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Today in History: Saturday, May 4, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月4日,星期六May 4th, 1970.This summer I hear the drumming, four dead in Ohio.A protest against the Vietnam War turns deadly at Kent University in Ohio. That’s where a national guardsman opens fire on anti-war students after the ed States invades Cambodia. 4 students are killed, 9 others are wounded in the shootings, sparking further unrest on America’s campuses.1979. Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female Prime Minister. That happens when the Conservative Party ousts the Labor Party from power in Parliamentary elections.“I will strive unceasingly to try to fulfill the trust and confidence that the British people have placed in me and the thing in which I believe.”1886. In Chicago, a labor demonstration for an 8-hour work day turns into a riot when a bomb explodes at Haymarket Square. The violence kills 7 policemen and injures 60 others.1961. During the Civil Rights Movement, a group of Freedom Riders leaves Washington D.C. for New Orleans. They face violence in the South as they challenge racial segregation on interstate buses and the bus terminals.And 1927. The people who bring it the Oscars: the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts amp; Sciences is founded.Today in History, May 4th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201305/238111成都市八院看不孕医生在2010年两会上,生态环保、可持续发展成为两会的主题,全国政协"一号提案"内容就是谈低碳环保。 Efforts for environmental protection"Low-carbon" is one of the most popular buzz-words at this year's NPC session. In , the government supported nearly three thousand key energy conservation and recycling projects through investment. Over the first four years of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by more than 14 percent. Meanwhile, China has made vigorous efforts to respond to climate change, and set targets, policies and measures to control greenhouse gas emissions in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Zhang Lijun, Vice-minister of Environmental Protection Ministry, said, "First of all, we will further expand and extend pollution reduction indices. It means increasing the types of indices of pollution control, and including agricultural pollution sources. Secondly, in terms of specific measures, we will pay more attention to the adjustment of industrial structures and economic development patterns. Thirdly, in terms of policy measures, we will improve the market mechanism. Finally, we will adhere to the responsibility system of pollution reduction. 201003/98477成都生殖健康研究附属医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样Today in History: Friday, January 11, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月11日,星期五On Jan. 11, 1964, U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry issued the first government report saying smoking may be hazardous to ones health.1964年1月11日,美国卫生局局长路德特里发布第一份政府报告,称吸烟可能有害健康。1757 American founding father Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies.1757年,美国开国元勋亚历山大·汉密尔顿在西印度群岛出生。1805 The Michigan Territory was created.1805年,密西根领土建立。1861 Alabama seceded from the Union.1861年,阿拉巴马州脱离联邦政府。1973 Owners of American League baseball teams voted to adopt the designated-hitter rule.1973年,美国职业棒球大联盟球队投票决定采纳指名击球员规则。1977 France set off an international uproar by releasing Abu Daoud, a Palestinian suspected of involvement in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.1977年,在1972年慕尼黑奥运会上涉嫌参与屠杀以色列运动员的巴勒斯坦男子阿布达乌德被法国释放,此举引发来了国际社会骚动。2002 The first planeload of al-Qaida prisoners from Afghanistan arrived at a U.S. military detention camp in Guantanamo, Cuba.2002年,第一批阿富汗基地组织囚犯被飞机运往美国在古巴关塔那的军事拘留营。2007 English soccer player David Beckham announced a five-year deal to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy.2007年,英国足球运动员大·贝克汉姆宣布与洛杉矶队签署一份为期五年的合同。2008 Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to conquer Mount Everest, died at age 88.2008年,征珠穆朗玛峰第一人埃德蒙·希拉里逝世,享年88岁。2010 Mark McGwire admitted to The Associated Press that hed used steroids and human growth hormone when he broke baseballs home run record in 1998.2010年,马克·麦奎尔向美联社承认在1988年打破棒球本垒打记录时曾用过类固醇和人类生长素。 /201301/220188The Spring Festival holidays were prime time for the Chinese movie market, and the theme songs of the films have also become popular among cinema goers. On today's edition of Countdown we listen to the top five melodies. No.5 "72 Tenants of Prosperity" "HAPPY EVERY YEAR" - BY ALL STARSThe song is performed by over a hundred actors in the movie, making it a new record for singers for one song. Heavyweight Hong Kong entertainers and young talents such as Kate Tsui, Stephy Tang, Raymond Lam, and Linda Chung give excellent performances in not only the film, but also the music . The festive song has become a new favorite in karaoke. No.4 "Big Soldiers" "RAPE FLOWERS" - BY JACKIE CHAN "Rape Flowers" is a Northern Chinese ballad. The simple tune and action star Jackie Chan's mellow voice successfully deliver a soldier's homesickness and tiredness of war. The song is an ode to peace instead of war. 201003/97494平昌县人民医院官方网站

锦江区人民医院不孕不育科龙泉驿区儿童医院客服中心Stretching is an important part of exercise. Not only does it help to keep your body flexible but it also works in the recovery of your muscles after a workout. This film will show you the correct way to stretch.拉伸是一种重要的锻炼方法。它不仅能使你的身体更舒展,而且也可用作恢复性的训练方法。本期视频将向你展示正确的拉伸方法。Step 1: Exercise 11.锻炼1Sit on the mat with your feet in front of you and arms down the side of the body.坐在垫子上,腿伸直,胳膊放在身体两侧。Stretch your arms out in front of you and hold onto one hand with the other. Breathe at a normal and regular pace and hold this position for about 10 to 15 seconds.双手合并向前伸展,保持平稳的呼吸节奏然后保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 2: Exercise 22.锻炼2Stretch your arms out above your head and hold onto one hand with the other. Hold this position once again for 10 to 15 seconds.两手合抱向头部伸展,保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 3: Exercise 33.锻炼3Place your hands behind your back and hold them together. Move your hands backwards and upwards holding them in that position. Carry on breathing regularly as you stretch. This stretches the shoulder muscles. Do this for 10 seconds双手放在背后,两手合并之后向上抬起,保持这个姿势并使呼吸平稳。这个动作主要锻炼肩部肌肉。持续10秒。Step 4: Exercise 44.锻炼4Stretch your legs out in front of the body with you feet together. Stretch your arms towards your feet and take hold of your ankles, if you can. Pull your body down towards your feet so that you feel the stretch in the back of the legs. Only go down as far as you can. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds.双脚并拢伸直,双手向前伸,同时尽量不弯曲膝盖。身体向前伸展时能明显感到腿部后面肌肉的拉伸感。上身要尽可能的低,保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 5: Exercise 55.锻炼5Keep one leg stretched out in front of you, and the other leg bent with sole of the foot facing the opposite knee.一条腿伸直,另一条腿蜷缩。Stretch out your arms towards your feet and take hold of your ankle, or go as far as you can. Pull your body down towards your feet so that you feel the stretch in the back of the leg. Hold for 10 seconds.双手向伸直的那条腿的方向伸展,同时要保持膝盖不弯曲。上身随着胳膊向前伸同时向下压低。同样坚持10秒钟。Keep both shoulders square of the outstretched leg and do not lock out the knee joint. Repeat the stretch on the opposite leg and then repeat exercise number 4.保持双肩与伸直的腿之间呈直角。此后换另一条腿,重复4次。Step 6: Exercise 66.方法6Lie on your side supported by your arm and with your free arm take hold of your opposite leg. Pull your foot into your backside, bring your knee backwards and push your hip forward. Stretch for 10-15 seconds and repeat on other side.侧躺,用上面那条胳膊将同一侧的腿向后拉。伸展10-15秒然后换另一条腿。Step 7: Exercise 77.方法7Move onto your hands and knees, extend one leg with the weight on the ball of your foot, lift your other leg off the ground and rest it on the back of your heel. Keep your leg straight and push your heel to the floor - feeling the stretch on your calf muscle. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then repeat on the other leg to finish the workout.两手和两只脚脚尖着地,将一只脚放在另一只脚的脚后跟上,然后保持撑腿伸直,试着使脚跟着地,能明显感觉到小腿肌肉的拉伸。保持10-15秒钟,然后换另一条腿。Thanks for watching How To Perform A Stretching Routine To Improve Your Flexibility谢谢收看本期“身体柔韧性训练”节目。 /201208/197465西班牙足球甲级联赛第32轮一场焦点战在伯纳乌球场展开争夺,皇家马德里主场0比0战平瓦伦西亚。C-罗纳尔多憾中立柱,皇马33次射门难破僵局,门框也两度救险。皇马近5轮第3次战平优势缩水,仅领先巴萨4分。 The Spanish League leaders Real Madrid are starting to feel the pressure from defending champions Barcelona.Their 10 point lead over the Catalan club was trimmed to 3 points following Barca’s 4-1 triumph over Real Zaragoza on Saturday. But Madrid had the chance to put a little breathing room between them and the defending champs should they beat Valencia on Sunday.Madrid began pressing early but couldnt find the mark -- Cristiano Ronaldo’s laser of a shot beats the keeper, but not the post. And Real could do nothing with the rebound.That would be the theme of this match, Valencia also finding the upright in the first half -- Ricardo Costa heads this rebound off the bar, following a nice save by Iker Casillas.Tino Costa splinters the woodwork in the 55th minute. Casillas thanking the goalie’s best friend as the match remains scoreless. Real press for a goal late but could not convert a couple of glorious chances by Karim Benzema.But their best chance came in stoppage time, as Di Maria was stopped from close range. The game ends in a scoreless draw and Real’s lead over Barca is now 4, with 7 matches to play.201204/177227成都市新都区中医院正规吗?怎么样Uranus is the third largest planet in the solar system. It is 3 billion km from the Sun lying between Saturn and Neptune. 天王星在太阳系中是第三大行星。它在土星和海王星之间,距离太阳约30亿公里。It is named after the Greek God of the sky. 它以希腊神的名字而命名。Uranus was the first Planet to be discovered in modern times. 天王星是在现代第一颗被发现的行星。 Although it is just possible to see Uranus with the naked eye under ideal circumstances, it was the musician and mathematician Sir William Herschel who formally identified Uranus In March 1781. 在最理想的情况下可以用肉眼看到天王星,在1781年3月音乐家,数学家威廉bull;赫歇尔爵士正式确认天王星。 Uranus is a giant gas planet. It is 51200km in diameter, but is made of 83% hydrogen and 15% helium. 天王星是一颗巨大的气体行星。直径51200公里,但是却由83%的氢和15%的氦组成。 The strange thing about Uranus is that it is tilted over on one side to 98ordm;. This means that Uranus rolls around the Sun on its side. 奇怪的是, 天王星的自转轴可以说是躺在轨道平面上的,倾斜的角度高达98deg;。这意味着天王星将面对太阳。 For one half of a Uranus year, about 42 years, the lsquo;North of Uranus is facing the sun and is in constant sunlight while the lsquo;South is in darkness. 天王星在前42年,在至日前后时,北部一个极点会持续的指向太阳,南部另一个极点则背向太阳。 Then for next 42 years the situation is reversed and the ;Southern; hemisphere gets all the light. 然后另一个42年情况逆转,南半球会指向太阳。 Uranus has a faint ring system, also discovered by Herschel. 天王星有微弱的环系统,也是被赫歇尔发现。 It has over 27 satellites, most of them not much bigger than large rocks, but 5 of them have been given names taken from Shakespeare. 它有超过27个卫星,但它们大多数都不比岩石大,但5颗已经被命名,这些命名全部取自莎士比亚。 Uranus has only ever been visited once by a space craft, NASAs Voyager 2 flew past in 1986. There are currently no plans to visit Uranus in the near future. 天王星只有一个人类访客,美国宇航局的航行者2号在1986年曾经抵达。目前在不久的将来还没有计划去参观天王星。201202/172164自贡市第七医院人流医院

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