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President Barack Obama called yesterday for the Muslim world to embark on a “generational task” of confronting the “cancer of violent extremism” in a sharply worded speech at the UN.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)昨日在联合国(UN)发表措辞严厉的讲话,呼吁穆斯林世界承担起一项“一代人的任务”,对抗“暴力极端主义之癌”。Speaking two days after he ordered the first US air strikes against Islamist militants in Syria, Mr Obama challenged other countries in the Middle East – including US allies – to do more to dismantle the extremist group Isis’s “network of death”.两天前,奥巴马下令美国对叙利亚境内的伊斯兰主义武装分子发动首波空袭。奥巴马在昨日讲话中要求中东其他国家——包括美国的盟友——采取更多措施,摧毁极端团体ISIS的“死亡之网”。Mr Obama framed the struggle against the Isis in the stark moral terms that he has often been reluctant to use. “There can be no reasoning – no negotiation – with this brand of evil,” he said at the UN general assembly. “The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force.”在框定打击ISIS的斗争时,奥巴马使用了他往往不愿使用的态度鲜明的道德措辞。他在联合国大会上表示:“对于这种邪恶势力不可能有说理的余地,不可能有谈判的余地。这样的杀人犯能够理解的唯一语言是‘武力’。”The warlike rhetoric represented a stark change for a president who was elected to end the conflict in Iraq and who only last year claimed at the UN that America was “shifting away from a perpetual war footing”.这种宣战式的措辞表明奥巴马的态度发生了极大转变。当初他竞选总统的承诺之一就是要结束伊拉克冲突。就在去年,奥巴马还曾在联合国声称,美国要“退出永久战备的状态”。Mr Obama was speaking after the US launched a second night of attacks targeting Isis positions in Syria.奥巴马讲话之前,美国对叙利亚境内的ISIS目标发起第二晚的空中打击。While the Obama administration has celebrated that five regional allies took part in air strikes , Mr Obama appeared to criticise some of those same countries that have backed extremist elements in Syria.尽管奥巴马政府欢呼5个中东盟国参与空袭,但奥巴马似乎还是批评了其中某些国家对叙利亚境内极端分子的持。He insisted that all countries needed to “cut off the funding that fuels this hate”. In words that seemed aimed at some of America’s Gulf allies, he added: “It’s time to end the hypocrisy of those who accumulate wealth through the global economy, and then siphon funds to those who teach children to tear it down.”他坚称,所有国家必须“切断助燃这种仇恨的资金流”。他似乎针对美国在海湾地区的某些盟友补充道:“有些人通过全球经济积累了财富,到头来却拿钱资助那些教孩子们破坏全球体制的人。是时候结束这种伪善了。” /201409/332249。

Microsoft#39;s Surface tablet is, for now, aptly named. We know what the product looks like, but don#39;t know how it will perform, or sell, until it gets into consumers#39; hands. Reviewers can only debate the features (USB port; kickstand; thin keyboard; whoop-de-doo) and analysts will resort to new forms of bet-hedging (;execution will be key;).眼下来看,微软(Microsoft)Surface平板电脑的名字很贴切。我们知道产品长什么样,但在它到消费者手中之前,我们不知道它的性能或销量如何。者只能辩论各种功能(USB接口;架;薄键盘;诸如此类),而分析师将求助于可进可退的新套话(;执行将是关键;)。And the tablet has to perform beautifully because of an ugly catch 22: mobile devices become popular with consumers largely because of the available applications, but app developers only work on devices that are popular with consumers. The fact that it will run Microsoft Office#39;s software suite, with which cubicle dwellers worldwide are sentenced to spend their days, does not mean Surface can crack this problem.这款平板电脑必须有出色的表现,原因在于一对可恶的矛盾:一方面,移动设备能否受到消费者欢迎,在很大程度上要看可获得的应用程序有多少;另一方面,应用开发者只针对人气较高的设备开发应用。虽然Surface将运行全世界白领员工不得不使用的微软Office套装软件,但这并不意味着这款平板电脑能够解决上述矛盾。Pricing will also be crucial. Microsoft#39;s Lumia smartphone, released with Nokia, proved that a solid product with differentiating features can still struggle with consumers, especially if it is too dear. Microsoft, because it is making the Surface under its own brand, will have complete control of price. So far, it has said only that prices will be ;competitive; with existing products. Why not discount aggressively, to break open the market? Assuming a 0 cost for the lower-end Windows RT version, the company could sell 10m of them at 0 (a big discount over the cheapest iPad) while sacrificing all of 4 per cent of pre-tax income.定价也将很关键。微软与诺基亚(Nokia)合作打造的Lumia智能手机表明,有着与众不同功能的优秀产品,仍有可能难以获得消费者的青睐,尤其是如果这款产品很贵的话。由于微软借助自己的品牌推出Surface,因此该公司对定价有着完全的控制权。迄今微软仅表示,Surface的价格与现有产品相比将;具有竞争力;。为什么不推出咄咄逼人的折扣来打开市场呢?假设低端Windows RT版本的成本是400美元,那么微软能够以300美元(比最便宜的iPad还便宜很多)的价格销售1000万台,同时牺牲全部4%的税前利润。Consumers tend to equate price and value, and Microsoft has a fledgling brand to protect. More important, Microsoft must consider the global PC makers, from Hewlett-Packardto Lenovo. They will not make Windows tablets if they are competing against a subsidised Surface. Microsoft will have to think carefully before alienating the partners who have helped make their software franchise one of the most profitable businesses of all time.消费者往往把价格和价值等同起来,而微软也需要保护初生的Surface品牌。更重要的是,微软必须考虑从惠普(Hewlett-Packard)到联想(Lenovo)的全球个人电脑(PC)制造商。若要与得到补贴的Surface展开竞争,他们将不会生产Windows平板电脑。在疏远那些让微软软件成为史上盈利最丰厚行业之一的合作伙伴之前,微软需要三思而行。 /201206/187653。

Did you know that colors can be seen as well as heard? Well, now you do, thanks to 31-year-old Neil Harbisson, a color blind artist who spent years looking for a way of experiencing the colors of the world around him.你知道吗?颜色不仅可以被看见,还能被“听见”!31岁的尼尔·哈维森是一位色盲艺术家,他花费多年时间终于找到了一种感受周围世界色的方法,足以让你大开眼界。For the past 10 years, Neil has been wearing an external electronic eye that picks up the frequencies of the colors before him and converts them into sound vibrations that he can hear. Initially he wore the device outside his head. But later, the London-based artist convinced surgeons to implant the chip int his skull to be able to perceive more intricate colors.在过去的10年中,尼尔一直戴着一个外置电子眼,它可以把颜色的频率转化成声波,然后尼尔就可以“听见”声音了。最初的时候,他在大脑外部佩戴这一装置,但后来这位伦敦艺术家说外科医生把芯片植入自己的头盖骨里面,以便获取更细微的颜色。The idea for the device came about when Neil heard a cybernetics talk by computer scientist Adam Montandon at Dartington College of Arts in 2003. The pair then collaborated to create the device and Neil ended up memorizing various frequencies so he could recognize colors. So he still couldn’t see the colors, he could now hear and identify them.这一想法源自2003年,尼尔在达林顿艺术学院听了一场科学家亚当·蒙坦顿有关自动控制学的讲座。然后这两个人就合作创造了这一装置,后来尼尔通过记忆不同频率来辨识颜色。所以,尽管他还是不能看见颜色,但他可以“听见”并辨识出来。Neil, who was born with achromatopsia (a rare condition that allows him to see only black or white), said during a talk in 2012: “For me the sky is always grey, flowers are always grey and television is black and white. But since the age of 21 instead of seeing color I can hear color. I started to have favorite colors and I started to dream in color.”尼尔是全色盲(只能看见黑色和白色),他在2012年的一次座谈会上说:“对我来说,天空是灰的,花儿是灰的,电视是黑白的。但是从21岁起,我可以听见颜色了,我开始有了自己最喜欢的颜色,并且我做的梦也有了色。”At this point, Neil felt that the software and his brain had united, because in his dreams it wasn’t the software creating the electronic sounds, but his brain. So he decided to have the device implanted permanently.这时候,尼尔感觉芯片软件和自己的大脑已经联为一体,因为在梦里的颜色并不是电子眼产生的声音,而是源自他自己的大脑,所以他决定永久植入这块芯片。The cyborg antenna, or ‘eyeborg’ that Neil now wears is like a long tube with an audio input on one end that is implanted at back of his skull. At the other end is a camera that ‘sees’ the colors before they are transformed to sound. Because every color has a different vibration, Neil is able to distinguish between different images, paintings and faces (each of them has a distinct sound).尼尔所佩戴的机械天线“电子眼”,看上去就像一端带有摄像头、另一端植入头盖骨的长管。由于每种颜色都有一个不同的频率,所以尼尔能够辨别不同的图像、画作或脸庞(每种图像的声音都不同)。In fact, he can even hear colors that the human eye cannot perceive, like infrared and ultraviolet. And the reverse is also true – he is able to make color paintings of the voices of personalities like Hitler and Martin Luther King. He doesn’t even have to actually look at the colors. The images can be sent directly from his mobile phone to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connector inside the chip. It’s actually unbelievable – Neil is the first person in the world who can experience an image without actually looking at it.事实上,他甚至能听到人眼无法识别的颜色,如红外线和紫外线。“听声音”的逆过程也是可以实现的,他可以根据人物声音,比如希特勒和马丁·路德·金的声音,画出色画。他甚至不用看颜色,这些图像可以通过他的手机直接发送到芯片内部的无线或蓝牙。在该仪器的帮助下,尼尔成为世界上第一个不用看就可以感觉到图像的人。The implantation of the chip was done in a series of surgeries that took place between December and March in Barcelona. Neil said that the eyeborg has now become such an integral part of his identity that he even convinced authorities to let him take his passport photograph with it.芯片移植由12月至次年3月的多次外科手术完成。尼尔说电子眼现在已经成为他整个身体的一部分,他甚至还说官方让自己戴着它拍护照相片。What’s really great about the eyeborg is not what it can do, but its future potential. Just think of the possibilities – Neil is connecting with devices now, but if more people get the implant, skull-to-skull communication might just be possible. It’s too fascinating!“电子眼”真正伟大之处不在于它的功能,而是它未来的发展潜力。让我们思考一下未来的可能性吧:尼尔现在使用这一装置,但如果更多的人植入芯片,就可以直接通过大脑进行交流了。简直太迷人了! /201403/281669。

When you think Harley-Davidson, you probably think about leather, beards, and loud engines. Now, though, you can picture a fully electric bike with a digital display.一提到哈雷戴维森托车( Harley-Davidson),大家可能就会想到皮革、胡须,以及轰隆的引擎声。但现在,大家可以把它想象成是一辆配备数字显示屏的全电动单车。The iconic American motorcycle manufacturer held an event in New York City Monday afternoon showing off Project LiveWire, a prototype of the company’s first electric motorcycle.上周一下午,这家标志性的美国托车制造商在纽约市举办了一场活动,隆重推出了它的第一款电动托概念车:LiveWire。The new bikes look mostly like a traditional motorcycle, with a few notable exceptions. There is a digital display in between the handlebars where speed and efficiency are displayed. Also, there is no clutch on the left handlebar, since there are no gears. The bike can go from zero to 60 in about 4 seconds, and can reach up to 92 m.p.h. It does not have the traditional loud Harley rev-up sound, though there is a slight hum from the electric engine starting.这款新单车看起来跟传统的托车相差无几,但也存在几个显著的不同之处。它的车把之间有一个能够显示速度和效率的显示屏。此外,左车把没有离合器,因为它没有齿轮。这款单车从零加速到60英里(约合96公里)大约只需4秒,最高时速为92英里。它没有传统哈雷托那种响亮的转速声,但它的电动引擎会发出轻微的嗡嗡声。Harley President Matt Levatich said it would be a few years before the bikes were y to be manufactured and put on sale. In the meantime, it is still tweaking the design and listening to its customers.哈雷公司总裁马特o雷瓦迪克表示,这款单车准备在几年后量产销售。与此同时,这家公司将继续调整设计,同时聆听消费者的意见。“We don’t have specific date,” he said. “We need time to incorporate that feedback.“我们还没有确定具体的日期,”他说。“我们需要时间来吸收顾客的反馈信息。”It was a uniquely diverse crowd gathered at the Harley-Davidson HOG 0.00% dealership in Lower Manhattan — a near equal mix of buttoned-up journalists lumbering onto the LiveWire simulator (think a motorcycle stuck in place that can be “revved up” without actually going anywhere) and Harley-Davidson Riders Club Members, many of whom sported well-worn patched vests and beards that would give Rasputin a run for his money.各色人等聚集在位于曼哈顿下城哈雷戴维森旗舰店。一群沉默寡言的记者缓慢地爬上LiveWire模拟装置(想象一下,你骑在一辆被卡住的托车上,可以“加速”,但托车根本不会动),试驾者当然少不了哈雷骑士俱乐部成员(Harley-Davidson Riders Club Members),其中许多人穿着打满补丁的旧背心,蓄着可以跟一代巫师拉斯普廷相媲美的大胡子。One of those riders, Juan Marmol, said that the new bike ran great, though he was concerned about the relative short range of the bike on a single charge of its battery. The bike can only travel around 55 miles after a three hour charge.一位叫胡安o马莫尔的车手说,这款新单车的驾驶感觉非常棒,但他担心,一次充电能够撑的里程相对较短。经过三小时充电之后,这款单车只能行驶大约55英里。“It was awesome,” he said. “The biggest downfall to it right now based on what their telling us is the charge time.”“感觉很棒,”他说。“根据他们目前的说法,最大的缺点是充电时间。”For hardcore Harley riders who sometimes go up to 400 miles a day, the current battery just wouldn’t work, Marmol said. But he did think that the new bike could change Harley-Davidson’s image and maybe bring some new people into the hog-riding family.马莫尔说,铁杆哈雷车手有时候一天要骑行400英里,对他们来说,目前的电池根本不够用。但他的确认为,这款单车可以改变哈雷戴维森的形象,或许能够吸引一些新人加入重型托手的行列。“I believe this will change kind of the mindset that Harley’s are for old guys,” he said.他说:“我相信它多少会改变那种认为哈雷粉丝都是老家伙的观点。”Levatich agreed, also noting that Harley would not be forgetting its core customers who want old-fashioned motorcycles. “We’re absolutely not abandoning any of that,” he said. “We’re going to continue to invest in great traditional Harley-Davidson motorcycles. LiveWire has nothing to do with that. It’s all of that, plus opening the doors to some people that are maybe on the outside of the sport, on the outside of the brand.”雷瓦迪克同意这种看法,但他还指出,哈雷永远也不会忘记那些钟情于老式托车的核心客户。“我们绝对不会放弃任何一款老车型,”他说。“我们将继续投资于拥有伟大传统的哈雷戴维森托车。LiveWire与老车型无关。推出这款车是想给一些或许还没有喜欢上这项运动、没有尝试过这一品牌的人们打开一扇门。”Of course, Harley-Davidson isn’t the only motor cycle maker exploring electric bikes. In fact, Other companies such as Mission Motors have aly put their models on sale.当然,哈雷戴维森并不是唯一一家正在开发电动单车的托车制造商。事实上,包括使命托(Mission Motors)在内的其他公司已经开始销售电动车型。Harley-Davidson’s roadshow will travel across the ed States this year and next in addition to going to Canada and Europe. The LiveWire Experience Tourcontinues next week in Milwaukee, Wis.哈雷戴维森今年将在美国各地举行路演活动,明年还打算远赴加拿大和欧洲。LiveWire体验之旅下周将移师威斯康星州密尔沃基市。 /201407/308788。

Japan#39;s Nikon has become the latest foreign company to receive brickbats from China#39;s state-run CCTV network, and investors are clearly nervous.日本尼康(Nikon)成为中国官方中央电视台(CCTV)攻击的最新一家外资企业,这一消息显然令投资者十分紧张。In a March 15 show, CCTV said in a programme broadcast to mark World Consumer Rights Day that Nikon#39;s D600 digital camera produces photos with black spots.3月15日,中央电视台在为世界消费者权益日(World Consumer Rights Day)制作的“3.15晚会”中表示,尼康出品的D600数码相机拍摄的照片中有黑点。Nikon has said it will fix the alleged flaws. Still, shares opened 4.1 per cent lower in Tokyo, placing them at a five-week low.尼康表示该公司将修正这一节目指出的问题。不过,东京股市开盘时该公司股价仍下跌了4.1%,达到5周以来最低点。This annual CCTV programme last March targeted Apple, accusing the US company of offering Chinese consumers warranties that were not comparable to those available internationally. The attack on lasted weeks, and was viewed as an attempt to erode the tech giant#39;s cachet in China, to the benefit of home grown companies such as Lenovo.去年,中央电视台年度“3.15晚会”曾把苹果公司(Apple)作为攻击目标,指控这家美国公司为中国消费者提供的质保务不及其在国际上提供的质保务。攻击持续了数周。有人认为央视企图通过此举打击这家科技巨头在中国的声誉,以利于联想(Lenovo)之类的中国本土企业。 /201403/280262。

What#39;s the future of the automobile? For all the attention Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have received of late, the electric car is the logical guess.汽车行业的未来在哪里?最近,特斯拉(Tesla)及其CEO埃隆·穆斯克可谓赚足了眼球,所以,电动汽车是符合逻辑的猜测。Not at Toyota.但丰田汽车(Toyota)并不这样认为。Hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles made up 16% of Toyota#39;s (TM) total sales last year – 10% of that number was from electric vehicles. That sector ;will grow over time, as we see improvement in batteries,; Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America told the audience at Fortune#39;s Brainstorm Green conference on Tuesday. ;But we#39;re really excited about this concept of fuel cell vehicles.;混合动力或替代燃料汽车占丰田汽车去年总销量的16%,其中,电动汽车占比为10%。在周二的《财富》(Fortune)绿色头脑风暴大会(Brainstorm Green)上,丰田北美公司(Toyota North America)CEO吉姆o伦茨对观众表示:“随着电池技术的改进,这个部门还会继续增长。但真正令我们感到兴奋的是燃料电池汽车的概念。”Why? Because ;it#39;s an on-demand electric vehicle,; Lentz said. ;Rather than having a large heavy battery that takes a while to charge, you basically use hydrogen to produce electricity and water vapor.; Another factor is that prices of batteries used in electric vehicles aren#39;t dropping dramatically enough to offer consumers a long-range vehicle at a reasonable price. ;It#39;ll happen some day, but I can#39;t tell you when that is,; Lentz says. ;The long term play is going to be fuel cell.;为什么?伦茨表示,因为“这是一种基于需求的电动汽车。这种汽车没有笨重的大号电池,不需要花很长时间充电,主要使用氢气来产生电力和水蒸汽。”另外一个因素在于,电动汽车电池价格的下降幅度不足以为消费者提供价格合理的远程驾驶汽车。伦茨称:“未来这种情况可能会有所改变,但我不知道会是什么时候。从长期来看,燃料电池车型才是最后的赢家。”Lentz was quick to reel off the benefits of fuel cell vehicles: their carbon footprint is 50% better than gasoline, and their fuel costs will be low – about for a 4-passenger sedan to travel 300 miles.很快,伦茨就开始滔滔不绝地介绍燃料电池汽车的好处:它们的碳足迹比汽油改善了50%,燃料成本将降低——可乘坐4名乘客的轿车行驶300英里的费用约为30美元。But for all the pros there#39;s a major con: there#39;s no place to fill up a hydrogen car, and it#39;s expensive to build hydrogen stations; they cost about million a piece.尽管有各种好处,但有一个重要的不利因素依然不容忽视:氢动力汽车没有地方加注燃料,而修建氢气站的费用又太过昂贵;每一个氢气站的成本大约为200万美元。;California has only nine or 10 [hydrogen] stations, and there are only 180 in the world,; said moderator Brian Dumaine, senior editor at Fortune. ;Where are you going to fill up a hydrogen car in California?;大会主持人、《财富》杂志资深编辑布莱恩o杜梅因说:“加利福尼亚州总共也只有9到10个(氢气)站,全世界也仅有180个。在加州去哪儿为氢动力汽车加注燃料?”Lentz said that Toyota has been working with University of California at Irvine to determine the optimal location of stations and how many stations the state actually needs to satisfy about 10,000 fuel cell vehicles. ;That number is 68,; he said. Thanks to a 0 million investment by the state -- Toyota has invested million of its own money was well -- California will have 30 stations by next year. ;We#39;re not that far away in California of having that initial hydrogen highway,; Lentz said.伦茨表示,丰田汽车正在与加州大学尔湾分校(University of California at Irvine)合作,确定氢气站的最佳位置,以及加州满足约10,000辆燃料电池汽车需要多少个氢气站。他说:“我们得出的结果是68个。”凭借加州的2亿美元投资,以及丰田投入的700万美元,加州到明年将拥有30个氢气站。伦茨说:“加州距离实现初步氢气高速公路的目标并不遥远。”And then there#39;s the question of price? Toyota is known for its affordability. Will a fuel cell car fit into that mold?接下来还有价格问题。丰田汽车以经济适用性而著称,燃料电池汽车是否也能做到这一点?Lentz told the Brainstorm Green audience that Toyota has about 100 fuel cell vehicles on the road aly – each worth about million. When the company introduces its fuel cell car to the general public next year, the cost will be about 5% of that – or ,000, according to Lentz.伦茨对绿色头脑风暴大会的观众们表示,丰田公司有约100辆燃料电池汽车已经上路——每一辆价值约100万美元。他表示,明年公司向公众推出燃料电池汽车时,价格将大幅下调,仅为目前价格的5%,也就是50,000美元。There#39;s no doubt Lentz is enthusiastic about his company#39;s fuel cell future, but he said he knows other people might not feel the same way – yet. ;If you look at hybrids, it took 15 years from when we first introduced it to go to a marketplace of over 500,00,; he said. ;I think you can assume a similar acceptance rate of fuel cells down the road.;毫无疑问,伦茨对燃料电池的未来充满热情。但他表示,目前并不是所有人都像他一样乐观。他说:“以混合动力汽车为例,从最初推出到销量超过50,000辆,我们花了15年时间。我想大家可以做出这样的假设:未来一段时间,燃料电池汽车会达到类似的接受度。” /201405/300895。