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Serbias president says the country is y to send troops to Kosovo to protect Serbian nationals, if necessary.塞尔维亚总统说,如果有必要,将派遣军队到科索沃保护那里的塞尔维亚公民。The comment Sunday followed a war of words that erupted between Kosovo and Serbia officials when a train painted with the words ;Kosovo is Serbia; was stopped Saturday from entering Kosovo.在此之前一列塞尔维亚开往科索沃的列车车身上写着“科索沃是塞尔维亚的”,星期六这列火车在边境被阻拦不得进入科索沃,随后双方开始相互言辞抨击。The ed States ambassador in Pristina Greg Delawie said on Twitter that he was concerned about the train issue. Delawie called “for restraint from all parties,adding “Need normalization not confrontationbetween Serbia and Kosovo.美国驻科索沃大使德拉维发推文说,他对于火车事件感到担忧。德拉维呼吁各方保持克制,他还说塞尔维亚和科索沃需要的是“正常化而不是冲突”。Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said the two countries were on the verge of a conflict, while Kosovo’s prime minister told journalists the train “sent a message of occupation.”塞尔维亚总统尼科利奇说,两国处于冲突的边缘。科索沃总理告诉媒体,这辆火车“传递的是占领的信息”Saturdays ride was the first from Belgrade, the Serbian capital, to the northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica since the 1998 war. Reports say the train later returned to Belgrade.星期六这趟火车是1998年以来从塞尔维亚首都开往科索沃北部城市米特罗维察的首班火车。据报道,这列火车后来开回了贝尔格莱德。来 /201701/488915“We’ve had enough of these boys messing about.This is what Anna Soubry, UK’s former business minister, said earlier last month, offering her backing of Theresa May in the running to become the UK’s next prime minister.“我们受够了这些男生们的捣乱了。”英国前商务大臣安娜#8226;索布里在上月早些时候如是说道,对于特蕾#8226;梅参选下一任英国首相表示持。Soubry was indicating that it was time for women to step up to “clear up the mess created by the men索布里指出,是时候让女性们走到台前,收拾这些男性们制造出来的混乱了。Women are starting to take power in more and more important positions in recent years. 近几年,女性在职场中逐渐身居要职。According to a new list compiled by Agence France Presse (AFP), the world’s 10 most powerful women who made their way above the “glass ceiling”–the invisible barrier that keeps women from rising beyond a certain level in hierarchy法新社最近就列出了突破“玻璃天花板”(在社会阶层中阻碍女性晋升的无形壁垒)的世界十大女强人,includes the USfirst female presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, head of the US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen, and Director-General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan.美国首位女性总统候选人希拉#8226;克林顿、美国联邦储备委员会主席珍妮#8226;耶伦,世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍都位列其中。There is something interesting with the AFP list though: A majority of the 10 women are over 60, the rough age when some women become grandmothers.在法新社给出的榜单中,一个很有趣的现象是:在0位女性中,大部分人都年过六旬,正是一些人当祖母的年纪。In fact, this might be the best proof of how aging–a factor that has always been considered as a disadvantage, especially for women–has begun to turn into an edge, for women.事实上,这或许能最好地明,上了年纪逐渐成为女性的一大优势。而在过去,这一直被认为是一项劣势,尤其对于女性而言。According to The Atlantic, the reasons behind the phenomenon may include that today’s older women are better educated and experienced than any generations before.据美囀?大西洋月刊》报道,这种现象背后的原因在于,如今这些年长的女性,或许比以往任何一代人都更有经验,受过更好的教育。It is also because of society’s changing perceptions about what women can achieve–after being held back in their middle age years raising kids and running domestic lives, older women are now more likely to start again instead of retiring into a peaceful life of cooking and gardening.这也源于整个社会在女性成就的观念上有所改变——在度过了照顾孩子和操持家务的忙碌中年后,如今的年长女性更愿意重新开始自己的事业,而不是赋闲在家,享受做饭、养花的退休生活。Also, according to the UK’s Conservative peer, Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, people are growing to be more trusting toward female leaders compared to their male counterparts, especially during periods of instability.除此之外,英国保守党人,肯宁顿的詹金男爵夫人还认为,和男性领导人相比,现在的人们对于女性领导人更为信任,尤其在动荡时期。“They feel that at a time of turmoil, a woman will be more practical and a bit less testosterone in their approach. “人们认为,在动荡时期女性会更为务实,而在行为方式上,也会更少地被男性激素所影响。More collaborative, more willing to listen to voices around the table, less likely to have an instantly aggressive approach to things,she told The Guardian.女性会更愿意合作,愿意去倾听周围的声音,而不太会采取一些激进的手段,”她在接受英囀?卫报》采访时表示。In fact, this changing atmosphere in gender equality is sping all over the world and across women of all ages.事实上,这种在性别平等方面有所改变的社会风尚,已经扩散到了世界各地各个年龄层的女性当中。In the just-ended Rio Olympics, for example, among the 121 medals under the belt of the US team, 55 were won by men while 61 were captured by women. The rest five were in mixed events.比如,在刚刚结束的里约奥运会上,美国代表队将121块奖牌收入囊中。其中,55块奖牌由男性摘得,61块奖牌由女性斩获,而剩下的5块则在男女混合项目中获得。When US gymnast Simone Biles sealed four golds and a bronze, she said, “I’m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. I’m the first Simone Biles.”美国体操女运动员西#8226;拜尔斯在囊括了四枚金牌和一枚铜牌后说道,“我不是下一位尤塞恩#8226;尔特或是迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯。我是第一位西#8226;拜尔斯。”来 /201608/463217European Union leaders said Tuesday they have reached a possible deal with Ankara to return thousands of migrants to Turkey, and that they are confident a full agreement can be reached at a summit next week.欧盟领导人星期二说,他们已就将数以千计的移民送回土耳其的问题跟安卡拉达成初步协议,并相信在下周举行的峰会上能达成全面协议。After months of disagreements and increasing bickering among the 28 EU nations, the leaders said they agreed to give Turkey more money to help refugees, swiftly ease visa requirements for Turks and speed up Ankaras accession talks in exchange for its help in stemming migration flows to Europe.欧盟28个成员国数月来围绕移民危机一直存在分歧,争执不断加剧。欧盟领导人说,他们同意向土耳其提供更多资金来帮助难民,迅速采取措施,放松对土耳其公民签的要求,加快土耳其加入欧盟的谈判,以此换取土耳其的帮助,制止涌向欧洲的移民潮。All eyes now are on March 17 and the start of a two-day summit to finalize the commitment and agree on a deal that the leaders hope will allow for a return to normalcy at their borders by the end of the year.目前的关注焦点是37日即将召开的两天峰会,会议期间将最后敲定有关协议,欧盟领导人希望,该协议能让他们的边境地区在今年年底之前恢复常态。Turkey, which is sheltering an estimated 2.7 million Syrians, was reported to be asking for an extra .3 billion from the EU, roughly twice the amount aly pledged by the 28-member bloc.土耳其业已接纳了约270万叙利亚难民。据报道,土耳其要求欧盟再提3亿美元,这个数额是欧盟已承诺提供援助的两倍。来 /201603/430086

Malaysian authorities announced on Tuesday they had foiled a plot against Saudi Arabia’s monarch on a tour of Asia last week and had arrested seven men, including four Yemeni nationals.马来西亚当局周二宣布,他们挫败了一起在沙特阿拉伯国王上周访问亚洲期间袭击他的图谋,逮捕了七名男子,其中包括四名也门公民。Khalid Abu Bakar, Malaysia’s police chief, said the men arrested in February who were suspected of links to militant groups including Isis, had plotted to attack King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud while he was visiting Kuala Lumpur last week.马来西亚警察总长哈立阿布?巴卡Khalid Abu Bakar)表示月份被捕的这些男子疑似与伊斯兰国(ISIS)等激进组织有关联,他们图谋在沙特国王萨勒阿卜杜勒-阿齐沙特(King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud)上周访问吉隆坡期间袭击他。“They were planning to attack Arab royalties during their visit to Kuala Lumpur. We got them in the nick of time,Mr Khalid told reporters.哈立德告诉记者们:“他们打算在阿拉伯王室访问吉隆坡期间向其发起袭击。我们在最后一刻抓住了他们。”Saudi Arabia is leading a military coalition against Yemen’s Houthi rebellion in a controversial armed intervention aimed at restoring the government in exile.沙特正领导着一个打击也门胡Houthi)叛军的军事同盟。这一受到争议的武装干涉旨在使流亡中的也门政府恢复执政。Malaysian police said in an earlier statement that two of the detained men, a Malaysian and an Indonesian, were plotting a large-scale car or truck bomb attack before travelling to join Isis in Syria.马来西亚警方在早先一份声明中表示,被羁押的男子中有两人(一名马来西亚人和一名印度尼西亚人)图谋发动大型的轿车或卡车炸弹袭击,然后离境去加入位于叙利亚的ISIS。King Salman’s four-day visit to Malaysia was the start of a month-long Asian tour aimed at deepening political and business ties in key export markets for Saudi oil.萨勒曼国王对马来西亚为期四天的访问,是其为期一个月的亚洲之旅的开端。这次亚洲之旅旨在深化与沙特石油关键出口市场之间的政治商业联系。On the second day of the king’s visit, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company announced plans to invest bn in a Malaysian refining project.在萨勒曼访问的第二天,沙特国有石油公司沙特阿Saudi Aramco)宣布,计划向马来西亚一个炼油项目投0亿美元。The deal is one of Saudi Aramco’s biggest investments in refining and petrochemicals, and fits with a strategy of expanding refining capabilities in key markets to secure demand for its crude oil exports.这笔交易是沙特阿美在炼油和石化领域的最大规模的投资之一,也符合沙特扩大关键市场炼油能力、确保对其原油出口的需求的战略。The Saudi monarch left Malaysia for Indonesia last week, and is expected to go on to China, Japan and the Maldives.萨勒曼上周离开马来西亚前往印尼,预计接下来还会访问中国、日本和马尔代夫。The king arrived in Kuala Lumpur with a 600-strong delegation, including members of the royal household and ministers, according to Malaysia’s state news agency.据马来西亚官方通讯社报道,萨勒曼这次来吉隆坡带着一00人的代表团,其中包括沙特王室成员和多名大臣。He touched down in Indonesia with a fleet of aircraft and 459 tonnes of luggage, including two Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousines, freight handlers told local media.负责运送货物的人士告诉当地媒体,萨勒曼一行乘坐多架飞机抵达印尼,随行的行李达459吨,包括两辆梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz) S级豪车。来 /201703/497305As the C130 Hercules makes a bumpy landing on Taiwan-controlled Taiping island, a small tropical outcrop little longer than its 1.2km runway, mobile phones receive a text message from a Vietnamese network that says “Welcome to Vietnam 随着C-130大力神运输机(C-130 Hercules)有些颠簸地降落台湾控制的太平岛,手机收到了一条越南移动网络发来的短信“欢迎来到越南”。这里地处热带,是一个不比其.2公里的跑道长多少的海面突出地物In the geographical heart of the South China Sea, the location of one of the world’s most troubling territorial disputes, nations are using what means they can to push their claims to this 0.5 sq km island, the largest natural feature in the southern Spratly chain. 在南中国海的地理中心,世界上最棘手的领土争端之一发生的地方,各国正使出浑身解数强调自己对这个面积0.5平方公里的岛屿的主权声索。它是斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛)最大的天然地物Vietnam is projecting its military-owned mobile phone network, while buying submarines and fighters from Russia to transform its attack capabilities. Mighty China is investing even more on its armed forces, buying hardware and building and fortifying its own artificial islands. 越南将其军用移动电话网络投射到这里,同时从俄罗斯购买潜水艇和战斗机来提升其攻击能力。强大的中国对其武装力量的投入更大,它购买了硬件设施,修筑了人工岛并在加强人工岛上的防御工事The Philippines is pinning its hopes on the vagaries of international maritime law, bringing an arbitration case against Beijing. 菲律宾将希望寄托在变幻莫测的国际海洋法上,针对中国大陆提起了仲裁案But Taiwan, which cannot use international law because most countries do not recognise it as a sovereign state, is turning to more prosaic weapons to support its claim to Taiping and the potentially resource-rich sea around it: the availability of fresh water, free-roaming goats and bird faeces. 但台湾无法利用国际法,因为大多数国家并不承认它是一个主权国家。台湾正诉诸于更平凡的武器来持其对太平岛及其周边或蕴藏丰富资源的海域的声索:你在岛上可以找到淡水、自由漫步的山羊和鸟粪“From this layer of historical guano, you can see that our soil has the potential for agriculture and that means we can support human life,says Wang Mao-Lin, commander of the Taiwanese coast guard unit that runs Taiping, as he shows around the first group of journalists allowed on the island. “从这层鸟粪沉积层中,你可以看到我们的土壤有开展农业的潜力,这意味着我们可以维持人类的生活,”负责太平岛的台湾海岸警卫队指挥官王茂林一边带着首批获准上岛的记者参观一边说That the fight over some of the worlds most important waters, which contain rich fisheries, large potential oil and gas reserves and key global shipping routes, could be decided on such matters seems absurd. 围绕这一世界上最重要水域之一的争端可以由这些事情来决定,这看上去似乎有些荒谬。这块水域包含丰富的渔业资源、巨大的油气可能储量,以及关键的国际航道But back in Taipei, outgoing President Ma Ying-jeou explains the importance of Taiping’s soil quality, livestock and groundwater that is “close to the quality of Evian 但在台北,即将卸任的总统马英Ma Ying-jeou)解释了太平岛土质、家畜和“接近依Evian)水质”的地下水的重要性He says this is proof that Taiping can “sustain human habitation and economic lifeand therefore should be considered an island under the UN convention on the law of the sea, granting it a 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone that includes the rights to exploit fishing grounds and hydrocarbons. 他表示,这明太平岛能够“维持人类居住与经济生活”,因此依据《联合国海洋法公约UNCLOS),应该被视为一个岛屿,赋予00海里的专属经济区,包括开发渔场和开采碳氢化合物的权利Taiwan has stepped up its efforts to show off Taiping, which lies 1,500km from Taiwan but only 500km from Vietnam and the Philippines, since the Philippines claimed last year during its arbitration case against China that it was just a “rockthat cannot support life and so should only generate 12 miles of territorial waters rather than the expansive economic zone. 去年,菲律宾在针对中国大陆的仲裁案中主张,太平岛只是“?礁”,无法维持生存,因此只能拥2海里领海,不能拥有广阔的专属经济区。自那以来,台湾加大了炫耀太平岛的努力,该岛距离台500公里,距离越南和菲律宾只00公里Over a lunch of locally grown coconuts, chicken and other Taiping ingredients, Bruce Linghu, Taiwan’s foreign minister, says his government must fight to influence public opinion because it is excluded from The Hague arbitration court hearing the Philippines case and other international bodies at the behest of China, which claims self-governing Taiwan is one of its provinces. 台湾招待上岛记者的午餐包括当地出产的椰子、鸡肉和其他太平岛物产,台湾外交部次长令狐荣Bruce Linghu)在午餐期间表示,台湾政府必须致力于影响公众舆论,因为在中国大陆的要求下,台湾被审理菲律宾仲裁案的海牙仲裁法庭及其他国际机构排除在外。中国大陆方面称,自治的台湾是中国的一个省什?Ian Storey, a fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, says one of the ironies of Taiwan’s position on Taiping is that it supports China’s increasingly assertive efforts to dominate the waters. 新加坡东南亚研究所(ISEAS)研究员伊#8226;斯托Ian Storey)表示,台湾在太平岛问题上的立场的一个讽刺之处在于,台湾持中国大陆越来越强硬的主导该海域的努力Beijing and Taipei make similar “U-shaped lineclaims to almost the entire South China Sea, although China is using its growing military and economic power to enforce its interests, while Taiwan only occupies one island, using its coast guard rather than armed forces. 中国大陆和台湾对几乎整个南中国海提出了类似的“U型线”主张,不过中国大陆正利用其日益增长的军事和经济实力保其利益,而台湾只凭借海岸警卫队(而非武装力量)占据着一个岛“Taiwan has to be careful in the South China Sea because they don’t want to be viewed as China’s proxy and they don’t want to alienate the US or anger other Southeast Asian claimants who they want to trade with,says Mr Storey. 斯托里表示:“台湾必须在南中国海保持谨慎,因为他们不希望被视为中国大陆的代表,也不希望疏远美国或激怒台湾愿与之发展贸易、在该海域声索主权的东南亚国家。After condemning what it calls China’s efforts to militarise these waters, the US government also criticised Mr Ma’s focus on Taiping, saying it is “extremely unhelpfuland urging Taiwan and all claimants to “lower tensions, rather than taking actions that could raise them 美国政府在谴责其所称的中国军事化南中国海的企图后,还批评了马英九对太平岛的关注。美国表示马英九的这种做法“极其没有帮助”,并敦促台湾以及所有主权声索方“缓和紧张局势,不要采取可能扩大紧张局势的行动”Jonathan Spangler, director of the South China Sea think-tank in Taipei, says the fight over Taiping’s status has much wider implications because it is the biggest natural feature in the Spratlys and the only one with a serious claim to be an island in international law. 台北南海智库(South China Sea think-tank)负责人乔纳森#8226;斯潘格勒(Jonathan Spangler)表示,围绕太平岛地位的纷争有着更广泛的影响,因为该岛是斯普拉特利群岛的最大天然地物,也是唯一一个依据国际法被严肃主张为岛屿的天然地物He points out that while China has built a much bigger air base on reclaimed land at nearby Fiery Cross Reef, such man-made features cannot generate an exclusive economic zone. 他指出,尽管中国大陆在附近的永暑Fiery Cross Reef)通过填海造陆建起了大得多的空军基地,但这种人造地物没资格拥有专属经济区“If Taiping is officially an island and none of China’s occupied features are considered islands by international law, it could throw the whole focus of the South China Sea disputes back to cross-Strait relations,he says. 他表示:“如果太平岛被正式列为岛屿,而中国大陆占据的地物都未被国际法视为岛屿,可能会让南中国海争端的整个焦点回到海峡两岸关系上。”来 /201603/433879South Korea and the ed States have begun their annual joint military exercise under the threat of military retaliation by North Korea.在朝鲜军事报复的威胁下,美韩两国开始了它们的年度联合军演。About 25,000 U.S. forces and 50,000 South Korean troops are involved in the two-week Operation Ulchi Freedom exercise, which is largely simulated. The annual drills routinely anger Pyongyang, which says it sees the drills as a rehearsal for a full-scale invasion of the North, despite insistence by Seoul and Washington that the drills are purely defensive in nature.大约两万五千名美国士兵和5万名韩国士兵参加了为期两周的以模拟为主的“乙自由卫士”联合军演。美韩年度联合军演通常会激怒朝鲜。朝鲜说,它把此类演习看作是对朝鲜发动全面侵略的预演。但是,首尔和华盛顿坚决表示,演习完全是防御性质的。A statement issued Monday by the Norths military said its first-strike units were y to turn the U.S. and Washington ;into a heap of ashes through a Korean-style preemptive nuclear strike,; if North Koreas sovereignty is threatened.朝鲜军方星期一发布声明说,一旦朝鲜主权受到威胁,它已经准备好以朝鲜式的先发制人的核袭击,把美国和华盛顿变成一片废墟。Tensions on the Korean peninsula have worsened in recent months, with North Korea under harsh U.N. sanctions over a series of tests of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Relations are also likely aggravated by the recent defection of a high-ranking diplomat, Thae Yong Ho; Pyongyangs deputy ambassador to Britain. The North denounced Thae as ;human scum; and accused him of a number of criminal acts, including child molestation.近几个月来,朝鲜半岛的紧张局势日益恶化。朝鲜因为从事了一系列核武器和弹道导弹测试而受到联合国的严厉制裁。最近,朝鲜驻英国大使馆的一名高层外交官、外交公使太勇浩(音)的叛逃,有可能加剧了朝鲜半岛的紧张关系。朝鲜称此人是“人渣”,并指控他从事了包括性骚扰儿童在内的一系列刑事犯罪行为。South Korean President Park Guen-hye told her National Security Council Monday that Thaes defection was a sign of ;serious cracks; in North Koreas ruling elites.韩国总统朴槿惠星期一对韩国全国安全委员会说,太勇浩的叛逃表明朝鲜执政精英内部存在“严重分裂”。来 /201608/462108

Under the guise maintaining national security and safeguarding world peace, Japans new security legislation comes into effect on March 29. In essence, however, security and peace would be the last thing it could bring to Japan and the world.打着保卫国家安全和维护世界和平的幌子,日本新制定的安保法9日开始实斀?然而,从本质上讲,新安保法对于日本安全和世界和平来说是最不利的。In blatant violation of the countrys pacifist Constitution, which restricts Japans military action to self-defense, the new security legislation gives the green light to overseas military operations by the Self-Defense Forces if acting in support of a Japanese ally.根据现有和平宪法规定,日本军事力量只能用于自卫,而新的安保法公然违背了和平宪法的限制,允许日本向海外同盟国派遣自卫队进行军事援。The legislation marks an overhaul of Japans exclusively defensive posture, casting a shadow over the hard-won international political order after WWII. The enactment of the new security legislation is widely regarded as the most dramatic shift of Japans security policy.新的安保法解禁了日本的集体自卫权,给二战后来之不易的国际和平环境蒙上了阴影。新安保法的颁布被普遍认为是日本安全策略的重大转变。As champion of the security legislation, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has alleged that the laws are intended to protect Japan.作为新安保法的头号推动者,日本首相安倍晋三宣称。新的安保法是为了保护日本的权益。However, with the implementation of the security legislation, Japan will face much higher risks of being embroiled in wars, and civilians will also be exposed to more dangers or be targeted in war zones around the world. In other words, Japan will only become less secure thanks to the security laws.然而,随着安保法的实施,日本将面临被卷入战争的风险,同时日本民众也将面临更多的危险,并成为世界各地战乱组织的袭击目标。也就是说,由于新的安保法,日本将变得更加不安全。It is well known that one of the important reasons why Japan could become such a prosperous nation is its firm adherence to the pacifist Constitution and focus on economic development. When Japan abandons pacifism and embarks on adventures with the new security legislation that carries the risk of drawing fire against itself, what else would be accomplished except for the personal ambition of some hawkish and historical revisionist politicians?众所周知,日本之所以成为一个如此繁荣的国家,是因为日本之前坚定的奉行和平宪法,致力于经济发展。如今日本背弃和平宪法,同时不顾新安保法惹火上身的风险,除了满足那些历史修正主义分子的一己私欲,又能得到些什么呢?As a close ally of the US, Japan, with the security laws in place, will inevitably play a more active role in regional and global security affairs. With Abes so-called proactive diplomacy for peace and his revisionist historical viewpoints, the situation in Northeast Asia and the world may witness great uncertainty.在新的安保法实施后,作为美国盟友的日本不可避免地在地区及全球安全事务中扮演积极的角色,再加上安倍一直鼓吹的“积极和平主义”和其历史修正主义的做派,东北亚地区以及全世界的处境将面临更多的不稳定因素。As Japan is marching on the road of militarization, other countries, especially its Asian neighbors, should be vigilant. Japanese people should also continue to oppose the plot that may let Japan repeat its historical mistakes.随着日本在军事极端主义的道路上渐行渐远,其它国家,尤其是亚洲邻国对此应该保持警惕态度。同时日本国民也应该阻止本国重蹈历史覆辙。来 /201604/435119

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