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2020年01月24日 09:11:58

The government has shut schools, restricted road traffic and urged people to stay indoors as 24 cities across northeast China were put on “red alert” for extreme smog on Tuesday. 政府关闭了学校,限制了道路交通,并敦促人们留在室内。周二,华北24个城市发布了极端雾霾“红色警报”。China#39;s most severe bout of air pollution this year has hit 460m people, who are exposed to smog levels six times higher than the World Health Organisation’s daily guidelines, according to calculations by Greenpeace. The smog has lasted over three days in many areas.根据绿色和平组织(Greenpeace)的计算,中国今年最严重的大气污染已影响了4.6亿人,污染程度是世界卫生组织(WHO)日常指标的六倍。在许多地区,雾霾天气已持续了三天。As of 11am local time, 217 flights at Beijing Capital Airport had been cancelled — almost a third of the total scheduled for the whole day.截至当地时间上午11点,北京首都国际机场(Beijing Capital International Airport)的217次航班——接近全天预定航班的三分之一——被取消了。“The link between smog and industry is clear. Since the second quarter of this year, when steel prices and output started growing, we saw air quality decline in the northeast,” said Lauri Myllyvirta, an air pollution specialist at Greenpeace in Beijing. “It’s a result of the government’s old-fashioned stimulus that boosted the industrial sectors.”“烟雾和工业之间的联系是显而易见的。今年第二季度,当钢铁价格上升、产量增加时,我们看到华北的空气质量在下降,”绿色和平组织驻北京的空气污染专家柳力(Lauri Myllyvirta)说。“这是政府用旧式刺激措施提振工业部门带来的结果。”China’s smog is worst in the winter, when households consume more electricity from coal-fired power plants, and municipal heating is turned on. 中国的雾霾在冬季里是最糟糕的。冬季时,家庭消耗更多由燃煤发电厂生产的电能,并且城市供暖系统开始运行。In response to the emergency, the Ministry of Environmental Protection sent out three inspection teams, and publicly singled out chemical manufacturing companies that had failed to shut down their operations under the red-alert regulations, as well as power plants and coal-burning plants that had not met environmental standards. 为了应对紧急污染,中国环保部派出了三个检查组,公开挑出了没有按照红色警报管理规定停产的化工企业,以及不符合环保标准的发电厂和燃煤工厂。The northeastern port city of Tianjin closed all but one of the highways in and out of the city because of poor visibility on the weekend. Over 30 flights were grounded at its international airport over the weekend. 上周末,由于能见度过低,华北港口城市天津封闭了几乎所有进出该市的公路(仅保留一条)。上周末,有30多个航班停靠在天津国际机场。Beijing, which has been on red alert since Friday, halved the number of motor vehicles allowed on the road on any given day by banning even- and odd-numbered license-plates on different days. Ikea said that customer deliveries would be slower because of the vehicle restrictions while Taobao, China’s most popular online marketplace, warned customers that packages might be delayed because of the smog. 自上周五以来一直处于雾霾红色警戒状态的北京,采取了单双号限号措施,把每日允许上路的机动车数量减少了一半。 宜家(Ikea)表示,由于车辆限行,客户交付速度将会变慢,而中国最热门在线购物平台淘宝(Taobao)警告客户称,包裹可能会因为雾霾而延迟到货。 /201612/484981青岛市新阳光女子妇产青岛做B超多少钱There can be no excuse for such an inhumane act targeted at innocent people.对无辜的人实施惨无人道的行为是没有任何借口可找的。The 33-year-old suspect, Ma Yongping, who allegedly set fire to a bus on Tuesday afternoon, killing 17 people and injuring 33 more, reportedly wanted to inflict ;revenge on society; after he failed to resolve a dispute over money with a subcontractor on a local construction project.今年33岁的嫌疑犯马永平,在周二下午点燃了一辆公交车,造成至少17人死亡,33人受伤。据报道,在与当地建筑工程的分包商发生债务纠纷,产生不满之后,马永平决定采取行动报复社会。The heavy casualties in the bus fire in Yinchuan, capital of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region in Northwest China, have once again revealed the psychological scars caused by similar incidents in recent years and exacerbated people#39;s concerns over the safety in such crowded public venues as buses.在中国西北部的宁夏回族自治区的首府银川,这次公共汽车火灾造成了重大人员伤亡。此外,这次事件又一次揭开了人们最近几年因类似情况而造成的心理创伤,同时,也加剧了人们对于在公交车等拥挤公共场所安全的担忧。This is the most deadly bus fire since the summer of 2013, when a resident in Xiamen, East China#39;s Fujian province, killed 47 people after setting fire to a bus for the same reason.本次也是继2013年,中国东部的福建省厦门市因同样原因而纵火造成47人死亡之后,又一次致命的公车起火事件。Even if Ma had become embroiled in a ;pitiful situation;, as some have claimed on the Internet, that is no excuse for murder. Some may question whether there are the necessary channels whereby those like Ma can seek redress for perceived wrongs, but setting fire to a bus carrying passengers crosses the moral and legal bottom line no matter what pressure a person may be under.就像网友在网上所声明的一样,即使马永平处于很“可怜的情况”,但是也没有任何理由谋害他人。也有一些网友质疑,是否应该有一种必要的渠道,来帮助像马永平这样的人寻求纠正所犯的错误。但是,不管一个人有什么样的压力,在有乘客的公交车上纵火,也已经超越了道德和法律的底线。It is unavoidable that there will be this or that kind of dispute between people. But the failure to reach a settlement does not justify any party that feels injured taking matters into their own hands in such a lawless way.在生活中,人与人之间产生各种各样的争执都是难免的。但是,未能达成和解也不能代表着感觉受到伤害的任何一方,可以用这么无法无天的行为来解决问题。 /201601/420614Multinational companies are accustomed to fighting epic legal battles against each other in US or EU courts, often with global consequences. 跨国公司已经习惯于在美国或欧盟法院打漫长而艰难的法律战,而且这些官司通常会带来全球后果。They should brace themselves for the opening of a third front — in China. 如今,它们应该为新出现的第三个战场做好准备——中国。Two weeks ago a little-known Canadian company, Wilan Inc, sued Sony in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing for alleged patent infringement involving technologies used in the Japanese group’s LTE-standard smartphones.两周前,名不见经传的加拿大公司Wilan Inc在中国东部南京市对索尼(Sony)提起诉讼,指控这家日本集团的LTE标准智能手机使用的技术涉嫌专利侵权。Wilan is what critics call a patent troll, a company that collects payments from other companies on its intellectual property but produces little if anything itself. Wilan正是批评者口中的专利流氓——利用知识产权向其他公司收取费用而自己不从事生产的公司。If Wilan wins, Sony could be barred from selling and exporting its LTE handsets as early as next summer. 如果Wilan获胜,索尼可能最早在明年夏天被禁止销售和出口其LTE手机。The potential ban on exports is the real threat, given China’s pivotal role in almost all global manufacturing chains.考虑到中国在全球制造业几乎所有链条中的关键作用,潜在的出口禁令将是索尼面临的真正威胁。Imagine a similar suit with the same potential consequences, only with an Apple or a Samsung cast as the defendant. 设想一起可能带来相同后果的类似诉讼,只是将被告换成苹果(Apple)或三星(Samsung)。The impact on consumers would be enormous. 这将对消费者造成巨大冲击。A new corporate era beckons in which a Chinese judge could conceivably cut off the lifeblood of some of the world’s most valuable companies.企业将面临一个新时代,在这个时代,一名中国法官就能够切断一些全球最具价值公司的命脉。It was not so long ago that China’s legal system just did not factor into the risk calculus of most global companies. 就在不久前,中国的法律体系还未进入多数跨国公司的风险计算。When entering into contracts with Chinese parties, foreign companies tended to insist that disputes be heard in overseas arbitration venues — including Hong Kong. 在与中方伙伴签订合同时,外国公司倾向于坚持在海外(包括香港)对争端进行仲裁。Then they hoped that they never had cause to resort to arbitration given the difficulty of enforcing judgments back in China.鉴于中国内地执行判决的难度,它们希望永远不要有争端诉诸仲裁。August 2013 is arguably when this began to change. 可以说,这种情况发生变化始于2013年8月。That was when the National Development and Reform Commission fined six baby formula manufacturers — five of them foreign — more than 0m in a landmark enforcement of China’s young anti-monopoly law.那时,中国国家发展和改革委员会对6家婴儿配方奶粉制造商(其中5家为外国公司)开出了逾1亿美元的罚单,对于中国出台时间不长的《反垄断法》,这是一次具有里程碑意义的执法。The NDRC announced its decision in a terse statement that shed little light on the reasons underpinning its findings. 发改委在一份简短声明中宣布了该决定,声明对撑其调查结果的理由语焉不详。It basically said the six companies were guilty of various infractions, had confessed their guilt and would not contest the fines. 声明笼统地表示,这6家公司犯有多种违法行为,已经承认违法,不会对罚款提出异议。The announcement reinforced the impression of China as a jurisdiction where such decisions were capricious — and credible legal appeals not an option. 这份声明强化了这样一种印象:在作为司法管辖区的中国,这样的决定随心所欲,且无法进行可靠的法律上诉。In that same month, however, a much lower profile case in Shanghai highlighted how quickly China’s legal system was evolving, making it a much more serious jurisdiction for dealing with corporate disputes.然而,就在同一个月,上海一起不那么引人注意的案件凸显了中国法律体系的飞快发展,意味着中国成为处理企业纠纷的一个严肃得多的司法管辖区。Once again the foreign defendant lost. 在这起案件中,外国被告方再次输掉了诉讼。The Shanghai High Court ruled that Johnson amp; Johnson’s medical devices arm had, in contravention of China’s anti-monopoly law, set a minimum retail price for its local distributors. 上海高级人民法院判决,强生(Johnson amp; Johnson)的医疗设备公司对当地经销商限制最低转售价格,此举违反了中国反垄断法。But the court also issued a voluminous ruling detailing the reasons for its verdict. 但是,该法院也公布了篇幅较长的判决书,详细解释了作出该判决的原因。In doing so, it overruled a similarly detailed lower-court ruling in favour of the US company.如此一来,它推翻了下级法院作出的同样详细、但有利于强生的判决。The legal back-and-forth was as substantive as any coming out of a US or EU case. 这场法律拉锯战,与美国或欧盟案件的判决结果一样意义重大。It quickly became fodder for equally dense analyses by lawyers expert in the field. 它很快受到该领域法律专家同样密集的分析。Nor was it a simple matter of a foreign plaintiff ending up on the wrong side of a Chinese court judgment. 它也不是外国原告在中国的法院判决中结果变成被告这样简单的事情。While Jamp;J lost, it was ordered to pay only a fraction of the damages sought — Rmb530,000 (,300) against a claim of Rmb14.4m.尽管强生输掉了官司,但它只被判决向原告付53万元人民币(合7.73万美元)的赔偿,与原告索赔的1440万元人民币相比只是很小的金额。The manner in which the Jamp;J case was adjudicated also hints at a potential miscalculation by Wilan, which filed its suit against Sony in the city that was the scene of the worst Japanese war crime in China during the second world war — the Rape of Nanking. 强生案审判的方式也暗示了Wilan可能的误算,后者针对索尼提起诉讼的城市正是二战时日本在华犯下最严重的战争罪行——南京大屠杀——的地方。Some would say that’s clever but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nanjing courts, which have a good reputation, bend over backwards to be nice to Sony, says Joe Simone, a Hong Kong-based intellectual property rights specialist. 有人会说此举很聪明,但如果拥有良好声誉的南京法院努力公正对待索尼,我也不会感到意外,常驻香港的知识产权专家乔.西莫内(Joe Simone)表示:They don’t want to be seen as a place to go and spear Japanese companies.他们不想被视为人们可以去攻击日本企业的地方。The NDRC baby formula ruling remains instructive. 发改委对婴儿配方奶粉案的裁决仍然具有启发性。It would be a foolish multinational that dared to take on a Chinese government regulator in the country’s Communist party-controlled court system and expect to win. 只有愚蠢的跨国企业,才敢在中国共产党控制的法院系统中挑战政府监管部门、并且期望赢得诉讼。But when it comes to corporate litigation, the Wilan and Jamp;J cases show that China is an increasingly important jurisdiction that multinationals ignore at their peril.但是,当涉及公司诉讼时,Wilan和强生案表明,中国是一个越来越重要的司法管辖区,而跨国企业危险地忽视了这点。 /201611/478973莱阳妇科医院

青岛做人流哪种手术好黄岛开发区妇幼保健医院官网专家在线咨询青岛城阳妇幼保健院开展无痛人流吗A report on China#39;s online consumption trends released by Taobao.com, revealed that women, senior citizens and youngsters have become a major driving force for mobile purchases.淘宝网发布的中国网络消费趋势报告显示,女人、老人和年轻群体已成为移动端购物的主力军。The report was based on data analysis of buying behavior of Taobao#39;s more than 300 million users between 2011 and 2015.调查是基于2011年至2015年之间,超过3亿用户的购买数据分析得出的。According to the report, more than 70 percent of buyers of baby products, cosmetics and garment, and 60 percent of buyers of food, home furnishing, shoes and bags are women. Women, mainly aged 23 to 35, also account for 70 percent of online buyers of imported commodities.报告称,在母婴、时尚美妆、装等行业,女性消费占比都在七成以上,在食品、家居和鞋包等行业,女性消费占比也达到了六成。在23岁到35岁这一年龄段的女性,也占据了网购进口商品的70%。Commodities believed to be popular among young people have attracted more elderly people. Statistics showed that perfume consumption among users aged 50 to 70 has been growing. They spent around 70 million yuan ( million) on perfume in 2014 alone.一般认为年轻人才会消费的商品在年长的群体里逐渐流行起来。数据显示,50-70岁消费者对于香水的消费持续增长,仅2014年就花费约7000万元(约合1100万美元)。According to the report, youngsters make major contribution to mobile purchase in China. Users who were born after 1990s made around 70 percent of purchases on their mobile application.报告还指出,我国年轻群体为移动端购物做出很大贡献,90后群体使用移动端成交的商品接近七成。 /201512/416775荣成人工流产多少钱

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