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2019年10月17日 16:29:31来源:华信息

Günther Oettinger, Germany’s European commissioner, bowed to mounting public pressure yesterday and issued a grovelling apology for a speech last week in which he insulted the Chinese, women, gay people and the Belgian region of Wallonia.昨日,德国的欧盟专员金特.厄廷格(Günther Oettinger)迫于越来越大的公众压力,对上周侮辱了中国人、女性、同性恋群体以及比利时瓦隆大区(Wallonia)的演讲发表了语气谦卑的道歉。The move is an about-face from Mr Oettinger, who had previously tried to brush off the furore over his remarks, which included a reference to Chinese people with “slitty eyes” and “hair combed from left to right with black shoe polish”.此举是厄廷格的幡然转变,此前他试图无视人们对他言论的愤怒。他的言论包括形容中国人“眯缝眼”和“用黑色鞋油把头发从左向右梳”。In a statement published on Wednesday, he had acknowledged “that the words I used have created bad feelings and may even have hurt people#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I would like to apologise for any remark that was not as respectful as it should have been”.在周三发表的声明中,他承认“我使用的语言让人心情不愉快,甚至可能受到了伤害……我想为我的任何欠妥的、不够尊重的言论道歉”。The scandal could not have come at a worse time for Mr Oettinger and his boss, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.对厄廷格及其上司欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席让-克洛德.容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)来说,该丑闻发生的时机不能更糟糕了。Last Friday, before the German’s remarks erupted into the open, Mr Juncker announced that he had selected Mr Oettinger to take over the European Commission’s coveted budget portfolio.上周五,在厄廷格的言论引发哗然之前,容克已宣布他选择厄廷格接管欧盟委员会令人垂涎的预算投资组合工作。Mr Juncker at the time lauded Mr Oettinger’s “professionalism” and his “good network of contacts”.容克当时称赞了厄廷格的“专业性”及其“良好的关系网”。The affair is the latest example of verbal self-destruction by Mr Oettinger, who has served as Germany’s EU commissioner since 2010.该事件是厄廷格在言语上自毁的最新例子,他自2010年开始担任德国的欧盟专员。Previous gaffes included a warning at the height of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that the reactor meltdown was out “out of control” — a remark that unleashed turmoil on the global financial markets.他之前的失言包括,在福岛核灾难最紧急时警告称那场反应堆熔毁事故已经“失控”——该言论引发了全球金融市场动荡。Flashpoints in his speech in Hamburg reportedly included a reference to Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, as “a micro-region run by communists,” and a bizarre aside about “compulsory gay marriage”.据报道,他在汉堡发表的那场演讲中的引发争议的言论包括,把瓦隆大区(比利时法语区)称为“由共产党人治理的微小地区”以及关于“强制性同性婚姻”的怪异笑话。A commission spokesman said Mr Juncker spoke to Mr Oettinger on Wednesday about the matter and they would talk again today.欧盟委员会一名发言人称,周三容克与厄廷格就该事件进行了谈话,他们今天还将再次谈话。“The president would like also to have the commissioner’s explanations on what he actually said and how he put himself in a position that required a statement to be issued today,” the spokesman said.“主席也想听专员解释他当时的原话是什么以及他是如何把自己置于今天不得不发表声明的境地,”该发言人称。In an unusually contrite statement for a senior EU official, Mr Oettinger apologised three times in the space of four paragraphs.在这份对于欧盟高级官员来说忏悔异常诚恳的声明中,厄廷格在四段话中道了3次歉。“I was frank and open — it was not a speech out, but ‘frei von der leber’ as we say in German,” he said. “Once again, apologies if my words caused negative feelings.”“我当时是心直口快——不是照演讲稿说的,而是我们在德语中所说的‘有口无心’(frei von der leber),”他称,“如果我说的话让人心情不愉快,我再次道歉。” /201611/476284。

  • Scores Reported Dead in Nice, France, as Truck Plows Into Bastille Day Crowd法国尼斯发生卡车冲撞人群事件,超70人遇难PARIS — A truck plowed into a large crowd watching the annual Bastille Day fireworks on the promenade in Nice on Thursday night, and witnesses reported hearing gunshots.巴黎——周四晚间,法国南部城市尼斯的滨海步行道举办年度国庆焰火活动,一辆卡车冲进正在观礼的人群,造成严重死伤。目击者表示还听到了声。Christian Estrosi, the deputy mayor of Nice, said that more than 77 people had been killed. “The truck was full of weapons and grenades,” Mr. Estrosi said on French television. It was not clear what motivated the driver to veer into the crowd.尼斯市副市长克里斯蒂安·埃斯科鲁斯(Christian Estrosi)称至少有77人遇害。他在法国电视上说:“那辆卡车装满了武器和手榴弹。”目前尚不清楚是什么原因让司机驾驶卡车冲向了人群。Officials asked people to stay indoors.官方呼吁人们待在室内。Conflicting accounts of the deaths and injuries emerged from multiple sources after the episode, with many reporting high numbers of casualties.事件发生后,不同的消息来源传出了不同的死伤数字,很多数字比较高。The sub-prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes department, Sébastien Humbert, told the French network BFMTV: “There are several dozen dead. The total is very high, thirty dead. Maybe 100 wounded. There was a truck that drove into the crowd, over a very long distance. There were shots. The driver was shot. This is on a big scale.”滨海阿尔卑斯省副省长塞巴斯蒂安·安贝尔(Sebastien Humbert)在法国BFMTV电视台节目中表示:“有数十人丧生。伤亡总数很高,30人死亡。也许有100人受伤。一辆卡车冲进人群,开了很长一段距离。之后发生了战,司机被击毙。这是一次大规模袭击。”Daphne Burandé, 15, who was at a bar near the beach to watch the fireworks, said: “We were enjoying the celebrations when we suddenly saw people running everywhere and tables being pushed down by the movement of panic.”15岁的达芙妮·比朗德(Daphne Burandé)当时在海滩附近的一间酒吧里观赏焰火,她说:“我们正在愉快地参加庆祝活动,突然看见到处的人都在跑,一些桌子在恐慌之中被掀翻。”“No one explained to us what was happening and I heard some gunshots not very far away,” she said. “I waited at the bar for more information because I thought it was a false alert. But then, people were still running.”“没有人向我们解释发生了什么事,我听到不太远的地方传来一阵声,”她说。“我还以为是假警报,就在酒吧里等待进一步的消息。但是之后人群仍然在奔逃。”France has been on alert for a terrorist attack for months, and officials have warned repeatedly that another attack is likely. Last November, attacks in and around Paris killed 130 people.数月来,法国一直处在防备恐怖袭击的警戒状态,官方多次警告很可能再次发生袭击。去年11月,在巴黎及其周围发生的恐怖袭击导致130人丧生。On Twitter, a woman who said her terrace overlooked the promenade where the episode unfolded reported hearing gunfire.一名女子在Twitter上表示,从她家露台上可以看到事发那条滨海步行道,她称自己听到了响。Several witnesses spoke on iTele, a French television station. A man who gave his name as Michel, working at the Voilier Plage restaurant in front of the Promenade des Anglais, said that around 10:30 pm a large white truck drove into a crowd that had gathered near the beach to watch Bastille Day fireworks, apparently killing dozens of people. “A huge number of people started running, then there was a lot of gunfire,” he said. The police arrived on the scene and engaged in a shootout with the two occupants of the truck.好几名目击者接受了法国电视台iTele的采访。一名自称为米歇尔(Michel)的男子在位于盎格鲁街前面的Voilier Plage餐厅工作,他表示在晚上大约10点半左右,一辆大型白色卡车开进了聚集在海滩附近观看国庆焰火的人群,看起来杀死了几十人。“大批人开始奔跑,接着出现了许多声,”他说。警方到达现场之后,与卡车上的两个人发生了战。Another witness who owns a restaurant nearby, whom iTele did not identify, said that when the truck plowed into the crowd, it “crushed everyone in its path.” Then two men got out of the truck “and started shooting into the crowd, about 50 shots,” the witness said.另一名iTele没有公布姓名的目击者是附近一家餐馆的老板,此人表示,当卡车冲进人群时,“一路撞向所有人。”接着两名男子跳出卡车,“开始朝人群射击,大约打了50,”这名目击者说。French television showed footage of a panicked crowd running from the scene. On Twitter, witnesses posted grim photos of bodies lying in a pile on the asphalt.法国电视台播出了惊慌失措的人群从现场跑开的画面。目击者在Twitter上发布了一些悲惨的照片,显示尸体密集地横陈于沥青路面上。The Prefecture of Police in Nice said that the driver had been neutralized.尼斯警察局表示,驾驶那辆卡车的司机已伏法。 /201607/454555。
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