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泉州人民医院隆胸福建省泉州泉港区哪家隆鼻医院好For the first time since Apollo 17 returned from the moon in 1972, NASA is scheduled to loft an astronaut capsule on Thursday to soar beyond low Earth orbit.美国航空航天局(NASA)预定本周四把一个可以载人的太空舱发射到低地轨道之外的地方,这还是1972年阿波罗17号从月球返回之后的第一次。No one will be aboard this flight test of the new capsule, Orion, but NASA hopes it is the first step toward human exploration of the solar system, including an eventual landing on Mars. Orion’s first manned mission is planned for the early 2020s.新的太空舱名为“猎户座”(Orion),这次试飞不会载人,但NASA希望它会开启包括登陆火星在内的人类新一轮太阳系探索的第一步。猎户座首次载人飞行任务安排在2020年代初。“Thursday is the beginning of that journey,” Mark Geyer, Orion’s program manager, said at a news conference on Tuesday.“本周四是旅程的开始,”“猎户座”项目负责人马克·格耶(Mark Geyer)在本周二的新闻发布会上表示。Orion, which looks like a larger version of the cone-shaped Apollo capsule, is sitting atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Liftoff is scheduled for 7:05 a.m. Thursday, minutes after sunrise. In case of bad weather, the launching can be pushed back by up to two hours and 39 minutes.“猎户座”的外形与阿波罗(Apollo)锥形太空舱相近,但是体积更大,它已经搭载在了佛罗里达州卡纳维拉尔角空军基地的德尔塔IV重型火箭上。升空时间定于本周四上午07时05分,日出之后不久。如遇恶劣天气,发射最多可延迟2小时39分钟。The rocket’s second stage should push the 11-foot-long Orion into an elliptical orbit that reaches 3,600 miles above the Earth’s surface on its second orbit. (By contrast, the International Space Station is about 250 miles from Earth.)火箭的第二级将把11英尺(合3.35米)长的”猎户座”推送到一个椭圆轨道上,其第二轨道距离地球表面约3600英里(参考:国际空间站距离地球大约250英里)。Orion will then re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at 20,000 miles per hour, close to the speeds of a capsule returning from the moon, and temperatures on its heat shield will approach 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.然后“猎户座”将以每小时2万英里的速度重新进入地球大气层,这与太空舱从月球返回的速度很接近。而“猎户座”隔热板上的温度将接近4000华氏度(约合2200摄氏度)。At the end of the four-and-a-half-hour flight, it will splash down in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles off the coast of Baja California, and will be pulled from the water by an amphibious Navy ship, the Anchorage. The capsule will then be trucked back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for closer examination.四个半小时的飞行结束后,“猎户座”将会坠入距离加利福尼亚州海岸约600英里处的太平洋水域,由美国海军两栖舰“安克雷奇拉”号(Anchorage)打捞出水,然后用卡车运回佛罗里达州的肯尼迪航天中心,接受仔细检查。The flight, estimated to cost 5 million, will provide a full-scale test of the performance of Orion’s parachutes, heat shield and other systems, with 1,200 sensors recording data.这次飞行估计耗资约3.75亿美元,它使用了1200个传感器来记录数据,将全面测试“猎户座”的降落伞、隔热罩和其他系统的性能。“We expect it to go fine, but you really have to fly it to test it out,” Mr. Geyer said.“我们认为这次飞行会很顺利,但你必须做升空测试才行,”格耶说。While the capsule will not be carrying any people, it will be taking mementos and artifacts. They include a small sample of lunar soil, part of a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil and several artistic works, like poems by Maya Angelou and a recording of the Mars movement from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets.”虽然这次试飞不会载人,但太空舱里会装有一些纪念品和工艺品。其中包括一小份月球土壤样品,一块霸王龙化石的一部分和一些艺术作品,比如玛娅·安杰洛(Maya Angelou)的诗歌,以及古斯塔夫·霍尔斯特(Gustav Holst)《行星》组曲中的火星部分录音。Also aboard will be some items from “Sesame Street”: Cookie Monster’s cookie, Ernie’s rubber ducky and Grover’s cape, part of a collaboration between NASA and the children’s television program to promote science and math education.另外还有《芝麻街》(Sesame Street)的一些道具:饼干怪兽(Cookie Monster)的饼干,厄尼(Ernie)的橡皮鸭和格罗弗(Grover)的斗篷,这是NASA与这个儿童电视节目合作,促进科学和数学教育的项目的一部分。After the flight test, NASA’s progress for future astronaut missions will be slow, hemmed in by tight federal budgets and competing visions of the agency’s future. Orion’s next flight, also without people aboard, is not expected until 2018, and the first ride for astronauts would not occur until at least 2021.由于受到联邦预算的严格控制,以及人们在NASA的未来愿景上存在分歧,在这次试飞结束后,NASA在宇航员未来任务方面的步伐将会迈得很缓慢。“猎户座”的下一次非载人飞行任务预计将在2018年进行,它的首次裁人飞行最早也是2021年了。“We feel really fortunate to be in the budget plan, a bipartisan agreement on the budget plan, and our job is to execute to that plan,” Mr. Geyer said. “Yeah, I wish we could go faster, but I think this is a good plan.”“被包含在两党赞成的预算计划之中,让我们感到非常幸运,而我们的任务就是执行那个计划,”格耶说。“是的,我希望我们的步伐能更快一些,但我认为这个计划很不错。”The next destination is also unclear. NASA is pursuing the idea of capturing a small asteroid and taking it to the neighborhood of the moon, and astronauts would then fly in Orion to the asteroid to take a look. NASA officials contend that this “asteroid redirect” mission would be within its budget and would develop technologies necessary for the eventual trip to Mars.下一个任务仍不明朗。NASA希望捕捉一个小行星,并把它带到月球附近,然后宇航员将乘坐“猎户座”飞到小行星上去看一看。NASA官员表示,这个“小行星重定向”任务在预算范围之内,而且可以推动最终登陆火星所必需的技术发展。Some skeptics have questioned whether Orion, originally part of a program started under President George W. Bush to send astronauts back to the moon, is even necessary, or a waste of billions of dollars.“猎户座”原本是让宇航员重返月球计划的组成部分,该计划在乔治·W·布什(George W. Bush)担任美国总统期间启动。一些怀疑者质疑“猎户座”是否有存在的必要,觉得这可能是在浪费数以十亿计的美元。The Obama administration canceled Orion and the entire moon program as too expensive and too far behind schedule. But many members of Congress disagreed, and NASA revived a stripped-down version of Orion to be used as a lifeboat for the International Space Station, then resumed a design very close to what had been canceled.奥巴马政府取消了”猎户座“项目和整个登月计划,理由是它的费用太昂贵,而且远远落后于计划日程。但国会很多议员并不同意取消它,于是NASA重新启动了一个精简版的”猎户座“项目,将其作为国际空间站的救生艇,它的设计非常接近于被取消的那个。NASA also started work on a heavy-lift rocket known as the Space Launch System that will carry Orion on future launchings. Together, the rocket and the capsule are estimated to cost billion to billion.NASA也已经开始建造一款重型火箭,名为太空发射系统(Space Launch System),它将在以后的发射任务中搭载“猎户座”。火箭和太空舱总共将耗资190亿到220亿美元。Some House Republicans have pushed to revive plans to return to the moon, but have not proposed funds to build a lander.众议院的一些共和党人已经在努力恢复重返月球计划,但尚未提出建造着陆器的资金方案。 /201412/346735泉州哪里打美白针好 Clichés are often true, and at the moment this one is apt: the Chinese word for crisis also implies opportunity. On Friday, Hong Kong- and China-listed property developer China Vanke announced first-half results. Revenues rose one quarter — mostly on volume growth; average prices were down just shy of 3 per cent.陈词滥调中往往蕴含着真知灼见,此时此刻下面这个词就很符合这个观点:中文中的“危机”一词也包含“机会”的意思。周一,在香港和中国内地两地上市的房地产开发商万科(China Vanke)发布了上半年业绩。营收增长近四分之一——主要是拜销售面积增长所赐;销售均价则下降了约3%。Along with peers China Overseas Land and Investment and China Resources Land, Vanke trades on single-digit multiples of 2015 earnings, for growth in the low to mid teens. Cheap? That depends where we are in the cycle. Since April, property prices have merely stopped falling. If they resume their tumble, the low multiple will prove painfully deceptive.与中国海外发展(China Overseas Land and Investment)和华润置地(China Resources Land)两家同行一样,按2015年盈利(预期增幅13%至16%吧)计算,万科股票的市盈率为个位数。便宜吗?这要看我们处在周期中的什么位置。今年4月以来,房价只是停止了下跌。如果房价恢复下滑的话,低市盈率将被明极具欺骗性。China’s economy looks shaky, with last week’s adjustment to the renminbi taken as a sign that it could be worse than feared. Still, macro data have been poor for some time — yet Vanke’s numbers were far from terrible. This year, supply has fallen much more sharply than demand. Figures from China’s National Bureau of Statistics show completed residential projects’ gross floor area (GFA) down 16 per cent year on year, even as the GFA of residential sales rose 7 per cent. The GFA for new projects commenced — which would become available in about a year — has fallen by nearly a fifth. Land purchases have collapsed by a third.中国经济看起来很疲弱,上周对人民币的调整被看作一个信号:中国经济状况可能比人们担忧的还要糟。不过,虽然一段时间以来的宏观经济数据表现不佳,但万科的业绩可是一点都不糟糕。今年以来,比起需求,供给的降幅要大得多。中国国家统计局的数据显示,竣工住宅项目总建筑面积(GFA)同比减少了16%,而同期销售的住宅总建筑总面积却增长了7%。新开工项目总建筑面积下降了近五分之一。开发商拿地数量锐减了三分之一。Some of this is due to demand and supply mismatches: inventories in third tier cities remain high, curbing appetite for new projects. More vibrant top tier cities, such as Shenzhen which has led the turnround, look set to become supply constrained due to a scarce, and thus expensive, land bank.造成这种局面的部分原因在于供需不匹配:三线城市库存仍然很高,抑制了开发商上马新项目的兴趣。而在交易更加活跃的一线城市,例如已率先扭转局面的深圳,由于土地稀缺又贵,供应势必将吃紧。This lends itself to a bullish thesis for sector leaders. COLI, China Resources Land and Vanke have been disciplined with their balance sheets. Vanke’s net debt to equity is a mere 16 per cent. As the renminbi weakens, offshore debt may have lost its appeal but onshore demand is healthy, with about bn of renminbi debt raised so far this year. Last week, regulators approved Vanke to issue .4bn in bonds.这为行业龙头提供了乐观的理由。中国海外发展、华润置地和万科一直都严格管理资产负债表。万科的净债务与股东权益的比率只有16%。随着人民币走软,离岸债务可能已经失去吸引力,但在岸需求还很健康——今年迄今共发行了约140亿美元的人民币债券。上周,监管机构批准了万科发行14亿美元的债券。Goldman Sachs figures show the consolidation trend has been accelerating. In the year to July, the top 17 developers increased their market share to 22 per cent, up 5 percentage points and the biggest gain since at least 2007. The crisis is not the same for everyone; that is why it will create opportunities.高盛(Goldman Sachs)的数据显示,房地产业的整合趋势一直在加速。在截至7月的一年中,中国17家最大开发商的市场份额扩大到22%,上升5个百分点,是至少自2007年以来的最大增幅。危机对每个人来说是不一样的,这就是为什么它能够创造出机会。 /201508/393778Ray Tomlinson, the programmer credited with sending the world’s first modern email who is responsible for the use of the @ symbol in electronic communications, has died aged 74. 发出世界上第一封现代电子邮件的程序员雷#8226;汤姆林森(Ray Tomlinson)去世了,享年74岁。他让我们的电子通信中有了@标志。 Tomlinson wrote a program in 1971 that allowed messages to be exchanged between different computers on the ArpaNet, the precursor to the internet. Electronic messages had previously only been exchanged between people using the same mainframe machine. 1971年,汤姆林森写出一个程序,允许Arpanet计算机网上的不同计算机相互交换信息。Arpanet是互联网的前身。在那之前,唯有使用相同主机的人之间才能交换电子信息。 The programmer said the first email sent was a trivial test message, probably containing something along the lines of “QWERTYUIOP”. 这名程序员表示,他发出的第一份电子邮件并非重要的内容,可能包含键盘上“QWERTYUIOP”那一行中的字母。 At the time of his invention, Tomlinson was researching possible uses for the ArpaNet, the US military network that formed the basis of the internet, and was particularly interested in improving ArpaNet’s “mailbox” function, which allowed users to send messages to numbered mailboxes. Up to then this had involved someone printing out the message and physically placing it in the mailbox. 当时,他正在研究军方网络Arpanet的可能用途,尤其对改进该网络的“邮箱”功能感兴趣——该功能允许用户向标记了数字编号的邮箱发送信息。在那时以前,发送信息需要有人把信息内容打印出来,然后再亲自放入邮箱。 To resolve this problem Tomlinson wrote a file transfer program that allowed a message to be delivered electronically to a separate computer through ArpaNet. 为了解决这个问题,汤姆林森编写了一个文件传输程序,允许一条信息通过ArpaNet以电子方式发送给另外一部计算机。 Tomlinson also came up with the idea of using the “@” symbol to separate the name of the recipient from the name of the host, creating the standard still used today. 汤姆林森也想出了使用@符号来隔开收信人姓名和主机名的主意,创建了如今仍在使用的标准。 In spite of a history of more than four decades, Tomlinson said email had not changed much since its invention. 尽管有了40年以上的历史,汤姆林森表示,电子邮件自问世以来并无太大变化。 Born in New York State, Tomlinson studied electrical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic and then earned his masters at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 汤姆林森出生于纽约州,先在伦斯勒理工学院|Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)攻读电子工程专业,接着在麻省理工学院(MIT)获得了硕士学位。 He joined Bolt, Beranek, and Newman in 1967 in Massachusetts, and stayed there the rest of his life. BBN was later acquired by Raytheon and known as Raytheon BBN. 1967年,汤姆林森在马萨诸塞州加入了BBN公司,并一直在那里工作。后来,BBN被雷神(Raytheon)收购,改名为雷神BBN。 “It is with great sadness we acknowledge the passing of our colleague and friend,” Ratheon said in a statement. “A true technology pioneer#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;his work changed the way the world communicates.” “我们的同事和朋友去世了,我们对此感到巨大的伤悲,”雷神发表声明称。“一位真正的技术先驱……他的工作改变了世界的沟通方式。” /201603/430561泉州哪里打瘦脸针

泉州激光祛疤泉州怎样去斑 The prospects for the Jaguar and Land Rover brands under the ownership of Tata Motors of India looked weirdly uncertain in 2008, as the global financial crisis unfolded with no clear indicator whether and how soon sales of luxury cars would again grow.2008年,当捷豹和路虎被转让给印度塔塔集团时,这两大品牌的前景还非常不明朗。彼时,全球经济危机刚刚爆发,还没有明确的迹象表明豪华车型的销量何时才能再度恢复增长。Any undue fretting turns out to have been misplaced. The two quintessentially British automakers, sold to Tata by Ford Motor F 0.40% , delivered a record 462,678 vehicles globally in 2014, up from 425,000 a year earlier, with a forecast to break half a million this year. The automaker opened a manufacturing plant last year, its fifth worldwide, with ambitions to reach 750,000 units sold annually by the end of the decade and a million eventually.现在看来,当时的担心完全是不必要的。路虎和捷豹都是典型的英国汽车品牌,被福特卖给塔塔后,它们的全球销量在2013年达到425,000台,2014年更是达到了创纪录的462,678台,今年甚至有望突破50万台。去年塔塔集团又开设了它在全球的第五家制造厂。这家雄心勃勃的公司希望,到2020年,捷豹和路虎的销量能够达到75万台,最终冲破百万大关。Tata’s vision could be helped by two initiatives announced earlier this month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit: diesel engine availability for most models and Jaguar’s first crossover, F-Pace.为了实现这个愿景,塔塔在2015底特律车展上宣布了两项计划:一是为旗下大多数车型推出柴油版,二是推出捷豹的首款跨界车型F-Pace。Diesel engines seem ideal for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles because they’re more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, a key consideration as automakers strive to meet more stringent efficiency rules worldwide. Diesel’s image among luxury buyers has improved in recent years because the latest versions of the engine are virtually free of smoke, odor and clatter, while providing particularly rapid acceleration from a dead stop. All of the luxury brands have been offering diesel, so why not Jaguar Land Rover?对于捷豹和路虎的车型来说,柴油发动机似乎是个理想的选择,因为柴油版的燃油经济性要优于汽油引擎,随着全球各国对能耗标准卡得越来越严,此举是非常必要的。近几年,柴油引擎在豪车阵营的形象已有所好转,因为最新的柴油发动机基本上避免了烟雾、气味和噪声等短板,同时还能提供非常理想的加速能力。所有的豪车品牌都开始提供柴油版,捷豹和路虎肯定也不愿落于人后。Andy Goss, worldwide head of sales, said in Detroit this month the brands “have to challenge the established order the way Audi had to do with BMW and Mercedes not so long ago. We are creating clear differentiation for people to buy Jaguar over one of the German brands. The Germans tend to look at each other rather than anyone else.”捷豹路虎全球运营总监安迪o高斯在底特律表示,捷豹路虎“必须挑战奥迪、宝马和奔驰建立的现有秩序。我们正在为人们建立明显的差异化选择,吸引他们购买捷豹而不是哪个德系品牌。这几个德系品牌通常只把对方当作竞争对手,并不太重视其他品牌。”What seems clear is that Tata has allowed Jaguar and Land Rover to maintain their British identity while providing prodigious capital to renew their model lineups, invest in new technology such as diesel engines and market aggressively to luxury shoppers. For anyone with a feel for history, the arrangement has an ironic aspect since India was a colony of Great Britain until it gained its independence in 1947. More than a few British aristocrats plied Indian roads in their Jaguars and Land Rovers.目前可以看出,塔塔允许捷豹和路虎保留了它们的英式风格,同时提供大量资本来革新两大品牌的车型组合。另外,塔塔还进行了柴油发动机等技术投资,并在市场营销方面不惜血本。对于任何一个对历史有一点了解的人,这一幕恐怕都不乏一丝讽刺感,因为印度直到1947年之前还是英国的殖民地,很多英国贵族一度开着他们的捷豹和路虎疾驰在印度的大小公路上,现在却要靠印度来拯救这两个历史悠久的英国品牌。In early 2016, Jaguar’s first “performance crossover” – the aluminum-bodied F-Pace – is scheduled to debut. The event should bring cheer to the hearts of U.S. franchise dealers especially, since U.S. sales fell 7% to 15,773 units last year. Crossovers are the hottest vehicle segment worldwide and have proliferated among the luxury brands as well.作为捷豹的首款“性能跨界车型”,铝合金车身的F-Pace预计将于2016年正式亮相。该车的上市应该会令美国的捷豹路虎经销商感到兴奋,因为去年捷豹路虎在美销量下跌了7%,只卖出15,773台。目前在全球范围内,跨界车都是最受市场欢迎的车型,在豪车板块也一样受到追捧。Jaguar and Land Rover’s new diesels may have arrived at an odd moment in the U.S. since the price of gasoline has been plummeting while diesel fuel is becoming relatively more expensive. But energy prices have a way of confounding consumers just when they think they’ve figured out which way prices are moving and how to adjust.捷豹和路虎的最新柴油车型登陆美国的时机则有些尴尬,因为美国的汽油油价正在暴跌,相比之下,柴油车型的燃油成本反而显得不划算。不过能源价格总有办法迷惑消费者,就在他们以为自己已经了解价格走势以及怎样适应后,它说不定又会杀你个回马。Tata Motors no doubt has been watching and learning as it invests in its estimable British brands. How long before Tata uses that knowledge to advance under its own name and ethnic identity to the front ranks of global automakers?在投资建设这两个英国豪车品牌的同时,塔塔无疑也在不断观察和学习。不知还要多久,塔塔就会利用这种知识打造具有其民族特征的自有品牌,最终跻身全球汽车厂商的“第一梯队”?(财富中文网) /201502/359908泉州做重睑哪家医院好

泉州欧菲美容几点下班Li Siguang and Geomechanics李四光和地质力学In the 1920s, Li Siguang, a geologist and founder of geological mechanics of China, set up the subject of geological mechanics and made great contribution to the geological theory. He studied lithosphere with the mechanic theory, and established the tectonic system, one of the bask concepts of tectonic mechanics. He provided new ways to explore the natural phenomena and ushered in new ways of studying the lithosphere movement. His theory made great contribution to China#39;s oil reconnaissance and survey.20世纪20年代,地质学家,中圈地质力学的奠基人李四光建立了新的边缘学科“地质力学”,为地质学理论作出了伟大贡献。倡导用力学观点研究地质,建立了 “构造体系”概念——地质力学最基本的概念之.为探索矿产分布的规律及其研究地壳运动提供r新方法。他的理论为中困石油的探索和发现作出了重要贡献。 /201602/419370 泉州上睑下垂整形要哪家医院好泉州重睑医院哪家好




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