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2020年02月26日 04:56:44来源:新华频道

  • U.S. President Donald Trump lauded Chinese President Xi Jinping in recent comments and reversed his position on China#39;s currency.在近日的一些中,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普盛赞中国国家主席习近平,还转变了对中国货币的态度。His comments shocked some of his core supporters; but in doing so, Trump is practicing the art of the deal rather than the art of war, at least for now. This is good news for China-U.S. relations.他的这些言论震惊了一些他的坚定持者们,不过从这些可以看出,特朗普正在进行交易的艺术,而不是战争的艺术,至少目前看来是这样。这对于中美关系来说是一个好消息。Despite China#39;s love-hate relationship with Trump, many Chinese are trying to understand Trump better.尽管中国对特朗普是爱恨交加,但是仍有许多中国人试图更好的了解这位美国总统。The Chinese edition of The Art of the Deal, published by China Youth Press, can be found on various Chinese websites, including Alibaba#39;s Tmall. One professional bookstore on Tmall sells the official book for 23.50 yuan, or about .50.中国版的《交易的艺术》由中国青年出版社出版,可以在如阿里巴巴旗下的天猫等许多中国网站上找到。该书在天猫一家专业书店的售价是23.5元(约合3.5美元)。;I want to examine the #39;business madman,#39;; a customer wrote in the comments section. On Douban, a popular arts social networking site, a user suggested that Chinese use the book to ;understand the president of the ed States better.;一位顾客在部分中表示:“我想了解这位#39;商业狂人#39;”。在流行艺术社交网站豆瓣上,一位用户建议中国人通过阅读这本书,“更好的去了解这位美国总统”。What do Chinese really think of Trump? While opinions are certainly mixed, some of China#39;s netizens who have Trump#39;s autobiography have posted their two cents#39; worth to Weibo, China#39;s equivalent of Twitter, as well as other sites.那么,中国人到底是对何看待特朗普的呢?尽管贬褒不一,一些读过特朗普自传的人在微上--类似于推特--以及一些其他网站上发表了自己的见解。One Weibo user wrote, ;I didn#39;t know he is such a smart, interesting, and fun doer until after ing his book!;一位微用户写道:“直到读了这本书,我才知道特朗普是一位如此聪明、有趣、让人逗乐的实干家。”On Dangdang, China#39;s biggest online bookseller, there are thousands of comments. ;I haven#39;t finished ing it yet, but I think Trump is simple and direct. As a successful businessman, he must be a very capable person.;在中国最大的网上书店当当网上,关于本书的有数千条。一人道:“我还没有读完这本书,但我认为特朗普很简单,很直接。作为一个成功的商人,他一定非常有能力。”Not everyone was impressed. One user on Dangdang called him ;a weirdo,; but added that his book is a must for understanding the history of this president and his impact on the U.S. and China.不过并非每个人都赞赏他。当当网一名用户称他是“一个怪物”,不过他也表示,要想了解这位总统的生平以及他对中美两国的影响,这本书可谓是一本必读书籍。 /201704/505571。
  • You might have heard of Li Na, the Chinese tennis star who won the single#39;s title at the 2011 French Open.你可能听说过李娜,这位中国网球明星在2011年法网公开赛中获得了单打冠军。While her achievement was one of a kind for the country, her name, which means ;graceful;, is far from unique.虽然她取得的成就对国家来说独一无二,但是她的名字(寓意优雅)却并不是那么特殊。According to a report on Chinese names that was released last Tuesday, more than 250,000 people in the country use the same name. However it is not the most common name in China.据上周二公布的一份有关中国人名字的报告显示,中国叫李娜的人超过了25万。但它还不是中国最常见的名字。Wei, which means ;great;, is the most popular first name among Chinese, with Zhang Wei, Wang Wei and Li Wei being ranked first, second and fourth respectively.伟(寓意伟大)是中国人用得最多的名字,叫张伟、王伟、刘伟的人分别名列第一、二、四位。The analysis, by naming service company Qimingtong, is based on the names of 1.1 billion Chinese people, including 5 million babies born in 2015.这一分析是由姓名务公司“起名通”进行的,该报告是基于11亿中国人的姓名,还包括了2015年出生的500万新生儿。The most popular 100 names account for about 10 percent of the population, according to the report.报告指出,最受欢迎的100个名字的人大概占据了人口比例的10%。Names also reflect different eras, the report said. While Jianguo, which means ;building the country;, is common among the older generation, the names of today#39;s newborn babies are more personal and poetic.报告称,人们的名字也反映了不同的时代。叫建国(寓意建设国家)的人在老一代人中非常普遍,而现如今新生儿的名字则更加个性化、更有诗意。;The names show the parents#39; wishes and expectations for the children and, in a way, also tell the ethos of society,; said Zhang Jing, founder of Qimingtong and chief editor of the report.“起名通”创始人、该报告主编张静表示:“名字显示了父母们的愿望以及对孩子们的期望,在某种程度上,还显示出了社会的风气。”Xuan, which means ;high; or ;lofty;, is also often used for boys, while Yu, which means ;rain;, is popular among girls.轩(寓意“高”或者“崇高”)经常被用作男孩名,而雨则在女孩中非常普遍。 /201702/490262。
  • Scientists have identified bacterial genes that lead to antibiotic resistance, including several that can be resistant to most powerful antibiotics, in air samples from Beijing, which is frequently cloaked in heavy smog,科学家已经在北京的空气样本中鉴定出导致抗生素抗药性的细菌基因,包括可以对抗最强抗生素的细菌基因,这种细菌基因时常隐藏在浓重的雾霾之中。Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden analysed 864 DNA samples taken from humans, animals and environments worldwide and found Beijing smog carried the largest number and types of genes identical or highly similar to antibiotic resistance genes (ARG).来自瑞典哥德堡大学的研究人员分析了来自全世界的人类、动物和环境的864个DNA样本,发现北京的雾霾中携带的与抗生素抗药性基因(ARG)相同或高度相似的基因数量最大且种类最多。Microbial communities from Beijing smog harboured as many as 64.4 different types of ARG.来自北京雾霾的微生物群拥有多达64.4种不同类型的抗生素抗药性基因。The researchers also identified in the Beijing smog metagenomes that contained several genes resistant to carbapenems, a class of last-resort antibiotics for treating challenging bacterial infections.研究人员还鉴定出北京雾霾的元基因组中含有几种具有碳青霉烯类抗药性的基因,碳青霉烯类是用于治疗具有挑战性细菌感染最后求助的抗生素。;This may be a more important means of transmission than previously thought,; Joakim Larsson, who led the research, said in a statement.主导这项研究的乔吉姆·拉尔森在一份声明中表示:“空气可能会是抗生素耐药性传播的重要途径,而这之前没有被意识到。”Larsson is a professor at the Sahlgrenska Academy of the University of Gothenburg and director of the institution#39;s Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research.拉尔森是哥德堡大学萨尔格伦斯卡学院的一位教授,同时也是抗生素耐药性研究中心的主任。The research did not state whether the bacteria were alive in the air, which would significantly increase the level of threat.该研究并没有说明这种将大大增加威胁水平的细菌是否还存活在空气中。;It is reasonable to believe that there is a mixture of live and dead bacteria, based on experience from other studies of air,; Larsson said.拉尔森说道:“根据其他关于空气的研究,我们有理由相信,空气里混有死的和活的细菌。” /201612/481532。
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