went by in the blink of an eye. I worked the whole weekend.马克:一眨眼的工夫就过了我整个周末都在工作Jingjing: You worked? Im sorry to hear that. No wonder you look like youre about to break down. Is everything alright?京晶:你工作来着?好可怜难怪你看起来就快要崩溃了你还好吗?Mark: I think so. I promised my boss Id get this engineering project done on time. Weve been working on it three weeks and now were coming to the crunch.马克:还好我答应老板会时完成这个工程项目我们努力了三个星期了,现在到了紧要关头Jingjing: Oh, I see. It sounds like you bit off more than you can chew.京晶:哦,我明白了这听起来像你们承担了很大压力呀Mark: Yeah, I think youre right. But I have to get it done. I dont want my boss to think I cant cut the mustard.马克:是的,没错但我必须完成它我不希望老板认为我不能胜任Jingjing: Mark... Why didnt you ask me help? Ive told you a bunch of times that I know engineering in and out. I wouldve been happy to help you.京晶:马克……你为什么不找我帮忙呢?我已经告诉过你了,我对工程的事了若指掌,而且我很乐意帮助你Mark: That alright. I figured you were probably chilling with your friends this weekend. I didnt want to bother you.马克:没事的我想着周末你可能要和朋友聚聚,放松放松我不想打扰你Jingjing: Well, all I can tell you is next time you should start working on your project earlier. Dont wait until the last minute to start doing something. Just remember: a stitch in time saves nine.京晶:嗯,我可以告诉你的是,下一次你应该早点开始你的项目不要等到最后一分钟才开始记住:要防微杜渐Mark: Yeah, I procrastinated too much this time. That what I get being lazy.马克:是啊,我这次拖延了太长时间了这就是我懒惰的代价Jingjing: Mark, listen. I think you should take some time off and spend some time relaxing. Itll really help you out. Why dont you take half the day off and go relax?京晶:听着,马克,我想你应该休息一段时间,花一些时间放松这真的很有帮助你为什么不放半天假去放松放松呢?Mark: Ill try it. But if I lose my job, Im gonna be angry!马克:我会试试的但是,如果我失去了我的工作,我会生气的!Jingjing: It better than losing your sanity!京晶:这总比你发疯好!New words: 习语短语in the blink of an eye一眨眼的功夫,用来表达一件事发生得很快break down崩溃,不运作come to the crunch到了紧要关头bite off more than you can chew承担不能完成的挑战,自不量力cant cut the mustard不能达到标准,或者不能胜任know (something) in and out对某事了若指掌chill放松,玩耍A stitch in time saves nine.防微杜渐,在早期处理处理一些事情以防止它恶化procrastinate拖延what I get我应得的lose sanity失去理智,发疯Dialogue Jingjing: Hey, Mark. Wow, you look chock-full of energy! What new?京晶:嘿,马克哇,你看起来充满了能量!有什么新鲜事儿吗?Mark: Not much. I took your advice and have been relaxing a lot more lately. I finally finished that project I had been working on.马克:也没什么就是我听了你的建议,最近放松了很多我终于完成了最近一直在做的那个项目Jingjing: Looks like youve been getting some good sleep lately.京晶:看起来你最近睡眠很好啊Mark: Yeah, Im not burning the midnight oil anymore like I used to be. Ive been sleeping like a baby at night.马克:是啊,我不再像以前那样挑灯夜战了我最近一直睡得像个婴儿一样香甜Jingjing: Cool, so what have you been doing to take the edge off?京晶:酷,那你最近做了什么来缓解压力吗?Mark: Ive been learning how to break dance.马克:我一直在学习霹雳舞Jingjing: Are you serious? I never thought youd find that interesting. Are you good at it?京晶:真的?我从来没有想过你会喜欢这个你很擅长吗?Mark: Well, I dont mean to boast, but yeah Im one of the best ones in the class.马克:嗯,我不是想自夸,但是事实就是,我是班上跳得最好的学生之一Jingjing: You dont mean to boast? Um, you sounded really conceited just now, you know?京晶:你不是想自夸?嗯,你听起来相当自以为是啊Mark: Haha, yeah well Im serious. Im really good. You should come to the club with me tonight. Come on, Ill pay your ticket.马克:哈哈,但我是说真的我跳得真的很不错你今晚应该和我去酒吧来吧,我请客Jingjing: Are you trying to bribe me? Or do you just want to show off your new skills?京晶:你是不是想贿赂我?还是你只是想炫耀你的新技能?Mark: Haha, okay. I can tell youre not interested. Ill talk to you later.马克:哈哈,好吧看来你不感兴趣我们回头再聊吧Jingjing: Bye!京晶:再见!New words: 习语短语chock-full of充满burn the midnight oil开夜车,熬夜(工作)sleep like a baby像婴儿一样熟睡,睡觉很好take the edge off缓解压力;减弱break dance霹雳舞boast吹牛conceited自以为是的bribe行贿show off炫耀,向别人展示你的技艺有多好 81

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