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you are such a scatterbrain.你简直就是个糊涂虫scatterbrain(注意力不集中的人、糊涂虫),说的再难听点就是你简直没大脑...身边这种scatterbrain还是很多的! /201706/512076The truck brought up dust as it moved over the road less flat land. It stopped where two cowboys stood at the edge of a deep canyon. "Where is he?" Tanner asked. The older cowboy named John pointed to the canyon. "Down there," he said.Tanner Walked to the edge. "What is he doing?" "Barry said he heard him crying. I heard nothing." John answered."You heard him?" Tanner asked the younger man. Barry took off his cowboy hat and smoothed his long brown hair, "Yes, I heard him." "Maybe heard something else." John said. Barry shook his head, "Sounded like crying." Tanner stepped away from the edge. "How long is he being gone?" John looked at his watch, "One two hours since I told him." "Is that why he's down there?" "Sure that's why," Barry said roughly, "John should not have said anything.""I just told him what everybody says. I did not know the boy was going to run off." Tanner looked from one to the other. "It is down," He said, " No one is to blame. Call down to him." He said to Barry, "See, if he is down there." "Rail, Hey Rail. It's Barry. Are you down there? Rail, listen. We want you to come out."He could see the aspen trees in the canyon. Their leaves were shaking white and then dark in the last light of day. But only the sound of his own voice came back. "he is not down there." John said. Barry went on. "Rail, John says he is sorry. We want to help you get out.""I am not sorry." John shouted, "I did not do anything." Tanner stepped between them. "If he is down there, he is not going to answer." For a moment they all stood, not knowing what to do. The sky was blue gray and getting darker. "We might it well go on," Tanner said at last. "And leave them?" Barry asked. "There is nothing wrong with spending a cold night outside once in the wild." Tanner answered."I am not worried about the night." Barry said, "I am worried about what Rail is thinking. You two go back. I will stay here a while and talk to him." The two other men turned to go back to the truck. Then Barry called out, "John, maybe you should wonder what Rail is thinking down there."Somewhere below in the aspen trees, Rail was sitting. Barry imagined him sitting and not walking. He tried to listen for Rail's crying. He had heard it so clearly before. He had called out once softly, "Rail." And the low moaning sound has stopped. Barry lit a cigarette. He wondered if Rail could see the light. He thought about the young cowboy, small not as strong as most men, thin, skinny as a Rail. Barry looked down into the blackness. "Rail, You do not have the answer. Just listen to me. I will talk slowly or play a little. And you can listen."The stars were out by the thousands. He played a little more and then stopped. The silence seemed welcome. "You know, Rail. When I was a kid, I, I did some funny things, not things to laugh at but strange things. I never knew where I was going the way you do. You know what you want." He did not know if Rail was listening, but he did not stop. He had a firm belief that Rail was there. "I had a boy once." His voice was strong, "No one else at the ranch knows that I had a boy. It is one of those things you keep hidden from the people you see everyday like a secret only much more severe, like a dream too, only more real. The boy's mother did not even know that I know about my own son. I it in a newspaper when he was born." Barry laughed, "Maybe you think she was ugly to go with someone like me, but she was beautiful. I met her in a drinking place, a place where she did not belong. She just came up to my table and looked at me. I have never seen a look like that anywhere else." Barry felt his voice was getting too loud. He calmed himself down. "You know me, Rail. My mouth is too big and thick. My face is too long. I could use some way just like you, but she chose me." Then, Barry looked up at the sky. He could remember often seeing the stars as thick as they were at that night. But never before had he understood the great deep blackness behind them. It was like looking into nothing. No air, no color, nothing. It hurt him to look at the sky like that."Rail," He said, "Sometimes, your feeling is all gone, like that evening when Lerwin came down. Remember? Lerwin said she was going to see you. You believed her. And then, she did not even look at you. I know it affected you. That is the way you are."He expected an answer. "Rail, you down there, Rail. I will stay out here with you all nights. I just wish I knew you wanted me to stay."The wind stopped it up again. "She took me white out of that place. That is the way my boy was begun. I found out later what she was, a doctor's wife, a smart girl who lived in a big house on the hill. She had my boy." Then a thought struck him. Maybe Rail did not want to be found. He stood up. "I am going home now, Rail. Just speak up if you want me to stay." The silence was heavy. He waited half an hour. It seemed like two. Then, he walked to the edge of the canyon again. "Rail, listen. I never went away. I have been waiting for you to start a fire or make some signs. But it is all right to be quiet. I will be here."The wind came up stronger. There was the smell of rain. "That was fourteen years ago. I was 20, just a year older than you. I never married the woman. As soon as she knew she was pregnant, she came to me." He saw it all again in his mind. She had come to him in his small room. She had no time to wait. She had to get home to her husband. She came flying across the room toward him. He thought she was going to hate him. I am going to have your baby, she said. He had spoken a little aloud. The words seemed to float out over the canyon. "I thought she were going to blame me. But she said she wanted to leave her husband and come with me." Rain began to fall. It washed through quickly without thunder or lightning. Barry turned his back to it. He said nothing until the land was quiet again. "I could not do it. I saw it was impossible. We did not belong to the same world. We could never have been happy. So, Rail. I know a little about growing up too. You are going to be OK." The buildings of the ranch sp out through the trees. One was the bunkhouse where Barry, John and Rail lived. Barry got there early in the morning as John was coming out. "Find him?" John asked. "No," Barry answered, "He must still be down in the canyon. I talked to him all last night." "What did he say?" "Lots of things you would not understand." Another cowboy stepped out the bunkhouse. Each morning, Tanner met them in the yard and gave them their tasks for the day. He was walking toward them now. "Just got a telephone call," Tanner said, "He is all right." "Where is he?" Barry asked."In *. He is in jail." "What do you mean?" "Rail was in town last night. He had too much to drink. Somebody got mad and called the sheriff. It will cost 30 dollars to get him out of jail." "I have it." Said Barry. "Ok. Let me know when you get back." He turned and walked to the barn. After a while, Barry went into the bunkhouse to change his clothes. There was no hurry to get to town. Rail could wait a little longer. You have been listening to the American story Looking into Nothing by Kent Nelson. It appeared in the publication the Transatlantic Review and was adapted by Donald Discenctus. Your narrator was Shep O'Neal. For VOA Special English. This is Doug Johnson.肯特#8226;尼尔森(Kent Nelson,1943-)美国小说家,共发行了100多部短篇小说。2004年,其作品LAND THAT MOVES, LAND THAT STANDS STILL, Viking Penguin获奖(the Edward Abbey Prize for Ecofiction)。 Article/200801/23641视频文本如下:Welcome to English in a Minute!欢迎来到《一分钟英语》栏目!Sugar is sweet and tasty. And a coat is the outer covering of something.糖很甜很好吃。而外层是指某种东西的外面覆盖物。So I just looked inside your car.我刚才检查了一下你的车。Tell me what#39;s wrong. And don#39;t sugarcoat it. I can take it.告诉我有哪些问题。不用粉饰。我能接受。Your engine is destroyed. You need a new car.你的发动机坏了。你得买辆新车。Wow! You could have sugarcoated that news a little.哇哦!你本可以稍加粉饰一下的。If you talk about a problem in a way that makes the issue seem more pleasant than it is ... You are sugarcoating it.如果你以一种更好听的方式来说一个问题...你就是在粉饰它。This expression comes from drug makers.这个表达来自药品制造商。In the past, they started putting sugar on some pills to make them easier to swallow.过去,他们会在药片外层涂上一些糖,让它们更容易吞咽。When you sugarcoat bad news, you make it easier for the other person to hear.当你粉饰坏消息时,你会让听者更容易接受。And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是今天的《一分钟英语》栏目! /201702/488207大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语来聊“时差”?still feeling jetlagged 感觉有时差hit me hard 影响很严重can#39;t shake it 清醒不过来 /201507/388602

港媒称,内地毕业季来临,许多大学毕业生纷纷将手上的教科书出售。有二手交易网站公布毕业季“交易转让最火爆的10本教课书”,很多教科书1元(人民币,下同)就卖,有指这反映“毕业生有多讨厌这本教科书”。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道The Oxford Advanced Learner#39;s English-Chinese Dictionary is among the top 10 bestselling second-hand textbooks that fresh graduates are trading in an online flea market, a sign of how much the dictionary and other textbooks were disliked by their owners, Hong Kong Economic Times reported on Tuesday.据《香港经济日报》报道,《牛津高阶英汉双解词典》是应届大学毕业生在在线跳蚤市场“交易转让最火爆的10本二手教科书”之一,这表明毕业生有多讨厌这本词典和其他教科书。【讲解】The Oxford Advanced Learner#39;s English-Chinese Dictionary是《牛津高阶英汉双解词典》;second-hand textbooks是二手教科书;fresh graduates是应届毕业生。随着毕业季(graduation season)临近,中国许多大学生开始在阿里巴巴旗下闲置物件交易社区闲鱼出售教科书(textbooks)和学习材料(study material)。交易最火爆的10本教科书包括经济学、英语、数学和计算机编程(computer programming)的教科书和参考书(reference books);研究生入学考试(graduate entrance exam)、公务员考试(civil servants exam)以及会计和财务专业(accounting and financial professionals)资格考试(qualification exams)等热门通用类教材及辅导资料。很多教科书1、2元就卖,还有标价(carried a price tag)1毫的,可见“毕业生是有多讨厌这本教科书”,而南开大学一名毕业生总结的经济学笔记复印本(copies of economics notes),则被以百元的价格买走了几十份。闲鱼平台数据显示,目前毕业季中被大学生抛售的闲置教材在所有大学闲置物品(all items dumped)中,平均占比达到56%至58%。 /201606/448690

Ditto!我也是!实际上你也可以说;Me too!;或;Me also!;,不过总是不够文艺腔!差了那么一点点味道和情调。 /201606/448821

大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语聊“和新同事聊天”Hey There, How#39;s It Goin#39;? 嘿,最近怎么样?I#39;m new here 我是新来的Wanna grab lunch sometime this week 这周想一起吃午饭吗 /201604/436595

听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) He was a manager at a ____ .a) clothing storeb) restaurant2) He says he ____ the job.a) enjoyedb) disliked3) He talks about ____ workers.a) managingb) motivating本期话题Topic:Have you ever been the boss?Hi, my name is Chris, I’m from the US and my question is, “Have I ever been a boss?” Yes, I have been a boss at one time. It was before I finished my undergraduate degree. I was a manager at McDonalds for about little over a year. Uhm, it was a job that I enjoyed but I was very busy all the time. Uhm, and, you know, when you’re the boss and you have people working under you, it also becomes an issue of managing people, not only just managing what happens in doing your job but also making sure that people are doing their job and you’re responsible for them.Based on my case, responsible for the cash drawer, making deposits, ordering, taking inventory, making sure everybody was doing what they’re supposed to be doing and also myself, staying busy to help things run as smoothly and efficiently.听力b a a /201510/406026

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