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Microsoft jolted fixed income investors to life on Monday when it sold nearly bn of debt to fund its takeover of social network LinkedIn, the fifth largest corporate bond sale on record.本周一,为了给收购社交网络领英(LinkedIn)提供资金,微软(Microsoft)发行了近200亿美元债券,其规模在企业债券发行史上排名第五,为固定收益投资人注入一剂强心针。The sale from the triple-A rated company, one of only two US corporates to hold the opinion from Standard amp; Poor’s, was met with intense demand as portfolio managers search out income. Trillions of dollars of sovereign and corporate debt are currently trading with a yield below zero.作为美国仅有的两家获标普(Standard amp; Poor’s)AAA评级的企业之一,微软此次发售债券获得了寻求收益的投资组合经理的热烈欢迎。当前有数万亿美元主权和企业债券都是在零利率以下交易的。The US software maker, which agreed to a bn acquisition of LinkedIn in June as part of chief executive Satya Nadella’s efforts to revitalise growth, issued .75bn of debt with seven maturities, according to three people familiar with the deal.据该交易的三名知情人表示,微软此次发行的债券分七种年限,发行规模为197.5亿美元。这家美国软件制造商在今年6月同意以260亿美元收购领英,这是微软首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)为恢复增长作出的努力的一部分。Order books for the Microsoft sale eclipsed bn, the three people said, with demand strongest for 10- and 30-year paper. The sale, which ranks behind offerings from Verizon, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Actavis and Dell, was composed of fixed-rate notes maturing in between three and 40 years.微软此次债券发行认购规模超过500亿美元,需求最强的为10年期和30年期的债券。此次债券为固定收益率,到期年限在3年期至40年期之间,发行规模仅次于Verizon、百威英(Anheuser-Busch InBev)、阿特维斯(Actavis)和戴尔(Dell)。The transaction included bn of 10-year notes, which priced with a yield 90 basis points above the benchmark US Treasury, or roughly 2.42 per cent. New 30-year bonds priced with a yield of 3.73 per cent, 5 bps above existing debt that matures in 2045.该交易包括40亿美元10年期债券,利率高于基准美国国债90个基点,约为2.4%。此次新发30年期债券利率为3.73%,较2045年到期的现有债券高出5个基点。Both Samp;P and Moody’s affirmed their triple-A opinions of Microsoft on Monday despite the significant increase in the company’s debt burden.尽管微软债务负担明显加重,但标普和穆迪(Moody’s)在周一都再次重申对微软的AAA级评级。Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo led the underwriting of the sale.美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)、根大通(JPMorgan)和富国(Wells Fargo)牵头此次债券发行工作。 /201608/458433

Facebook faces a potential fine after Brussels accused the social network of misleading it 布鲁塞尔方面指责Facebook在其190亿美元收购WhatsApp的监管审批过程中进行误导。during the approval process of its bn takeover of WhatsApp.这意味着这家社交网络可能面临罚款。In a statement of objections, the European Commission charged the #172;Silicon Valley group with inaccurately claiming during the 2014 takeover that it was technically impossible to combine user information from Facebook and WhatsApp automatically.欧盟委员会(European Commission)在一份反对声明中指控,这家硅谷集团在2014年收购期间不准确地声称在技术上不可能自动合并Facebook和WhatsApp的用户信息。Facebook sprang a surprise this year by linking WhatsApp phone numbers with identities on its Facebook service in a change that sparked complaints from users, regulators and rivals.Facebook今年突然将WhatsApp电话号码与其在Facebook务上的对应身份联系起来,这一改变引发了用户、监管机构和竞争对手的抱怨。The charges mark the boldest reaction by EU authorities to the move. 这些指控标志着欧盟当局对Facebook上述举动作出的最大胆的反应。Data protection agencies across the EU had aly attacked the decision, demanding further information, prompting Facebook to halt the process in Europe.欧盟各数据保护机构已对该决定作出攻击,要求提供进一步信息,促使Facebook在欧洲停止数据合并进程。Margrethe Vestager, EU competition chief, said: Companies are obliged to give the commission accurate information during merger investigations. 欧盟竞争事务专员玛格丽特.维斯特格(Margrethe Vestager)表示:企业有义务在并购调查期间向欧盟委员会提供准确的信息。They must take this obligation seriously.他们必须认真对待这项义务。Brussels allowed the deal with no #172;conditions attached, in part because of Facebook’s insistence that it was not able to combine user accounts.布鲁塞尔在没有附加条件的情况下批准了这笔交易,部分是因为Facebook坚称自己无法合并用户账户。Facebook said it had behaved properly in the process. Facebook表示,其在审批过程中行为恰当。We respect the commission’s process and are confident that a full review of the facts will confirm Facebook has acted in good faith.我们尊重欧盟委员会的审批过程,并深信对事实的全面审议将实Facebook是诚信行事的。Although the commission said it would not reverse its decision to approve the deal, it made clear that EU rules allowed fines of up to 1 per cent of global turnover in such cases — which would be roughly 5m, based on Facebook’s 2014 annual revenues.虽然欧盟委员会表示不会逆转批准该交易的决定,但明确指出欧盟规则允许在这种情况下收取至多相当于全球营业额1%的罚款,基于Facebook 2014年收入,罚款金额大约是1.25亿美元。The charges come after a string of competition cases that have ensnared Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. 在Facebook受到指控之前,一连串竞争案件已使谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon)、苹果(Apple)和微软(Microsoft)面临法律麻烦。These have sparked a diplomatic stand-off between Brussels and Washington, which has accused the EU of singling out US businesses.此类案件引发了布鲁塞尔和华盛顿之间的外交对峙,后者指责欧盟专门跟美国企业过不去。Facebook had largely avoided becoming ensnared in this regulatory tussle. Facebook此前基本上避免了受到此类监管纠纷牵连。While data protection authorities across Europe have pursued Facebook over privacy issues, the EU’s executive arm had broadly steered clear of the social network.虽然欧洲各地的数据保护部门都在就隐私问题追究Facebook的责任,但欧盟执行机构大体上未理会这家社交网络公司。Facebook notified EU officials of the planned changes to its privacy policy in January, seven months before they were announced publicly. 今年1月,Facebook曾向欧盟官员报告,该公司计划修改隐私政策,7个月后这些政策才被公开宣布。The company said the decision was primarily taken to help it compile data, such as on user numbers, more accurately, rather than serve targeted ads.该公司表示,做出这一决定主要是为了更精确地汇编用户数量等数据,而并非为了投放定向广告。But the decision triggered immediate concern among regulators. 但这一决定立即引发了监管机构的担忧。This year, Ms Vestager warned: That they didn’t merge data wasn’t the decisive factor when the merger was approved, but it was still a part of the decision.维斯特格今年曾警告称:合并获批时,他们所谓的不合并数据虽然不是决定因素,但仍是该决定的一部分。Facebook said: We’ve consistently provided accurate information about our technical capabilities and plans, including in submissions about the WhatsApp acquisition and in voluntary briefings before WhatsApp’s privacy policy update this year.Facebook表示:我们持之以恒地提供关于我司技术能力和计划的准确信息,包括收购WhatsApp时提交材料以及在WhatsApp隐私政策今年更新前自愿提供简报。 /201612/484965B News – Samsung Electronics has reported a 50% profit surge in its guidance for the fourth quarter despite the fiasco with its flagship Note 7 phone. The earnings estimate is higher than analysts predicted and would mark its highest quarterly profit since 2013.?B新闻 – 三星电子公布四季度盈利预期取得50%的大幅增长,尽管它的旗舰产品Note 7手机惨败。盈利预期高于分析师预计,标志着三星自2013年以来的最高季度盈利。The strong results are due to Samsung#39;s semiconductor and display businesses. The South Korean tech giant said it expected to post 9.2tn won (.8bn) in operating profit for the months from September to December. In an earlier profit forecast for the fourth quarter, Samsung had said it expected the Note 7 recall would mean a .1bn hit to their profits.强劲的业绩归功于三星的半导体和显示器业务。这家韩国科技巨头说,预计第四季度录得9.2万亿韩元(合78亿美元)营业利润。此前的四季度盈利预估中,三星说,预计Note 7召回意味着会对其盈利造成21亿美元的打击。The company first issued a recall for the Galaxy Note 7 in September following complaints about exploding batteries. After replacement devices deemed safe were also found to overheat and catch fire, the company scrapped the phone entirely.三星9月份因电池爆炸的投诉首次宣布召回Galaxy Note 7。 被认为安全的替换手机也被发现会过热和着火后,公司就彻底废弃了这款手机。;When you look at the headlines over the last couple of months it#39;s always been about exploding batteries and doom for Samsung,; Bryan Ma, technology consultant with IDC said.“当你看过去几个月的头条新闻时,总是在说三星电池爆炸,厄运当头的事。”国际数据公司的技术顾问布赖恩.马说。;But we#39;ve got to keep in mind that that#39;s not their only business - what#39;s really driving these earnings is strong demand for memory and displays. And they are really, really profitable businesses.;“但我们得记着,那并不是他们唯一的业务 – 真正推动盈利的是对存储器和显示器的强劲需求。这些业务真的真的很赚钱。”Samsung said that it will ;very soon; share details of its inquiry into the cause of the Note 7 problems. The company will disclose a detailed earnings release for the quarter in late January which will give more insights into the performance of its individual businesses.三星说,将“很快”公布对Note 7起火问题原因的调查详情。公司将在一月末披露详细上季度财报,这将让人们对其各个业务的表现有更多深入了解。 /201701/487885

5.Why Do Birds Migrate?5.为何鸟儿会迁徙?We know that birds migrate over really long distances every year to lay eggs or to escape harsh winters. What we don#39;t know is how they do it at all. The migration of birds remains one of the most mysterious animal behaviors known to science, and even though they#39;ve been trying hard to solve it for a long time, answers haven#39;t been easy to come by.鸟儿每年都会迁徙至很远的城市繁殖、过冬,没有人可以解释它们这样做的原因。鸟儿的迁徙至今仍为科学界未解之谜,即便多年来人们想尽办法去研究这个问题,仍未揭晓。Consider this: Cuckoos migrate and lay their eggs in other birds#39; nests, then just fly away to their own business. When the young ones grow up, they make their way to their ancestral lands without any help whatsoever. Scientists do believe that they are able to use a variety of compasses based on the stars and the Earth#39;s magnetic field, but a compass can only guide you—it can#39;t tell you the coordinates of a location you should have no idea about. Clearly, cuckoos are one species you don#39;t want to mess with.试想一下,布谷鸟迁徙,将蛋产于别种鸟的巢中,便过着自由自在的日子。而布谷鸟的幼子长大后,却可以在没有父母的指引下,飞回它们祖先栖息的土地。科学家相信布谷鸟可以借助星星的位置或者地球磁场来辨别南北方向,但指南针只可以引导方向而不能带领你去一个你根本不知道的地方。显然,布谷鸟会是一个你并不想惹的物种。4.What Causes Gravity?4.引力是如何产生的?Newton pioneered the study of gravity over 350 years ago, and you#39;d think that we#39;d have it all figured out by now. But the more we#39;ve progressed in our knowledge of the world, the more baffling gravity has become for researchers. For starters, we know the causing particle for each of the four fundamental forces of the universe—except gravity. A graviton is believed to be that particle, but we#39;re pretty far from actually finding it.牛顿在350年前开创了力学研究,你可能会认为人类已研究清楚所有关于力学的问题。但当人类对世界了解得更多,令人疑惑的力学问题也随之增多。一开始,人类甚至不知道四大基本力(万有引力,电磁相互作用力,弱相互作用力,强相互作用力)中的万有引力。很多人认为万有引力是微粒,但人类所掌握的知识远远未能明此设想。Another thing about gravity is that it is the weakest of all the other fundamental forces, yet if we look around the world, that doesn#39;t seem to be the case at all. Gravity keeps galaxies together, and it is about 1040 times weaker than the electromagnetic force. The fact that it#39;s so weak makes it all the more difficult to study it in the lab.另一个有关引力的说法是:引力在四大基本力中最弱。当我们仔细观察这个世界时,这一说法似乎不可信。引力使星系聚集,但引力却比电磁相互作用力弱1040倍,亦因为引力微弱,在实验室难以研究。3.How Do We Store And Retrieve Memories?3.人类如何储存与检索大脑中的信息?Science has come a long way toward understanding how our bodies work, but memories are still one of the most perplexing problems of the human anatomy. We just have no idea exactly what parts of the brain are involved in the storage of our memories, though we do know that a lot of areas of the brain are involved in the process. Even more confusing than memory storage is memory retrieval. Scientists have been looking into how our brains trace a particular memory from our memory bank since at least the #39;20s, but it#39;s still not clear how we do it.科学研究人类身体机能运作已取得很大进展,但大脑记忆仍是人体解剖学中最复杂的问题。即便我们已经知道大脑很多区域都参与记忆,大脑哪一部位与记忆有直接关系则仍未知晓。相比之下,记忆检索比记忆储存更令人费解。科学家在20世纪前已开始研究脑部如何检索特定记忆,至今仍无结论。What we do know for sure is that it has something to do with neurons and the connections between them. When we see something that triggers a memory to be traced, many parts of the brain interact with each other simultaneously to make us remember it. Beyond that, though, the whole thing is a mystery.可以确定的是,记忆检索与神经元和两者之间的联系有关。当我们看见触发记忆的事物,在大脑各领域的相互作用下,大脑做出记忆。除此之外,一切都只是一个谜。2.Why Do Women Go Through Menopause?2.为何女性有更年期?Menopause defies all the rules of evolution. The ability to reproduce in the animal kingdom ensures that the species are able to pass on their superior genes, but in humans, something weird happens. Women decisively lose their ability to pass on their lineage at the age of about 45–50, and science just doesn#39;t have any idea why. From an evolutionary perspective, it is always harmful for a species to completely give up their ability to reproduce, as survival by natural selection ceases to take place once that happens.更年期不符合演变规律。在动物王国中,再生功能使物种传递优异基因。但奇怪的事情发生了,人类女性在45~50岁时失去了传递基因的能力。从进化论的观点来看,放弃生育能力对于任何一个物种来说都是有害的。一旦这种情况发生,自然选择不再有效。One explanation is the grandmother hypothesis, which says that after a point, women should spend more time caring for their grandchildren than their children, but the benefits of that are far inferior to the benefits of giving birth to your own children. It#39;s also not abundantly found in the animal kingdom. Apart from humans, only two species of whale completely stop breeding at a certain age and go on to live for a significant amount of time. Other animals that experience deteriorating sexual abilities, however, often die out soon after.一种解释是祖母假说:当女性到了一定年龄时,应花费更多的时间去照顾孙辈而不是儿女,但这样做并没有比生育自己的孩子得到更多的好处。“祖母假说”也很少出现在动物世界当中。除了人类,只有两类鲸会在在特定年龄完全失去生育能力,并能生存很长一段时间,而其他动物性功能衰退后很快就会死去。1.What Are Dreams?1.梦是什么?Dreaming is one thing that#39;s common to us all. It might differ in the way it happens for some of us, but it#39;s definitely a resident feature of all of our brains. You#39;d think that science would be able to figure out why our brains decide to go in LSD mode every night, but sadly, there are no definite answers as to what exactly dreams are. Some people believe that they#39;re just random images which serve no purpose, while others believe that they carry a deeper meaning, though we#39;re all pretty much guessing here.梦对于所有人来说都不陌生。对于我们的大脑来说,梦是一个固有特征,不同的只是梦的内容。也许你认为科学可以解释大脑为何每晚都大屏幕播放图像,不幸的是,科学也无法给出梦的定义。一些人相信,梦只是一些没有意义的随机影像,而有人则认为梦有更深的含义,但大家的猜想并无根据。Some theories suggest that dreams are a manifestation of things we#39;d rather not think about during the day, like sexual fantasies, though many modern scientists don#39;t agree with that. What they do agree with, however, is that dreams are most likely symbolic of something deep in our psyche, though no one can decisively say what. The jury is divided on whether they serve any purpose at all, and it looks like it#39;s going to take a long time for us to come to a universally accepted answer.有理论提出梦展现了我们在白天不会想的事情,例如性幻想。但许多近代科学家并不认同此理论。大部分人则认为梦是人类灵魂深处的象征,但没有人可以准确说出是什么。人们对梦是否有意义的看法仍有分歧,普遍接受的理论出现还需要一段时间。翻译:陈夏瑾 来源:前十网 /201508/395775Apple has said that it expects so-called first owners of 500 pounds iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches to replace them after only three years of use, and Mac computers only four.苹果公司近日表示,拥有价值500英镑的iPhone,iPad和苹果手表的所谓第一所有者,预计在使用三年之后更换这些设备,而Mac电脑则在四年后更换。As part of the company#39;s new environmental push, Apple has listed how long it expects its products to last for their ;first owners; and therefore how much they contribute to the greenhouse gas lifecycle.作为该公司新环保活动的一部分,苹果列举出了旗下产品对于;第一所有者;的使用年限,从而计算出这些产品的生命周期中所释放的温室气体的量。Within a new question and answer section Apple said: ;Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for OS X and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices.;在一轮问答环节中,苹果公司表示:;对于第一所有者的产品的使用年限,我们认为OS X和tvOS的期限一般为四年,而iOS和watchOS产品为三年。;That assessment doesn#39;t take into account the recycling of devices, their reconditioning and their resale, of course, but when you buy a new iPhone 6S for 539 pounds, Apple expects it to last three years, something many suspected. Apple has been accused of intentionally slowing down iPhones every time a new one is released.当然,该项评估并没有考虑到设备的回收、重组和转卖。当你购买一台价值539英镑的新iPhone 6S时,苹果期望它能使用到三年,不过很多人对此表示怀疑。苹果公司被指责每发布一款新iPhone,就故意减慢手机的运行速度。 /201604/438884

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