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高明人民医院有泌尿科吗三水中医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱In Alaska, the best route to safety was to get onto a glacier,在阿拉斯加 最安全的路径 就是站到冰川上去but that meant a jump across icy water for me and for Simon.但那就意味着要跳过刺骨的冰水 我要跳 西蒙也得跳Dont like the look of this stuff at all.You see, its just all free-floating,broken ice.这些东西全都暗藏杀机 你看 冰块全是活动的 全是碎冰To get to the glacier,you had to sort of step across which were effectively icebergs floating in the water.Often theyre pretty unstable.为了到冰川上去 你得跨过 那些看起来很结实的冰山 实际上他们很容易碎的Here we go, twinkletoes.出发 水上漂Just,okay ,come on then,give me your hand, this last bit.差点 好了 过来 最后这一段我能拉你一把He said,No, come on.Do this last one. Its great.Well make it. Well make it.他说 不 快来 挺过这最后一个 感觉棒极了 我们能行 我们能行Ok. Look down, look across,Go for it, commit to it.好吧 看看下面 看看对面 就奋不顾身地冲过去了One, two, three.Good. good, good. And again.Nice.1 2 3 好 很好 不错 真棒Simon -- hes no slouch in those situations,and danced across it really well.西蒙在这种环境中游刃有余 一把就跳了过去But he also has to hold a camera.但是他还要举着摄像机Sometimes you just got to commit to these things. Okay.有时候你得全情投入 走吧Im as careful as I can be,but theres always an element of risk for me and crew.我已经尽可能小心翼翼 但我和摄制人员还是常遇风险There was a scree slope which Bear and I were powering down.那里有一处布满碎石的斜坡 我和贝尔要速滑下去We got to about 20 feet before the end of this thing,and Bear says to me,;Im gonna stop by that tree;.And he doesnt stop.差不多要滑20英尺才能到坡底 贝尔跟我说 我会在那棵树的地方停下来 可他并没能停下来201610/473393佛山市第三人民医院不孕不育科 Thousands of African migrants are stuck in Central America, and local aid workers are concerned it could become a humanitarian crisis. 成千上万的非洲移民被困在中美洲,当地救援人员担心这可能成为一场人道主义危机。The migrants are seeking asylum in the U.S. and travel first by boat or plane to Latin America. 移民们在美国寻求庇护,并乘船或飞机前往拉丁美洲。But its difficult to get asylum in Costa Rica, and Nicaragua closed its borders last year, making it hard for people to travel farther north. 但在哥斯达黎加很难得到政治庇护,去年尼加拉瓜关闭了边界,使人们很难再往北前行。The result is makeshift camps, like this one in the town of Penas Blancas, where people are living with scarce resources. 结果是临时搭建营地,像这个在佩尼亚斯的小镇,那里的人生活资源稀少。The migrants typically dont carry any identification, so its difficult to deport them. And it would cost the Costa Rican government a lot of money to detain or deport that many people. 移民通常不携带任何件,所以很难将他们驱逐出境。而且这将花费哥斯达黎加政府很多钱扣留或驱逐那么多人。译文属。201610/473040Annie would just give Bill like...Heres a hundred pages, and Bill flourished with Annie more than ever anywhere.Annie会给Bill很大的创作空间和自由度,Bill的作品等在Annie的这里也比其他任何杂志都多。It was like she almost gave him his own little mini magazine just to do it however he wanted.就好像是她提供给他了一整个迷你杂志,他可以按照自己喜欢和想要的样子来做。Hed work all day, and hed come up at night, and our sessions usually lasted till about 4:00 in the morning.I worked for the Establishment during the day,他整天都在工作,有时会晚上过来,我们有时会开会到凌晨四点。我白天要为《纽约时报》工作so I was like a bird getting out of a cage, and Id go down there.我像逃出牢笼一样跑到这里来。It was marvelous.这真是很奇妙的感觉。I would come after my job at the Times, and we would lay this out, and then Id go home about 2:00.我一般在结束《纽约时报》的工作之后过来,然后我们把内容定下来,我大概两点钟左右回家。Biked back from SoHo where we were.从SoHo那边骑车过来,好了我们在这儿。I think one Details Magazine, it was Fall Special...125 pages of Bill Cunningham.我在策划Details杂志的一期秋季特刊125页Bill Cunningham的作品。A hundred pages?一百页?Ninety-nine. -Ninety-nine pages.99.-99页。We just...We never thought of it.We just went on and did what we wanted till we had said what we wanted to say.我们只是…从没想过这个。我们都是尽力在杂志上表达我们想要传达给读者的东西。111 pages. -111 pages.111页。-111页。Here are what I did was I blew up the embroidery of the coat, and we put it on the pages, and then put the coat, small, in the middle of it,这部分我要重新解构这些刺绣的外套,我们把它放在这些页,然后把衣的图片缩小到页中央,cause the news was in...-Yeah, the idea was the big...was this.因为内容是在…-是的,我们的想法是…占大部分的是这个花纹。Cause it was like something out of the Renaissance, you see?因为这有些像文艺复兴时期的东西。You try to show the er what was really new.你要努力向读者展现出这些最新的东西。Look at this. Its like something from Paul Poiret, uh, 1910.看这个…这像是Paul Poiret在1910的作品。Scheherazade, the Arabian Nights.Scheherazade的一千零一夜。Look at the embroidery, the tassels, the lace.看这些刺绣、流苏、蕾丝边。201608/459382佛山妇幼保健医院有泌尿科吗

佛山名仕男科咨询Bear, from Nick, weve got the face exposed.Okay, good job.That is...8 minutes, 15 seconds.贝尔 我是尼克 脸露出来了 很好 好样的 用时 八分十五秒Good work, team. Okay, Bear out.干得好 各位 好 贝尔出动了Our skier was under for more than eight minutes.Its my turn.我们的滑雪手在底下待了八分多钟 轮到我了The team move out to a new location for the second stage of this challenge.团队朝另一处地点进发 驶向下一站挑战Im about to be buried alive.我已经准备好被活埋Theyre digging a deep snow hole to put me in,他们正在挖一个深雪洞来埋我and this test will simulate what its like to be covered by 12 feet of snow.这次测试将模拟 深埋雪下十二英尺的情景Many die just two feet under.而很多人葬身在两英尺的雪深So, what Im gonna be doing is breathing through this tube,所以 我打算 通过这根管子呼吸and thats gonna be buried deep under the snow,它将通到雪下两英尺处and its effectively restricting the amount of oxygen that Im getting,这玩意儿能有效 限制我能吸入的氧气which simulates being buried in an avalanche.模拟雪崩活埋And Ive experienced this restricted oxygen before,high on Everest,我之前在喜马拉雅山已经体验过 这种限氧and its definitely a very,very frightening thing to go through,very disempowering,绝对是非常 熬过它 是非常可怕 非常耗费体力的一件事情cause youre sucking, but nothings filling your lungs.因为你大口吸气 肺却一无所获If Im honest, Im definitely nervous about this one.老实说 我对这测试很是紧张啊This is so dangerous,Ive been hooked up to monitors,that show carbon-dioxide levels and blood sats,the oxygen levels in my body.因为很危险 所以我戴上了监视仪 它能够显示二氧化碳和 血氧分压 即我体内的含氧量指标Its a good indicator of asphyxiation.这东西能够很好地预防窒息If any of these go off the scale,theyve only got seconds to get me out.其中任何一项指标异常 他们将只有几秒的时间把我救出来Once Im in position, the team start to dig me in.我到位 团队开始掩埋我201702/492817广东省中西医结合医院不孕不育多少钱 By covering those two aspects, I think he really does address...the whole spectrum of what we are as New Yorkers, and I believe hes the only one who does it.结合这两个方面来看,我觉得他确实最有发言权在我们所认识的;纽约客;中我相信他确实是最有发言权的一个。See, I dont decide anything. I let the street speak to me.我从不刻意去选择什么是这些街拍自己找上门来的。In order for the street to speak to you, youve got to stay out there and see what it is.为了和这些衣不期而遇你必须要待在外面,等着看他们是什么样子。You just dont manufacture in your head...that skirts at the knee are the thing.你不能仅仅在脑海中想象那条长度到膝盖的短裙很好看。Then you go out and photograph people with skirts at the knee.然后你就该走到街上去拍那些穿着到膝短裙的人们。Youve got to stay on the street and let the street tell you what it is.你必须待在街上,知道遇见那些感觉对了的衣。Theres no shortcuts. Believe me.相信我,这件事没有其他的捷径。Oh, my goodness. I dont know where to stop or start. This is terrible.哦,天呐…我不知道该选哪张。这真糟糕。Whats your deadline?你什么时候截稿?You could...You could really be a great help to me.你可以…帮我个大忙。What?干嘛?Take these out like this, John.把这些拿出来,John.Okay. Make it easy.好的,就这样。And keep them like this, and it would help me.帮他们都这样放,这真是帮了我个大忙。Put them in here. -Okay.把它们放在这儿。-好的。I hate to ask you. I dont mean to use you...or misuse you, but it would be helpful.我并不想叫你帮忙…不想指使你或是;虐待;你,不过这真是帮了我个忙。Today is Thursday.今天是星期四。When do you usually know when your page...-Right now. -Right now. I see.你通常什么时候交稿。-我正在弄。-正在弄?明白了。Yeah, it should be done. -I see.是的,这就要完成了。-嗯。We havent even got em scanned.我们还没扫描。Do you know what your page is yet? Your ;On the Street; page?Do you know what its going to be?你知道你的照片将被放在哪页么?你这期的;街拍;页会是什么样的?Its going to be, uh, all on legs and shoes.这期大概是关于…腿和鞋子。Oh. -those are nice. -Yeah.Now thats a good one.I guess wed better do it.哦。-那些不错。-是啊。现在这个不错。我觉得我们最好选上这张。Youre gonna call that store you want me to run down to...to go get your film? -Yeah.你要打电话给你刚刚让我去的那家店…去取你的照片?-是的。Oh, hello there.嘿,你好。Uh, this is the guy that comes on a bicycle.啊…我是刚刚那个骑自行车过来的人。Youre developing some film for me.我有些照片放在你们那里洗。Yeah. Uh, listen, Im in...kind of running, and a friend of mine was gonna come and pick it up.嗯…是这样,我有些着急我有位朋友要过去帮我把照片取回来。John. Hes a tall fella, and he has long hair.John,他是个高个子,留着长头发。You know. Okay.你记住了,好的。All right.好,就这样。Ill go get it.我去把照片取回来。Theres a couple of pictures on there of shoes from this morning.那有两张今早拍的鞋子的照片。All right. So, we need that for today.好的,所以我们今天需要这些照片。And Ill quickly get on this. -Okay. Ill be right back with it.我很快就要用到这组照片。-好的,我会尽快把它们取回来。Wait a minute. Come on. Lets get snapping and cracking.等一下…来快速浏览下这些照片。See, static, static. Getting a little better.静止的,静止的…哦,这张好一点。Then when the wind blows a bit...Oh, isnt that fun.这时起风了哦,这真有趣。Oh, you see, the minute you get in the rain...When it rains, its a whole different scene.哦,看,这是下雨的那瞬间下雨的时候,那真是个完全不同的场景。201607/457046南海区第二人民医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱

佛山高明区不孕不育医院预约挂号Keep Your Goals to Yourself嘘...别说出你的个人目标Everyone, please think of your biggest personal goal. Okay? For real—you can take a second. You gotta feel this to learn it. Take a few seconds and think of your personal biggest goal, okay?各位,请想一想你最大的个人目标。好吗?认真的——你可以花一点时间思考。你必须得想想才能知道。花几秒钟然后想想你个人最大的目标,好?Imagine deciding right now that youre going to do it. Imagine telling someone that you meet today what youre going to do. Imagine their congratulations and their high image of you. Doesnt it feel good to say it out loud? Dont you feel one step closer aly, like its aly becoming part of your identity? Well, bad news: You shouldve kept your mouth shut, because that good feeling now will make you less likely to do it.想像一下现在就决定你要去实践了。想像一下跟某个你今天见到的人说你要做的事。想像一下他们的祝贺和对你产生的好印象。大声说出来感觉很棒对吧?你难道不觉得离目标已经更近一步,像是那已经成为你这个人的一部分?这个嘛,坏消息:你应该保持沉默的,因为那美妙的感觉现在会让你比较不可能去实践目标了。The repeated psychology tests have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen. Anytime you have a goal, there are some steps that need to be done, some work that needs to be done, in order to achieve it. Ideally, you would not be satisfied until youd actually done the work. But when you tell someone your goal and they acknowledge it, psychologists have found that its called a ;social reality.; The mind is kind of tricked into feeling that its aly done. And then, because you felt that satisfaction, youre less motivated to do the actual hard work necessary. So this goes against the conventional wisdom that we should tell our friends our goals—right?—so they hold us to it. So, lets look at the proof.一再进行的心理试验实,告诉某人你的目标使之较不可能实现。每当你有个目标时,会有一些步骤需要完成、一些工作需要做,以达到那目标。一般来说,你在没真正完成工作前是不会感到满足的。不过当你告诉某人你的目标且他们认同时,心理学家发现这叫做“社会真实”。大脑有点像被诱骗产生目标已达成的感觉。接着,因为你感受到那种满足,你就比较没动力去做实际需要下的困难功夫。所以这和一般看法认为我们应该要告诉朋友自己的目标相悖——对吧?——这样朋友才能使我们信守承诺。那么,我们来看看实验明。1926: Kurt Lewin, founder of social psychology, called this ;substitution.; 1933: Wera Mahler found when it was acknowledged by others, it felt real in the mind. 1982: Peter Gollwitzer wrote a whole book about this, and in , he did some new tests that were published.1926 年:Kurt Lewin,社会心理学的创始人,称之“替代”。1933 年:Wera Mahler 发现当目标被其他人认可时,心理感觉就像成真了。1982 年:Peter Gollwitzer 就此写了一整本书,而在 年,他做了些新实验并被发表于世。It goes like this: 163 people across four separate tests, everyone wrote down their personal goal; then half of them announced their commitment to this goal to the room, and half didnt. And then everyone was given 45 minutes of work that would directly lead them towards their goal, but they were told that they could stop at any time. Now, those who kept their mouths shut worked the entire 45 minutes, on average, and when asked afterwards, said that they felt that they had a long way to go still to achieve their goal. But those who had announced it quit after only 33 minutes, on average, and when asked afterwards, said that they felt much closer to achieving their goal.那实验是像这样:四个不同实验的 163 人,每人写下他们的个人目标;接着其中半数人向屋内的人宣布他们对此目标的决心,而半数人则未。接着所有人被分配 45 分钟的作业,那会直接将他们导向自己的目标,不过实验对象被告知能随时停止。现在,那些没说出目标的人平均上都工作了整整45分钟,之后被询问时,他们说觉得自己离达成目标还有很长一段路。不过那些已经宣告的人平均来说仅过 33 分钟就不干了,而在事后被询问时,他们说觉得离达成目标靠近许多。So, if this is true, what can we do? Well, you could resist the temptation to announce your goal. You can delay the gratification that the social acknowledgment brings. And you can understand that your mind mistakes the talking for the doing. But if you do need to talk about something, you can state it in a way that gives you no satisfaction, such as, ;I really wanna run this marathon, so I need to train five times a week. And kick my ass if I dont, okay?;所以,如果这是真的,我们可以做什么?嗯,你可以对抗想昭告自己目标的诱惑。你可以缓缓社会认同所带来的那种满足感。还有你可以了解你的大脑会误将出一张嘴当成真正做事。不过如果你真的必须说些什么,你可以用一种不会给你任何满足感的方式说,例如:“我真的很想跑这场马拉松,所以我需要一星期训练五次。如果我没做到就教训我,好吗?”So, audience, next time youre tempted to tell someone your goal, what will you say? Exactly! Well done.所以,观众们,下次你很想要告诉某人你的目标时,你会说什么?没错!干得好。201605/445452 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447625西南街道云东海旅游迳口华侨经济区治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好南庄里水九江丹灶镇治疗龟头炎多少钱



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