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上海长海医院双眼皮多少钱浦东新区改脸型的费用上海市长征医院切眼袋手术价格 Getting into sweat-breaking exercise only on the weekends, known as ;weekend warrior; physical activity patterns, may also be enough to significantly reduce risks for death, a new study said.一项新研究称,所谓的“周末战士”身体活动模式,即只在周末做出汗运动,可能也足以显著降低死亡风险。The study, published online by the JAMA Internal Medicine, showed that compared with inactive adults, weekend warriors who performed the typical recommended amount of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of viGorous activity in one or two sessions per week had lower risks of death.这项被《美国医学会杂志·内科学卷》发布在网上的研究显示,与不运动的成人相比,每周进行一两次、通常推荐的150分钟中等强度或75分钟高强度运动的周末战士的死亡风险更低。The results were based on an analysis of 63,591 British adults who were followed between 1994 and 2012.研究结果基于对1994-2012年间追踪调查的63591名英国成年人的分析。The researchers found that the risk of death from all causes was about 30% lower among weekend warrior adults compared with inactive adults, while the risk of cardiovascular disease death for weekend warriors was 40% lower and the risk of cancer death was 18% lower.研究人员发现,与不运动的成人相比,成年周末战士因各种原因死亡的风险低约30%,因心血管疾病和癌症死亡的风险分别低40%和18%。;The present study suggests that less frequent bouts of activity, which might be more easily fit into a busy lifestyle, offer considerable health benefits.; the researches wrote.该研究称:“目前的研究表明,没那么频繁的运动,可能更容易融入到繁忙的生活方式中,提供了相当大的健康益处。”;A particularly encouraging finding was that a physical activity frequency as low as one or two sessions per week was associated with lower mortality risks, even in the insufficiently active.;“一个特别令人鼓舞的发现是,身体活动频率比较低,比如每周只要运动一两次,也会与死亡风险下降存在关联。” /201702/490756No, you don#39;t get it, I#39;m not oppressed by any totalitarian religious ideology...不,你没明白我的意思,我不受任何极权主义宗教思想的压迫……Feminists encounter a ghost当女权主义者遇到鬼 /201612/484757上海市第一人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

上海市第六人民医院 修眉多少钱1. They have to work harder to make it happen1.他们不得不更加努力才能成功Coming out of college with a 4.0 definitely will open a door or two for you. Ears prick up when they hear words like “Magna Cum Laude” or “Top of class” much more than when they hear “Passed all of her classes and ended up mid-level in rankings.” Call it biased, but that is just how it is.以4.0的成绩走出大学肯定会有一两扇门为你打开。当人们听到“以优异的学习成绩毕业”或者“班级的尖子生”的时候会竖起耳朵,而当人们听到“通过了所有课程,最终排名中等水平”的时候,就不那么有兴趣了。这叫做偏见,但是这就是事实。So average students have to work a little harder after college to get doors to open for them. They have to knock on more and, in some cases, beat them down just to get an interview. Sometimes it helps to start with an internship or commission job just to get your foot in the door and then work on making a name for yourself by your work ethic and results.因此一般的学生,在大学毕业之后需要更加努力工作才能打开为他们敞开的大门。他们不得不面试更多工作,在一些情况下,只是为了获得面试,都会让他们深受打击。有时候,通过作为实习生或者临时工来获得进入某公司门槛的机会,然后通过自己的职业道德和工作业绩来为自己争取一个正式的职位,是一个很有帮助的途径。2. They have to be better at networking2.他们不得不更加擅长社交When you are top of the class, you do not have to know the right people because you are the “right people.” However, when you are “average,” your resume does not make much of an impression so it helps to know a person on the inside that will vouch for you and prove that you are more than just an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. It pays (literally) to become an expert at networking and building your contact list early on in your career.当你是班级的尖子生的时候,你不需要认识合适的人,因为你就是“合适的人”。然而,当你是“中等生”的时候,你的简历并没有给面试者留下什么印象。所以认识内部人士帮你做担保,明你不仅仅是一张8.5×11的白纸,会对你所帮助。成为社交专家,在你的事业早期简历你的关系网是很有用(字面上说)的。3. They give others a chance3.他们给他人机会Average students are more likely to give the less-likely pick a chance because they remember when it was them. Something about seeing yourself in someone else just wakes up the optimist inside of you. Therefore, average students are more likely to discover hidden talents and the future leaders because they were willing to give them a shot.普通学生更有可能给那些不那么可能被选中的人一个机会,因为他们记得自己当时的处境。从其他人身上看到自己会唤醒你内在的乐观因素。因此,普通的学生更可能发现隐藏的才能和将来的领导者,因为他们愿意给他们尝试的机会。 /201703/498775上海市仁济医院祛疤痕多少钱 Certain activities can be good – and some bad – for our grey matter, so see which you should carry on doing... 有些活动可以使我们的大脑更加敏锐,而有些则会使大脑变得更加迟钝。or ditch.下面让我们来看看哪些生活习惯该保持,哪些该丢弃吧!SITTING STILL: DRAIN坐着保持不动:让大脑变得更迟钝When we sit for long periods (more than three hours), our inactivity leads to reduced blood flow to the brain and less oxygenation and nutrient supply, says Dr Jenny Brockis, author of Future Brain: The 12 Keys to Create Your High-Performance Brain.《未来大脑:十二大方法打造高效大脑》的作者杰尼#8226;布罗基斯士称:坐着不动超过三小时,就会导致流向大脑的血液减少,从而使所需的氧气和营养供应匮乏。This leads to reduced brain activity in the part of the brain we use for heavy-duty thinking, planning, #172;organising and decision-making.这会导致高压下思考、谋划、组织和决策的大脑区域的活动量下降。ACTION: Take brain breaks by getting up to stretch and move around every 30 minutes. 建议:每半小时起身伸展身体,四处走动,让大脑得以休息调整。The new FitBit Alta monitors your movements and prompts you to move.可以使用Fitbit Alta 智能手环监测督促自己的行动。STAYING CURIOUS: BOOSTER保持好奇心:让大脑变得更敏锐Learning new skills leads to better neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to form new connections between existing neurons, explains Dr Brockis.布罗基斯士对此做出了解释,学习新技能可增强神经可塑性——指大脑在现有神经元之间形成新连接的一种能力。It used to be thought we only had a short period of relative plasticity in early childhood.人们过去认为我们只在幼儿早期的一小段时间里才有相对可塑性。;But although our brain’s plasticity does decline with age, we don’t lose it.然而,尽管随着年龄的增长,我们的可塑性有所下降,但它没有完全消失。ACTION : Why not take up a musical instrument or an evening class?建议:为什么不去学习一种乐器或去夜校上课呢?FAST FOOD: DRAIN快餐:让大脑变得更迟钝The quickest way to stuff up our brains is to stuff our bodies with fast food, says Dr Brockis.布罗斯基说,用快餐填满肚子是让我们大脑堵塞的最快方法。Too much sugar, trans fat and salt leads to greater inflammation and brain shrinkage.快餐里包含太多的糖分、反式脂肪和盐,这会导致大脑炎症和大脑萎缩。ACTION: Eat fresh and unprocessed foods as much as you can.建议:尽可能多吃新鲜和未经加工的食品。GOOD QUALITY SLEEP: BOOSTER高质量睡眠:让大脑变得更敏锐Studies have shown being deprived of sleep for 24 hours decreases memory and concentration, says Dr Michael Wasserman of the American Geriatric Society. But regular, restful sleep improves memory.美国老年协会的迈克尔#8226;沃瑟曼士说,研究表明24个小时不睡觉会降低人的和集中力,但有规律的安稳睡眠能提高。Scientists think that while asleep, we shift recent experiences over to more efficient storage regions in the brain where they become long-term memories.科学家认为在睡眠中,我们会将最近的经历转移到大脑有效存储区,从而变为长期记忆。It’s how we learn and remember facts and skills.我们正是通过此种方式学习和记忆知识与技能。ACTION : Try and get to bed before midnight and aim for 7-8 hours kip.建议:争取在半夜12点前上床睡觉,保每天7-8个小时睡眠时间。BEING OVERWEIGHT: DRAIN超重:让大脑变得更迟钝Minding your mind includes minding your weight, says Dr Brockis. 布罗基斯说,想让大脑变得更聪明还要懂得控制自己的体重。Obesity shrinks the brain and is also a risk factor for cognitive decline. 过度肥胖会造成脑萎缩,还极有可能导致认知能力下降。Studies have shown having more fat tissue leads to a greater release of cytokines, messenger proteins that contribute to greater brain atrophy (decline) in areas linked with executive function, learning and memory.研究表明,脂肪组织越多,释放出细胞因子和蛋白质信使也越多,而这两种物质会导致与执行功能、学习和记忆能力相关的大脑区域脑萎缩。ACTION: See your GP about losing some weight if you are obese.建议:如果你过度肥胖,要在医生的指导下减肥。CROSSWORDS BY THE CLOCK: BOOSTER计时填字游戏:让大脑变得更敏锐You’ve probably how doing puzzles can help keep your brain young.你或许已经阅读过如何通过益智游戏来保持大脑活力。高速运转。But if you want to stoke up synapses, get out the stopwatch.但如果你想建立更多的神经突触,拿出你的秒表开始计时。Studies have found timed tests train your brain to work quickly, says Dr Wasserman.沃瑟曼医生说:研究发现,计时测试能加速大脑运转。ACTION : Try timing -yourself when you solve a crossword or Sudoku, he adds. 建议:试着在做填字和数独游戏的时候给自己计时。他补充道。You’ll get faster and even eliminate that tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon (where you can describe a word but can’t remember it).你会思考得更快,还可能彻底告别欲言难吐的情况,就是你可以描述这个词,但就是不记得确切说法。DRINKING ALCOHOL REGULARLY: DRAIN时常饮酒:让大脑变得更迟钝Regular drinking lowers the levels of serotonin in your brain and can lead to depression, says Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and medical adviser to alcohol -education charity Drinkaware.Drinkaware协会(一家传播酒精知识的慈善机构)的医学顾问、家庭医生萨拉#8226;贾维斯认为,经常饮酒会降低大脑的血清素含量,易导致抑郁。Drinking heavily over a long period of time can also have long-term effects on memory, she adds. Even on days when you don’t drink, recalling what you did yesterday, or where you have been earlier that day, is difficult.她补充说:长时间饮酒过量也会对产生长期影响,即使白天不喝酒时,也很难记起昨天干了什么,或几个小时前去过哪儿。ACTION: Many medical experts recommend taking regular days off from drinking to ensure you don’t become addicted. 建议:许多医学专家建议定期禁酒,以免上瘾。However, it’s important not to assume that taking a break means it’s OK to drink to excess the rest of the time.不过需要注意的是,定期禁酒并不意味着可以在其他时候无节制地喝酒。AEOBIC EXERCISE: BOOSTER有氧运动:让大脑变得更敏锐Besides increasing blood flow, exercise leads to an increase in the BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) our brain secretes, says Dr Brockis. 布洛克斯医生称,运动除了可以提高血流量外,还能提高大脑分泌物中脑源性神经营养因子(BDNF)的含量。BDNF has been dubbed Miracle-Gro for brains as it helps grow and strengthen them, allowing us to learn and remember information better.BDNF素有大脑美乐棵之称,它能强健大脑,提高我们的学习和记忆能力。ACTION: The best exercise for brains? Anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you puff a bit, says Dr Brockis. 建议:想知道益于大脑的最佳运动?布洛克斯医生表示:任何能够让你心跳和呼吸加速的运动都可以。A 30-minute plus session of aerobic exercise is ideal. 最理想的是进行一组30分钟的有氧运动。Whether it’s walking, swimming, running, cycling, table tennis, kayaking, rugby or golf, the trick is to schedule it on a regular basis, start slow and gradually increase the number of sessions each week, and their duration.慢步、游泳、跑步、骑车,划皮艇,或是打乒乓球、橄榄球、高尔夫,这些都可以,关键是要有规律,开始先慢慢来,之后逐渐增加每周的运动次数和时长。EATING SUGAR: DRAIN吃糖:让大脑变得更迟钝It’s tempting to reach for a can of cola or a bar of choc when your body and brain is flagging, but excess sugar is associated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes, both risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia, says Dr Brockis.布洛克斯医生称,当身体和大脑感到疲惫时,人们常常想来听可乐,或吃块巧克力,但是过多摄入糖分容易诱发肥胖症和II型糖尿病,这两者都易导致认知能力下降和痴呆。Plus, animal studies have shown that adolescents who drink sugar-sweetened drinks daily show increased inflammation of the hippocampus, the area of the brain associated with learning and memory, leading to an impaired ability to remember, she says.此外,动物研究报告表明,每天都喝含糖饮料的青少年,海马体的发炎概率会上升,进而导致受损。海马体是大脑中负责学习和记忆的区域。ACTION: Boost your glucose levels (and cognitive stamina) with the carbohydrates found in fruit and vegetables instead, says Dr Brockis. 建议:布洛克斯医生建议说,可以通过摄入水果和蔬菜中的碳水化合物提高体内的葡萄糖含量(和认知能力)。Eating a small banana will do the trick, as will snacking on blueberries, shown to boost memory and concentration for up to five hours.研究表明,正如蓝莓可以增强记忆,让人的注意力集中长达5小时,香蕉也有这样的效果。 /201609/468705上海祛斑多少钱

上海假体丰胸多少钱But babe, I can change ...但是宝贝,我可以改变……I doubt it ...我深表怀疑……Optimus Prime in one of his few serious relationships.擎天柱处于少有的认真的感情关系中。 /201610/473359 Over the next few months in the northern hemisphere, suicides are likely to become more common. Why?在北半球接下来的几个月里,自杀现象可能会更加普遍,这是为什么呢?Studies dating back to the 1800s have found that suicides peak in the spring and are lowest in winter.19世纪的研究发现,自杀率在春季达到顶峰,在冬季最低。;If we take winter as a baseline, then there#39;s a 20-60% higher suicide rate during spring,; says Fotis Papadopoulos, a professor of psychiatry at Uppsala University in Sweden, who has been studying the association.瑞典乌普萨拉大学精神病学教授福蒂斯·帕帕多普洛斯表示:“如果我们以冬季的自杀率为基准,那么春季的自杀率将高出20-60%。”This seems rather counterintuitive considering that darker days are linked to low mood. How could this be?这似乎是相当违反我们的认知的,我们通常认为萎靡的心情与较暗的天气有关。那这到底是怎么一回事呢?One possibility is that this is a result of changing levels of serotonin – a neurotransmitter that regulates mood – within the brain.一个可能的原因就是,这是血清素水平升高的结果,即5-羟色胺(一种在大脑内调节心境的神经递质)。Studies have found that serotonin levels in the blood are higher during the summer than the winter, and that there#39;s a positive correlation between serotonin synthesis and the hours of sunshine on the day that a blood sample is taken.研究发现,夏季血液中5-羟色胺水平高于冬季,血清素合成与摄取当天阳光时间呈正相关。There#39;s also a further connection, in that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants, which boost serotonin, have been linked to risk of suicide in a small number of patients.还有一个更进一步的联系:在选择性5-羟色胺再摄取抑制剂(SSRI)抗抑郁药中,其促进5-羟色胺与少数患者的自杀风险相关。;We know that when we treat patients with antidepressants it can take at least three or four weeks to raise their mood,; says Papadopoulos. ;During this time, some people become more physically active or agitated, which could potentially make them more likely to act on their thoughts. Maybe sunshine acts in a similar way in a minority of people.;帕帕多普洛斯说道:“我们知道,当我们用抗抑郁药治疗患者时,可能需要至少三到四个星期来使他们恢复好心情。在这段时间里,有些人变得更加活跃或激动,这可能会使他们更有可能采取行动。或许阳光对一部分人起到的是同样的作用。” /201704/501866上海市中医医院做双眼皮多少钱虹口区黑脸娃娃多少钱



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