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、误:风向南吹正:风从南边吹来析:表示方位的词,如东南西北,作副词时,意义为 朝...方向去,如:The river flows north. 河水向北流但是唯有说道风的时候,恰好相反,指 从...方向来如:The wind blows east. 刮东风7. The attachment of atoms of different kinds to each other is responsible compounds having characteristic properties different from those of the elements of which they are made.

备考中必须小心对待的36组地雷词汇 -- 18:01:1 来源:qnr 下面是青年人网小编整理的在新阅读考试中考生们常常出错的36组词汇,大家千万要小心喔!1) quite 相当 quiet 安静地) affect v 影响, 假装 effect n 结果, 影响3) adapt 适应 adopt 采用 adept 内行) angel 天使 angle 角度5) dairy 牛奶厂 diary 日记6) contend 奋斗, 斗争 content 内容, 满足的 context 上下文 contest 竞争, 比赛7) principal 校长, 主要的 principle 原则8) implicit 含蓄的 explicit 明白的9) dessert 甜食 desert 沙漠 v 放弃 dissert 写论文) pat 轻拍 tap 轻打 slap 掌击 rap 敲,打) decent 正经的 descent n 向下, 血统 descend v 向下) sweet 甜的 sweat 汗水) later 后来 latter 后者 latest 最近的 lately adv 最近) costume 装 custom 习惯) extensive 广泛的 intensive 深刻的) aural 耳的 oral 口头的) abroad 国外 aboard 上(船,飞机)18) altar 祭坛 alter 改变19) assent 同意 ascent 上升 accent 口音) champion 冠军 champagne 香槟酒 campaign 战役1) baron 男爵 barren 不毛之地的 barn 古仓) beam 梁, 光束 bean 豆 been have 过去式3) precede 领先 proceed 进行,继续) pray 祈祷 prey 猎物5) chicken 鸡 kitchen 厨房6) monkey 猴子 donkey 驴7) chore 家务活 chord 和弦 cord 细绳) cite 引用 site 场所 sight 视觉9) clash (金属)幢击声 crash 碰幢,坠落 crush 压坏30) compliment 赞美 complement 附加物31) confirm 确认 conm 使顺从3) contact 接触 contract 合同 contrast 对照33) council 议会 counsel 忠告 consul 领事) crow 乌鸦 crown 王冠 clown 小丑 cow 牛35) dose 一剂药 doze 打盹36) drawn draw 过去分词 drown 溺水 词汇 地雷 词汇 小心

考研英语 考研英语短文写作十种经典段落框架 -01- :5:33 来源:  一、图画图表描述段  【示例一】  ①From the picture (graph, chart, table, pie, bar), we know that (图表内容总概括).②On the one hand, the leftfirst picture tells us that (情况一,图一表一的内容).③On the other hand, (the rightsecond)picture inms us that ( 情况二,图二表二的内容).④It can easily be seen that (揭示图画表寓意).  【示例二】  ①As is vividly showndescribeddepicted in the cartoonpicture, (图表内容总概括).②In the first picture, (描述图表一内容,如果是一个表,则可左或上半部分).③As is shown in the second drawingpicture, (描述图表二内容,如果是一个表,则右或下半部分).④It is safe to draw the conclusion that (提示寓意,或主题句,回应主题但不是主题句的重复).  二、意义阐述段  【示例一】  ①Judging from the pictures, we can clearly infer that the drawer’s intention is (主题句).② (扩展句).③ one thingFirst of allFirstly, (第一个层面). ④ anotherBesidesMoreoverIn additionSecondly, (第二个层面). ⑤ThusAs a resultThereeFinally, (总结句).  【示例二】  ①To begin with, the purpose of the drawings is to show us that (主题句),yet the symbolic meanings subtly conveyed should be taken more seriously. ② (扩展句)is naturally associated with, to be specific (第一个层面). ③BesidesMoreoverIn addition, (第二个层面)④As a resultTheree, (总结句).  三、原因阐释段  【示例一】  ①There are many reasons responsible this phenomenoncaseinstance and the following are the typical ones. ② The first reason is that (理由一). ③The second reason is that (理由二). ④The third reason is thatA case in point is thatThe typical example is that (理由三).  【示例二】  ①There are many reasons to explainexplaining the effectphenomenoncaseinstance. ②The most contributing one isthe main reason is no other than (理由一). ③What is more, (理由二). ④ (理由三)also play a role in this case.  四、建议措施段  【示例一】  ①Considering all these reasonsthis situationConfronted with such a problem, I think we need to take some positive measures. ②On the one hand, (方法建议一). ③On the other hand, it is necessary us to (方法建议二). ④ThusOnly in this way, can (总结自己的观点建议态度).  【示例二】  ①In order to improve the situationTo sum up the above argumentConfronted with such an issueproblem, we should find several solutions to itneed to take some positive measures. ②On the one hand one thing, we should (方法建议一). ③On the other hand another, (方法建议二). ④ThereeThusOnly in this way, can (段落总结句).  五、趋势预测段  【示例一】  ① Accordingly, it is vital us to derive positive implications from these though-provoking drawings. ②On the one hand, we can frequently use them to enlighten that (主题). ③On the other hand, we should be sensible enough to (观点态度). ④Only by (段落总结句), and only in this way can we have a brilliant future.  【示例二】  ①The effects of which has produced on can be boiled down to two major ones. ②First, (影响一). ③More importantly, (影响二). ④Hence, I believe that we will see a (提出展望).Nevertheless, I do not think we will see a (或反面展望).  六、举例说明段  【示例一】  ①There are many casesexamples to explain (主题句). ②Take as a typical example.The first example is that (阐述例子), (可进一步阐述). ③The second example is thatIn additionHere is a counter example.Opposite case in point is thatOn the contrary (第二个例子的内容或举一个反面例子). ④Theree,Only can (总结主题句段落总结句).  【示例二】  ① (观点句). It can be bestwell illustrated inexplained by(例子). ② (阐述例子). ③ (进一步阐述例子). ④Theree, (段落总结句:进一步总结观点句的必要性和重要性).  七、观点阐释段  【示例一】  ①Nowadays, a heated debate about (主题) is under way in China. ②A close inspection of this argument would reveal how flimsy (groundless) it is. ③As a matter of fact, (进一步说明).  【示例二】  ①While the rhythmpacetempo of people’s living is speeding up, one of the topics many city residents are discussing is (主题). ②As part of domestic modernization, needs to be developed urgently in china, (进一步说明).  八、现象现状说明段  【示例一】  ①With the rapid advances of in recent years, has (引出现象). ②However, has , as (提出问题). ③As a result, (指出影响),which has aroused close social attention from all walks of life.  【示例二】  ①With the rapid development of science and technology (electronic industryhigher education), more and more people come to realize that (引出现象). ②It is estimated, over the past decade, that (用具体数据说明现象).  九、利弊说明段  【示例一】  ①Recently the issue of whether or not (讨论话题) has been in the limelight and has aroused wide concern in the public. ②There are two major arguments that can be made . ③ one thing, can bring to (优点一). ④ another, it is widely hold that people usually when (优点二). ⑤But we must not lose sight of the fact that there are also drawbacks to , among which are (列举缺点). ⑥ instance, it can be to (举例说明). ⑦In addition, many people find it (形容词)to (第二个缺点).  【示例二】  ①Some people are in favor of the idea of doing (主题). ②They point out the fact that (持的第一个原因). ③They also argue that (持的另一个原因).④There might be some element of truth in these people’s belief. ⑤However, other people stand on a different ground. ⑥They consider it harmful to do . ⑦They firmly point out that (反对的理由).  十、归纳结论段  【示例一】  ①Judging from these figures, we can draw the conclusion that (得出结论). ②The reason this, as far as I am concerned is that (给出原因).③It is high time that we (发出倡议).  【示例二】  ①Taking into of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that (结论). ②And with the above content, it will show more profound significance in (进一步总结).



  英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 高考英语满分作文范文:我和奥运 -- :: 来源: 高考英语满分作文范文:我和奥运Dear friends,亲爱的朋友们:I have a great news to inm here. Through long efts, Beijing has been granted the right to host Olympic games. As a resident in Beijing, I feel quite excited and like to share with you my happiness.我有一个好消息要告诉你们经过长期努力,北京已被批准为年奥运会的主办城市作为一个北京居民,我感到非常兴奋,我想要和你们一起分享我的幸福This success means a lot more than a game to me. In the first place, this Games will definitely promote the development of our economy. According to a recent survey by some experts, this games will raise our GDP by about 3%, and offer about ,000 jobs. What’s more, our culture will be widely recognized and accepted all over the world through the Games. People will come over from every corner of the world, and experience Chinese culture in every aspect. Besides, through the games, our living environment will be greatly improved. example, the public transportation system will be up-dated. Moreover, it’s known that more trees will be planted, and grassland will be considerably expanded.对我来说,这次北京申奥成功并不仅仅意味着一场运动会首先,这次奥运肯定会促进我们的经济发展根据一些专家的最近调查,这次奥运会会提升我国3%的GDP,并提供约 ,000 份工作更重要的是,通过这次奥运,我们国家的文化将被全世界广泛认可来自世界各地的人们将体验到各个层面的中国文化此外,通过这次奥运,我们的居住环境将被大大改善,比如,公共交通系统将现代化另外,据说还会种植更多的树,扩更多的草地My friend, I really look ward to the coming of this great Games. As an individual, I’m all y to offer my help in any way I can. I also hope to invite you all to come here, and watch the games in .我的朋友,我真的很盼望这次伟大奥运会的到来我个人已经完全准备好帮助任何我能帮助的人同样,我也希望邀请你们所有的人来这儿观看年奥运会Sincerely yours,您诚挚的 高考英语满分作文

  年(TOEFL)考试核心词汇累积:地理学 --5 ::36 来源:qnr  地理学  hemisphere 半球  meridian 子午线 经线  parallel 平行圈  latitude 纬线  longitude 经线 经度  elevation 海拔  altitude 高度 海拔  horizon 地平线  equator 赤道  temperature latitudes 温带地区  tropics 热带地区  Arctic the North Pole 北极  Antarctic Antarctica 南极  the Antarctic Continent 南极洲  theAntarctic Circle 南极圈  theArctic Circle 北极圈  aurora 极光  tropics of Cancer 北回归线  tropics of Capricorn 南回归线  international date line 国际日期变更线  time difference 时差  time zone 时区  topography 地形 地形学  plain 平原  plateau highland 高地  lowland 低地  basin 盆地  oasis 绿洲  enclave 飞地  peak 山峰  cordillera ranges 山脉  carven cave 洞穴  terrain 地域  subterranean 地底下  coastland 沿海地区  coastline 海岸线  watershed 分水岭  upper reaches 上游  lower reaches 下游  tributary 流  deposit 沉积  spring fountain 泉水  iceberg 冰山  riverbed 河床  gulf bay 海湾  waterfall 瀑布  cascade 小瀑布;喷流  reef 暗礁  tide 湖水  torrent 水的急流  tropical rain est 热带雨林  continental island 大陆岛  volcanic island 火山岛  coral island 珊瑚岛  islet 小岛  peninsular 半岛  archipelago 群岛  delta 三角洲  landlocked area 内陆  inland waterway 内陆河  subcontinent 次大陆  cliff 山崖  valley 山谷  hillside mountain slope 山坡  continental shelf 大陆架  canyon gorge 峡谷  channel strait 海峡  remote-sensing 遥感的  terrestrial 地球的 陆地的  terrestrial heat geothermal 地热  terrestrial magnetism 地磁  continental drift 大陆漂移学说  sea-floor sping 海床扩展  evaporation 蒸发  salinity 含盐度  ocean bottom 海床  sediment 沉积物  tropical 热带的  temperate 温带的  frigid 寒带的  frost heaving 冻胀现象  tundra 苔原,冻原  fieldstone 卵石  theMediterranean Sea 地中海  the primeval est 原始森林  Scandinavia 斯堪的纳维亚(半岛)(瑞典、挪威、丹麦、冰岛的泛称)  fjord 峡湾  coral reef 珊瑚礁  Chalk 白垩纪  cataclysm 大洪水  ridge 山脊;分水岭  abyss 深渊  territory 版图;领土;地域  Pyrenees 比利牛斯山脉  Carpathians 喀尔巴阡山脉  Vesuvius 维苏威火山  Pompeii 庞贝  precipice 悬崖  eon 世;纪;代  glacier 冰河  Pangaea 盘古大陆  dune 沙丘  Lagoon 咸水湖 词汇 地理学 词汇 核心 考试 TOEFL-- :5: 来源:kekenet三. 遇到日期、百分比、带单位的特殊数字,通常用阿拉伯数字

  英语专业四级 年专四词汇语法专项训练6 -- :9:9 来源: 年专四词汇语法专项训练6  1. Nowhere in nature is aluminum found free, owing to its always with other elements, most commonly with oxygen.  A. being combined B. having combined  C. to combine D. combined  . Physics is the present day equivalent of used to be called natural philosophy, from most of present-day science arose.  A. which, what B. that, which C. what, which D. what, that  3. On no ever leave the baby at home alone.  A. should you B. you should C. shall you D. you shall  . the center of our planetary system was considered as heresy by the church in the Middle Ages.  A. It is the sun and not the earth is  B. That the sun and not the earth is  C. Being the sun and not the earth is  D. The sun and not the earth is  5. The reason that his property was confiscated by the country, it was that he was involve in a lot of fraudulent activities during the war.  A. was turned out B. was being turned out C. being turned out D. turned out  6. I‘d rather you by train because the weather ecast said there would be heavy snow, tomorrow.  A. went B. should go C. will go D. go  7. Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 191 and enjoyed great fame in Germany until the rise of Nazism he was expelled from Germany because he was a Jew.  A. when B. who C. then D. which  8. Nowhere but in the remotest region of the country find a place to settle down.  A. can he B. he can C. he D. him to  9. With one leg broken in that car accident, he cannot even walk run.  A. let alone B. that's to say C. not to speak D. not to mention  . she led a life of complete seclusion.  A. Being disgraced B. Disgraced C. Disgracing D. She was disgraced  . It to see so many children in that mountainous area cannot even afd elementary education.  A. pains her B. makes her pain C. is paining D. is pained  . Our boss, Mr. Thompson, a raise in salary ages, but nothing has happened yet.  A. was promising B. has been promising  C. promised D. has promised  . A dream is to a person is wings are to a bird.  A. that B. which C. what D. as  . The man sitting opposite me smiled dreamily, as if something pleasant in the past.  A. to remember B. remembered  C. having been remembered D. remembering  . I him the Christmas gift by mail because he came home during the Christmas holidays.  A. ought to have sent B. couldn't have sent  C. must have sent D. needn't have sent  参考:ACABD AAAAB ADD年6月六级作文范文:电视广告 -- ::5 来源: 年6月六级作文范文:电视广告Nowadays there are more and more advertisements on TV ,they appear either bee a TV program or after it ,and sometimes even inserted between episodes of a TV serial plays,and the time of which is becoming longer and longer ,which is so boring ,and many watchers cannot wait but switch to other channels. But why this phenomena has appeared ,the reason may be two .at the first place ,it is a method businessmen in such a highly competitive market to make their goods known by customers ,which will improve the sales amounts .  At the second place ,it is a chance the TV station to earn money to support their programs .If I am given the chance to meet the leader of TV station ,I would like to suggest them decrease the amounts of the advertisements relatively .Maybe doing this will lose some profits, but instead,the audience rating will be improved largely.

    【例6】 Where do you expect Shanghai to be in five years?


  如:小炒黑山羊——Sautéed Sliced Lamb with Pepper

  英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 DO NOT GIVE UP --9 19::31 来源: 1 DO NOT GIVE UP There is a saying said that don't give up ever.When I was a child,my teachers often told that don't give up,and the hope was always there. Whenever we meet with a problem,however hard the problem is,we shouldn't stop our work.We must have a faith that the most beautiful view will come in after the most high hill.There are also many examples,such as Zhang Haidi,Zheng ZHihua,Helen Keller and so on,they all had a bad life,but they all successed by their efts. In a word,if we have dreams,we should do our best to come true our dreams,we shouldn't give up!

  hold on to socialism

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