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郴州汝城县有泌尿科吗资兴人民中妇幼保健医院治疗生殖感染价格Who drove here today? Anybody driving here today? So did I, and I--you know.谁今天是开车来的 今天有人是开车来的吗 我也是 而且我See, I#39;m driving to work today, and I--看 我今天是开车来的 我Here, I want to show you what I saw. It was really exciting. I#39;m driving.这里 我想给你看看我看到的东西 真的很激动啊 我开车的时候看到的You can imagine my excitement when the car in front of me你可以想象我看到前面这辆车时的兴奋劲had this bumper sticker on it. Look at that!保险杠上面有个贴纸 看看那个It#39;s a little blurry #39;cause I was driving really, really fast, so, uh--有点模糊不清 因为我开得真的很快 所以 恩No, I didn#39;t take a picture when I was driving. That#39;d be dangerous.不 我没有开车的时候拍照 那会很危险的I was stopped. But then I thought, ;Wow, there#39;s someone with my last name and Oprah#39;s last name我停下来了 然后我想 哇哦 这有个人 用我的姓和欧普拉的姓running for Vice President and President of the ed States.;参加副总统和总统竞选It#39;s exciting. And then, ah, no. It was really somebody#39;s wishful thinking,真是激动人心啊 然后 啊 没 这真的是某些人的迫切愿望and so, I#39;m flattered that someone thought of that, and then I was like, ;How dare you?;因此 我挺荣幸的 居然有人这么想 接着 我又想 你好大的胆子Really, I can#39;t be President How come she#39;s President? and I#39;m Vice President?真的 我不能竞选总统吗 为什么是欧普拉竞选总统呢 而我要去竞选副总统I could be President. I was the president of the Squirrels and Bird Association of Metarie, LA我能当总统的 我当过洛杉矶马特瑞拉的松鼠与鸟类协会的董事长啊when I was seven years old. In my backyard.那时候我七岁 在我家后院I was overthrown by a squirrel named Lars, but that#39;s not the point.我被一只叫做拉尔斯的松鼠推倒了 但这不是重点I#39;m flattered that people would tr--我很荣幸有人觉得我I mean, what a wonderful thing that somebody would trust me to run the country,恩 感觉真的是很棒 被人信任可以管理国家but if I want real power in changing people#39;s lives,但是 如果我想要真正的权力去掌控人们的生活I think I should stay right here. I think that#39;s the best thing to do.我觉得我应该就留在这里 我觉得这就是我能做的最好的事情Sp love... and joy... but I have to admit, when I saw that bumper sticker,去传播爱还有快乐 但是 我得承认 当我看到保险杠上的标签I couldn#39;t help but think what a day as President would be like.我禁不住想 要是我成了总统 我的一天会是怎么样的I would imagine it would be something like this. Yes.我大概想到了这样的场景 是的Yes, President DeGeneres here, yes. No! Yes, very urgent. Absolutely not. No onions, no.没错 我是迪洁勒瑞思总统 不 恩 太操之过急了 当然不会是这样了 不要放洋葱 别放And dressing on the side. Thank you very much. All right, let#39;s see, laws!一边要装饰 非常感谢 好的 看看文件 法律啊The laws under my presidency. Uh...uh... The official animal of America will be the baby goat.我管辖下的法律 呃 呃恩 美国的官方动物是小羊羔And, ah, let#39;s see. As of today, your horn--然后 呃 还有 今天起 你的喇叭That#39;s right, if you honk your horn the second after对了 如果绿灯之后你按两声the light turns green, you lose your privilege to drive. Right.喇叭 你就被吊销驾照 对的From henceforth on, it shall be illegal to enter a Starbucks从今以后 进入星巴克就是违法行为unless you aly know your order, that#39;s right.除非你知道你要点什么 没错Furthermore, if I watch ;The Bachelor Tells All; and The Bachelor does not tell all in fact,此外 如果我看 单身汉诉说的那些事 而单身汉实际上没有说多少事he will be arrested, #39;cause ain#39;t nobody got time for that. Yes...他就要被逮捕 因为没人有时间听他瞎扯 对 就是这样And finally... it#39;s now against the law to sing ;Let It Go; in public.最后 现在是立法禁止 在公共场合唱 随他吧If a person is caught doing so, their bank accounts will be frozen.如果有人因此被捕 他们的账户就被会冻结Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!哈哈哈哈哈 哈哈哈哈 哈哈哈哈哈 哈哈哈哈哈Fair and funny. Okay... I#39;m good at this job.公正而有趣 好的 我果然很擅长当总统Uh, Craig? Could you send in Andy for his 1:00 briefing?呃 克雷格 你能让安迪进来陈述下他一点的作战指示吗Right away, ma#39;am. Andy... You have been briefed. Thank you.马上到 女士 安迪 你的作战计划已经陈述完了 谢谢Thank you, Madame President. Craig, can you send in the other Andy for his 1:01 p.m. briefing?谢谢你 总统女士 克雷格 你能叫另一个 安迪进来陈述下他下午1:01的作战计划吗Right away, ma#39;am. Hi. Hi. You called--马上到 女士 你好 你好 你找我Really smooth. I just received a letter, and uh, this is from my secretary,很顺利 我刚刚收到一封信 呃 信是我的秘书处发来的and I would like you to it out loud for me,我想让你大声读出来给我听because I have not it yet and I#39;d like you to it to me, please.因为我还没来得及看 我想让你读给我听 请吧Okay. Out loud, and please project. ;A hoarder named Porter好的 大声读 还有请好好表现 一个叫做波特的储藏者;ordered 44 Ecuadorian quarters, ;to FortA hoarder named Porter预订了44间厄瓜多尔的宾馆 作为边界交易站 一个叫做波特的储藏者;ordered 44 Ecuadorian quarters to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.; Thank you.预订了44间厄瓜多尔的宾馆 作为佛罗里达州 劳德代尔的贸易站;And here is the information you#39;ve requested on our nation#39;s penal code.;还有这里是你要得信息 我们国家的刑法典;The penal code is a--; How old are you? ;The pe--; ;The penal code is a set of penal laws刑法典是 你多大了 刑 刑法典是一组刑法法律and which, if broken, will result in moderate to severe penalization.;一旦未返款这个刑法 就要承担 相应的惩罚Thank you. Thank you. Please leave me. I#39;m gonna go. Thank you, all right.谢谢你 谢谢你 请出去吧 我要走了 谢谢你 好了Thank you. All right, let#39;s see. Ah! I have made new laws, check!谢谢 好 再来看下一个 啊啊 我创造了一些新法律 打勾I have briefed Andys, check. Ah, ;set presidential TV to record #39;Scandal.#39;;我听了安迪的简述 打勾 啊 认真用总统的电视刻录电视剧 丑闻That is correct. That#39;s what I need to do. Where is myHere#39;s my remote.没有错 我该录电视了 哪去了我的 遥控器在这呢All right. Uh oh. Seems to be broken. Craig, my TV is broken again.那么 好的 呃 哎呀 看起来坏了 克雷格 我的电视又坏了Please send someone in to fix it. I need a fixer. Yes, please come in.请派人过来修 我需要一个修理师 好的 请进Madame President. I hear you#39;re having problems with your television.总统女士 我听说你的电视出问题了Yes, yes, I need you to fix it. Can you fix it? Well, since I#39;m here, I#39;ll fix it.是的 我需要你去维修一下 你能修好吗 恩 既然我来了 我会修好的Where#39;s your TV? It#39;s over there, you see it? Yeah. Okay, fixed.你的电视在哪呢 就在那儿 你看见了吗 看见了 好的 修好了Okay. I also set it for the Oscars, #39;cause I#39;m presenting again this Sunday.好的 我还设置了奥斯卡颁奖礼的录制 因为我这周日还要出席Oh, well, congratulations on that. Thank you so much.恩 好的 恭喜你了 非常感谢So, Madame President... Yes? I feel that the best thing--unless you need something else from me--那个 总统女士 什么事 我想你有个事最好做一下 如果你没别的事要做的话No. I think the best thing for this country, truly, would be if you would...dance.没有啊 我觉得对这个国家来说 真正该做的事就是 跳舞了Oh! Well, then, I shall do so.啊 恩 既然这样 我就来跳舞吧 Article/201706/513932郴州治疗早泄的比较好医院 新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson20:Hiking徒步旅行286. My feet are soreu from hiking. 我的脚走疼了。287. We can rest at the top of this hill. 我们可以在山顶休息。288. I like hiking in real wildernessv. 我喜欢在真正的野外徒步旅行。289. Hiking is not yet popular in China. 徒步旅行在中国还不流行。290. The trailw splits into two trails. 这条小路一分为二。291. The rest of the way is downhill. 剩下的路都是下坡路。292. Be careful of the slippery rocks. 小心,岩石很滑。293. Is your pack comfortable? 你的包背起来舒吗?294. I hate people who litter in the forest. 我讨厌那些在森林里乱扔垃圾的人。295. Too much noise scares the animals away. 太多的噪音把动物都吓跑了。296. How much farther do we have to go? 我们还要走多远?297. It seems like we’re been walking forever. 我们好像永远也走不完。298. Sorry, I didn’t realize you were getting so tired. 对不起,我没注意到你已经这么累了。299. This view is absolutely breathtaking. Don’t you agree? 这里的风景简直是太美了。你不觉得吗?300. It’s a feeling of satisfaction that we are getting so much exercise and clean air, and see so many magnificent sights. 我们得到了这么多的锻炼,呼吸了新鲜的空气,还看到了这么美的景色,这真是一种满足感。【生词解读】1. sore [sC:] a. 痛的;疼痛发炎的2. wilderness [5wildEnis] n. 荒野,荒漠;无人烟处3. trail [treil] n. 小径,小路4. downhill [5daJn5hIl] a. 下坡的5. slippery [5slipEri] a. 滑的;容易滑的6. litter [5litE] vi. 乱扔废弃物7. breathtaking [5breW7teikiN] a. 惊人的 /200812/19243[00:03.10]She intends to make teaching her profession. 她想以教书为职业。[00:11.19]The letter "x" stands for an unknown number. 字母x代表未知数。[00:18.36]The sight of the dead body scared him stiff. 看到尸体把他吓僵了。[00:25.92]There are lots of huge buildings in Beijing. 在北京有许多高大的建筑物。[00:34.09]There is an interesting film on Channel one. 在一频道有一部有趣的电影。[00:42.26]They plan to immigrate to Finland next year. 他们计划明年移居芬兰。[00:50.11]We enjoyed driving along the new expressway. 我们喜欢沿着新建的高速公路开车。[00:59.32]We need to cooperate perfectly to win the game. 要想赢得比赛,我们需要密切配合。[01:08.83]We need more than listening. We need action! 我们需要的不光是听得进意见,我们要的是行动。[01:19.45]Yes. I wouldn't go home early if I were you. 是的,如果我是你,我不会早回家。[01:29.20]Your answer is satisfying. I feel satisfied. 你的是令人满意的。我感到很满意。[01:39.82]Betty and Susan are talking on the telephone. 贝蒂和苏珊正在通电话。[01:48.21]Great efforts ensure the success of our work. 巨大的努力确保了我们工作的成功。[01:56.78]He has tasted the sweets and bitters of life. 他已尝遍了人生的甜酸苦辣。[02:05.46]He said he was educated in the ed States. 他说他是在美国受的教育。[02:13.74]How do you like our English literature Prof? 你觉得我们的英国文学课的教授怎么样?[02:22.66]I am looking forward to your visit next week. 我期待着你下周来访。[02:30.58]I feel I am the happiest person in the world. 我觉得自己是世界上最幸福的人了。[02:39.55]I had to sit up all night writing the report. 我不得不熬通宵写报告。[02:47.36]I hope we can see each other again some time. 希望还能有相见的机会。[02:55.64]I saw him playing football on the playground. 我看见他在操场上踢足球。[03:04.17]It is tomorrow that they will have a meeting. 就在明天(而不是在别的某一天)他们要开会。[03:11.52]Let me tell you some details about clearance. 让我告诉你一些通关的细节。[03:19.80]The brain needs a continuous supply of blood. 大脑需要连续不断地供血。[03:28.22]The doctor's words made him feel comfortable. 医生的话让他感觉很舒。 /200810/53880郴州嘉禾县治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

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