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宜昌的男科医院那家好秭归县治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好US Says Russia Violating Cease-Fire in Georgia美国指俄罗斯违约找借口驻军格国  The ed States is accusing Russia of trying to find excuses to keep thousands of troops in Georgia in violation of a cease-fire Moscow signed last month with the former Soviet republic. 美国指责俄罗斯试图寻找借口,让数千名部队留在格鲁吉亚,违反莫斯科与格鲁吉亚上月签订的停火协议。State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, using unusually blunt language, says it is past time for Russia to withdraw most of its soldiers from Georgia's separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  美国国务院发言人麦科马克以不同寻常的直率语气说,俄罗斯从格鲁吉亚分离地区南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹撤出它大部分军队的时间早就过了。他说:"These guys are trying to, at every turn, trying to wiggle out of a commitment they made and that their president put his name to," he said. "We have seen it since August and it continues. They need to get out of Georgia and they need to stop finding excuses to do that." “这些人在找种种机会摆脱他们所作的承诺和他们总统签署的协议。我们从八月以来就看到这种情况,而且还在继续下去。他们必需撤离格鲁吉亚,他们必需停止寻找借口。”Russian military forces continue to occupy Georgian territory weeks after last month's five-day war, despite a French-mediated cease-fire. 上个月发生五天战争后到今天已经有几星期了,俄罗斯军队仍继续占领格鲁吉亚的领土,尽管在法国斡旋下签署了停火协议。Since then Russia has recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, despite international condemnation.  从那时以来,俄罗斯不顾世界各国的谴责而承认南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹为独立国家。McCormack says the ed States is concerned about Russia's decision to keep thousands of soldiers in both breakaway regions. 麦科马克说,美国对俄罗斯决意让数千名军人留驻这些分离地区感到忧虑。他说:"I would note one quite concerning remark that has been attributed to the Russian government and to various officials, whether it was President [Dmitri] Medvedev or Foreign Minister [Sergey] Lavrov saying that they were going to keep 3,800 Russian troops, both in South Ossetia and Abkhazia - that of course would be a violation of the cease-fire that they signed in August," he said. “我要指出,俄罗斯政府及其官员,包括梅德韦杰夫总统或拉夫罗夫外长所说的令人不安的话。他们说,俄罗斯将在南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹保留三千八百名军人,这当然违反八月份签订的停火协议。”McCormack says Russia and the country's troops need to abide by their international commitments.  麦科马克说,俄罗斯及其俄军必需遵守他们的国际承诺。Georgia's August offensive to regain control of South Ossetia from Moscow-backed separatists prompted a massive retaliatory thrust by Russia into Georgian territory. 格鲁吉亚八月份发动进攻,从莫斯科持的分离主义分子手中夺回对南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹的控制, 这次进攻促使俄罗斯大举进犯格鲁吉亚领土。Russia argues it repelled Georgian troops to protect thousands of people who were granted Russian citizenship following the collapse of the Soviet Union. 俄罗斯争辩说,他们击退格鲁吉亚部队只是为了保护在苏联解体后得到俄罗斯国籍的民众。 200809/48210当阳市人民中妇幼保健医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 Under Pressure, South Korea Seeks US Amendments to Beef Deal韩美就进口牛肉问题展开附加谈判  South Korea is sending its chief trade official to Washington for what he describes as "additional" negotiations on a controversial beef import deal. However, leaders of mass protests say nothing short of scrapping the deal and restarting negotiations will be acceptable. 韩国首席贸易谈判代表将前往华盛顿与美方就有争议的进口美国牛肉问题展开“附加谈判”。但是因为进口牛肉问题而发动抗议的人士表示,除非撤销美国牛肉的进口或重新与美国谈判,他们不会接受其他任何解决方案。South Korean Trade Minister Kim Jong-hoon told reporters in Seoul he will leave Friday for Washington, where he plans to ask for help in adjusting the explosive April deal to resume American beef imports. 韩国首席贸易谈判代表金钟勋在首尔向记者表示,他将在星期五出发前往华盛顿,与美方贸易代表就4月份达成的一项全面恢复美国牛肉进口的合约进行商讨。He calls the planned talks "additional negotiations." He will look for ways to limit American beef imports to meat from cattle under 30 months of age, as a way to end massive protest rallies. 他说:“这项谈判将是附加谈判,他将寻求办法缩减美国牛肉进口的范围,到只进口年龄不超过30个月的小肉,希望能平息韩国国内大规模的街头抗争。”South Korean protesters fear U.S. beef - especially from cattle more than two-and-a-half years old -- poses a risk of transmitting a fatal brain ailment known as "mad cow disease." Tens of thousands of people have gathered in central Seoul, almost nightly for about a month - culminating in Tuesday's massive rally that appeared to include about 100,000 people. 示威者担心美国牛肉,特别是年龄超过30个月的牛的牛肉,因为较老的牛患疯牛病的危险性更高。过去一个月来,已经有上万名群众几乎每晚聚集在首尔中部,星期二的游行有大约十万名示威群众参加。Washington has asserted American beef, of any age, is safe. That view was supported last year by the ed Nations World Organization for Animal Health. No human has ever been known to contract brain disease from eating U.S. beef. South Korea's scientific community has been conspicuously absent from the highly politicized protest movement.  华盛顿已经强调,美国牛肉不管牛的年龄如何,都是安全的。去年联合国世界动物卫生组织也已经实这个说法。目前还没有出现任何人因为吃了美国牛肉而感染疯牛病。韩国的科学界对这个高度政治化的抗议活动,明显保持距离。American lawmakers have warned the resumption of U.S. beef imports to South Korea is a prerequisite for ratifying a much larger trade deal the two countries signed last year. Minister Kim, who was South Korea's chief negotiator in the deal, says he does not want to create the appearance his country is breaking its promises. 美国国会议员警告,韩国恢复进口美国牛肉是批准两国在去年达成的大笔贸易协定的先决条件。韩国贸易部长兼首席谈判代表金钟勋说,他不希望给美方一种韩国打破承诺的印象。He says the wise course of action would have the same effect as a renegotiation, without damaging South Korea's international credibility.  他说:“现在的行动和重新展开谈判有一样的效果,但是这样做比较不会伤害韩国的国际形象。”He says his mission is to seek a "voluntary" agreement between importers and exporters that would keep older beef from being shipped.  金钟勋还说:“他的任务是在进出口国间寻求一个‘自愿’的协议,以期禁止进口年龄超过30个月的牛的牛肉。”Analysts say such an agreement could be backed by government assurances and spelled out in the form of some new document to be signed by both countries. U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow said Thursday "additional understandings" are likely to emerge between the two countries "in a matter of days." 分析人士说,这样的协议可以获得双边政府的保,并且由两国签署一些新的文件。美国驻韩国大使弗什星期四说,未来几天,美韩两国可望达成“附加了解”。That may not be enough to satisfy protesters, for whom the beef issue has become a touchstone for a host of grievances against South Korean President Lee Myung Bak. Protest leaders have vowed to continue holding the mass gatherings until at least next week. 但是这些可能都无法使韩国示威群众满意,对他们来说,美国牛肉问题已经成为他们对新总统李明不满程度的试金石。他们誓言将继续示威到至少下个星期。200806/41940Bush Begins Mideast Trip布什总统出访中东关注以巴和谈   President Bush has departed on a five-day trip to the Middle East, his second visit to the region this year, with stops in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. White House aides say the trip will be both ceremonial and substantive. 美国总统布什准备前往中东进行为期五天的访问,这是他今年第二次访问中东地区。这次布什将访问以色列、沙特阿拉伯和埃及。白宫助理表示,布什总统的这次访问将是礼节性的,但也具有实质性意义。Hours before the president and Mrs. Bush were to fly to Tel Aviv, White House officials were cautioning against any expectations for major breakthroughs in the quest for peace in the Middle East. 在布什总统和夫人飞往特拉维夫的几个小时前,白宫官员警告说,在为中东寻求和平方面不要抱有取得重大突破的期望。Spokeswoman Dana Perino said the Israelis and Palestinians have complex issues to resolve, adding that if agreements were easily reached, the situation would have been solved long ago. She said President Bush cannot do the two parties' work for them, but noted that negotiations have yielded what she termed "halting" progress. 白宫女发言人佩里诺说,以色列人和巴勒斯坦人有复杂的问题需要解决。她补充说,如果能够轻松地达成协议的话,这一局势早就在很久以前得到解决了。她说,布什总统不能够代替他们做他们两个政党的工作,但是她指出,谈判在有停、有进的情况下进展。In an interview with CBS Radio, Mr. Bush said he does not expect to encounter "a perfect political environment", but said he hopes to see Israelis and Palestinians make progress on defining a Palestinian state. 布什总统在接受哥伦比亚广播电台采访时说,他没有期望一个“完美的政治环境”,但是他说,他希望看到以色列和巴勒斯坦在确定巴勒斯坦国的问题上取得进展。"It is the vision that is going to make it clear for the Palestinians to see a way forward," said President Bush. "I would not assume that, if this vision gets defined, that people in the Gaza will not say, 'We are sick of the life we have now.' And that is why it is going to be so important to convince the Palestinians and the Israelis to define that state." 布什说:“我们的看法是,那就会让巴勒斯坦人看到一个明确的前途。我不能设想,如果巴勒斯坦国得到确定的话,加沙地带的人就不会抱怨说‘我们对目前的生活感到厌烦’。这就是说巴勒斯坦人和以色列人确定巴勒斯坦国的重要性所在。”Shortly after arrival, Mr. Bush is to meet with his Israeli counterpart as well as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem. Thursday, the president addresses the Israeli Knesset, followed by a reception in honor of Israel's 60-year anniversary. 布什总统将在抵达以色列后不久在耶路撒冷会晤以色列总统以及以色列总理奥尔默特。布什总统将于星期四在以色列议会发表讲话,然后参加为庆祝以色列建国60周年举行的招待会。Friday, Mr. Bush travels to Saudi Arabia, where the president says a tightening of the world's oil supply is sure to arise in talks with King Abdullah. 布什总统将于星期五抵达沙特阿拉伯。布什总统说,他在和阿卜杜拉国王会谈时肯定会提到世界石油供应紧张的问题。"When you analyze the capacity for countries to put oil on the market, it is just not like it used to be," Mr. Bush said. "The demand for oil is so high relative to supply these days that there just is not a lot of excess [production] capacity." 布什总统说:“当你分析国家在市场上出售石油的能力时,现在的情况不再和以往一样。现在对石油的需求量比供给量要高,以至于石油的生产能力不够。”The final stop will be Egypt, where Mr. Bush will meet with President Hosni Mubarak, as well as the leaders of Afghanistan and the Palestinian Authority. White House officials say they would like to include Lebanon's prime minister in the discussions in Egypt, but that nothing has been finalized. 布什总统将最后访问埃及。他将在埃及会晤埃及总统穆巴拉克,以及阿富汗和巴勒斯坦权力机构的领导人。白宫官员说,他们愿意让黎巴嫩总理也参加在埃及举行的会谈,但是目前还没有最后决定。President Bush is not the first U.S. leader to devote significant efforts to Middle East peace initiatives in the latter years of his administration. His predecessor, Bill Clinton, brought Israeli and Palestinian officials together in Maryland in 1998 to negotiate an agreement implementing a previous accord on the future of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.  布什总统在他执政后期为中东和平计划做出重大的努力,但他并不是第一位这么做的美国领导人。1998年,美国上一届总统克林顿让以色列和巴勒斯坦官员共同聚集在马里兰州,商谈如何执行先前关于加沙地带和约旦河西岸前途问题的协议。Mr. Bush's efforts have taken various forms, beginning with the "road map" for peace crafted in 2002, which aimed to end the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and lay the groundwork for an eventual Palestinian state.  布什总统在这方面的努力是采取各种方式的,2002年制定的和平“路线图”是为了结束以色列人和巴勒斯坦人之间的冲突,并为最终建立巴勒斯坦国打下基础。 200805/38956兴山县人民中妇幼保健医院男科挂号

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宜昌点军区治疗尿道炎多少钱 探索世界奥秘之万里长城 9The Tang(唐) armies controlled vast areas on both sides of the Great Wall. So it was no longer needed as a defense and it fell into ruin. To maintain order in the steppes, the Tang preferred to make their mark with trade and diplomacy rather than with walls. And their best diplomats at the time were Chinese princesses. Every so often a princess was chosen to marry a nomadic ruler, and was sent off with her eunuchs, servants and piles of luxurious gifts. Exile was a torture for these princesses. They were used to being treated as fragile, precious, porcelain beauties. Now they were forced to eat chunks of boiled meat, and drink fermented mare's milk, and sleep with barbarian husbands who never washed. One princess lamented: "A yurt is my home; felt are my walls; sour milk is my drink. Living here in a foreign country, I dream of turning into a yellow crane, and flying back to my home. " Sacrificing a princess to exile in life for the barbarians seemed a small price to pay for peace. It was certainly a lot cheaper than building and guarding the Great Wall. But this policy had only short-term success. A new danger was developing in the northern wastelands. China was about to face the most legendary warrior the world has ever known. Beyond the Great Wall, barbarians thundered across Asia, destroying villages, pillaging and plundering everything in their way. And here, China's worst nightmare began with the birth of a baby. His right hand drenched in blood, an omen of things to come. As he matured, Temujin(铁木真) grew strong, mastered the art of tribal politics, and by cunning and treachery, became leader of his tribe, and then of many tribes. By 1204, all the tribes answered to Temujin, and he became the first king of all the nomads. They acclaimed him Genghis Khan(成吉思汗), the king of kings. It was said that his fierce and ruthless warriors never knew what pain and mercy meant. They could ride for days without dismounting. When food ran low, they just sucked the blood of their horses. No prisoners were ever taken, and they often slaughtered the whole cities. Populations were so frightened that they would surrender without fighting. Genghis soon turned his attention southward, to the fertile lands of China. The bloody hand at his birth was about to fulfill its terrible destiny.steppe: A vast semiarid grass-covered plain, as found in southeast Europe, Siberia, and central North Americayurt: A circular, domed, portable tent used by nomadic peoples of central Asiafelt: fabric of matted, compressed animal fibers, such as wool or fur, sometimes mixed with vegetable or synthetic fibers200707/15849宜昌治疗前列腺炎医院哪家好宜昌市中心人民医院男科咨询



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