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Hundreds of South Koreans who live near the future deployment site of the U.S. THAAD missile defense system staged a protest in Seoul Wednesday.数百名居住在美国萨德导弹防御系统计划部署地点附近的韩国民众周三在首尔举行抗议。Gimcheon Mayor Park Bo-saeng told the protesters that he has tried to dissuade provincial leaders and defense ministry officials from deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system near his city of 13,000 people, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.金泉市市长朴宝生对抗议者说,他试图说省级官员和国防部官员,不要在他的城市附近部署末端高空防御体系统(THAAD,简称“萨德”),但没人理睬他的请求。金泉市有13000居民。Protests over the summer forced the South Korean government to move the planned THAAD location away from one area in Seongju County that was 1.5 kilometers from a population center.今年夏天爆发的抗议迫使韩国政府改变了原计划在星洲郡部署萨德的地点,那个地点距离星洲郡一处人口聚集区仅1.5公里之遥。The new site, selected in September, is the Lotte Skyhill Country Club golf course, which is in a more rural part of Seongju County, and eight kilometers away from the city of Gimcheon, in the southern end of the Korean Peninsula.9月选出了新的部署地点,位于在星洲郡远郊的乐天天山乡村俱乐部高尔夫球场。这个地点距离金泉市8公里,地处朝鲜半岛的最南端。The number of protesters who came to the South Korean capital for the anti-THAAD demonstration on Wednesday was significantly less than the estimated 5,000 that came for the last major rally in July.周三在韩国首都参加反萨德示威的抗议者数量明显比7月那次大规模集会少了许多。那次集会估计有5000人参加。Many are angry that the deployment decision was made suddenly without local input.一些人感到气愤的是,部署萨德的决定来得太过突然,根本没有征求当地人的意见。Many local residents are concerned that exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from the system’s radar could cause serious harm to nearby residents and could contaminate agricultural products.许多当地居民担心萨德系统雷达发出的电磁辐射会给附近居民带来严重伤害,而且会污染农作物。THAAD uses high-resolution radar designed to detect and track ballistic missile threats at long distances and high altitudes. The system’s radar and infrared seeking technology are used to program six mobile launchers and 48 interceptor missiles.萨德系统运用高分辨率雷达探测和跟踪远距离和高海拔地区的弹道导弹威胁。这个系统使用雷达和红外探测技术操纵六个移动发射器和48枚拦截导弹。South Korean and U.S. militaries have tried to refute these health concerns by publicly conducting a test of the THAAD system in Guam showing that outside a 100-meter radius safety zone, there is no danger of radiation exposure.韩国和美国军队曾试图通过在关岛进行萨德系统测试的方式驳斥这些对于健康的担忧。测试结果显示,在半径100米以外的安全区没有辐射危险。Some residents say they have done their own research that contradicts the government’s findings.但是一些居民表示,他们自己做的研究与政府发布的结果相矛盾。 /201610/471532

UBS has used psychologists, data scientists, shipment specialists and pricing experts to overhaul how it generates investment ideas and recommendations for clients.瑞银(UBS)聘用心理学家、数据科学家、运输专家和定价专家,全面改革其为客户产生投资主意和建议的方式。The Swiss bank said the move — which some investors view with scepticism — had more than doubled ership of its research in the past two years.这家瑞士表示此举——遭到部分投资者质疑——在过去两年已使其研究报告的读者群翻了一倍以上。UBS poached Juan-Luis Perez, global head of research who led the move, from Morgan Stanley in late 2013.2013年末,瑞银从根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)挖来胡安-路易斯#8226;佩雷斯(Juan-Luis Perez),让他担任瑞银全球研究主管,负责领导此项努力。Sprawling City research departments have been going through an existential crisis as banks and brokers prepare to abandon the age-old practice of bundling their research costs with trading fees to satisfy EU rules coming into force in 2018.在伦敦金融城,各机构庞大的研究部门正在经历一场生存危机,和券商纷纷准备放弃将研究成本与交易费捆绑在一起的古老做法,以满足将于2018年生效的欧盟法规。UK-based banks expect to be held to the same rules regardless of Brexit.无论英国退欧与否,英国各预计将被要求遵守相同规则。Investors are under pressure over the fees they charge their own clients and are struggling with low interest rates. 投资者对自己客户收取的费用正受到压力,同时他们还要艰难应对低利率。A drastic reduction is expected in the volume of research they use.预计他们使用的研究量将大幅降低。Mr Perez, a 30-year-veteran of sellside research, told the Financial Times that to thrive in the new era researchers had to ask better questions rather than letting themselves off the hook with questions and vague buzz words.有30年卖方研究经验的佩雷斯对英国《金融时报》表示,要在新时代蓬勃发展,研究人员必须提出更好的问题,而不是用问题和含糊的时髦词汇过关。This is the area where the sellside has to make the biggest investment, and we are not making as much of an investment as we have to, he said.他说:这是卖方必须做出最大投资的领域,而我们正在做出的投资还不够。Mr Perez said he had used psychologists to help analysts think about topics differently and pinpoint more precise and insightful research questions.佩雷斯表示,他已用心理学家帮助分析师从不同角度思索话题,准确提出更精确、更有见地的研究问题。Certain words were discouraged, the research chief said, because they were so vague as to be unhelpful. 这位研究主管表示,有些词汇建议不用,因为它们如此含混不清,以至于会帮倒忙。For example, investors could interpret the word risky as a perceived chance of failure of anything between 10 and eightysomething per cent.例如,投资者可能将有风险这个词解读为失败几率介于10%到80%以上这个宽泛的区间。If you are using the word risky all the time, you never learn. 佩雷斯说:如果你一直使用‘有风险’这个词,你永远得不到任何收获。The interpretation is so broad that you can always take the victory lap, said Mr Perez.它的解释是如此宽泛,让你总是能自称胜利。But a greater challenge was to break down the big questions, like ‘what is the future of the bank?’ into testable propositions, he added.但他同时表示,更大的挑战是把那些大问题——例如‘这家的未来是什么?’——拆解成可验的命题。UBS was using a team of specialists in such areas as geospatial analysis, shipments and payments, and data science, said Mr Perez.佩雷斯表示,瑞银启用了一专家小组,其学科领域涵盖地理空间分析、运输和付,以及数据科学。Clients could use interactive tools to assess such things as the likely take-up of Apple’s next innovation or future competition on air routes. 他还表示,客户可以使用交互式工具来评估一些问题,比如苹果(Apple)下一个创新的可能接受率 ,或者某航线的未来竞争。Some of the resulting research had a ership that was several multiples of what would normally be expected, he added.他补充说,部分研究结果的读者人数达到了通常预期的好几倍。 /201609/464379

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