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People who claim they suffer aches and pains in damp weather are wrong, scientists say.科学家们表示,人们认为在潮湿的天气里就会关节疼痛的看法是不正确的。There is no link between the two - instead cold temperatures just makes people more aware of their discomfort, new research confirms.最新研究实,这两者之间没有任何关联--事实上寒冷的天气只是会让人们更加意识到身体的不适。Almost 1,000 people with lower back pain, and around 350 with knee osteoarthritis were assessed in a study.一项研究评估了大约1000名腰疼患者和350名膝关节炎症患者的状况。Weather figures from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology were also sourced for the duration of the study period.在研究进行期间,澳大利亚气象局的天气情况也作为数据来源进行参考。Researchers compared the weather at the time patients first noticed pain with weather conditions one week and one month before the onset. They found no association between back pain and temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction or precipitation.研究人员比对了患者首次出现疼痛那周的天气和发作前一个月的天气。他们发现,无论是气温、湿度、气压、刮风还是降雨,都与人们的腰痛没有关联。However, higher temperatures did slightly increase the chances of lower back pain.相反,高温倒是会轻微增加患腰痛病的机率。Professor Chris Maher, of The George Institute, Sydney, said: #39;The belief that pain and inclement weather are linked dates back to Roman times. But our research suggests this belief may be based on the fact that people recall events that confirm their pre-existing views.#39;悉尼大学乔治研究院的克里斯·马厄教授表示:“早在古罗马时期,人们就认为疼痛与天气阴冷有关。但我们的研究明,这个观点可能是基于先入为主导致的。”#39;Human beings are very susceptible so it’s easy to see why we might only take note of pain on the days when it’s cold and rainy outside, but discount the days when they have symptoms but the weather is mild and sunny.#39;“人类是非常容易受影响的,所以很容易发现,我们为何那么清楚的记得在寒冷阴雨天气的疼痛,而事实上在温暖晴好的天气里,疼痛也一直存在。”But he and his team conducted a second study after people remained adamant that adverse weather conditions worsened their symptoms. They used data from new patients with both lower back pain and osteoarthritis.不过,在人们坚称恶劣天气会加重疼痛时,他和他的团队人员进行了第二项研究。他们使用了那些同时患有腰疼病和膝关节炎症患者的数据。However, the results were almost exactly the same - proving there is #39;absolutely#39; no link between pain and the weather in these conditions.然而,研究结果仍近乎一模一样--明疼痛与天气“绝对”没有关联。 /201702/490690

Love is known to cause symptoms similar to those seen with addiction, and has even been linked to addiction-like activity in the brain.正如人们所知,爱情会引起类似上瘾的症状,甚至与大脑中的成瘾活动有关。But, scientists remain divided on whether you truly can become addicted to love.但是科学家们在人是否真的会对爱情上瘾这个问题上分歧很大。The researchers from Oxford University Centre for Neuroethics looked at 64 studies on love and addiction published between 1956 and 2016, according to New Scientist.据《新科学家》杂志报道,来着牛津大学神经伦理学中心的研究者们分析了64份研究,这些研究出版于1956年至2016年之间,都有关爱情和成瘾。As with drugs, the team found that love can trigger reward signals in the brain and can cause euphoria – but, it can also lead to cravings, obsessive behaviour, and grief when a relationship ends.该团队发现爱情和毒品一样,可以在大脑中出发奖励信号、并引发快感--但是当一段关系结束时,也会导致渴望、强迫行为以及悲伤。The team identified two distinct ways to describe love addiction: a #39;narrow#39; view and a #39;broad#39; view.该团队确定了两种不同的对爱情上瘾:一个是“狭义”上的,另一个则是“广义”上的。#39;The narrow view counts only the most extreme, harmful forms of love,#39; the authors wrote in the study.作者们在研究中写道:“狭义的爱情上瘾是最极端、最有害的爱。”According to the researchers, #39;narrow#39; love addiction is the result of abnormal processes in the brain#39;s reward center. This form of love addiction is thought to be #39;quite rare,#39; and has been linked to attachment behaviours that interfere with other aspects of that person#39;s everyday life.据研究者们表示,狭义的爱情上瘾是大脑奖励中心异常过程的结果。这种爱情上瘾被认为是“非常罕见的”,并且被认为和干扰个人日常生活其他方面的连接行为有关。And, it#39;s even led to stalking and murder, according to New Scientist.而且据《新科学家》报道,这种爱情上瘾甚至还会导致跟踪和谋杀。#39;Broad#39; love addiction, on the other hand, is more like typical love, though cravings are stronger.而另一方面,广义的爱情上瘾更像是典型的爱情--虽然欲望更强一些。#39;The broad view, by contrast, counts even basic social attachment as being on a spectrum of addictive motivations, underwritten by similar neurochemical processes as more conventional addictions.#39;“相比之下,广义的爱情上瘾是基本的社会依恋,包括一连串的致瘾动机,这是一种类似传统致瘾的神经化学过程。”Both of these forms, though, can cause harm, as they can lead to unhealthy and even abusive relationships.但是这两种爱情上瘾都会造成伤害,因为它们都可能会导致不健康、甚至是虐待的关系。 /201705/507664The Chinese consulate in Malaysia said on Oct. 18 that it has been working to end the transnational human trafficking recently reported on by Malaysian media.中国驻马来西亚大使馆于10月18日表示,已经加大力度来终止近期马来西亚媒体报道的跨国贩卖人口情况。According to local media reports, the criminals first cripple and disfigure the trafficked children, and then force them to beg at popular Malaysian tourism sites after years of captivity.根据当地媒体报道,犯罪团伙首先会将这些被贩卖的儿童弄残和毁容,而后在多年囚禁之后,强迫他们在马来西亚受欢迎的旅游景点乞讨。This is precisely what happened to 33-year-old Xiu Yuan, who said he was abducted and then crippled as a child.这种事情正好发生在了33岁的修远身上。他表示,在还小的时候他就被拐骗并被弄残。According to Xiu, only beggars who earn the trust of the criminal gang leader are permitted to go out and beg in foreign countries, and there are many people controlled by the gang back in China.据修远介绍,只有头目信任的行乞者才能出国乞讨,而在国内还有许多人被这一团伙控制。The leader takes 60 percent of everyone#39;s daily income.此外,团伙头目会收走他们每天乞讨所得的60%。On Oct. 18, the Chinese consulate in Malaysia confirmed the reports by local media and said it has been investigating the case.10月18日,中国驻马来西亚大使馆实了当地媒体的报道,并表示已经对此事介入了调查。A consulate employee told Beijing Youth Daily that Chinese child beggars have long been an issue in Malaysia, though the consulate has taken measures against the phenomenon.领事馆工作人员在接受《北京青年报》采访时表示,中国儿童在马来西亚乞讨已经成为一个长期存在的问题,领事馆已经采取了相应措施打击这一现象。While some criminal gangs have been dismantled, new ones are constantly emerging.虽然目前他们已经打掉了一些团伙,但还是不断有新的犯罪团伙冒出。The case will be dealt with primarily by local police, and the Chinese consulate will spare no efforts to help trafficked children, the employee added.该使馆人员补充说道,这一案件主要依靠马来西亚警方来处理,而领事馆方面则会不遗余力来帮助被拐卖的中国人。 /201610/475025

For most future brides, it#39;s all about the dress. But, what a bride-to-be wants and what they can afford are two very different things. Budgets come into play, especially as the planning for a wedding unfolds. For some, the dress can hold a higher place on the list of spending priorities, and setting a realistic budget for the wedding gown depends on several budgeting factors, like who#39;s paying for what, for instance.对于大多数将要成为新娘的人而言,她们所关注的只有婚纱!但准新娘的心中所求与她们实际能付得起的婚纱完全是两码事。预算对于婚礼十分重要,尤其是在筹备婚礼庆典方面。对于一些准新娘而言,婚纱是婚礼花费清单的重中之重,为结婚礼留出较为现实的预算取决于几个预算因素,比如什么东西该由谁买单。TLC#39;s Say Yes to the Dress offers a glimpse into the stressful, sometimes bridezilla-esque nature of choosing the dress, but also is sure to capture the realistic process of balancing the bridal budget. Regardless of a financial plan, sometimes you#39;ll see the love of the dress outweigh a promise to stick to price limitations. Dream dresses may trump strict budgets, and parents, or even fiancés, plunk down a little more cash to get the bride exactly what she wants. Still, there are other couples who stick to their budgets, no matter what.TLC团队的《我的梦幻婚纱》节目让人们得以窥见挑选婚纱时,新娘们那万分紧张、神经兮兮的状态,同时,该节目也捕捉到了平衡婚礼预算的现实过程。不管财务计划如何,有时你会发现新娘对婚纱的喜爱远远超过了她所做出的坚守价格底线的承诺。梦寐以求的婚纱可能会战胜紧张的预算、父母,甚至还能战胜未婚夫,为新娘们喜欢的那件婚纱降点价吧!但也有一些夫妇,无论有多喜欢,他们仍会坚守自己的预算计划。With the slew of designer gowns, designer discount gowns, and custom dresses, wedding gowns can run the gamut on prices, and while there are certainly extremes on both the higher and lower ends of the spectrum, what is a realistic wedding dress budget?随着设计师设计的礼、打折的设计师设计的礼以及定制婚纱越来越多,结婚礼的价格也各不相同,虽然最高价格和最低价格都有限制,但现实的婚纱预算又是多少呢?Wedding statistics released in 2017 by The Knot show the price brides are willing to pay for their gowns has gone up. The 2016 national average spent was ,564, and the year before it was ,469. Apart from venue, photographer, and planner, the wedding dress was one of the costliest items of the whole event. If the dress is a top priority for you, then it#39;s a good idea to budget the rest of the event accordingly by cutting back costs on other aspects - maybe plan it yourself instead of hiring a planner, or choose a cheaper venue - to make up for what you#39;re spending on the gown.2017年,云水谣(The Knot)发布的婚礼统计数据显示:在买礼方面,新娘愿意付的价格有所上升。2016年,全国平均婚纱出为1564美元,而2015年,该出则为1469美元。除了婚礼场地、摄影师和策划师,婚纱是整个婚礼中最为昂贵的项目之一。如果你认为婚纱是重中之重,那通过相应地削减其它方面的开来平衡其它事宜则是个不错的方法--也许你可以自己策划,而不是请策划师,或者你可以选择价格稍低的场所--以补上礼开的空缺。译文属 /201704/506014Harrowing CCTV footage has captured the moment a dog was stamped on by a man in a lift in southwest China#39;s Yibin City.闭路电视监控系统捕捉到了这样令人心痛的一幕:在中国西南部的宜宾市,一只在电梯里遭到一个男子的踩踹。The vulnerable dog was kicked in the head and body leaving a pool of blood on the floor.这只脆弱的头部遭到踢打,它的身体也躺在血泊中。Local policemen received reports of the incident on March 25 and started tracking down the suspect.当地警察于3月25日收到了此事的报道,并且已经开始追捕这名嫌疑人。In a report from People#39;s Daily Online, the man saw the dog when he walked in the lift. He bent down and looked at the dog for a few seconds before suddenly starting to kick the dog viciously.在人民网的一则报道中,该男子在走进电梯时看到了这只。他弯下腰,观察了几秒后,突然开始狠狠地踢它。The small canine#39;s head and body is heavily injured and it can be seen lying in a pool of blood and twitching. It failed to get up before the man started attacking it again.小的头部和身体受了重伤,可以看到它躺在血泊当中抽搐。在该男子再一次发动袭击前,这只没能站起来。The end of the footage shows him picking up the dog and walking out the lift.该监控视频的结尾显示,他把提了起来,走出电梯。Sina News stated in a report that over 10 dog lovers were seen protesting at the residence the next day, holding banners of #39;You don#39;t have to love it, but please don#39;t harm it#39;.新浪新闻在一份报道中称,有10余名爱人士在事发第二天在该住宅处抗议,他们举着“如果不爱,请别伤害”的横幅。Mimi Bekhechi, Director of International Programmes at PETA told Mailonline that PETA Asia has contacted local authorities, urging them to arrest the man before he attacks any other animals or humans.善待动物组织国际署主任米米·贝克奇在接受《每日邮报网》采访时表示,该组织的亚洲分部已经联系了地方当局,敦促他们在该男子袭击其它动物或者是人类前将其逮捕。She also said: #39;This callous attack on ;man#39;s best friend; must be treated with the utmost seriousness, as this individual poses a real danger to the entire community.#39;她还说道:“无情地袭击#39;人类最好的朋友#39;这一行为,必须受到最为严肃的处置,因为这个人对整个社区造成了一种真正的危险。” /201704/502773

Marvel Comics great Stan Lee is to enter the Chinese film market by co-creating a new superhero movie character, Monkey Master.美国漫威之父斯坦#8226;李宣布将合作打造新超级英雄猴王,以此进军中国电影市场。According to Variety, Lee will work on the project with Liquid Comics’ Sharad Devarajan, with whom he created Indian superhero Chakra: The Invincible. 据《综艺》杂志披露,斯坦#8226;李将和流动漫画公司的莎拉德#8226;德瓦拉贾联手进行这一项目,此前斯坦曾与莎拉德合作创造了漫画《无敌查克拉》中的印度超级英雄。While Chakra emerged as a 65-minute animated film on Cartoon Network India, Monkey Master is aiming higher: with backing from China’s Shinework Pictures and Graphic India, Lee and Devarajan are planning an international English-language blockbuster.查克拉被拍成了一部65分钟的动画电影,在印度的卡通频道播放,而猴王项目的目标则定得更高:有了来自中国闪亮影业公司和印度Graphic影业公司的持,斯坦#8226;李和德瓦拉贾计划拍出一部世界级的英语大片。Lee said in a statement: I have always been fascinated by the Chinese and Indian cultures which are so philosophical and rich in tradition and morality. 斯坦#8226;李在声明中说:我一直被中国和印度文化深深吸引着,这两种文化都富含哲学内涵,而且拥有丰富的传统和伦理思想。Monkey Master will be unique in how it interweaves Chinese and Indian myth to create a hero that will entertain fans across the world with his martial arts skills and unstoppable superpowers.猴王的独特之处在于它将把中国和印度的神话糅合在一起,凭借高超的武术技能和无止境的超能力征世界各地的粉丝。Devarajan added: The story will take place between ancient and modern-day China and India as the myth of monkey warriors, known to both cultures, come together in the creation of a modern-day superhero.德瓦拉贾补充说:故事将发生在古代和现代的中国和印度,这个为两国文化所熟知的猴王将从神话中走出来,化身为现代世界的超级英雄。According to producers, no cast has yet been hired, but a western director is likely, with a shoot starting at the end of 2017.据制片人透露,目前尚未聘请演职人员,不过导演可能将由西方人来担任,电影拍摄预计将于2017年底开始。The Monkey Master project follows the announcement that a Kingsman-style 70s-set biopic of Lee is being developed at 20th Century Fox.猴王项目宣布前不久,有消息传出将由20世纪福克斯公司拍摄斯坦#8226;李的传记电影,据悉该片的基调将类似于《王牌特工》,影片背景设定在上世纪70年代。 /201609/468732The real reason people close their eyes when they kiss is because the brain can#39;t deal with more than two things at once.人们接吻时闭上眼睛真正的原因是大脑不能同时处理两件以上事情。When people pucker up the brain finds it difficult to process the sensation if cognitive power is also being used to analyse what we see, said psychologists from Royal Holloway, University of London.人们嘟起嘴时,如果也一并用到认知力,则大脑很难处理感觉知觉,伦敦大学皇家霍洛威学院的心理学家如是说。Tactile awareness depends on the level of perceptual load in a concurrent visual task. The cognitive psychologists reached their conclusion without studying people actually kissing. Instead people were asked do visual tests while their response to something touching their hands was measured.触觉觉知取决于同一时间发生的认知量水平。认知心理学家得出此结论并没有真正去研究实际接吻的人。而是给人们一边做视觉测试,一边测量有实物接触他们手部时他们的反应。The academics found that the visual field overrides tactile responses - meaning people would struggle to continue kissing if what they were looking at became more difficult to process.专业人员发现视觉要凌驾于触觉觉知,也就是说,要是人们所看到的事物很难加工处理,则很难继续亲吻。If people are focusing strongly on a visual task, this will reduce the awareness of stimuli in other senses.人们注意力高度集中在视觉任务上,那么对由其它感官带来的刺激的敏感度就会降低。The findings could also explain why people often shut their eyes whilst ing braille or when dancing.Shutting out the visual input leaves more mental resources to focus on other aspects of our experience.研究发现同样解释了为何人们读布莱叶盲文或者跳舞的时候常常会闭起眼睛。闭上眼睛没有视觉信息输入时,人们就有更多大脑资源来集中关注其它方面的体验。 /201703/498510

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