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Too nostalgic过分怀旧 /200912/92855A young girl wanted some new lungs. The rules said she could not have lungs from an adult donor, only from another child. That meant she would probably die.一个小女孩需要换肺。根据规定,她不能移植成年捐献者的肺,只能从另一个儿童身上获得。这意味着,她可能很难等到这一天了。Janet and Francis Murnaghan complained that the rules discriminated against their daughter Sarah, a ten-year-old being treated for cystic fibrosis in Philadelphia. So they sued to put her on the waiting list for adult lungs. Kathleen Sebelius, the health secretary, ordered a review of the policy but was hesitant to meddle further. A conservative editorial called her “a death panel of one”.珍妮特·莫纳汉和弗朗西斯·莫纳汉夫妇抱怨这样的规定对他们十岁的女儿萨拉不公平。萨拉正在费城接受囊性纤维病的治疗。他们想让医院把萨拉的名字添加到成人肺器官捐献的等候名单上。卫生部部长凯瑟琳·西贝柳斯已下令复查器官移植政策,但也仅止于此。一篇保守主义的社论称她为“一人死亡判刑委员会”。Although the number of transplants is rising, there are never enough organs (see chart). Most donations require someone to die before an ailment has ravaged his insides. Even kidneys are scarce, though you can donate one and still get by with the other. Americans say they abhor rationing. But they also hate the idea of letting people sell an organ, so rationing is what they are left with. The process is handled by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN), which includes doctors, patient advocates and bioethicists, overseen by the health department. Its policies are complex and, inevitably, imperfect.尽管器官移植的案例越来越多,可供移植的器官却一直处于紧缺状态(见上表)。因为多数情况下,如果捐献者在死亡前内部器官已受到疾病的严重侵损,他们本来要捐献的器官便不能用了。即便是肾脏也很稀少,虽然人们可以捐献一只肾,靠另一只仍然活得好好的。美国人说他们憎恶配给制,但他们也不持买卖器官。于是,除了配给,他们别无选择。配给制的具体操作过程是由医生、病人权益维护者和生物伦理学家组成的器官获取和移植网络(OPTN)负责的,并受卫生部监督。OPTN的政策非常复杂,而且也不可避免地存在缺陷。On June 5th a federal judge ordered Miss Murnaghan to be placed temporarily on the adult waiting list, pending further hearings. A day later the judge ordered similar relief for Javier Acosta, an 11-year-old in the same situation. The OPTN’s leaders voted on June 10th to let children seeking a spot in the adult queue appeal to an internal review board. On June 12th Miss Murnaghan finally received a potentially life-saving lung-transplant. Her parents were ecstatic. Others wondered if this would prompt more people to sue to be moved to the front of the queue.6月5日,一位联邦法官判决,在举行下一次听审之前,让萨拉·莫纳汉暂时列入成人等候名单。一天后,这位法官又帮助一个和萨拉境况相似的十一岁女孩哈维尔·阿科斯塔列入了成人等候名单。6月10日,OPTN的领导层进行了投票,决定允许那些想进入成人器官移植等候队列的儿童向OPTN内部的审查委员会提出申请。6月12日,萨拉终于如愿以偿,接受了可能给予她第二次生命的肺移植。她的父母喜极而泣。很多人因此而猜想,有了萨拉的例子,将来或许有更多的人会通过打官司来插队。Congress and the health department issue broad rules for how to distribute organs (allocation must be “equitable”, for example). The OPTN must sort out the thorny details. The procedure for lungs is particularly elaborate. They are allotted according to a donor’s proximity, blood type and an algorithm to balance the desire to help the afflicted with the desire not to waste organs on those too ill to recover.国会和卫生部对于如何进行器官配给只颁布了一些笼统的规定(比如,配给必须是“公平的”)。处理好棘手的细节则是OPTN的工作。在各种器官配给的程序中,肺配给的程序尤为复杂,需要根据捐献者的配型相似度、血型和一个算法来进行分配,以便在帮助患者和不浪费器官(有的患者病情过于严重,即使接受移植也无法康复)的需要之间取得平衡。A broader question is whether organ donations should favour the young. The share of total organ recipients aged 50 and older has jumped from 28% in 1988 to 60% last year. The rise has been even more dramatic for those 65 and older—the share jumped from 2% to 17%. These figures may rise further as the baby-boomers age.一个更重要的问题是,器官移植是否应该偏袒青少年。去年,50岁以上的器官受赠人占总受赠人数的比例从1988年的28%剧增到了60%。而65岁以上受赠人的比例增加比这还要戏剧:从2%到17%。随着婴儿潮一代步入老年,这些数字可能还会增加。Later this month the OPTN will consider a proposal to place young candidates higher in the queue for kidneys, the most commonly transplanted organ. Supporters point out that the young stand to gain more years of life from a transplant. Opponents retort that all human lives are equally valuable. One day, artificial organs may render this debate irrelevant. For now, Miss Murnaghan has won a reprieve. Mr Acosta and more than 1,600 other Americans are still waiting for new lungs.本月晚些时候,OPTN将会就一项建议优先给年轻申请人移植肾脏(最常见的移植器官)的提案进行讨论。提案的持者指出,年轻人通常可以通过移植获得更长的生命。反对者则认为,无论老幼,所有人的生命都一样宝贵。或许有一天,人工器官的发明将终止这场辩论。就目前而言,萨拉取得了暂时的胜利。而哈维尔的父亲,以及1600多名美国人,仍在焦急地等待新的肺来拯救他们挚爱的生命。 /201306/245011Perhaps a new academic study might help explain some of the weirder outfits worn at raves and rock festivals.   也许一项新的学术研究将有助于解释为什么在锐舞和摇滚节上的一些奇装异。   A single (high) dose of so-called 'magic' mushrooms was found to change people's personalities, making people more 'open', said researchers.   研究人员说,据发现,一个单次(高)剂量的所谓的“神奇”蘑菇可以改变人的性格,可以让人变得更“开放”。   A single high dose of the hallucinogen psilocybin, the active ingredient in so-called 'magic mushrooms' - which grow wild in the UK and parts of the US, as well as countries such as Mexico and Thailand - was enough to bring about a measurable personality change lasting at least a year in nearly 60 percent of the people.   所谓的“神奇蘑菇”在英国和美国的部分地区野生,也出现在比如墨西哥、泰国等国家。它的有效成分是单次高剂量的迷幻剂,对60%的人来说,它足够让人产生最少持续一年的、可测量到的性格变化。   Study leader Roland R. Griffiths, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said that so many of the study participants still exhibited changes after a year the changes were 'likely to be permanent.'   该研究的领导者,来自约翰霍普金斯大学医学院的精神病学及行为科学教授Roland R. Griffiths说,很多的研究参与者在一年之后仍表现出性格的变化,这项变化“很有可能是永久的”。   Nearly all of the participants in the new study considered themselves spiritually active (participating regularly in religious services, prayer or meditation). More than half had postgraduate degrees. Volunteers were considered to be psychologically healthy.   几乎这项新研究中的所有参与者都认为他们精神上积极(他们定期参加宗教务、祈祷或冥想)。超过半数以上拥有研究生学位。这些志愿者们心理都很健康。   The study participants completed two to five eight-hour drug sessions - where they were encouraged to 'focus' on the drug experience. During each session, participants were encouraged to lie down on a couch, use an eye mask to block external visual distraction, listen to music and focus their attention on their inner experiences.   研究参与者完成了两到五次8小时的药物会议,在那里,他们被鼓励集中精力在药物体验上。每一次会议期间,参与者都被鼓励躺在沙发上,用眼罩阻隔外部视觉以防分心,听着音乐,将注意力集中在他们的内心体验上。   Lasting change was found in the part of the personality known as openness, which includes traits related to imagination, aesthetics, feelings, abstract ideas and broad-mindedness. The changes were bigger than what one might normally expect to occur over decades.   根据发现,他们性格“开放”的那一部分发生了持续的变化,特称表现在包括想象力、美感、情感、抽象概念以及广阔的胸怀上。这些变化比通常人们期望的要大,通常的变化预期都超过了10年。   Griffiths says he believes the personality changes found in this study are likely permanent - and speculated that controlled use of the substance could lead to treatments for the depression suffered by cancer patients. He also speculated that the drug could help people give up smoking.   Griffiths相信,研究发现的这种性格变化很可能永久持续。他还推测,有控制的运用这种物质有可能可以治疗癌症病人的抑郁,没准还能有助于人们戒烟。 /201110/156191

Top points of impatience 忍耐极限时间表:Waiting for an Internet page to load 等待网页加载3 mins 38 secs 3分38秒Waiting on hold on telephone 打电话时被要求等待5 mins 4 secs 5分4秒Waiting for the kettle to boil 等待水开5 mins 6 secs 5分6秒Waiting for food in a restaurant 饭店等餐8 mins 38 secs 8分38秒Waiting for friends to show up 等朋友10 mins 1 secs 10分1秒Waiting for a tradesman to show 等修理工上门10 mins 43 secs 10分43秒Waiting for someone to reply to a vm/text等待他人回复语音邮件或短信:13 mins 16 secs 13分16秒Average 8 mins 22 seconds 平均忍耐极限:8分22秒Brits last an average of eight minutes and 22 seconds before they lose their temper, according to new research.一项最新调查显示,英国人在发脾气前的忍耐时间平均为8分22秒。It found that the Internet has increased people's service demands and is eroding the classic British trait of patience as more than half admitted they lose their temper quicker than ever before.该调查发现,互联网增加了人们对务的要求,使得英国人逐渐失去了其有耐性的传统品质,超过一半的英国人承认他们比以前更容易发脾气。People have become so used to the speed and convenience of the internet that more than seven in 10 get angry if forced to wait longer than one minute for a web page to download.人们已经习惯于互联网的速度和便利,如果一个网页打开的时间超过一分钟,十人中有七人以上会冒火。Being kept on hold made Brits see red more than anything else, with the average person reaching their impatience threshold after five minutes and four seconds.打电话时被要求等待是最让英国人恼火的事情,平均忍耐极限为5分4秒。In today's fast food culture, restaurant rage kicks in after only eight minutes, 38 seconds, when the average diner will start to wonder whether the meal they have ordered will ever arrive.受如今快餐文化的影响,英国人等餐时间超过8分38秒就会开始冒火,此时用餐者通常会开始怀疑他们点的食物到底还会不会上。People running late to meet a friend should not leave it any longer than 10 minutes, one second if they do not want to face their wrath.和朋友见面迟到最好不要超过10分零1秒,否则就要看对方的脸色。And tradesmen arriving to a job more than 10 minutes, 43 seconds late should not expect a cup of tea from their impatient householder.上门务者迟到超过10分43秒,就别指望户主给你倒杯茶了。Finally, when receiving a text or voicemail, be warned that the clock is ticking as the average Briton expects a response within 13 minutes and 16 seconds.最后,在收到短信或语音邮件时,须及时回复,因为英国人一般期待你在13分16秒之内回复他们。Mark Schmid, of telecom giant TalkTalk, which commissioned the research among 2,050 people, said: The speed of the online world is making us less prepared to wait for things to happen in the offline world.委托开展该调查的电信业巨头TalkTalk公司的马克#8226;史密德说:网络世界的速度让我们在现实世界中失去了耐心。该公司共对2050人进行了调查。"This is prompting people to reach the point of impatience earlier than ever before."他说:“这使得人们的耐性大不如从前。” /201001/94590

Ever fancied meeting up with a superhero? Well you could have, had you been in Beijing this past Christmas Eve. For that was the day a real-life superhero walked the streets of the city, helping out the poor. She calls herself the ;Chinese Redbud Woman;.曾幻想过偶遇超人吗?如果在刚刚过去的圣诞平安夜,你恰巧在北京,那你就可能有幸碰到这样的机会。因为一个活生生的女超人在平安夜的北京大街上现身,帮助那些穷困潦倒的人。她自称;中国紫荆女侠;。Dressed in low-cut black tights and wearing a blue mask, her pictures leave us wondering if she attracted attention for more than just her generosity. Jokes aside, she did do a pretty good job of helping out ; handing out food, warm clothing and gifts to beggars and homeless people. Why she didn#39;t put on some of the warm clothing herself on a cool December night, is something we don#39;t have an answer to. The appearance of this mysterious woman did cause a stir of sorts among the residents of Beijing. People started talking about her on the internet and in local media. Pictures of her acts of kindness at public places such as the Xidan subway station and in front of the Wangfujing bookstore have been doing the rounds ever since the night of Christmas Eve. The superlady herself communicates with the world through a microblog, written in Chinese. She currently has over 7,000 fans online.这位女侠着黑色低胸紧身衣,戴蓝色面具,让人瞩目的不仅是她的慷慨,更是她的装扮。撇开笑话不说,她确实做了件大好事;;为乞丐、无家可归的人分发食物、棉衣、礼物。有人不禁要问,为什么她自己不在12月的寒冷冬夜穿得暖和些呢?这仍然是个谜。这个神秘女人的出现在北京居民中引起轰动,并迅速成为互联网和当地媒体的新闻人物。圣诞平安夜之后,她在西单地铁和王府井书店前等公共场所行善的照片一直备受瞩目。这位超级女侠通过中文微与外界沟通。目前,她拥有7000多名在线粉丝。Her message to the world through the microblog loosely translates as, ;Today is my first day as the Chinese Redbud Woman, feeling a little nervous. Aly prepared the military coats and food for the elderly, also many thanks to the hand warmer friend gave me.; A reporter was curious about the identity of the Chinese Redbud Woman, and contacted her through a private message on the microblog. However, she refused to provide any information saying that she just wants to help people in need, and it doesn#39;t matter who she is. Interestingly, this isn#39;t the first instance of the Chinese Redbud Woman. A lady sporting the same superhero moniker made an appearance last May, wearing the exact same outfit. She received great attention when she handed out food and cash to people in Hong Kong.她通过微传递给外界的信息大致是这样:;今天是我以中国紫荆女侠身份出现的第一天,感觉有点紧张。已为年长的准备了军大衣和食物,同时对一位更热心的朋友给予的持表示感谢。;一名对中国紫荆女侠的身份感到好奇的记者,通过微给她发了私信。然而,她拒绝提供任何个人信息,并解释说,她只想帮助那些需要帮助的人们,她是谁并不重要。有趣的是,她并不是第一个中国紫荆女侠。去年5月,一名女士以相同的超级英雄绰号和同样的着装亮相,在香港为人们分发食物和现金,引起了人们的极大关注。While everyone seems to be fascinated with comic book characters like the X-Men or the Avengers, there seem to be real superheroes walking among us, actually doing something;当大家都钟情于《X战警》、《复仇者》等漫画书里的人物时,似乎有一些超人真正出现在真实生活中,来到我们中间行侠仗义了。 /201201/167541

the Bill of Rights1791- the Bill of Rights was adopted历史上的今天- 1791年的今天,权利法案正式通过Battle of Verdun1916- the French defeated the Germans in the World War I Battle of Verdun.凡尔登战役1916年的今天,法国在一战中的凡尔登战役击败德国。 Gone with the Wind premiere1939-"Gone With the Wind" had its world premiere in Atlanta乱世佳人首映1939年的今天,乱世佳人在亚特兰大开始全球首映。Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American drama romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel of the same name and directed by Victor Fleming . It received ten Academy Awards, a record that stood for twenty years.乱世佳人是一部由维克多弗莱明想939年导演的美国浪漫戏剧电影,改编自1936年玛格丽特·米切尔的英文同名小说飘。Three Direct Links2008- Three Direct Links, the direct flights, shipping and postal services across the Taiwan Straits.大三通2008年的今天,大三通,海峡两岸通邮、通航、通商。A term used to describe the direct flights, shipping and postal services across the Taiwan Straits. Inaugurated on December 15 last year, their reopening between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan signals the breaking of a decades-long ban on regular links with Chinese compatriots across the Taiwan Straits. Direct communication across the Straits virtually stopped after the new China was founded in 1949 and the Kuomintang government retreated to Taiwan.“大三通”指海峡两岸“通邮、通航、通商”。海峡两岸于2008年12月15日开启的“大三通”标志着横亘在大陆和台湾同胞间常达几十年的有碍正常交往的坚冰已被破除,自1949年新中国成立,国民党退守台湾后,两岸直接联系实际上就停止了。 /201012/120907

The Mukden Incident represented an early event in the Second Sino-Japanese War, although full-scale war would not start until 1937. On September 18, 1931, near Mukden (now Shenyang) in southern Manchuria, a section of railroad owned by Japan's South Manchuria Railway was dynamited. The Imperial Japanese Army, accusing Chinese dissidents of the act, responded with the invasion of Manchuria, leading to the establishment of Manchukuo the following year. While the responsibility for this act of sabotage remains a subject of controversy, the prevailing view is that Japanese militarists staged the explosion in order to provide a pretext for war. This event is known by various names, including the Mukden Incident. The favored name in Japan is the Manchurian Incident (Kyūjitai: 滿洲事變, Manshujihen: 満州事変). The favored name in China is the September 18 Incident.九一八事引发了第二次中日战争,尽管全面抗日战争是从1937年开始的。在1931年9月18日,奉天(今沈阳)附近的一段由日本南满控制的铁路被炸毁。日本皇军指责中国此次行为,入侵满洲,导致满洲国在次年成立。虽然对这种破坏行为的责任仍然是一个有争议的问题,普遍的看法是,日本军国主义制造的这次爆炸事件,以此来作为开战的借口。此事件有各种不同的名称,包括奉天事变。在日本被称为满洲事变(Kyūjitai:满洲事变,Manshujihen:満州事変)。在中国称为九一八事变。 /200909/84481

The photo taken on December 19 shows a Japanese boy and his grandfather sitting in a 229kg pumpkin, enjoying a hot spring bath, at a spa facility in Toyama prefecture, Japan. Toyama prefecture is rich in hot spring resources, and is also known for hot spring bath.  日本富山一家温泉馆,祖孙两人坐在重达229公斤的大南瓜里泡温泉。富山县有很好的温泉资源,以泡温泉著称。

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