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四川生殖处女膜修复THE PRESIDENT: Hello. My name is Shelly Ortiz -- oh, wrong page. (Laughter.) I was just teasing. I knew I wasn’tShelly Ortiz. (Laughter.) Everybody give Shelly a big round of applausefor the great work. (Applause.) Thank you so much. Thanks for not only the introduction, but forthe beautiful that you made about your dad. Us dads, we get pretty touched by stuff likethat. And I am thrilled that all of youare with us for our first-ever White House Student Film Festival. And I know we’re running a little bitlate. It’s not because the projector wasnot working. It was because of me. But I appreciate all of you guys being hereand your patience. The Academy Awards are not untilSunday, but, as you can see, we’ve brought the Oscars to the White House alittle bit early. And I want to thankour partners: Fox, National Geographic,and the American Film Institute. We’vegot the red carpet, we’ve got the big screens, the opening monologue. The only difference is nobody asks what you’rewearing. (Laughter.) And we’ve got Bill Nye, theScience Guy -- (applause) -- and Neil deGrasse Tyson from the HaydenPlanetarium -- (applause) -- who might even give you a sneak peak of his newshow, COSMOS, if everybody behaves themselves. (Applause.) I saw the originalversion -- I’m a little older than all of you -- and it was spectacular andwonderful, and I know this is going to be not just as good but evenbetter. And so we’re thrilled withthat. And we’re putting on a big showhere because we’re honoring some remarkable filmmakers. I’ve said before, I believe, andI hope all of us believe, that every child in America deserves a world-classeducation -- especially in science and technology and engineering and math --because it’s skills like these that made us an economic superpower and builtour middle class. We also need folks whoare studying the arts because our film industry is a huge generator of jobs andeconomic power here in the ed States, and it tells us our story and helpsus to find what’s -- our common humanity. And it’s skills like these thatallowed NASA to announce the other day that we’ve discovered more than 700 newplanets. (Applause.) That’s cool. I mean, we didn’t make the planets, but we -- (laughter) -- we found outthat they were there. And one of theways that we deliver the best education in the world is by empowering ourstudents with the best technology in the world. To help inspire us, we invitedstudents from across the country to send their s about how their schoolsuse technology today, how they might use it in the future. So kids got their cameras out and went towork. And we received about 2,500 s-- 2,500. And we watched them all. I did not personally watch them all, but theWhite House watched them all.And today, the Oscar goes to --all of you. Because among all theincredible s we received, yours stood out.And in my official capacity as President,let me just say these movies are awesome. Like all great movies, yours do something special -- they tell astory. They help us understand, in thiscase, the amazing things that are going on in classrooms and how technology isempowering our students and broadening their imaginations and challenging themto dream bigger and reach further. Now, here is the spoileralert: There is some wonderful stuffgoing on out there. So even before youhave seen some of these films, you need to know that what these filmmakers havedisplayed is the incredible innovation and creativity of this generation comingup.You’ve got Gabrielle Nafie andMiles Pilchik from SciTech Kids in New York. (Applause.) They showed us thattheir class isn’t just dreaming about going into space, they’re actually goinginto space. They designed densityexperiments and used a 3-D printer to build tiny satellites to hold them. And then they actually launched a giantballoon that carried their satellites up to the edge of space -- very cool --MS. NAFIE: Thank you. (Laughter.)THE PRESIDENT: -- so they could collect the data. When I was in elementary school, I was notlaunching satellites into space.You’ve got Alex Emerson, whoshowed how his 8th grade class at Brookwood School in Massachusetts changed thedefinition of “pen-pals” by -chatting with students in Uganda. And one of the things they did wascollaborate on cook stoves that help families in rural areas cook safer andwith cleaner energy. And it doesn’t stop with what’spossible today. These s show howstudents are imagining the future -- classrooms that are fully accessible toclassmates with disabilities; individualized learning platforms that you cancarry around in your pocket. And that’sthe kind of creativity and imagination we want all our young people to embrace.We cannot wait to see more ofthat innovative spirit later this year when we host our first ever White HouseMaker Faire. (Applause.) We aly have a White House ScienceFair. This new event is going tohighlight how Americans young and old -— tinkerers and inventors —- areimagining and designing and building tools and machines that will open ourminds and power our economy.201502/358468四川华西医院几级So aly the pilots reveal this,that so many in the public score worse than random,so we have to think about preconceived ideas,and one of the main preconceived ideas试运行结果已经表明有许多公众的得分比随机选择还要低。所以我们不得不对那些先入为主的观点进行思考其中一个主要的观点是。is about world income distribution.关于世界上的收入分配。Look here. This is how it was in 1975.看这个 这是1975年的数据。Its the number of people on each income,from one dollar a day a See, there was one hump here,是人均收入的数值从每天一美元。看这里有一个高峰。around one dollar a day, and then there was one hump here somewhere between 10 and 100 dollars.在每天一美元左右然后这里还有一个高峰大约在10到100美元之间。The world was two groups.世界上有两大群体。It was a camel world, like a camel with two humps,the poor ones and the rich ones,and there were fewer in between.像骆驼一样 有两个驼峰。穷人和富人介于两者之间的人较少。But look how this has changed:但是我们来看看数字是如何变化的。As I go forward, what has changed,the world population has grown,and the humps start to merge.随着时间推移 发生了什么样的变化,随着世界人口的增长两个驼峰开始合并。The lower humps merged with the upper hump,and the camel dies and we have a dromedary world with one hump only.低的驼峰向高的驼峰融合。骆驼死了然后我们得到了一头新的单峰骆驼,只有一个驼峰。The percent in poverty has decreased.贫困人口的比例减少了。Still its appalling that so many remain in extreme poverty.但是依然很惊人,有这么多人仍然生活在极端贫困中。We still have this group, almost a billion, over there,but that can be ended now.大概还有接近10亿人但这是可以被终结的。The challenge we have now is to get away from that, understand where the majority is,and that is very clearly shown in this question.我们现在所面临的挑战是如何摆脱这些观念 去了解大多数人的处境。这一点在以下问题中得到了充分的体现。We asked, what is the percentage of the worlds one-year-old children who have got those basic vaccines against measles and other things that we have had for many years.问世界上有多少比例的一岁儿童接种了那些我们已经使用了多年的对抗麻疹以及其他疾病的疫苗。20, 50 or 80 percent?百分之20 50 还是80?。Now, this is what the U.S. public and the Swedish answered.这是美国和瑞典公众的回答。Look at the Swedish result:看看瑞典的结果。you know what the right answer is.你就该知道正确的是什么了。Who the heck is a professor of global health in that country?该国有个搞全球健康研究的教授是谁。Well, its me. Its me.好吧是我。Its very difficult, this. Its very difficult.这非常难,非常困难。However, Olas approach to really measure what we know made headlines,and CNN published these results on their web然而 奥拉用于测量我们所知多少的方法 上了头条CNN在网站上公布了调查结果。And they had the questions there, millions answered,and I think there were about 2,000 comments,and this was one of the comments.有几百万人回答了这些问题。然后我记得大概有两千多条。其中一条是这么说的。I bet no member of the media passed the test, he said.我打赌新闻界没人能通过这个测试; 他说。So Ola told me, ;Take these devices.然后奥拉跟我说;带上这些设备。You are invited to media conferences.你被邀请参加的是媒体圈的会议。Give it to them and measure what the media know.分给他们 然后测一测新闻界知道多少。And ladies and gentlemen,for the first time, the informal results from a conference with U.S. media.女士们 先生们首先 是来自一场美国媒体会议上的非正式结果。And then, lately, from the European Union media.之后是来自欧盟媒体的。You see, the problem is not that people dont and listen to the media.大家看 问题并不在于人们不读或者不听新闻。The problem is that the media doesnt know themselves.问题在于连媒体自己都不知道。What shall we do about this, Ola?我们对此该怎么办呢 奥拉?Do we have any ideas?有什么主意吗?。201501/355104From there, to the modern ventriloquists dummy,从这个到现代的口技者的木偶,is but a brief moment in history.不是一段简短的历史。You were late for school again this morning.今天早上你上学又迟到了。The ventriloquist must first make us believe that a small boy is sitting on his lap.口技者必须首先让我们相信,在他膝盖上坐着的是一个小男孩儿。The illusion of speech follows incidentally.然后自然而然的带出台词。What have you got to say for yourself, Jimmy?你为自己有什么想要说的吗,吉米?As adults we admire the lap from a nostalgic distance.作为成年人,我们羡慕那膝盖因为我们怀旧。We have fading memories of that provisional temple,我们的记忆在慢慢消退,有关那个短暂的神庙的记忆,erected each time an adult sat down.那座在每一个坐下的成年人膝上立起的神庙。On a crowded bus there was always a lap to sit on.拥挤的公交车上,总有可以坐上去的膝盖。It is children and teenage girls who are most keenly aware of its architectural beauty.孩子和青春期的少女们能最敏锐的察觉到建筑结构的美。They understand the structural integrity of a deep avuncular lap,他们能明白建筑结构的整体性-我指的是父辈的膝盖,as compared to the shaky arrangement of a neurotic niece in high heels.相对于你那神经质的外甥女和她的高跟鞋之间摇摇晃晃的关系来说。The relationship between the lap and its owner is direct and intimate.膝盖和它的拥有者之间的关系直接而亲密。I envision a 36-story,我想象了一幢36层高,450-unit residential high-rise,a reason to consider the mental health of any architect before granting an important commission.有450个房间的住宅大楼用来检验建筑师的心理健康,在还没有给他一大笔佣金之前。The bathrooms and kitchens will,洗手间和厨房of course, have no windows.当然是没有窗户的。The lap of luxury is an architectural construct of childhood,膝盖上的奢侈生活 只是一个童年的构想,which we seek, in vain,我们在寻觅的过程中总是无功而返,as adults, to employ.就像成年人雇佣人的时候一样。201512/418483成都新都区治疗睾丸炎多少钱

四川第三人民医院网上预约系统成都体育学院附属医院几点开门金牛区中医医院收费标准After all, I dont know if youve seen it 我不知道你们见过这个没有This weeks Time Magazine called you 本周的时代杂志把你们称作lazy entitled narcissists 懒惰的自恋狂who are part of the Me Me Me Generation你们是;我我我一代;的一部分So self obsessed, tweeting your Vines 如此自我沉醉 用推特发送Vinehashtagging your Spotifys 为Spotify加标签and Snapchatting your YOLOs 对YLO使用Snapchatyour generation needs everything to be about you 你们这一代需要一切都围绕着你们And thats very upsetting to us baby boomers 这让我们婴儿潮这一代很不爽because self-absorption is kind of our thing因为自我陶醉本应是我们的东西We are the original ;Me Generation; 我们是最初的;自我一代;We made the last 50 years all about us 我们让过去50年都围绕着我们We took all the money 我们赚了所有的钱we soaked up all the government services 我们攫取了所有的政府务and weve deep fried nearly everything in the ocean 我们炸透了几乎海洋里的一切It may seem that all thats left for you is unpaid internships 似乎留给你们的只剩下没有工钱的实习Monday to Tuesday mail delivery 周一到周二的邮件递送and thanks to global warming 还有得益于全球变暖soon semester at sea 很快 海上学期will mean sailing the coast of Ohio 就会成为沿俄亥俄洲海岸航行Now in our defence, in my generations defence 下面为我们这一代人辩护how were we supposed to know that you were coming? 我们怎么知道你们正继往开来We thought it went like this 我们以为是像这样Every successive generation of mankind一代人接一代人and then us 然后是我们roll credits这就完了but while 不过 虽然we may be leaving you with an economy 我们留给你们的经济环境with fewer job opportunities for the new graduate to slip into 对于新毕业生而言 工作机会可能确实更少了while traditional paths may seem harder to find 虽然传统工作似乎更难寻找了that also means 但这也意味着that you may learn sooner than most generations the hard lesson 你们能够比其他很多代人 更快学到艰难的一课that you must always make the path for yourself 也就是 你必须为自己铺平道路201603/430029四川省201医院妇科预约

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