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导购口语:There are all sorts of beverages in our supermarket, both domestic and imported.我们超市有各种饮料,包括国产和进口的The famous old wine made from grapes is of world-class quality.著名陈年葡萄酒具有世界级品质The Chinese Mao-tai liquor enjoys a reputation in the international market.中国茅台酒在国际市场上享有盛誉 语句:All sorts of beverages各种饮料,beverage指任一种饮用的液体,通常不包括水在内;drink指所有可饮用的,还可以指含有酒精的饮品比如酒Made from grapes由葡萄酿成;be of world-class quality世界级品质;enjoy a reputation in…在……享有盛名 情景再现:We have the best brand of wines and spirits.我们有各种名牌葡萄酒和烈性酒I know it called XO. It very expensive, isnt it?我知道它叫XO(白兰地规格,指窖藏达0~75年的特陈白兰地),十分昂贵,对吗?Excuse me, please give me two bottles of mineral water.对不起,请给我两瓶矿泉水Could I have a refund on the sparkling water? It tastes strange.我能退还汽水吗?有一股怪味儿Can I have this box of coconut milk delivered?有人能帮我送这箱椰奶吗?。

A: This is Janet Smith in apartment 3. May I speak to the apartment manager?B: Speaking. What can I do you?A: Something happened to my window. It's broken.B: That doesn't sound good. Do you know how it happened?A: I don't know the exact details.B: Do you have an idea who might be responsible the window?A: I'm almost sure it is the local kids in the apartments.B: How did you come to that conclusion?A: There was a baseball in my living room along with the broken glass.B: Well, at least there's no mystery about how it happened.A: I saw a group of them playing in the lot just bee I went out to my car.B: Can you tell me which ones you recognized?A: I just looked at them a second.B: I'll call a repairman, but it might take two days.A: How about if I call a friend of mine who is a repairman?B: That's no problem. I'll come by right now to look at the damage.A: Okay. Come on over. But tell me, who pays this?B: You can pay it, and I can reimburse you. Or he can bill me directly.A: I'm glad to hear that. I didn't want to get stuck with the bill.B: I will bill the kid's parents if I ever find out which kid did it.。

It was a bittersweet ending a college junior in Guangzhou who asked out his secret crush in an elaborate public ceremony involving 999 pomelo fruits.广州一名大三学生精心准备了999个写满爱情宣言的柚子,在大庭广众之下向暗恋的女孩表白,却收到一个苦乐参半的结局The lovestruck man was struck down by his crush, named as ;Mumu,; despite his display of affection at a local shopping mall that involved singing, dancing and giant custom-made banners.尽管这位痴情的男子在当地一个购物中心广场拉起了巨幅的表白标语,并自编自唱自演向这位叫“木木”的女孩表白,但最终还是遭到了拒绝The main feature, however, was the 999 pomelos, a grapefruit-like citrus and reportedly Mumu favorite fruit, arranged in a heart shape.然而,现场最大的主角是999个柚子,这是一种像西柚一样的柑橘属水果,据说是木木最爱吃的水果,被摆成了一个爱心形状;In front of all these witnesses, if I said I liked you, would you be my girlfriend?; asked the man.男孩表白时发问道:“在这么多人见下,我要说我喜欢你,你能做我女朋友吗?”The sentiment soon turned sour. ;I like you as a friend,; said Mumu, adding, ;leave the fruit.;然而木木的回答却让人大失所望:“一直以来我都当你是我最好的朋友”不过,她补充说道:“柚子可以留下”In a bid to break the tension, one of Mumu friends grabbed the mic and said, ;Hey! Mumu said everyone can take some pomelos.;为了打破僵局,木木的一位好友抢过话筒说,“嗨,木木说,柚子大家可以随便拿!”When Mumu agreed, the crowd tore apart the displayed heart, fruit by fruit.在得到木木首肯后,围观的人群迅速散开去拿柚子All 999 pomelos were gone in about minutes, media reported. One woman was seen loading up a baby carriage.据媒体报道,所有的999个柚子在两分钟内被一抢而空一位推着婴儿车的妈妈在婴儿车上也放了好几个 66365。

A: Excuse me, professor. I need to go home now.B: Is everything OK?A: I just feel funny.B: What exactly seems to be the matter?A: I have a terrible headache.B: Do you think that you should go to the Student Health Center?A: I aly have some medicine at home if I could just get there.B: Do you need someone to drive you home?A: Thank you, but the bus stops right at my house.B: Well, go home and rest up. Make sure you check the website your assignments.。

It isnt every day that a mystery from the deep swims into plain sight. But on Christmas Eve, spectators on a pier in Toyama Bay in central Japan were treated to a rare sighting of a giant squid.并不是每天都有来自深海神秘生物游弋到浅海,但平安夜晚上,许多游客在日本中部富山湾的一个港口看到了难得一遇的巨型乌贼The creature swam under fishing boats and close to the surface of Toyama Bay, better known its firefly squid, and reportedly hung around the bay several hours bee it was ushered back to open water.这条乌贼浮在渔船下面,游到了富山湾的水面上,据称它在水中逗留了数小时之后才被引回开阔水域富山湾比较出名的则是萤火乌贼It was captured on by a submersible camera, and even joined by a diver, Akinobu Kimura, owner of Diving Shop Kaiyu, who swam in close proximity to the red-and-white real-life sea monster.巨型乌贼被水下摄像机拍摄,甚至还有一名潜水店的老板Akinobu Kimura潜入水中,近距离观察这条活生生、红白相间的海怪;My curiosity was way bigger than fear, so I jumped into the water and go close to it,; he told CNN.Akinobu Kimura告诉CNN记者:“我的好奇心战胜了胆怯,跳入水中去接近它”;This squid was not damaged and looked lively, spurting ink and trying to entangle his tentacles around me. I guided the squid toward to the ocean, several hundred meters from the area it was found in, and it disappeared into the deep sea.;“这条乌贼并没有攻击性,看起来很健康,它喷出墨汁还试图用触角缠绕我,之后我引导它游向开阔的水域,它在离被发现地点几百米的地方消失在了深海中”Yuki Ikushi, the curator of Uozu Aquarium in Uozu, Toyama, told CNN that there were reports of Architeuthis squid trapped by fishing nets last season, and this one is the first sighting this season, which runs from November to March.富山市鱼津水族馆的馆长Yuki Ikushi告诉CNN称,上个期有起渔网捕获大王乌贼的报道,这是本鱼期内第一次见到巨型乌贼,当地的鱼期从月一直持续到来年3月;We might see more in this season, but it very rare them to be found swimming around (the fishing boats) moorings.;“以后还可能见到更多巨型乌贼,但主动游到渔船停泊港口的并不多见”The Toyama squid is a fairly small example of the species, estimated at around 3.7 meters (.1 feet) long, and may be a juvenile. Giant squid are thought to grow as large as meters (3 feet) long. They typically inhabit deep waters, and it is unclear why this one wandered into the bay.富山乌贼是众多巨型乌贼种类中的一小类,这条乌贼体长大约3.7米(.1英尺),可能还处于成长期巨型乌贼最长可达米(3英尺),通常生活在深海中,目前还不清楚它游到浅湾中的原因 01963。

Wang Xing, a -year-old boy from Jimo, Shandong province, killed his mother with an ax and buried her in a shallow grave under their chicken coop.王兴是一名来自山东即墨的岁少年,他用斧头将母亲杀死后埋在了自家鸡圈下面的浅坟中Wang mother body was found several days later by the boy grandmother, Liu Kaolan, who lives next door. The boy was later arrested by police.王兴的祖母刘考兰就住在隔壁,几天后她发现了王兴母亲的尸体随后警方逮捕了这名少年According to the investigation, the victim, Li Juan, was always overprotective of her son, bidding him from leaving the house without her permission and supervision.据调查显示,受害人李娟总是过分保护自己的儿子,禁止他在没有自己允许有和监督的情况下离开房子Li was so cautious that other locals and even Wang grandparents next door hadnt seen the boy in a long time.李娟实在是太过小心谨慎,以至于其他当地人、甚至包括隔壁王兴的祖父母都很长时间没有见到过王兴Wang was eager to look work outside the village, but Li discouraged his ambitions, claiming that the world outside was too dangerous him.王兴急于到村外找工作,但是李娟阻止了他的野心,称外面的世界对他来说太过于危险After killing Li, Wang took his mother phone along with 1,0 RMB and fled to Qingdao, securing the lock on the gate outside his house as he left.在杀死母亲之后,王兴拿走了母亲的手机和00元现金逃到了青岛,出逃前还将自家房门上了锁From Qingdao, Wang continued on to Jinan and then Chengdu, but he was finally apprehended by police on Sept. .随后他又从青岛逃到了济南、后来又到了成都,但是最终还是被警方于9月日抓获In court, the teenager was very calm, relating the events of his crime without any visible sadness or remorse.在法庭上,这个少年非常平静,脸上看不出对任何自己所犯罪行的悲伤或悔恨之情Wang father died from cancer in , and Li relationship with her mother was rocky. Most of the time, Li came and went without having much contact with neighbors.王兴的父亲年因癌症去世,而李娟和自己母亲的关系也并不好大多数时候,李娟都是来了又走,和邻居们没有多少交流As her son, Li always said he was at school or at work, so Li neighbors were unaware of the extent of Wang restrictions prior to this incident.至于她的儿子,李娟总是说他在学校或者在工作,李娟的邻居们都不清楚在这一事件之前王兴遭受了何种程度的人身限制 898。

Janna could enjoy her childhood like every other year old kid by playing and watching TV at her home. But she chose to risk her life reporting on the Palestinian – Israeli conflict in the occupied West Bank, with the aim to raise awareness about the plight of her people.乔安娜本可以像其他岁的孩子们一样,玩耍、在家看电视,享受她的童年时光但是,她却选择冒着生命危险去约旦河西岸的巴以冲突地带,记录和报道当地的一切她希望可以唤起全世界对当地人民及其困境的认识与关注A resident of Nabi Saleh, a small Palestinian village north of the West Bank city of Ramallah, Janna has witnessed the tragedies of war from a very young age. Her mother, Nawal, talks about an incident where Jana was traumatized after one of her friends was shot dead by the Israeli army. ;He was older than her but used to always be friendly and nice to her so that she became attached to him. When she saw his blood on the ground, she became frantic.;乔安娜住在约旦河西岸拉姆安拉城北面的一个名叫纳比萨利赫的小村庄里,从小她就目睹了战争之下的一起又一起悲剧乔安娜的母亲纳瓦尔表示,乔安娜在几年前亲眼目睹了自己的一个朋友遭到以色列军队的击后死亡,自此之后她的心灵受到巨大创伤;那个孩子比乔安娜大一些,对她非常友好,乔安娜非常喜欢他当乔安娜看见他倒在血泊里的时候,她的精神一下子就崩溃了;Janna would often pen her feelings and frustrations in a locked journal and made it the only mode of communication, but the deaths of two of her relatives – her cousin, Mustafa Tamimi, and another uncle, Rushdie Tamimi – inspired her to get involved and reveal the injustice the people in her village are being subjected to.乔安娜经常会将自己的心情和遇到的挫折记录在一个带锁的日记本里,这是她沟通的唯一方式然而在其堂兄穆斯塔法·塔米米以及叔叔拉什迪·塔米米先后离世之后,这些事使她决心参与进来,揭露她居住的村庄里的人究竟遭受了多少不公平的待遇Janna began her journalist career when she was just 7 years old. She would use her mother iPhone to record protests staged by locals and international peace activists and the reaction of Israeli army. She believes that the professional journalists dont often give us the exact news so she takes up the responsibility to show the whole picture by posting s on various social media platms like, YouTube, Facebook or Snapchat.从7岁那年开始,乔安娜就开始了自己的记者生涯乔安娜经常会用妈妈的手机去拍摄记录当地居民以及国际和平主义者所发起的示威抗议,还有以色列军队对此所作出的回应她认为那些国际记者们并没有完全真实地报道新闻,于是她便扛起了这份责任,通过发布视频到诸如YouTube,Facebook以及Snapchat等各类社交媒体平台上的方式,展示整个事件;I want the world to know that we are not terrorists and to expose the army violence against us,; she told The Arab Weekly.乔安娜接受《阿拉伯周刊采访时表示:;我想让全世界知道,我们并不是什么恐怖分子,我们只是在反抗当地军队对我们的暴行;After rising to internet fame in , and being hailed as one of the world youngest amateur reporters, Janna Jihad has expanded her work, travelling with her mother to places like Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and Jordan to shoot reports and post them online.年乔安娜在网络上一举成名,并被称为是世界上最小的业余战地记者之一后来,乔安娜·吉哈德在母亲的陪伴下前往更多的地方去进行拍摄和报道她在耶路撒冷、希伯伦、纳布卢斯和约旦等地方拍摄视频,并将其发布到网上Janna mother says she is both proud of her, but also very scared her safety.乔安娜的妈妈表示,她很为自己的女儿骄傲,但同时也非常担心她的安全问题;I am proud of my daughter because as a child, she tells her message to the world. She shares her fears, what she feels, and the problems of attending school,; Nawal told Al Jazeera. ;But I am scared her, when the army comes in the middle of the night and tear-gases our house, and we wake up in smoke. They attack our people who demonstrate against the settlers and the Israeli occupation.;纳瓦尔接受半岛电视台采访时表示:;我为我的女儿感到无比骄傲,因为她在如此小的年纪就可以通过自己的力量将信息传递给全世界她向全世界展示她的恐惧、她所感受到的一切以及孩子们上学的问题但是,我非常担心她的安危我们的家里曾在半夜的时候被军队丢进催泪瓦斯,一家人在烟雾中醒来谁要是反对和抗议以色列军队占领此地,那些军队就会采取袭击行动;Janna dream is to study professional journalism at Harvard and get a job at CNN or FOX News, because ;they do not talk about Palestine, and I want to make reports on Palestine;. And when asked about Janna ideal world, she said, ;I want it to be pink;.乔安娜的梦想是去哈佛学习新闻专业,之后去CNN或者是福克斯新闻工作,因为他们从不设计巴勒斯坦问题,而她希望可以去做关于这方面的报道当有人问乔安娜对于她来说理想的世界是什么样子时,这个小姑娘表示:;我希望她看起来是粉色的; 9。

Weve been judging people based on the way they look thousands of years. The ancient Greeks turned it into a science, ;physiognomy;.几千年以来,我们一直根据人的长相来评判他人古希腊人把这种方式转化为科学,命名为;相面术;As early as 500 , the mathematician Pythagoras would scrutinise young men faces to determine if theyd make a good student; not long after Aristotle wrote how large-headed people were mean.早在公元前500年,数学家毕达哥拉斯就通过仔细观察年轻人的面部来决定他们是不是好学生不久之后,亚里士多德就写道,头大的人很吝啬It was widely believed at the time that the animal a person resembled was as good a judge of character as any.那时的人们普遍相信,长得像某种动物的人也可能具有相应的个性By the Middle Ages it was well and truly mainstream.中世纪时期,这成为了真正意义上地主流观念Professionals coined the phrase ;stuck-up; to refer from the belief that those with upturned noses had an air of superiority, ;high-brow; to refer to the high eheads of aristocrats and ;low-brow; to the less refined eheads of the lower classes.专业人士编造出一个短语;stuck-up;,意指拥有朝天鼻的人更具有优越感这种信念,;high-brow;意指贵族的高额头,;low-brow;意指下层阶级并不精致的额头Back in , were still doing it. We view those who resemble Labradors as warm, while those who resemble lions as more dominant.到了年,我们仍然这样做我们觉得长得像拉布拉多犬的人温顺,而像狮子的人更拥有配感We think of those with ;resting moody face; as more aggressive, those who are less attractive as sick and expect people who look familiar to share our values.面色僵硬的人更具有进攻性,长得不怎么漂亮的人一脸病态,我们期待脸熟的人和我们拥有共同的价值观Many of these judgements occur in as little as 50 milliseconds.很多这样的判断仅仅发生在50毫秒间These bizarre subconscious errors arent as ridiculous as they sound.这些离奇的潜意识里的错误并不像听起来那么荒谬Faces contain valuable clues to who were dealing with (Are they aggressive? Are they sick?). Deep in our evolutionary past, the ability to make rapid, unconscious categorisations had life-and-death importance.对于我们正在相处的人来说,面部包含着很多具有价值的线索,(他们具有进攻性吗?他们生病了吗?)深深根植在我们过去的进化史中,做出快速而下意识的分类的能力攸关生死To get to grips with why having a babyface is so great, first we need to understand what happens when we recognise an actual baby.为了明白为什么拥有娃娃脸很棒,首先,我们需要明白当我们看到真正的孩子时,会发生些什么In fact the features of babies – and those universally considered ;cute; – are nothing more than a series of developmental accidents.事实上,全世界公认婴儿的特征就是;可爱;,那只不过是一系列发育事件罢了Since our eyes are aly fully grown by the time were born and our heads arent. Similarly, our bodies do a lot more growing later on than our heads. They have more body fat than adults; chubby cheeks. The list goes on.因为自打我们出生起,我们的眼睛就发育完全了,但是我们的头部并没有相同地,我们的身体之后比我们的头部发育的更多婴儿比成人更肥一些:拥有更加丰满的双颊等等And regardless of whether youre very maternal or find babies really annoying, were hardwired to respond to their features by turning into cooing, baby-talking lunatics.无论你是不是产妇,无论你是不是觉得婴儿真的很烦,我们都会自觉对他们的特征做出反应,变成轻声细语,如婴儿般交谈的疯子Crucially, gazing into their innocent faces makes us less aggressive and more generous, smiley and helpful.更关键的是,看着他们纯真的脸庞,就会让我们的行为更加柔和,更加慷慨,充满笑意并且乐于助人So there you have it. Next time you find yourself staring affectionately into the eyes of a baby-faced friend, colleague or date – just remember, you may be the latest victim in a long-running systematic evolutionary fraud.所以,现在你明白了下次,如果你发现自己含情脉脉地盯着拥有娃娃脸的朋友、同事或者约会对象时,只需记住,你可能是长期以来进化欺骗的最新受害者 67858。