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《行尸走肉衍生剧女主确定 --6 :: 来源:   Kim Dickens has joined the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead companion series, according to Deadline.  Deadline网站报道:Kim Dickens已经决定将会加入《行尸走肉衍生剧  Dickens recently co-starred in Gone Girl, and has appeared on television in Treme, Deadwood, and Sons of Anarchy.  Dickens近日在《Gone Girl中出演,她还出演过《Treme、《Deadwood、《混乱之子  Dickens will play the female lead in the pilot, opposite to male lead Cliff Curtis. Dickens’ character is a guidance counselor at the same school as Curtis’ character, a teacher. The two are in a relationship at the time of the zombie outbreak. Dickens’ character has two children from a previous marriage, played by Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey.  Dickens 将在剧中扮演女主角,剧中男主角是Cliff CurtisDickens和Cliff都是一所学校的员工,Dickens是辅导员,而Curtis是个老师他们在丧尸爆发的世界末日中成为了一对情侣Dickens还有两个孩子,分别是由Frank Dilane和Alycia Debnam Carey饰演  The Walking Dead companion series pilot is expected to be set in Los Angeles, and is currently filming.  《行尸走肉衍生剧的故事场景设定在洛杉矶,目前拍摄工作正在进行 《行尸走肉衍生剧女主确定。

【主题】Today I would like to talk to you about a person to whom isn't easily to make advances. What's it ? Let listen to a simple situational dialogue and find it . A : Do you like your new manager?B : No, he's a hard nut to crack. A : Why?B : He's too strict with us. 【答疑解惑】It is " a hard nut to crack ". In this phrase, hard是艰难的意思,nut是坚果的意思,crack是压碎,使分裂的意思A hard nut to crack 是指很难掰开的坚果However , in this dialogue, the speaker makes use of figure of speech. It refers to the manager who isn't amiable so that his underlings don't like him and be kind of afraid of him. 在这个对话中,说话者采用了一种比喻的修辞方式来说他的经理不是那么和蔼可亲,对他有几分畏惧之感Yeah , we can see that how we should bear ourselves as a leader. It is really hard to be a pleased leader. I have an intimate knowledge of it. 【视野拓展】Let's look at a sentence: Many students said the Reading Comprehension was a hard nut to crack. 许多学生都说考试的阅读部分真够难的In this sentence, it refers to " a difficult examination question in study ". 在这句中,指的是(在学习上的) 难题Another sentence is : He is too optimistic about his ability to solve the problem - it is a hard nut to crack. 他太自信自己处理这个问题的能力了,这个问题可是个啃骨头的问题In this sentence, a hard nut to crack refers to something that is hard to handle. 这句话中是指 :难以应付,对付,处理的事情,棘手的事情Let's look at a dialogue:A : I don't understand Tim. He never smiles and laughs. B : I know! He's a hard nut to crack. A : 我真是不理解Tim,他这人从来不笑B : 我知道他是个难以被人了解的人In this sentence, it means a person who is not easily to be learnt about a particular reason. 【总结】All right , we've learned so much that it put me under the table. Let's have a summary. A hard nut to crack 是个名词性短语,to crack 动词不定式 作定语修饰前面的名词 nut. 译为难以掰开的坚果,通常人们用之比喻为: (学习中的)难题;(生活工作中的)棘手的事情,难以对付、处理、应付的事情;(生活工作中的)难以亲近而被别人了解的人;(生活工作中的)那已对付的人 66。

能把取暖系统再调热点儿吗 Heating system- 1:58: A:It’s freezing in here! Can I turn up the heat?这里太冷了,我能将加热量调大些吗?B:Don’t touch that thermostat! You don’t pay the bills around here!别碰那个恒温器这儿的东西你从来没付过费A:Dad! Are you serious? What’s the point of having central heating if we can’t use it! Look, I can see my breath!爸爸,你是说真的吗?如果我们不用中央取暖系统,为什么要安装它呢?看看,我都能看见自己的呼气B:Put on a sweater! I’m not gonna let you run up my heating bill just because it’s a bit chilly.穿件毛衣我不会仅仅因为有点冷而增加我们的取暖花费A:Dad! I’m gonna catch a cold!爸爸,我会感冒的B:When I was your age, my parents didn’t have central heating like you do! We had a furnace in the center of the living room and that was it. We used it to cook, heat the house and even dry our clothes! We never caught a cold. You should be grateful!当我是你这个年龄时,我父母并没有这样的中央取暖系统仅在起居室里有个火炉我们用她来做饭,取暖,甚至来烘烤衣我们从未感冒过你应该心存感激!。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Switch Your Light Bulbs Energy-Saving Ones把你的灯泡换成节能灯Suffering eco-guilt? A lot of us want to do our bit the planet –but we dont know where to start.对环保事业感到内疚?我们很多人都想为地球出一份力,但又不知从何做起One of the simplest steps is to switch all your standard light bulbs energy-saving ones.一个简单的办法就是把你所有的标准灯泡都换成节能型的It not only much better the environment, itll also save you money on your electric bill这不仅对环境大有益处,也可以在电费单上为你省一笔钱If you were put off energy-saving bulbs in the past due to cost or poor light levels, give them another try:the technology has moved on considerably如果你因为开销问题或是微弱的灯光而曾经放弃使用节能灯,再试一次吧,科技已经进步许多了switch 转换例句:Why dont you switch the darn thing off and listen to me!把那讨厌的东西关掉,专心听我讲话好不好!bulb 灯泡例句:That electric bulb is very bright.那个灯泡很亮due to 因为例句:His mistake was due to youth and inexperience.他失误的原因是年轻没有经验[本节目属] 556。

正宗的广东菜- :5:59 A:What kind of Chinese food do you serve?你们有哪些中国菜?B:Authentic Cantonese cuisine.正宗的广东菜A:I'm very fond of white stewed fish.我很喜欢吃白烩鱼B:So am I.Two white stewed fish,please.我也是,请来两份白烩鱼A:They will soon be y.就好。

A growing number of Chinese men are seeing their health on the decline, and figures show that men health is declining faster than women. 386193。

你喜欢那个古董钟吗- :6: A:Do you like that vintage clock? It's almost fifty years old.你喜欢那个古董钟吗﹖它已经快五十岁了B:Really? It almost looks brand new. And the color designs are so retro.真的?看起来跟新的一样而且这配色好复古A:Well, in the fifties, that clock used to be inside a drive-in burger joint.呃,在五○年代,那个钟曾放在停车场汉堡店里B:No way! My parents used to hang out at those places.不会吧!我爸妈从前常在那种地方约会A:This is one of my favorite items.这是我最喜欢的搜藏品之一B:How did you get it?你怎么取得的?。