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郴州桂东县前列腺炎多少钱郴州北湖区人民医院妇幼保健看男科好吗[00:.56]知行英语[00:.5]Listen and Share[00:.8]Problem Hair[00:18.18]问题头发[00:1.3]BUILD-UP REMOVER [00:3.71]去除堆积[00:7.0]Often the culprits of drab coloring and lackluster hair [00:31.79]are all the styling products that we regularly use. [00:36.35]They begin to build up and dull the shine and tone of our hair. [00:.]Get rid of the build up by mixing cup of apple cider vinegar [00:7.6]with 1 gallon of distilled water. [00:51.]This can be stored in a cabinet or the refrigerator [00:5.9]and used every couple of weeks to keep hair squeaky clean. [01:00.01]To use it, wet hair with warm water, [01:.18]or shampoo and rinse as usual. [01:.63]Then pour cups over the scalp and let mixture saturate the hair. [01:.85]Finish up with a cold-water rinse. [01:19.3]通常,造成头发色泽暗淡无光的肇事者是我们经常使用的定型产品[01:5.]它们开始堆积,使头发的光泽和色调变得暗哑[01:9.3]杯苹果酒醋与1加仑蒸馏水的混合液,[01:33.5]可以摆脱这些堆积在头发上的物质[01:36.53]将调好的混合液放在橱柜或冰箱里,[01:0.]每隔几周用一次,可以保持头发的绝对干净[01:.]用的时候,先用温水湿润头发,或照常用洗发水清洗[01:8.83]然后在头皮上倒两杯调好的混合液,[01:51.91]浸透头发,最后用凉水冲洗干净[:00.6]逐句对照[:.]Often the culprits of drab coloring and lackluster hair [:.79]are all the styling products that we regularly use. [:.00]通常,造成头发色泽暗淡无光的肇事者是我们经常使用的定型产品[:19.]They begin to build up and dull the shine and tone of our hair. [:.1]它们开始堆积,使头发的光泽和色调变得暗哑[:.91]Get rid of the build up by mixing cup of apple cider vinegar [:.53]with 1 gallon of distilled water. [:37.78]杯苹果酒醋与1加仑蒸馏水的混合液,[:1.73]可以摆脱这些堆积在头发上的物质[:.91]This can be stored in a cabinet or the refrigerator [:8.7]and used every couple of weeks to keep hair squeaky clean. [:53.68]将调好的混合液放在橱柜或冰箱里,[:57.33]每隔几周用一次,可以保持头发的绝对干净[:01.8]To use it, wet hair with warm water, [:.66]or shampoo and rinse as usual. [:.86]用的时候,先用温水湿润头发,照常用洗发水清洗[:.8]Then pour cups over the scalp and let mixture saturate the hair. [:18.99]Finish up with a cold-water rinse. [:.33]然后在头皮上倒两杯调好的混合液,[:5.]浸透头发,最后用凉水冲洗干净[:39.]即时讲解[:1.83] Culprits,原意是"做错事的人",[:.67]经常理解为"罪犯,肇事者",如,[:8.]Police are hunting the hit-and-run culprit. [:5.]"警方正在追捕肇事逃逸者",[:55.18]在这Culprits是用来比喻造成头发问题的产品[:01.35]distilled:意思是蒸馏的distilled water是蒸馏水[:.50]蒸馏水的制作是把源水煮沸后令其蒸发冷凝回收,[:.66]这个过程去处了水中的杂质,水质更纯净,[:.56]减小了源水中的杂质对头发造成的慢性伤害[:1.35]squeaky:原意是吱吱响的,尖细的[:5.70]在这里引申为非常绝对的意思[:.63]用squeaky修饰clean很形象,[:31.83]可以理解为干净到忍不住想要发出感叹[:0.63]知行英语提醒你,学英语不能一曝十寒 9郴州市人民医院南院泌尿外科 Part . Listen and Relax.Keywordsstreet violence, help, walked past.Vocabularypush off, horrific, stitch.Youre going to hear an interview on how people respond to street violence. Listen and enjoy. And now the third program in our series;What would you do?;.Today we look at the way people respond to street violence.Would you go to help someone in trouble in the street? of course most people would say yes, but it isnt as easy as that as Stephen Marriott, a 3-year-old football coach, found out one cold night in Gateshead.Stephen, you were the victim of an attack in the street once, werent you? That right, yeah, a couple of years ago now.What happened exactly? Well, I was walking home one evening, it was about :30, I suppose, when I heard someone screaming and I saw these two teenage lads kicking an old man on the ground.So you went to help? That right. In fact, there were two other men walking past at the same time, but they didnt do anything. Just walked past, I couldnt believe it.Anyway, I shouted at the two lads to stop, but they just said ;Push off; or words to that effect.So I went to help the old man and one of them hit me over the head with a brick.Didnt that knock you out? Well, nearly, I think I was only half-conscious.And they grabbed my arms and cut my face with a piece of broken glass. Then they run away.It all sounds absolutely horrific. Wasnt there anyone around to help you?No, it all happened so fast. So anyway, I lay there, I didnt feel a thing at the time, I remember that.Then I told the old man to get away. He was still there, was he?Yes, but he could walk so he went off and then I went into a pub to ask help to get to the police station.I only realized later that I was covered in blood.Several people ignored me but in the end a woman gave me a lift to the police station, which was very good of her.How badly were you hurt? Well, I had to have several stitches in my head and on my face.I was in a pretty bad state, you know, mentally quite a time. Couldnt sleep, had nightmares and all that.And of course Ill always have a scar on my face.Did the police catch the boys in the end? Yes, one got two years in prison and the other got fifteen months.But they only served part of their sentences. I see them on the streets occasionally and, well, it makes me very bitter. 55郴州市妇幼保健医院泌尿外科

郴州做阴茎延长多少钱Part . When humor crosses international boundaries, the first obstacle it encounters is translation, not only the meaning of words, but their cultural context.So to begin to appreciate the Japanese sense of humor, perhaps we should hear it in a setting where it been practiced centuries.300 years ago, during the Edo period, there began a school of entertainment called rakugo, comical storytelling. We still have those storytellers.While yours is a stand-up comedian, ours sits alone on a stage on a cushion.He begins telling a story interspersed with improvisation,but he mimics the voices of several individuals and he differentiates these individuals being portrayed so clearly that the audiences is mesmerized.An evening of rakugo is introduced by music, but after that, it the storyteller who must hold the audience by the magic of his words alone.The stories are about to 30 minutes long, and it likely that connoisseurs of rakugo have heard them bee.What they come to hear is not so much the story but the permance, the narrator ability to weave a tale and to capture the essence of the characters through his voice.One storyteller named Shijaku has taken up the challenge of translating and perming rakugo in English.Western audiences have responded enthusiastically.It one of the few opporties we have to get a real taste of traditional Japanese humor.Heh, Heh, how much is it? Eh? No charge? It free? Okay, Ill have another one.Part 3. And its best, humor can reveal something about a culture.It can also help to perpetuate stereotypes, the inscrutable Japanese, bowing all the time, taking costs of pictures.Makes you wonder how the Japanese stereotype us.We caricaturize Americans as obsessively telling jokes... feeling that they have to tell jokes, and Japanese, of course, do not respond.However, Mr Muramatsu admits that there are a few stories which have a genuine cross-cultural appeal.One that he particularly fond of involves an overcrowded lifeboat in a stormy sea.To save the women and children, the captain has to persuade men of different nationalities to grab a life jacket and jump overboard.How does he do it? To an Englishman, the captains says, it the sporting thing to do. and he would naturally oblige.To the German, he says, It the captain command! To the Italian, the captain says, Dont jump, it illegal!To the American, Dont worry, you are insured. To the Canadian, The Yank says he staying.Finally Mr Muramatsu always makes a point of letting the consensus-conscious Japanese be the butt the joke punch line.The captain quietly approaches the Japanese and whispers to him, Everybody else is jumping.Virginia Woolf once wrote that humor is the first of the gifts to perish in a eign tongue.She may be right, but if we can laugh at ourselves, perhaps that needs no translation. 5559郴州专业治疗膀胱炎的医院 Russell:Hey, LeeAnn, you were an English major, right?拉塞尔:嘿,李安,你是英语专业的对吧?LeeAnn:Yes.李安:是的Russell:Could you proof this me?拉塞尔:你能帮我校对下这份文件吗?LeeAnn:I dont know.李安:我不是很明白你的意思Do you want me to proof it content or structure?你想让我校对文本内容还是语法结构?Russell: everything.拉塞尔:所有内容都要校对LeeAnn:So youre asking me to fact check all of the facts and figures and to parse each line to find any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.李安:所以你要求我核查所有的确凿数据,逐行找出任何拼写、语法、或标点符号的错误Russell:That right.拉塞尔:是的I used the spell check on it, but some typos may have slipped through.我使用了拼写检查,但难免还会有些拼写错误I wouldnt be surprised if it were riddled with other errors, too.如果有其他错误我不会感到惊讶LeeAnn:Right. What about the matting?李安:没错布局呢?Russell:Check that, too. You can edit out the errors as you go along.拉塞尔:同样也要检查你可以对其中的错误进行修改LeeAnn:You want me to proof and edit it?李安:你要我校对然后更正?Russell:Sure, if you dont mind.拉塞尔:当然,如果你不介意的话LeeAnn:You do realize that this is a 00-page document, right?李安:你知道到这是一本00页的文件,对吧?Russell:Is there a problem?拉塞尔:有问题吗? 0郴州哪家医院可以治愈淋病

郴州东方医院挂号几点上班Nazi hunters search war criminal in southern Chile. He is said to have kept the skull of a man he decapitated as a paperweight, timed his lethal injections with a stopwatch, and relished the look of fear in his victims' eyes. Reuters.Nazi hunters arriving in Chile Wednesday, say they are on the trail of Aribert Heim, whose hundreds of killings in an Austrian concentration camp during World War Two, earned him the nickname “Doctor Death”. He is a doctor who murdered hundreds of people in the Mauthausen concentration camp by injecting gasoline directly into their hearts. Fully documented by Aribert Heim himself, by the way, he is the one who recorded all the operations that he carried out, and all the murders that he committed, and that’s what makes him the most wanted Nazi war criminal in the world today. The investigators from Jerusalem’s Simon Wiesenthal Center are traveling to the Chilean town where Heim’s daughter lives, following new evidence they say points to a hiding place in the Patagonia region of Chile, or nearby Argentina. At 9, Heim is possibly the last Nazi war criminal alive, A 50,000 dollars bounty is being offered his arrest. Heim’s family claims the fugitive died in 1993, but a Berlin Bank and stocks and bonds in his name that total more than three million dollars still have not been claimed, that would require proof of Doctor Death’s death. Catherine Jackson, Reuters.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. bounty : n-countA bounty is money that is offered as a reward doing something, especially finding or killing a particular person.. fugitive : n-countA fugitive is someone who is running away or hiding, usually in order to avoid being caught by the police. 593 1. What will take place at Bill house tomorrow?A. a partyB. a gameC. a dance. Why does Hank have to work late?A. He has to attend a meeting.B. He has to write a report.C. He has to close the office.3. Why is Hank going to visit Lisa after work?A. because she is sick in bedB. because he has to return somethingC. because he is going to take her to Bill house. Where is Hank going to get the snacks to take to Bill house?A. from his houseB. from the storeC. from his work5. What time will Hank most likely arrive at Bill house?A. 7:00 PMB. 8:00 PMC. 9:00 PM 368839郴州市第一人民医院南院治疗生殖感染价格郴州治疗包皮



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