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  • Jay-Z has several reasons to be happy right now.Jay-Z最近可谓“多喜临门”。Less than a month after it was announced he and his wife Beyonce are expecting twins - he is to receive a top songwriting honour.在宣布妻子碧昂斯怀了双胞胎之后不到一个月,他又将收获创作人的最高荣誉。Jay-Z is to become the first rapper ever inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in the US.Jay-Z将成为首位入选美国创作人名人堂的说唱歌手。A handful of artists who are considered to have ;enriched the world#39;s culture; with their songwriting and music are selected for induction every year.每年都有一些艺术家入选创作人名人堂,人们认为他们凭借自己的创作和音乐“丰富了世界文化”。Joining the hall of fame is a huge deal - previous inductees include Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson.入选名人堂是非常了不起的事情——此前的入选者包括马文?盖伊、鲍勃?迪伦、多莉?帕顿、布鲁斯?斯普林斯汀以及迈克尔?杰克逊。But no rapper has ever made the cut before.但之前从没有说唱歌手被选中。Jay-Z will be inducted as part of the hall#39;s class of 2017 alongside Max Martin, who has written songs for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande.和Jay-Z一同入选2017年名人堂的还有马克斯?马丁,他曾为泰勒?斯威夫特、凯蒂?派瑞以及爱莉安娜?格兰德创作过歌曲。Other inductees this year will include Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The duo have written and produced number one singles for Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Usher, among many others.今年的其他入选者还包括吉米?杰姆和特里?刘易斯。他们曾为珍妮?杰克逊、玛利亚?凯利以及亚瑟小子等歌手编写制作过冠军单曲。Songwriters are eligible for induction after writing hit tracks for at least 20 years.作曲家们至少要拥有20年的热门歌曲创作经历才有资格入选名人堂。This explains why Jay-Z is being inducted now - as he recently passed the 20th anniversary of his debut album Reasonable Doubt, released in 1996.这就是Jay-z现在被选中的原因,近日Jay-Z的首张专辑《合理质疑》刚好面世二十周年,该专辑是1996年发行的。Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers, who was one of last year#39;s inductees, said Jay-Z had ;changed the way we listen to music;.去年的入选者、Chic乐团的吉他手尼尔?罗杰斯称,Jay-Z已经“改变了我们聆听音乐的方式”。Madonna and George Michael were both nominated this year as well but weren#39;t chosen this time.今年麦当娜和乔治?迈克尔也获得了提名,但是这次并没有被选中。 /201702/494028。
  • An American study has found that tea drinkers enjoying a daily cuppa could be 35% less likely to suffer a heart attack or another major cardiovascular disease.一项美国的研究发现,饮茶者每天喝一杯茶可能使患心脏病或其他重大的心血管疾病的几率降低35%。Doctor Elliott Miller and his team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA, have found that drinking tea could protect the heart.埃利奥特·米勒医生和他在美国巴尔的约翰霍普金斯医院的团队日前发现,喝茶可以保护心脏。Just one cup of tea a day -- whether green or black -- could be enough to prove beneficial.每天只喝一杯茶--无论是绿茶还是红茶--都足以明喝茶是有益的。The scientists followed 600 men and women in good health and with no previous history of heart disease for 15 years.科学家对600名身体健康且没有心脏病史的男女追踪了15年。During that time, they noted which volunteers had a heart attack, a stroke, suffered chest pains or died from other types of heart disease.在那段时间,他们记录了哪些志愿者患上了心脏病、中风、感到胸口疼痛或死于其他类型的心脏疾病。They also measured calcium deposits in the volunteers#39; blood vessels over a five-year period, comparing them with previous levels.他们还在五年内测量了志愿者血管中的钙沉积情况,将其与以前的水平进行比较。The results showed that tea drinkers -- consuming one to three cups per day -- were 35% less likely to develop heart disease than the other volunteers. Tea drinkers also had lower levels of calcium deposits in their arteries.结果表明,每天饮用一至三杯茶的饮茶者比其他志愿者患心脏疾病的几率要低35%。饮茶者动脉中的钙沉积水平也较低。While it#39;s too soon for the researchers to establish a direct link between the consumption of tea and the absence of heart disease, they do recognize the natural protective properties of the drink.虽然研究人员在饮茶和没有心脏病之间建立的直接联系为时尚早,但是他们确实认识到茶的天然保护特性。This could be due to the flavonoids found in tea, a type of antioxidant that supports heart health.这可能是由于茶中存在的类黄酮,一种有助于心脏健康的抗氧化剂。Another theory is that tea drinkers could generally have healthier lifestyles, with factors such as diet and exercise playing a positive role in keeping heart disease at bay.另一个理论是,饮茶者可能通常具有更健康的生活方式,饮食和运动等因素在预防心脏疾病方面起着积极作用。 /201612/484390。
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