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I decided to switch banks recently, and after looking at my options, I went Mar Vista National Bank. I drove over to the bank, parked next to the drive-through teller lanes, and walked inside. I made my way to the new s desk, and was greeted by John, one of the customer service representatives there. I told him I wanted to open a new checking and savings . He said he#818;Auml;ocirc;d be happy to help me, and gave me a m to fill out with my personal inmation, including place of employment, home address, and so th. I had to show him a government-issued ID and give him my Social Security number. John asked if I wanted an interest-bearing with overdraft protection. Technically, he said, the savings is a money market where I can earn interest daily. The checking was free if I had direct deposit, and my checks were also free. I signed on the dotted line, gave him the minimum deposit to open the , and thanked him his help. I'm glad I got that out of the way. Now all I need to do is make some money to put into my s!Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 68

Theyrsquo;re gone now.他们已经走了I stood in the driveway and watched my grown children drive off into the distance. I looked down the road until I could no longer see their vehicles.我站在车道上,看着我那些已长大的孩子驶远我凝视着那路的尽头,直到再看不见他们的车;They live way too far away from me,; I said to myself. ;When did they grow up and become parents of small children? Shouldnrsquo;t that be me?;;他们住得离我太远了,;我自言自语道,;他们什么时候长大且为人父母的?我不是才长大,才为人父母吗?;I slipped back inside the house and just walked through the rooms no reason in particular. I was just missing them aly and looking signs of their having been here. There were pillows on the floor where they had been tossed from the couch and a few stuffed animals lying around where the children had been playing.我回到屋里,只是漫无目的地行走于各个房间里他们才刚走,我就已经开始想他们了,只好在屋里寻找着他们曾逗留的痕迹地板上的枕头是孩子们从沙发上扔下来的,一些布绒玩具动物正躺在孩子们之前玩耍的地方I smiled at the little fingerprints on my mirror. I didnrsquo;t wipe them off. I thought back to the time when I tried so hard to keep the fingerprints off the mirrors and doors when my children were small. Now, I wanted the tiny fingerprints to stay so that I could see them there just a little longer.我对着镜子上的小指印微笑,没去擦回想起当我的孩子还小时,我竭力不让镜子和房门沾上指印现在,我希望这些小指印都留在上面,好让我看久一点As I walked around the house, I picked up a few items on the floor and straightened a chair. I decided to sort through the toy box and I found a flying dinosaur, a skeleton, and a Frankenstein that had mysteriously taken up residence in my box of toys.当我在屋里四处游走时,我捡起地上的一些物品,并把一张椅子摆正我决定整理一下玩具箱里的玩具而我发现了一只会飞的恐龙、一架动物骷髅,连弗兰肯斯坦这个人造怪物也不知怎的就神秘地跑到那玩具箱里了I walked into the kitchen and there on the back of the sink was a bottle brush that had been left behind. ;Ah, even Tessa left something behind,; I announced. Well, I suppose she had help since she was just four months old.我走进厨房,水池后面有一个被落下的洗瓶刷;哈,连特莎也落下了一个东西,;我说道噢,肯定是有人帮她刷瓶子给落下的,毕竟她只有四个月大;I wonder what else has been left behind,; I said out loud to no one in particular. My husband heard me and joined the search things left behind.;我想知道还有什么东西落下了,;我大声地自言自语道我丈夫听见了我的话,也和我一块搜寻那些落下的东西It seems like every time our family gets together something is left behind. When I call my children to tell them what they have left behind I am usually told, ;Oh, just bring it when you come,; ;Keep it me until I come back the next time,; or ;Hey, I really need that, would you mind mailing it to me?;似乎每次我们家庭聚会,他们总会落下一些东西每次我打电话告诉我的孩子他们都落下些什么的时候,他们通常会跟我说,;噢,下次你来时给我们带上吧;或者;帮我留着,下次我回去再取;又或者;嗨,我急着用,能帮我邮寄过来吗?;;Oh look! Herersquo;s Teganrsquo;s tooth,; I said to my husband as I picked up a ziplock bag with her name engraved on it. Tegan had a loose tooth and had managed to wiggle it out earlier in the day. ;Now, she canrsquo;t put it under her pillow. I wonder if it will work if I put it under my pillow. The Tooth Fairy is going to be so confused!; I laughed.;噢,看!这是泰根的牙,;我边捡起一个写着她名字的自封袋,边对丈夫说道泰根先前有颗牙松了,今早她成功把它拽了下来;现在,她没法把牙放在她的枕头下了我想知道,如果我把它放在我的枕头下,那传说是否奏效牙仙子会很困惑的!;我笑了I walked on around the house finding more things that had been left behind a toothbrush, a ponytail band, an angel figurine, a pie pan, a frozen teething ring in the freezer, and last but not least the insides of a turkey fryer.我在屋里四处游走时发现了更多被落下的东西一把牙刷、一根发带、一个天使小雕像、一个烙馅饼用的平底锅、一个放在冰柜里冷藏给婴儿长牙时咬的橡皮环,最后还有一个同样重要的炸火鸡用的油炸锅内胆I was really kind of enjoying myself. It gave me something to do, after they left, to take my mind off of missing them.我还真的挺乐在其中的这使我在他们走后有事可做,从而暂时摆脱对他们的思念Then my eyes teared up as I noticed the baby outfit beside the sink where it had been left to dry after spots had been scrubbed out of it. The little outfit, now stain free, reminded me of the trip to the emergency room with Rowan due to a gash on her head that was caused from a flower pot pulled over by her curious little fingers.接着,留意到水槽旁晾着的那件污点已被洗净的婴儿时,我满眼是泪那件干净的小衣让我想起了带罗温去急诊室那件事那次,她用好奇的小手指拉倒了一个花瓶,碎片在她头上划开了一道很深的口子;Hmmm, things left behind;; I pondered to myself. It seems there is one thing that is left behind on every occasion. Memories are always left behind, I reasoned, and what a precious thing good memories are to us. I thought how each item left behind reminded me of the person it belonged to and the story surrounding it. The insides of the turkey fryer that was left behind reminded me of the delicious Thanksgiving meal that we all enjoyed. The empty pie pan reminded me of Katiersquo;s delicious pies. The angel figurine reminded me of the white elephant gift exchange game that we play every year. Even the bad memory of Rowanrsquo;s injury reminded me of how frightened I was at the sound of her cry. It is a bad memory that turned into a good one as it reminded us of how precious little Rowan is to us.;嗯,落下的东西;;;我陷入沉思中有一样东西似乎每次都会被落下,那就是记忆,我寻思道,美好的记忆对我们来说是如此珍贵我想着,每一件落下的东西如何勾起了我对物主以及相关故事的追忆那个火鸡油炸锅内胆使我想起了我们都很享受的那顿美味的感恩节大餐;空空的烙馅饼用的平底锅使我想起了卡蒂的美味馅饼;天使小雕像使我想起了我们每年都会玩的;白象礼物交换游戏;;甚至关于罗温受伤的那段糟糕的记忆也使我想起了听到她的哭喊声时,我有多惊恐这个糟糕的记忆之所以变得美好是因为它提醒了我,小罗温对我们来说是如此珍贵Memories happen even if we arenrsquo;t aware of it. The stressful and difficult moments often become memories that we look back on later with laughter and joy. They are the stories of the future when one day someone will say, ;Remember when ... ?;, and everyone laughs.即使在我们毫不知情的情况下,记忆也在生成着当我们回首时,我们会对那些充满压力和困难的过往时刻报以微笑,心生喜悦未来的某天里,有人会问;还记得;;那个时候吗?;这时,一个个故事又会被引出,众人亦随之呵呵大笑Then, of course, there are some memories that need to be left behind. The memories of past hurts, ungiveness, bitterness, and anger should be left behind ever. These are the things that we should never keep until the next time, mail back, or bring with us to our next visit.接下来,当然,也有一些记忆需要我们放下的,一些关于过去曾遭受的伤害、心怀的怨恨、冤屈、愤怒的记忆应该永远放下我们永不该把这些记忆留存至下次见面的时候,不该用以回敬他人,也不要带到他人面前Yes, I stood in the driveway and watched my grown children drive off into the distance and I remembered my own parents once doing the same thing. I never knew then that I would one day be the one waving from the driveway and feeling my heart drive off down the road. Thatrsquo;s because there is one more thing besides memories left behind ... and that is love.是的,我站在车道上,看着我那些已长大的孩子驶远我记起自己的父母也曾做着同样的事我从没想过自己有一天也会在车道上向远方挥手,感受着自己的心沿着那路驶远那是因为,除了留下的记忆以外,还有一样东西也留下了;;而那就是爱As Elizabeth Stone said, ;To have a child is to decide ever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.;正如伊丽莎白bull;斯通所说;有了孩子就永远注定你的心将游离体外; 3787

The Darkling Thrush 暗处的鸫鸟Thomas Hardy托马斯哈代I leant upon a coppice gate我倚在以树丛做篱的门边,When Frost was spectre-gray,寒霜像幽灵般发灰,And Winter dregs made desolate冬的沉渣使那白日之眼The weakening eye of day.在苍白中更添憔悴The tangled bine-stems scored the sky纠缠的藤蔓在天上划线,Like strings of broken lyres,宛如断了的琴弦,And all mankind that haunted nigh而出没附近的一切人类Had sought their household fires.都已退到家中火边The land sharp features seemed to be陆地轮廓分明,望去恰似The Century corpse outleant,斜卧着世纪的尸体,His crypt the cloudy canopy,阴沉的天穹是他的墓室,The wind his death-lament.风在为他哀悼哭泣The ancient pulse of germ and birth自古以来萌芽生长的冲动Was shrunken hard and dry,已收缩得又干又硬,And every spirit upon earth大地上每个灵魂与我一同Seemed fervourless as I.似乎都已丧失热情At once a voice arose among突然间,头顶上有个声音The bleak twigs overhead在细枝萧瑟间升起,In a full-hearted evensong一曲黄昏之歌满腔热情Of joy illimited;唱出了无限欣喜,——An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,这是一只鸫鸟,瘦弱、老衰,In blast-beruffled plume,羽毛被阵风吹乱,Had chosen thus to fling his soul却决心把它的心灵敞开,Upon the growing gloom.倾泻向浓浓的黑暗So little cause carolings远远近近,任你四处寻找,Of such ecstatic sound在地面的万物上Was written on terrestrial things值得欢唱的原因是那么少,Afar or nigh around,是什么使它欣喜若狂?That I could think there trembled through这使我觉得:它颤音的歌词,His happy good-night air它欢乐曲晚安曲调Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew含有某种幸福希望——为它所知And I was unaware.而不为我所晓 89

I was nine when my father first sent me flowers. 我九岁那年,父亲第一次送花给我I had been taking tap-dancing lessons six months, and the school was giving its yearly recital.当时,我加入学校踢踏舞班才六个月,正逢学校举办一年一度的演出As an excited member of the beginners’ chorus line, I was aware of my lowly status. 我只能加入新学员合唱队,却依然兴致勃勃,不过我清楚自己只是个不起眼的小角色So it was a surprise to have my name called out at the end of the show along with the lead dancers and to find my arms full of long-stemmed red roses. 令人惊喜的是,演出一结束,我竟被叫到前台,双手捧着一束枝繁叶茂的红玫瑰与主舞的演员站在一起I can still feel myself standing on that stage, blushing furiously and gazing over the footlights to see my father’s grin as he applauded loudly. 我至今还感到自己像是站在舞台上,双颊绯红,我越过绚丽的脚灯光线向下张望,看见父亲的笑脸Those roses were the first in a series of large bouquets that accompanied all the milestones in my life. 他一面使劲地鼓掌,一面快活地笑着 这束鲜花是第一束,往后,每逢我人生的一个里程碑,父亲都要送我一大束鲜花They brought a sense of embarrassment. 可我的心情总是有些矛盾I enjoyed them, but was flustered by the extravagance. 既高兴,又有些尴尬我喜爱鲜花,可又为这种奢侈而不安Not my father. 父亲却从不会觉得不安He did everything in a big way. 他做什么事都特别大方If you sent him to the bakery a cake, he came back with three. 如果你让他去面包房买一块蛋糕,他一定会买回来三块Once, when Mother told him I needed a new party dress, he brought home a dozen. 一次,母亲对他说我需要一件新的派对礼,他竟买回来一打His behavior often left us without funds other more important things.他的做法总是让我们没有钱再去添置其他更需要的东西After the dress incident, there was no money the winter coat I really needed or the new ice skates I wanted.那次礼事件后,家里就再也没钱去买我真正急需的冬大衣,或者我一直向往的新溜冰鞋 Sometimes I would be angry with him, but not long. 有时我会为这些事跟父亲赌气,但时间都不会长Inevitably he would buy me something to make up with me. 他照例会买些礼物与我和好The gift was so apparently an offering of love he could not verbalize that I would throw my arms around him and kiss him—an act that undoubtedly perpetuated his behavior. 这些礼物如此真切地传达着他不善用言辞表达的爱,这时,我便会搂住他,亲吻他,这亲昵的行为,无疑会使他再度大方Then came my th birthday. 之后迎来了我岁生日It was not a happy occasion. 可这并不是个快乐的时刻I was fat and had no boyfriend. 我长得很胖,还没有男朋友And my well-meaning parents furthered my misery by giving me a party. 好心的父母为我准备了生日晚会,可这更让我觉得痛苦As I entered the dining room, there on the table next to my cake was a huge bouquet of flowers, bigger than any bee. 我走进餐厅,看见餐桌上生日蛋糕旁边,摆着很大一束鲜花,比以往的任何一束都要大I wanted to hide. 我真想躲起来Now everyone would think my father had sent flowers because I had no boyfriend to do it. 现在谁都会以为我没有男朋友送花,只好由父亲来送了Sweet , and I felt like crying. 岁该是最美好的,而我却只想哭I probably would have, but my best friend, Phyllis, whispered, “Boy, you’re lucky to have a father like that.” 或许当时我的确哭了,但我最好的朋友,菲利斯,在我耳边小声说:“嘿,孩子,你有这样的父亲可真幸运”As the years passed, other occasion—birthdays, recitals, awards, graduations were marked with Dad’s flowers. 随着光阴的流逝,许多特别的日子——生日、演出、获奖、毕业——都会伴有父亲的鲜花My emotions continued to seesaw between pleasure and embarrassment.” 我的心情也依然在快乐与尴尬之间徘徊不定 When I graduated from college, though, my days of ambivalence were over. 可我从大学毕业时,那种矛盾的心情消失了I was embarking on a new career and was engaged to be married. 我开始了新的事业,也订了婚Dad’s flowers symbolized his pride, and my triumph. 父亲的鲜花代表了他的骄傲和我的胜利They evoked only great pleasure. 它们带来的只有极大的喜悦Now there were bright-orange mums Thanksgiving and a huge pink poinsettia at Christmas. 后来,每逢感恩节,我们都会收到父亲的一捧黄灿灿的菊花;圣诞节会有一大束粉红的一品红White lilies at Easter, and velvety red roses birthdays. 复活节是洁白的百合花;生日里会有天鹅绒般的红玫瑰Seasonal flowers in mixed bouquets celebrated the births of my children and the move to our first house. 孩子出世或逢乔迁之喜,父亲会送来那个季节里盛开的许多种鲜花混合扎成的花束 As my tunes grew, my father’s waned, but his gifts of flowers continued until he died of a heart attack a few months bee his 70th birthday. 随着我不断功成名就,父亲日渐衰老,但他依然坚持给我送花,直到他70岁生日的前几个月,因心脏病发作而猝然逝去Without embarrassment, I covered his coffin with the largest, reddest roses I could find. 我在他的棺木上铺满了我所能寻得的最大的红玫瑰,而且,没有一丝窘迫Often in the dozen years since, I felt an urge to go out and buy a big bouquet to fill the living room, but I never did. 在以后的十几年里,我常常有一股冲动,想去买一大束鲜花装点起居室,可我始终没去I knew it would not be the same. 我知道,即便买来,花已不是从前的花了Then one birthday, the doorbell rang. 后来我生日的一天,我听见门铃响了I was feeling blue because I was alone.那天,我本来很沮丧,因为只有我待在家中My husband was playing golf, and my two daughters were away. 丈夫打高尔夫球去了,两个女儿出远门了My -year-old son, Matt, had run out earlier with a “see you later”, never mentioning my birthday. 岁的儿子马特也走得格外早,只道了声“再见”,只字未提我的生日So I was surprised to see his large frame at the door. 所以我开门看见马特胖胖的身体站在门边时,有几分惊讶“got my key.” he said, shrugging. “got your birthday too. Well, I hope you like flowers, Mum.” “忘带钥匙了,”他耸耸肩,说道,“也忘了今天是你生日嗯,我希望你喜欢这些鲜花,妈妈”He pulled a bunch of daisies from behind his back. 说着,他从身后抽出一束雏菊 “Oh, Matt,” I cried, hugging him hard, “I love flowers!”“哦,马特,”我大叫一声,紧紧搂住他,“我爱鲜花!”

The river is famous to the fish. 鱼儿熟知河流The loud voice is famous to silence,which knew it would inherit the earthbee anybody said so.寂静熟知高声寂静知道,在任何人发声前,它会接管地球 The cat sleeping on the fence is famous to the birdswatching him from the birdhouse.鸟儿熟知睡在围墙上的猫它在笼中注视着猫的一举一动 The tear is famou briefly, to the cheek.脸颊熟知眼泪,纵使短暂 The idea you carry close to your bosomis famous to your bosom.你的心熟知你心头的想法 The boot is famous to the earth,more famous than the dress shoe,which is famous only to floors.大地熟知靴子,而不怎么了解皮鞋和高跟鞋,因为那些高贵的鞋履只为地板所熟知 The bent photograph is famous to the one who carries itand not at all famous to the one who is pictured.陈旧卷曲的照片为随身携带它的那个人所熟知,而并非为照片里的主角所熟知 I want to be famous to shuffling menwho smile while crossing streetsticky children in grocery linefamous as the one who smiled back.我想为那些微笑着穿过街道的过客们所熟知那些在杂货店里排着队身子粘乎乎的孩子,熟知我是那个会向他们报以微笑的人 I want to be famous in the way a pulley is famousor a buttonhole,not because it did anything spectacular,but because it never got what it could do. 我想像个滑轮,或是钮扣眼那样为人所熟知其名声并非来自什么惊人之举,而只因其从未忘记自己的职责 1830

Bungee -- Just the Thrill蹦极—玩得就是心跳Would you pay lots of money to fall off a 0-foot high platm,你愿意花重金,仅在腰部和脚踝上挂着弹性绳索,held only by an elastic cord around your waist or ankles?就从0英尺的高台上跳下去吗?It may sound crazy, but lots of people do it.这虽听起来很疯狂,但很多人都在玩Bungee Jumping, as it is called, is gaining as much popularity蹦极跳,随着它的流行,as it is gaining controversy and criticism.也得到了褒贬不一的评价Bungee has quite an old origin.蹦极起源甚久The idea of this way of jumping comes from the ancient ritual ;Gkol;蹦极跳起源于古老的;Gkol;仪式,permed in the Pentecost Island in the Pacific Archipelago of Vanuatu.这种仪式最早是在太平洋群岛的瓦努阿图的五旬节岛上开展的The legend says that in the village Bunlap a man had a quarrel with his wife,据说Bunlap村落有个男人和妻子吵架后,and she ran away and climbed a tree where she wrapped her ankles with vines.他妻子为逃避丈夫爬上了树,用蔓藤牢牢绑住脚踝When he came up to her, the woman jumped from the tree当那个男人靠近她时,她跳下了树and so did her husband not knowing what his wife had done.男人不知道妻子在干什么,也跟着跳了下去So he died but the woman survived.结果男人命丧黄泉,他妻子却活了下来The men of Bunlap were very impressed by this permance,Bunlap部落的男人对此印象深刻,and they began to practice such jumps in case they got in similar situation.于是,在遇到相同的境遇时,他们也开始这样跳下去This practice transmed into a ritual rich yam harvest and also proving manhood.这个习俗后来转化成了庆祝丰收和明男子气概的仪式Bungee jumping as a sport started in New Zealand, probably in the 1970s.大约在世纪70年代,蹦极才在新西兰开始成为一种运动People attached thick elastic cords, called bungees, to their bodies.人们绑在身上一种叫做;橡皮绳“的结实弹性绳索,Then they jump off bridges or high buildings,然后就从大桥或者高楼上跳下falling fast through the air until the cord caught them,他们在空中急速下落,直到绳索开始反弹,and then bounced back up and down a few times until coming to a stop.然后上下反弹多次直到停止 36756

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