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正文: I absolutely agree.我绝对同意。I suppose so.我看是这样。It is unanimously agreed that we should put off the meeting till next week.我们一致同意将会议推迟到下周。经典句扩展:I dont have any objection to it.我没有任何异议。Thats exactly my own idea.那正是我的想法。Thats the right thing to do.做得对。 内容来自: /201406/307928第30期:应聘销售人员你有销售经验吗?Have you got any selling experience?For example:A: Have you got any selling experience?你有销售经验吗?B: I worked in a department store in a small town last summer vacation.去年暑假我在一家百货公司工作过。关于本公司的产品和市场份额,你知道些什么?What do you know about our major products and our share of the market?For example:A: What do you know about our major products and our share of the market?关于本公司的产品和市场份额,你知道些什么?B: Your companys products are mostly marketed in Canada and the ed States, but particularly have sold very well here in China.贵公司的产品主要在加拿大和美国市场销售,但在中国市场的销路也已经非常好。我想将来你会发现中国也是一个容易赚钱的市场。I think in the future you will find China to be a profitable market as well.profitable (adj.)有利可图的你认为对一个销售员来说最重要的是什么?What do you think is the most important qualification for a salesperson?What do you think is the most important requirement for a salesperson?What do you think is the most important asset for a salesperson?#8195;For example:A: What do you think is the most important qualification for a salesperson? 你认为对一个销售员来说最重要的是什么?B: I think it is confidence in himself and his products.我认为是对他自己和对他产品的自信。你都学过什么课程?What courses have you completed?For example:A: What courses have you completed?你都学过什么课程?B: The courses I completed are marketing, business law,business English,statistics,marketing principles, sales management, distribution theory, economies and psychology.我学过的课程有市场营销、商业法、商业英语、统计学、市场原理、销售 管理、销售原理、经济学和心理学。我想随着我在销售和市场方面经验的增加,我的目标会变得越来越明确。I think my goals will become clearer as I gain experience in sales and marketing.这份工作需要出差吗?多久一次?Will travelling be required in this position? How often?For example:A: Will travelling be required in this position? How often?这份工作需要出差吗?多久一次?B: Yes, three times a year at most.需要,最多一年三次。 /201502/357916amalgam ---------- 混合物(名词)英文释义 (noun) A confused combination; an uneven mixture.例句 The young boys enthusiastic description of his holiday adventure was an amalgam of facts and imaginary events.这位年轻男孩对假日冒险的描述夹杂着事实与想象。 /201505/374368

协商(1):保险Frank:What are your terms of sale?你的销售条件是什么?Laro:The price ed is for CIF.报价是到岸价.Frank:My understanding is that CIF means the seller is responsible for prepaying shipping costs and arranging for the insurance policy.就我理解,到岸价是指卖方负责预付运输费用和上保险.Lora:Yes,that is correct .We will arrange for the shipping costs and insurance policy.对,很正确.我们会付运输费用并办理保险.Frank:Is it possible to consider FOB?That way ,we will handle the insurance through our broker.能不能考虑离岸价?这样,我们可以通过自己的保险经济人办理保险.Lora:Yes,we could also make this arrangement,,if you prefer.可以,如果您愿意,我们也可以这样安排. /05/70063

smooth operator 忽悠高手英文释义 (INFORMAL) Clever and devious and often evil person who is skilled at persuading others to trust him.例句 The thief was a smooth operator who convinced people to give him their private financial information so he could advise them about investments, but in reality he was stealing from them.这个盗贼是个忽悠高手,能说别人把私密的财务信息给他,然后向他们提供投资咨询,但实际上是偷他们的钱。 /201404/290874

1.Customer order 客户订单  A: Did we get any new customer order?  B: Yes, we did, but not as much as we expected.  A:我们收到客户的新订单了吗?  B:收到了,但是没有我们预期的多。  2.On-time completion 准时完成  A: Congratulations on your on-time completion of the program!  B: We tried very hard to make it.  A:祝贺你们准时完成了这个项目。  B:我们竭尽全力完成了。  3.Quality road map 质量路线图  A: Thanks for getting the quality road map done.  B: My pleasure. Hope it works well.  A:谢谢你完成了质量路线图。  B:不客气,希望能好用。   4.Sale performance 销售业绩  A: What is the sale performance of the new car model?  B: It is very good. We sold more cars than planned.  A:新车型的销售业绩怎么样?  B:很好,比计划量卖得多。   5.Market reaction 市场反应  A: How did the market react to our car that just launched?  B: We got more orders than we can fill.  A: Isn't that great?  A:我们刚刚投放市场的车型,市场反应怎么样?  B:供不应求。  A:那不是太好了吗? /200810/54292第一句:Madam, can I help you?夫人,我能为您做点什么吗?A: Madam, can I help you?夫人,我能为您做点什么吗?B: Oh, thank you. But I dont need anything.哦,谢谢。但是我不需要什么。A: Everybody is welcome here, madam, whether she buys or not.这里欢迎任何人光临,夫人,买不买都没关系。B: OK.那好吧。第二句:Are you looking for something?您需要什么吗?A: Are you looking for something?您需要什么吗?B: I want to change my toothpaste.我想换个牙膏。A: Any problems?有什么问题吗?B: I dont like the smell.我不喜欢那个的味道。其他表达法:Would you mind my recommending? 您介意我为您推荐吗?如果顾客不置可否或表现出不耐烦的样子,决不可轻言放弃,可以先说:Everybody is welcome here, madam, whether she buys or nor.然后再导入正题。 /201301/220522

1.您怎么不舒了?What's your complaint?2.我来给您把一下脉。Let me feel your pulse.3.我看一下您的舌头。Show me your tongue.4. 您受过外伤吗?Have you ever had any tauma?5.疼痛和天气有关吗?Is there any relation between the pain and the weather?6.如果您同意,我想用针灸给您治疗。I'd like to treat you with acupuncture if you agree.7.我捻针时您有什么感觉?How do you feel when I rotate the needle?8.针灸可能有点疼,还会使您感到有点麻木和发胀。Acupunture may cause a little pian and a certain feeling of numbness and distention.9.针灸会有疗效,但需要长期治疗。Acupunctue will have effect, but a prolonged treatment is needed.10.你得用一些中草药。You nee to take some Chinese herbs.11.您知道什么煎中药吗?Do you know how to decoct Chinese herbs?12.请付完这6剂药后再来找我。Please come back to me after taking these 6 dosages. /201107/144380to eke out a living 勉强糊口英文释义 To work very hard to earn a small amount of money that is just barely sufficient for survival.例句 Farmers in the remote mountains are able to eke out a living by selling any spare food they grow in the market of a local village.这一偏远山区的农民依靠在当地村子里的市场上出售他们种植的剩余粮食勉强糊口。 /201312/267754

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