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It#39;s commonly accepted that honey is better for us, but is that really the case? The short answer is because it is made of 55 per cent fructose (fruit sugar), eating honey is little more beneficial for our bodies than eating granulated sugar. And here#39;s why.大家普遍认为蜂蜜对我们的身体更有益。但事实确实如此吗?简单来说,由于蜂蜜中含有55%的果糖,所以吃蜂蜜一点也不比吃白砂糖健康到哪里去。Refined table sugar (sucrose) is processed in our bodies by insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. Honey is about 55 per cent fructose, a fruit sugar that#39;s processed by the liver. Despite the chemical difference, our bodies still react to honey in much same way as it reacts to refined sugar - with a blood-sugar spike.在我们体内的蔗糖是由胰腺分泌的胰岛素来分解的。而蜂蜜中包含的55%的果糖,是通过我们的肝脏来分解的。虽然在体内发生的化学变化不同,但人体对蜂蜜和对糖分的反应是一样的,都会造成血糖迅速升高。This encourages the pancreas to produce insulin, which leads the body to store fat and gain weight. When eaten to excess, products containing fructose contribute to obesity, heart problems and liver disease, just like products with granulated sugar. Other research has shown fructose drains minerals from your body.这会刺激胰腺分泌胰岛素,进而导致身体储备更多脂肪和体重上升。如果过量食用包含果糖的制品,那么就和食用含砂糖的制品一样,会导致肥胖、心脏病、肝病等问题。还有研究显示果糖还会消耗体内的矿物质。#39;There#39;s an idea that sugar is a pantomime villain and honey is the pantomime hero,#39; says nutritional therapist Ian Marber. #39;It#39;s not accurate. Loading honey onto a bowl ofporridge or breakfast cereal isn#39;t much better for our bodies than layering that cereal up with granulated sugar.“有人认为糖分就像是坏蛋,而蜂蜜像是大英雄。”营养治疗师伊恩·马伯说:“这种观点是不正确的。早上喝粥或麦片时加入蜂蜜和加白砂糖是一样不健康的。”Honey is also high in calories - more than table sugar. A teaspoon of commercial natural honey contains about 22 calories, a teaspoon of sugar around 16 calories. Many people who swapped honey for sugar found they liberally poured it into yoghurts, herbal teas and the like imagining honey to be superior to other sugars. #39;When people think something is low fat, they eat more,#39; says Ian Marber.另外,蜂蜜的卡路里含量也高于蔗糖。同样一小茶匙的量,蜂蜜含有22卡路里,而蔗糖含有16卡路里。许多用蜂蜜来替代蔗糖的人会随意地、不计量地在酸奶、凉茶中加入蜂蜜,认为蜂蜜比蔗糖健康得多。伊恩说:“当人们认为某种食物脂肪含量低就会大量食用。”#39;Companies use the word #39;honey#39; instead of saying something is #39;sweet#39; because they know it has an implied health benefit,#39; says Ian Marber.伊恩还说:“很多生产商都会用‘蜂蜜’这个词来代替‘甜’这个词,因为他们觉得这样会显得更健康。”While raw, unrefined varieties of honey - from farms and health food stores - do contain trace vitamins and minerals; niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B6, they only make up about two per cent of honey#39;s total content.实际上,养蜂场里的和健康食品店中的未经加工的生蜂蜜确实含有多种维生素和矿物质,如烟酸、核黄素、维生素B1、B6等,但它们的总量也只占到2%。Many big-brand honeys and other #39;natural#39; sweeteners in supermarkets have been processed - heated and filtered - to rid them of pollen and naturally-occurring bacteria in raw, varieties. But it also removes these vitamins and minerals.而那些超市里售卖的大品牌蜂蜜以及其他号称“天然”甜味剂的蜂蜜是经过加工的蜂蜜,它们被加热或被过滤,这样花粉和细菌被除掉了,但同时同时除掉的还有蜂蜜里的维他命和矿物质。Dr Mica Engel, aesthetic doctor at London#39;s Waterhouse Young Clinic says glucose, fructose and carbs in honey will cause collagen damage - just like sugar. #39;Benefits from the few extra vitamins some honey contains won#39;t help to repair damage done to yourcollagen.#39;伦敦沃特豪斯诊所的美学医生迈卡·恩格尔说,蜂蜜中所含的葡萄糖、果糖以及碳水化合物等会和蔗糖一样损害皮肤的胶原蛋白。“蜂蜜中所含有的那点微量维生素无法帮你修复损害掉的胶原蛋白。”Added sugar (refined white sugar or honey) has no nutritional benefit. The NHS says added sugar can safely make up 10 per cent of a daily calorie intake.另外,添加糖(无论是精制白砂糖还是蜂蜜)都没有任何营养价值。英国国民保健务称添加糖在日常卡路里增加值中占10%。But earlier this year I spoke to cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, who is also science director of Action On Sugar, a body campaigning to reduce levels of sugar in our foods, who said the World Health Organisation recommends limiting all added sugars (including honey) to six teaspoons a day.今年年初在同心脏病专家、“对糖分采取行动”(一个旨在减少我们日常食品糖分摄入量的组织)的科学顾问阿西姆·马尔霍特拉士交谈的时候,他说道,世界卫生组织建议每天摄入添加糖(包括蜂蜜)的量最好不要超过6茶匙(30克)。#39;Contrary to what the food industry wants you to believe, the body doesn#39;t need any carbohydrate from added sugar,#39; he said.“和食品生产商所希望的不同,我们的身体其实不需要从添加糖中获取任何糖分。” /201411/339766

Great workplace managers are no less busy than you, but their investment in relationships pays dividends when employees are more receptive to change, willing to extend the benefit of the doubt, and y to give extra when needed to get the job done. How much time can you spare if that time investments result in such positive outcomes?那些营造出绝佳职场氛围的管理者和你一样忙,但他们对各种关系的投入会获得回报,他们的员工会更乐于接受改变,更愿以善意待人,并愿为完成工作而付出更多精力。如果你投入的时间能产生如此积极的效果,那么你愿意为之付出多少时间呢?If you have one hour:如果你有一小时:Invite someone from another department to visit one of your staff meetings in order to tell your work group about his role in the organization and how your work group#39;s efforts help him do his job better. You#39;ll not only help your work group see how their contributions make a difference and build pride, but you model fairness by sending the implicit message that everyone#39;s role matters in accomplishing organizational goals.从其他部门请一位同事来参加你的员工会议,让他向你的团队介绍他在组织中的角色,并谈谈你所在团队付出的努力是如何协助他把工作做得更好的。这样一来,你不仅能帮助你的团队认识到他们的贡献有多么重要,树立他们的自豪感,而且还能暗示在实现组织目标的过程中,每个人的角色都很重要,以此做出公正的表率。If you have one day:如果你有一天Put your employees face-to-face with the beneficiaries of your organization#39;s work, even if those beneficiaries are not the people who pay you for goods and services. Visit sites constructed using equipment that your company manufactures, schools that use your broadband services, or a playground that your employees funded. If getting out is difficult, open your doors. Bring patients to the hospital to talk about the care they received, loyal customers to the store for a celebration, or clients to the office for a tour. Doing so builds employees#39; pride, and also increases camaraderie in the conversations that happen as a result.让你的员工与你所在组织工作的受惠者面对面交流,这些受惠者不一定是付钱购买产品和务的人。可以参观用你们公司生产的设备建成的场所、使用你们宽带务的学校、或者你们员工捐资修建的操场。如果外出参观不方便,那就敞开大门。把病人带到医院里,让他们谈谈自己获得的照护,把老顾客带到商店里参加庆祝活动,或者把客户带到办公室里参观。这样做可以树立员工的自豪感,因此展开的对话还有助于增进友情。Challenge yourself to think of ways you can creatively use small bits of time to build your workplace relationships. Sometimes that time is aly scheduled, like your staff meeting. How you use that time makes all the difference. Other times, think of your choices as investments. A 10-minute phone call might pay off several times over when it comes to that employee#39;s commitment and loyalty to the organization.挑战一下自己,想想能通过哪些方式创造性地利用零散时间建立起这三大职场关系。有时候,这个时间已经写进了日程表,比如员工会议。如何利用这一时间至关重要。至于其他时间,请把你的选择视为投资。10分钟的电话也许能带来几倍的回报,因为它有望使某位员工更投入,对组织更忠诚。Last but not least, ban #39;I don#39;t have time#39; from your vocabulary, especially when it comes to creating a great workplace. Every manager has the same amount of time as you. Great managers use it to build trust, pride, and camaraderie every step of the way.最后一点重要事项是,把“我没时间”从你的字典里删除,尤其是在你想要创造绝佳职场氛围的时候。每一位管理者手中的时间都和你一样。出色的管理者会用这些时间来一步步建立起信任、自豪感和友情。 /201402/275308

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