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四川省成都市十院妇产科怎样四川省妇幼保健医院属几甲The collapse of a floor piled high with material in a Cambodia sneaker factory killed three people and drew fresh attention to safety problems in low-cost countries serving the world#39;s apparel retailers.柬埔寨一运动鞋生产厂的一个堆满材料的楼层坍塌,造成三人死亡。事故引发外界再次关注这些为全球装零售商供应低成本产品的国家的生产安全问题。Three people died early Thursday and at least six others were injured in a new industry accident, which occurred when a ceiling collapsed in a factory outside the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. An official at Asics Corp., a Japanese sneaker company whose brand is popular among athletes in the U.S. and elsewhere, confirmed that the factory is one of its suppliers. The company said it was investigating and trying to determine what, if any, safety precautions had been taken.周四清早,柬埔寨首都金边城外一座工厂的天花板坍塌。这起最新工业事故造成三人死亡,至少六人受伤。日本运动鞋生产商亚瑟士(Asics Corp.)的一位管理人员实说,这家工厂是其供应商之一。亚瑟士品牌很受美国等国运动员的欢迎。该公司表示,正在调查事故原因,并试图确定该工厂是否采取了任何安全防范措施。#39;We are deeply shocked and saddened to hear of this terrible accident,#39; Asics spokeswoman Masayo Hasegawa said. #39;Safety is of paramount importance for Asics.#39;亚瑟士发言人长谷川雅代(Masayo Hasegawa)说,听到发生了这样一起可怕事故,我们都深感震惊和悲痛,安全生产对亚瑟士来说是最重要的。The collapse came on the heels of other, more-deadly garment disasters in recent months, including the collapse of a building housing factories in Bangladesh this month that killed more than 1,000 people. It also shone a light on the role of Asian retailers#39; attempts to compete with Western brands by expanding production in lower-cost countries.装业这几个月已陆续发生了一系列致死人数更多的事故,其中包括本月孟加拉国一栋内有数家制衣厂的建筑倒塌,造成1,000多人死亡。另外,此事也暴露出亚洲零售商试图通过在劳动力成本更低的国家扩大生产来与西方品牌竞争所带来的影响。The factory involved in Thursday#39;s deaths, Wing Star Shoes, was built a year and a half ago by a joint venture between Asics subsidiary Asics Trading Co. and a Taiwanese partner. A chronic problem at Asics had been production delays and poor-quality products at Chinese factories where it outsourced production, and the new factory was built with the aim to help tighten quality control.周四发生事故的鞋厂是Wing Star Shoes,一年半前由亚瑟士的子公司Asics Trading Co.与一家台湾合作伙伴组建的合资企业建造。亚瑟士以前将生产外包给中国工厂时,经常会出现生产延误和产品质量低下的问题,建柬埔寨这座新工厂的目的就是帮助加强质量控制。Workers at the scene said the deaths occurred when a mezzanine level used for storage collapsed after bearing too much weight. They said the mezzanine floors were added to the site in the past two months to connect buildings at the factory, which employs more than 6,000 people. Workers performed tasks under the mezzanines, including operating machines cleaning the soles of Asics running shoes.现场的工人说,被用来储物的阁楼因承重过大发生坍塌,造成人员伤亡。他们说,阁楼是过去两个月加盖的,作用是连接工厂内的楼房。该工厂有员工6,000余名。员工在阁楼下面工作,包括操作清洗亚瑟士跑步鞋鞋底的机器。The level that collapsed was stuffed with tons of pallets piled with cardboard boxes, crates of tissue-paper wrappings and other dense, heavy materials.坍塌的那个阁楼上有数吨货盘,货盘上则堆的是硬纸盒、成箱的包装纸和其它很重的密致材料。It wasn#39;t clear whether the addition of the mezzanine met local building codes. Ith Sam Heng, Cambodia#39;s social-affairs minister, told reporters authorities are investigating the addition.不清楚加盖的阁楼是否符合当地建筑法规。柬埔寨社会事务部长Ith Sam Heng对记者说,当局正在调查加盖阁楼一事。The recent spate of accidents in the garment trade, especially in Bangladesh, where in addition to the building collapse more than 100 have also died in factory fires over the past year -- has led labor unions and worker-safety groups to press Western retailers to tighten oversight of their supply chains.制衣业近来发生的一连串事故导致工会和维护工人安全权利的组织强烈要求西方零售商加强对供应链的监管。特别是孟加拉国,除本月倒塌的那栋楼外,过去一年该国有100多人死于工厂火灾事故。The Cambodian accident, while much smaller than other recent disasters, nevertheless fits a pattern of dangerous work conditions in Asian garment factories.虽然比起制衣业近期发生的事故,柬埔寨的这起事故规模很小,但也是由亚洲制衣厂工作环境危险所致。Asics#39;s sales are smaller than a global heavyweights like Nike, and it has become increasingly reliant on low-cost manufacturing partners in other parts of Asia. Since 2008, the company has shifted emphasis toward gaining market share overseas -- especially in the Americas.亚瑟士在销量上不及耐克(Nike)等全球巨头,并且愈发依赖亚洲其它地方低成本的制造伙伴,2008年以来,该公司一直在将重点转移至夺取海外市场份额,特别是美洲市场份额。 /201305/240332四川十院中药科 In the supermarket was a man pushing a cart which contained a screaming, bellowing baby. The gentleman kept repeating softly, ;Don#39;t get excited, Albert; don#39;t scream, Albert; don#39;t yell, Albert; keep calm, Albert.;一个人在超市里推着购物车,一个小孩子在车里不停的大吵大叫。推车的男人一直温柔地念叨着:”别激动,阿尔伯特,别嚷出来,阿尔伯特,别叫,阿尔伯特,冷静,阿尔伯特。;A woman standing next to him said, ;You certainly are to be commended for trying to soothe your son, Albert.;站在他旁边的一位女士对他说道:“您能这样安慰您的儿子阿尔伯特真的让我们感到很不容易。”The man looked at her and said, ;Lady, I#39;m Albert.;男人看着那位女士说:“太太,我是阿尔伯特。 /201303/228895This is going to be a very trying year for people with Triskaidekaphobia, also known as the fear of the number 13.对于那些患有数字13恐惧症的人们来说,今年可真是难熬的一年。While the superstitious folks afflicted with this problem can easily stay home on Friday the 13th, it’s going to be a lot harder to stay inside for another 362 days。以往迷信的人可以在家躲过每个13号的周五,但剩下362天难道也在家宅过去吗?Why is 13 considered unlucky, anyway?那么为什么13会被认为是不吉利的数字呢?There were 13 people at the Last Supper。最后的晚餐有13个人It#39;s said that Judas Iscariot and the one who betrayed Jesus - was the 13th man to take his place at the table。据说背叛耶稣的信徒犹大就坐在饭桌的第十三个位子上。Similarly, there’s a Norse legend that has 12 gods sitting down to a banquet when the 13th (uninvited) god, Loki, shows up。同样,在北欧神话中有12个神的宴会,结果第十三个到来的就是不请自来的洛基(最会惹麻烦的神)。Loki killed one of the other gods, which led to events that eventually resulted in Ragnarok - the death of a bunch of gods, a slew of natural disasters, and the eradication of everything on earth save for two human survivors. There#39;s a lot more to the story than that, but you get the general idea。洛基杀了其中一个神引发了一系列事件,最终导致世界毁灭:众神的死亡、自然灾害和地球上一切的消亡(仅幸存2名人类)。这个故事远没有这么简单,但你能差不多明白个大概。Traditionally, there used to be 13 steps leading up the gallows。传统中通往绞刑台有13个阶梯。There#39;s also a legend that a hangman#39;s noose traditionally contained 13 turns, but it#39;s actually more like eight。还有传说称刽子手的纹索上有13个曲纹,但实际上似乎是8个。 /201304/233909武侯区中心医院做血常规检查

新津县看男科怎么样It doesn’t matter whether you are watching your weight or making a lifestyle change to a more healthy and balanced diet;overeating is the biggest enemy. We know how much we should eat and what it takes to keep us going, but still we cannot seem to help ourselves sometimes. Having eaten too much, we can either just accept the fact or try to make up for it by eating less later or exercising more. This works to some extent, but wouldn’t it be better to keep from overeating altogether? Of course it would, and by adding a few simple self-control mechanisms, you can increase your odds quite a bit.无论是因为自己的体重而烦恼,还是想要改变生活方式让自己更健康饮食更平衡,饮食过量都是个大麻烦。我们当然知道自己一天应该吃多少,而又需要多少才可以让身体正常运作,但是似乎我们总是无法控制自己。吃的太多怎么办?我们只能要么接受事实,要么在这之后少吃一点,或者多运动一点。这方法在某种程度上是可以帮助我们的,但是如果我们有办法让自己不再多吃不是更好么?当然是有办法做到的,只要一个简单的自我控制机制就可以大大增加你成功的机会。The problem with overeating is not, as some people claim, just bad character or lack of motivation. The truth is that we are fighting our own brains, which are trying to protect us from starvation. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, your mind does not comprehend that there is more food coming—here and now is what matters to your brain when it comes to food. When food was scarce and food supplies varied a lot, overeating was sensible. Nowadays it’s not. Even though you will feel full after a while when you eat, there is a delay between when you’ve had enough, to the time your brain realizes that. During this time you will keep eating, and you’ll end up feeling stuffed, knowing you’ve had too much.多吃的问题并不是许多人说的那样,只是不好的性格或者缺少动力。事实上是我们大脑要保护我们不受饥饿,而我们要与这一点做斗争。无论你是多么的智慧超群,当有更多的食物放到你面前时,你的大脑是不受控制的。下面要为大家介绍一下,当食物到来的时候,你的大脑介意什么。当食物短缺和食物供应多样时,我们很容易就可以感觉到自己吃多了。当今社会却不是这样的,你吃饱时到吃饱信号传输到大脑时这过程是有个时间差的。当吃你吃饱时,你还会继续吃下去,最后等你意识到时,自己已经吃得太多了。I hinted earlier that it has to do with control. All the tips below help to ensure that you slow down or lower your calorie intake a little bit while eating. When your food intake becomes a bit slower, your brain has time to catch up with the signals from your body. No more overeating.我之前已经给了大家暗示,就是要自我控制。下面的方法可以帮助你慢吃,减低卡路里摄入量的速度。当慢点吃的时候,你的大脑就会有时间去接受吃饱的信号。你就不再会多吃了。1.Start with vegetables.1.从蔬菜开始By starting with your vegetables before moving on to the meat, pasta, rice or potatoes you get multiple benefits. First, you make sure that you get all the nutrition from the vegetables on your plate, and secondly, you start filling up with low calorie, healthy food so that you can feel satisfied earlier. Finally, you give your stomach a little head- up before the heavier stuff arrives.在吃肉、意面、米饭或是马铃薯时先吃些蔬菜,这会对你有多种益处。首先,你确保自己会摄取盘子里所有蔬菜的营养,其次,如果你先吃健康的低卡路里的食物可以帮助你的胃早些获得满足感。最后,你可以在吃重口味食物前让你的胃做好准备工作。2.Chew, chew, chew, chew.2.咀嚼、咀嚼、咀嚼、咀嚼By chewing every bite for longer, you automatically slow down your digestion which is what you want to happen. You also make sure that the digestive enzymes in your saliva get mixed with the food before moving on to the stomach. Digesting the food starts aly here and it is an important step.通过用更长的时间咀嚼每一块食物的方法,可以让你的消化过程自动慢下来,这也正是你想要的。要确保嘴里的食物在下胃之前可以与你唾液里的消化酶完全融合到一起。消化的过程已经从这个时候开始了,这是一个很关键的步骤。3.Take breaks.3.休息一下This is a pretty obvious tip, but one that many people seem to forget constantly. After eating a few mouthfuls, put down your knife and fork and just take a break. Talk to the people you’re eating with, and let your body and mind catch up with your food intake.这个步骤的用意在明显不过了,但是似乎大部分人都会时常将其忘记。当满口吃过几次食物后,记得放下刀叉休息一下。与你一起吃饭的人聊聊天,让你的身体和大脑追赶上你摄取食物的速度。There is a difference between being full and being satisfied. Being satisfied is when you have eaten enough; you are no longer hungry but still not full. This is the perfect amount—feeling full basically means that you have maxed out. Learn to feel the difference and act on it.吃饱和拥有吃得满意了的感觉是两回事。吃得满意了是你已经吃得足够了,已经没有饥饿感了,但是还未吃饱。这便是完美的时刻了,当你感觉自己吃饱时,其实基本上你已经吃得太多了。4.Take Control4.自我控制By applying any combination of the tips(preferably all of them) you take control of your eating habits, and when you take control, great things happen. Eating healthy or maintaining a diet requires self-control, and now you have 4 simple techniques to help you on your way.通过应用上面介绍的技巧来控制自己的饮食习惯。当你可以自我控制时,就会有很棒的事发生。吃得健康和维持自己的饮食规律是需要自我控制的,现在你有了4个技巧来帮助你达成目标。What is your preferred method of maintaining control?你倾向用什么方法来控制自我呢? /201305/237883四川第六医院妇科人流 On the mean streets of Gotham City, he uses his physical prowess, intellect and state-of-the-art weapons to snare villains.在蝙蝠侠系列电影的高谭市,蝙蝠侠用他的超凡威力、智慧和最先进的武器给恶徒布下天罗地网。Over on the streets of Bradford, however, it seems Batman’s targets give in with a little less coercion. A caped crusader astonished officers and passers-by when he dragged a wanted man into a police station in the city centre before vanishing into the night.而在英国布拉德福德市,蝙蝠侠好像没使出什么威力就抓住的目标。一个身穿斗篷的人将一名通缉犯人拽进市中心的警察署,然后消失在黑夜中,这让警察和路人都大吃一惊。But observers were also quick to note that the brave vigilante appeared somewhat lacking in the menace and muscle that one might expect from a superhero.不过眼快的目击者称,他们发现这位英勇的义务警员并没有人们心目中超级英雄应该有的震慑力和强壮肌肉。CCTV footage shows the slightly overweight Batman taking a suspect into the station, where he calmly waited for the duty officer on reception and then told him: ‘Here you are, it’s over to you now.’监控录像显示一个略有些发胖的蝙蝠侠将犯罪嫌疑人带到了警署,他平静地等待值班警员的到来,然后对他说:“现在这家伙就交给你了。”The wanted man, Daniel Frayne, explained who he was to the officer and moments later Batman was gone.蝙蝠侠走后,这名被通缉的犯人丹尼尔-福莱恩向警员坦白了他的身份。The absence of a Batmobile to spirit him away was just one of the clues that the mysterious masked figure wasn’t quite who he appeared to be. The footage also made it clear that Batman was not required to use any physical force to detain his subject – leading police to conclude that the superhero was simply a friend of Frayne’s in fancy dress.蝙蝠侠并没有开着蝙蝠车像风一样地离开,监视录像也显示他并没有使用任何武力抓住犯人,这些都说明这个戴着面具的神秘人大概并不是真正的蝙蝠侠——警方猜测这位超级英雄只是福莱恩的一个穿着奇装异的朋友而已。Still, even if the Bradford Batman was really the Joker, it didn’t stop pictures of him causing a frenzy on the internet.不过即便布拉德福德的这位蝙蝠侠真的只是一个爱开玩笑的人,他的照片还是在网络上开始疯狂传播。39岁的Stan Worby在Facebook上透露自己便是现实版蝙蝠侠的真身。After being escorted into Trafalgar House police station at 1.35am last Monday, Frayne was arrested on suspicion of burglary, fraud and breach of a court order. He was later charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences and is due to appear before the city’s magistrates on Friday.上周一凌晨1点35分被带到特拉法加警署之后,Frayne就以盗窃、诈骗和违反法庭秩序嫌疑被捕。之后他被以转移偷窃所得物品和诈骗罪名被起诉,并将在周五在地方法院出庭。A police spokesman said: ‘The person who brought the wanted man into the station was dressed in a full Batman outfit. His identity, however, remains unknown. The Batman outfit was a normal fancy dress costume and whoever had decided to put it on knew the suspect was wanted by police.’一名警方发言人称:“把嫌犯抓来的人穿着全套蝙蝠侠装。不过他的身份至今无人知晓。蝙蝠侠装只是一套普通的戏而已,无论扮成蝙蝠侠的是谁,他都应该知道嫌犯现在正被警方通缉。”Residents on the street where Frayne lives with his girlfriend said police had been looking for him for several weeks. ‘They drove up and down here every day to check on the house and we’ve not seen him around here for quite a while,’ said neighbour Kaley Wilkinson, 27.Frayne和他的女友所居住的街区的居民们说警方已经搜捕了他几个星期了。“他们每天开着车到处搜查,还搜了他的房子,我们已经好久没有见到他出现在附近了,”27岁的邻居Kaley Wilkinson说。Wherever the superhero came from, he certainly caused a stir. Bishop of Bradford, the Rt Rev Nick Baines, said: ‘I think it’s dead funny. The only thing that concerns me – judging from the waistline and tights – is that he doesn’t look that fit.’不管这个超级英雄是从哪来的,总之他确实是掀起了轩然。布拉德福德的主教Nick Baines牧师说:“我认为这非常可笑。唯一一件让我放不下心的事情是,从他的腰围和裤子看,他的那身衣不怎么合身。”A police source said: ‘We think it’s a friend who obviously thought this would be a funny thing to do.’一名警方消息人士说:“我们认为他是福莱恩的朋友,很显然他觉得这样做很有意思。” /201303/230389四川省第二医院专科医院

四川成都七院门诊在那里1. “If you drive, I’ll pay for the gas.”“如果你开车,我就付油钱。”——“If you drive, I’m going to ‘accidentally’ forget my debit card.“如果你开车,我就会‘碰巧’忘了带卡。”2. “You look great!”“你看起来很棒!”——“You don’t look as good as me.”“你看起来不如我美。”3. “I’m on my way!”“我在路上了!”——“I haven’t left my apartment yet.”“我还没走出公寓门呢。”4.“I’ve been really busy lately.”“我最近真的很忙。”——“I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately.”“我最近看了很多电影。”5. “My phone has been acting weird.”“我的手机最近抽风了。”——“My phone is fine. I’m just not answering your calls.”“我的手机没有问题。我就是不想接你的电话。”6. “I can’t go because I don’t feel well.”“我有点不舒,所以不能出门。”——“I can’t go because I don’t want to.”“我不想出门,所以不能出门。”7. “I’m broke.”“我破产了。”——“I’m saving what little money I have for something stupid.”“为了做一件傻事,我正在一分一厘的攒钱。”8. “I’m on a diet.”“我正在节食。”——“I’m only eating healthy foods in front of the people who have heard me say I’m on a diet.”“我只是在那些听我说过要节食减肥的人面前才吃健康食品。”9. “I think your boyfriend is really cute!”“我觉得你的男朋友非常可爱!”——“I think your boyfriend needs to maybe not wear tank tops. Also, I’d like to stop looking at pictures of his Facebook now.”“我觉得你的男朋友应该别穿这件条纹衫。还有,我不想再看他脸书网上的照片了。”10. “I’m going to the gym this week.”“我这个星期打算去健身。”——“I’m not going to the gym this week.”“我这个星期不打算去健身。”11. “I’m not mad at you.”“我没生你的气。”——“I am mad at you. And If I had something bulky in my hand I’d throw it at your face.”“我对你很生气。如果现在我手里有什么大东西,我会用它砸到你脸上去。”12. “I’m not drinking tonight.”“我今晚不打算喝酒。”——“Okay, I’ll hold a drink because I’ll look stupid if I don’t. I’ll take a few sips because I’m obviously going to get thirsty. When it’s empty I’ll order another one. And so on.”“好吧,如果我不喝就会看起来很傻,所以我还是喝一杯。如果不喝一点的话我一定会口渴的,所以我要喝几口。等这杯喝完了我会再叫一杯……”13. “It was so good to see you!”“见到你真高兴!”——“I’m going to forget about this in half an hour.”“半小时之后我就会把你忘掉。”14. “You can study later.”“你可以等会儿再学习。”——“You can’t. But I wan’t you to make a bad decision with me and blame yourself in the morning. Come hang out, loser!”“你等会儿就不会学习了。但是我不介意你先陪我出去,明天早上再来后悔。起来一起出去逛吧,二货。” /201311/265478 邛崃市妇幼保健医院医院眉山妇幼保健医院打胎流产好吗

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