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雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!所有的单词都配有发音,每天更新五句话,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步!我的名字我做主(1)1. You can call me Hallie.您叫我海莉好了。2. Well, I don’t have an English name because I prefer to be called Li Wei.哦,我没有英文名字,因为我喜欢别人叫我李伟。3. It doesn’t matter what names you have.你的名字无关紧要。4. People will remember you instead of your names.人们记住的是你而不是你的名字。 /200604/6616。

  • In the aftermath of an urban disaster,在城市灾难过后you should be on the lookout for the sort of things that can make the difference between life and death 你应该首当其中寻找那些必需品 在关键时刻能起到重要作用medical supplies, instant or canned foods,fresh water, light, and power sources.药品 速食以及罐头食品 干净的水 光源 电源An old medicine cabinet.Old buildings like this can be treasure troves for the scavenging survivor.一个旧药盒 这样的老建筑对求生者来说是难得的宝库It#39;s toughened glass, this.Where#39;s that newspaper?这是钢化玻璃做的 刚才看到的报纸在哪里Let#39;s see if we can use this to get into it.看看报纸能不能打碎它Ordinary newspaper folded correctly can make a seriously solid clap.如果折叠正确的话 普通报纸好比狼牙棒And then just bend it.And then that becomes really hard.Okay, let#39;s get into this.然后这样对折 就会非常坚硬 让我们打碎它You got, like, wound dressing like that.It#39;s always useful. Use that as cordage.Take that.这是创伤敷料 它总是很有用 还可以用来当绳索 这个要拿着There#39;s also something here with multiple potential survivor uses.这里还有一个求生者的万金油I think that#39;s,that#39;s potassium manganate.Use that, mix it with water, clean a wound.我觉得 这是锰酸钾 把它溶解于水可以清理伤口And also if you wet it, real purple use that, sprinkle in the snow,and that will act just like a marker an air marker.它吸水呈紫色 这个洒在雪上 就可以当标记 飞机指示标记There#39;s lots else I can do, let#39;s take that.还有很多别的用处 拿上All useful stuff,but now it#39;s time to get off this top floor and out of this building.拿走有用的物品 现在我们要下楼并且离开这座建筑But with the exits locked,you got to look for another way down.但出口上了锁 我们需要另辟蹊径 Article/201609/469112。
  • Jaguars are the Americas#39; biggest and most dangerous wild cat.美洲豹是美洲最大最凶险的野生猫科动物Attacks on humans are rare,but they do happen.虽然攻击人类的案例很少见 但确实发生过In 2009, a miner was mauled and killed by one.2009年 一位矿工就被美洲狮咬伤致死There you go. See, it#39;s right there.Let#39;s get up there.这边来 瞧 就在那 让我们爬上去I#39;ll make some sort of platform to sleep on and then hang that under one of these limbs, one of the big branches.我要搭一个可以睡在上面的平台 然后把它挂在 其中树枝上 最粗的一枝That at least is gonna to get me off the ground.至少我可以离开地面了But I want to also make sure I#39;m far enough out from the main trunk.Jaguars can climb trees.但我也想离树干足够远 美洲豹会爬树It#39;s not gonna be 100% up there,but nothing is in the jungle.虽然不会百分之百爬上去 但丛林里可说不准I#39;m gonna make a hanging bivouac,the type of bed mountaineers use on long overnight climbs.我要做一个悬挂的宿营地 就像登山者通宵爬山用的床一样I#39;ve used them myself halfway up ice cliffs in Antarctica.我自己在南极洲冰崖上也用过一次All I need from this to make a triangle of a bed frame.That#39;s our shape.我要把床框架 做成三角型的 形状出来了And then, we will cross one like that.然后要像这样 加上跟横梁We need to get our wiggle on with this.It#39;s getting dark, and fast.我们得快点 天黑的越来越快了Once I#39;ve made the bed frame,I#39;m gonna use vines to make a lattice to sleep on,床框架一旦做好 我还需要用藤条编成格子以便睡在上面then cover that with ferns to make it more comfortable.再放上蕨类的叶子 使它更加舒适 Article/201609/465922。
  • For almost three weeks, the high-pressure Chinese teaching...近三周以来,高压的中式教学I don#39;t get it...has caused nothing but chaos and rebellion in the British classroom.我不懂。在英国教室里只引起了混乱和反抗Luca, put down your ball.卢卡,把球收起来This is why you guys learn less than the Chinese students learn.这就是为什么你们学的东西比中国学生学的少Who the hell does she think she is saying that I#39;m dumb?她以为自己是谁啊?还说我傻But with the help of the Bohunt teachers...但在航特老师们的帮助下We wouldn#39;t tolerate that in any normal lesson at Bohunt and there will have to be consequences.在航特,这种行为在任何课堂上都是不容许的,这样做是要付出代价的Things are beginning to improve.情况开始有所改变Now, even restless kids like Sophie are warming to the regime.现在,即使像苏菲那样好动的孩子也开始接受中式的管理方法I think I didn#39;t really respect the teachers,我觉得我对老师们,尤其是科学老师or the science teacher personally, as much as I should have - but I#39;m starting to now.没有表示出足够的尊重,但我会从现在开始做起And I do my work, kind of thing, and I am actually learning some stuff.我会写作业之类的,而且我真的学到了一些东西What is needed for photosynthesis to take place? Sophie.光合作用的反应物是什么?苏菲Carbon dioxide...Carbon dioxide...二氧化碳。二氧化碳Water... Water...水。水And then, the sunlight.还有阳光OK. You got three right. That#39;s very good.好的,你三个都说对了,非常好Good morning, everyone. Morning, miss.早上好,各位同学。早上好,老师Li Aiyun teaches in an elite school in Nanjing.李爱云在南京的一所精英学校教书You are late. Look at the clock.你们迟到了。看看几点了She#39;s used to quiet, obedient pupils她习惯了安静又听话的学生and has struggled to keep control of the rowdier British teenagers.如今正努力控制那些吵闹的英国学生But Miss Li finally seems to have taken control of her class.不过李老师似乎终于掌控了班级You cannot always come back late and say sorry.你们不能总是迟到,然后说声抱歉From now on, if you are late...从现在开始,如果你们迟到了Everybody will be here during lunch break for ten minutes.午休的时候班上所有人都留堂十分钟So, you#39;re punishing everyone? Guys, shush.所以你要惩罚所有人。大伙,安静If she#39;s like this all day, we are stuffed.如果她整天都这样,我们就完蛋了The teachers, they#39;re not as much as pushovers as they were originally,那些老师,他们不像原来那样好说话了so I think people are now starting to listen所以我觉得大家开始认真听讲and actually are starting to take notes and stuff in class, and are starting to learn.在课堂上真正开始记笔记之类的,大家开始学习了Because they#39;re realising that it#39;s not...因为他们开始意识到这不是...It#39;s not just for fun - it#39;s like... It#39;s a school, isn#39;t it?这不只是为了好玩,这可是所学校啊,不是吗We are now in a very competitive world.当今世界的竞争十分激烈I don#39;t want you to feel regretful when you look back at now in the future.我不想让你们将来回忆现在的时候感到后悔I#39;m a teacher but sometimes I have to put on a face like, you know, a stricter teacher.我是名老师,但有时我必须板起脸露出更严厉的一面Please, take out...the grammar book.请拿出你们的语法书Third week has gone and you have only one more week.第三周已经过去了,你只剩下一周时间It#39;s like our time is so limited.感觉我们的时间太有限了The most important thing in doing passive voice is to find the subject and the object.被动语态中,最重要的就是找对主语和宾语In just one week, the students of the Chinese school, and the rest of Bohunt year nine,一周之后,中式学校的学生们和航特其他初三同学will sit exams set by an independent research body to compare the two teaching systems.将参加由独立调研机构举行的考试,以此来对比两种教学体制 Article/201605/443048。
  • 101He is full of novel ideas.他满脑子都是新奇的想法。长看到novel这单词都是用做名词表示小说,但上句的novel是个形容词,表示新的,新奇的,新颖的。That store sells many kinds of novel toys.那家商店出售多种新奇的玩具。novelty是个名词,表示新颖,新奇的东西。 a novelty shop专卖新颖小巧而廉价的小玩意儿的个性小店。 /200803/28392。
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