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从化市人民医院看不孕医生Donald Trump has sold the Miss Universe Organization to William Morris Endeavor-IMG, the Hollywood talent and marketing agency, just days after buying his former partner NUniversal out of the beauty pageant business.唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)把环球组织(Miss Universe Organization)出售给了好莱坞人才与营销机构威廉莫里斯奋进-IMG(WME-IMG)。就在几天前,特朗普刚刚从他的前合作伙伴N环球(N Universal)手中买入了环球组织的股权。Mr Trump, who is leading polls among Republican presidential candidates, had co-owned the business, which also includes the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA events, for 13 years. But the relationship with N fell apart earlier this year over Mr Trump’s controversial comments on the presidential campaign trail.在共和党候选人资格角逐中领先的特朗普,曾跟N环球共同拥有“美国”(Miss USA)和“美国妙龄”(Miss Teen USA)赛事举办权长达13年。但今年早些时候,当特朗普在总统竞选中发出争议性言论之后,N环球终止了与特朗普的合作。In June the Comcast-owned broadcaster cut ties with the outspoken businessman and reality television star, citing his “derogatory statements” about immigrants. On Friday Mr Trump announced on Twitter that he had bought N’s 51 per cent stake in Miss Universe.今年6月,这家康卡斯特(Comcast)旗下的电视公司终止了与这位敢言的商人、真人电视节目明星的合作,并引述了他关于移民的“诽谤言论”。上周五,特朗普在推特(Twitter)上宣布,他已买入了N持有的51%环球组织的股份。“When I purchased the pageants many years ago, they were in serious trouble. It has been a great honour making them so successful and I have really enjoyed watching the pageants grow throughout the USA and worldwide,” Mr Trump said on Monday.特朗普周一表示,“当我多年前买入这家选美公司时,它正处于严重困境中。我很荣幸给它带来这么大的成功,我真的高兴看到选美大赛在全美国和全世界成长壮大。”The purchase price was not disclosed. In financial disclosures related to his political campaign, Mr Trump said Miss Universe was worth between m and m and had .4m in revenue.购买价并未对外披露。在与政治竞选相关的财务披露中,特朗普表示,环球组织的价值为500万美元至2.5亿美元,其营收为340万美元。Also on Monday, N announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film star and former California governor, would host the next season of Celebrity Apprentice airing in 2016. Mr Trump had hosted the show and its predecessor, The Apprentice, since 2008, but relinquished that position when he decided to run for the White House.也是在周一,N公布称,电影明星、加利福尼亚州前州长阿诺德施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)将在2016年主持下一季的《名人学徒》(Celebrity Apprentice)电视节目。自2008年以来,特朗普曾主持过《名人学徒》及其前身《学徒》(The Apprentice),但他决定竞选总统时,放弃了那个角色。At WME-IMG, the pageants join a growing portfolio of events including fashion weeks in New York, Berlin and Sydney and music festival Lollapalooza.在WME-IMG,选美大赛已成为了一系列不断增多的活动的一部分。其他活动包括在纽约、柏林和悉尼举办的时尚周,以及俊杰(Lollapalooza)音乐节。Univision, the US’s largest Spanish-language TV network, dropped its plans to televise the pageants this year following Mr Trump’s remarks. Mr Trump is suing the company for 0m for breach of contract.在特朗普发表上述言论之后,美国最大的西班牙语电视网络Univision放弃了今年电视播放选美大赛的计划。特朗普目前正起诉该公司违约,索赔5亿美元。Other companies have also severed their relationships with Mr Trump this year, including Macy’s, Serta and the PVH Corporation, which all had deals to produce or sell merchandise with the billionaire’s name on them.今年,一些其他公司也终止了与特朗普的合作关系,包括梅西百货(Macy;s)、Serta和PVH Corporation。这些公司都跟特朗普签定了制作或销售印有他名字的商品的协议。 /201509/399121天河无痛人流医院哪里好 South Korea#39;s cosmetics exports to China reached a record-high level in 2015, data showed Sunday, apparently driven by the boom of Korean pop culture in Asia#39;s No. 1 economy.周日韩国方面发布的数据显示,2015年,韩国化妆品对华出口额创下历史新高,而这显然是受韩国流行文化风靡亚洲第一大经济体的推动的。According to the data compiled by the Korea International Trade Association, South Korea#39;s exports of cosmetics to China doubled on-year to reach .08 billion in 2015, reflecting the soaring popularity of South Korean goods in China.根据韩国贸易协会发布的数据显示,2015年韩国化妆品对华出口额同比增长一倍至10.8亿美元,这反映了韩国产品在华的受欢迎程度急剧上升。South Korea#39;s combined shipment of cosmetics around the globe also leaped 53.6 percent to .75 billion over the cited period, the data also showed.该数据还显示,同期韩国化妆品全球出口总额也同比大增53.6%,达到了27.5亿美元。Industry watchers said the growth is attributable to the cultural wave of ;hallyu; in Asian countries, which refers to the boom of South Korea-made entertainment goods, including pop music, movies and TV dramas.行业观察人士表示,化妆品出口的增长得益于;韩流;文化席卷亚洲。;韩流;指的是韩国流行音乐、电影、电视剧等产品掀起的热潮。Exports of cosmetics to Hong Kong also soared 64.4 percent on-year in 2015 to reach 3 million, standing as the No. 2 shipment destination following mainland China. The ed States followed with 3 million, up 56.1 percent over the cited period.此外,2015年韩国化妆品对香港出口额同比增长64.4%至6亿6300万美元,这也使得香港成为仅次于中国大陆的第二货运目的地。美国则以2亿3300万美元紧随其后,同比增长了56.1%。 /201601/424710广州长安不孕不育做复通手术多少钱

广东省长安医院治精液异常怎么样好不好Race May Affect Risk for Dementia种族或许会影响患痴呆的风险Dementia rates can vary significantly among Americans of different racial and ethnic groups, even if they#39;re in the same region of the country, a new study finds.一项新研究发现,即使居住在美国同一地区的人,也会由于种族不同患痴呆症的几率差别很大。Researchers analyzed data on more than 274,000 people from six racial and ethnic groups in Northern California who were members of Kaiser Permanente, a large private health care system.研究者分析了北加利福尼亚州六个种族超过274000人的数据,这些人都来自一个私人医疗保健系统。Using records of patient visits, the researchers found that the average annual rate of dementia was 26.6 cases per 1,000 for blacks; 22.2 per 1,000 for American Indians/Alaskan Natives; 19.6 per 1,000 for Hispanics and Pacific Islanders; 19.3 per 1,000 for whites; and 15.2 cases per 1,000 for Asian-Americans.根据患者的来访记录,研究者发现每年平均患痴呆的比率是,黑人每1000人中26.6例;美国印第安人/阿拉斯加州的本地人每1000人中22.2例;西班牙和太平洋岛上居民每1000人中19.6例;白人每1000人中19.3例;亚裔美国人每1000人中15.2例。The researchers calculated that among people who reach age 65 without dementia, 38 percent of blacks, 35 percent of American Indians/Alaskan Natives, 32 percent of Hispanics, 30 percent of whites, 28 percent of Asian-Americans and 25 percent of Pacific Islanders would develop dementia in the next 25 years.研究者计算得出,65岁以上未患痴呆的人中,38%的黑人,35%的美国印第安人/阿拉斯加州本地人,32%的西班牙人,30%的白人,28%的亚裔美国人,25%的太平洋岛上居民,会在未来25年内患痴呆。Even in the groups found to be at lowest risk, the lifetime risk of developing dementia is high, said principal investigator Rachel Whitmer, a research scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research. ;In every racial and ethnic group, over one in four people who survive to age 65 can expect to be diagnosed with dementia in their lifetime.;即使是风险最低的群体,一生当中患痴呆的风险也很高,凯撒医疗集团研究部门的一名科学研究员,也是这项研究的主要调查者Rachel Whitmer说。“无论哪一个种族的人群,一旦过了65岁都有超过四分之一的人可能患痴呆症。”;These findings underscore the need to better understand risk factors for dementia throughout life to identify strategies to eliminate these inequalities,; Whitmer said in the news release. The next step is to learn what#39;s behind the racial and ethnic differences in dementia rates. “这些发现强调,为了找到消除这些不平衡的策略,需要更好地理解患痴呆症原因,”Whitmer在新闻发布会上说。下一步就是研究患痴呆症种族差异背后的原因。;Based on the present study, we cannot determine the extent to which genetic or social and behavioral factors contribute to the observed patterns,; Whitmer said. ;But if social and behavioral factors are the primary pathways, these findings suggest substantial reductions in dementia incidence are possible.;“基于目前的研究,我们无法确定基因或社会和行为因素究竟对目前观察到的模式对换痴呆症起到多大的作用,”Whitmer说。“但是如果社会和行为因素是重要的影响因素,那么相关研究对于降低痴呆发生率将产生实质性作用。”译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430242 广州番禺人流哪家医院最好潮州检查排卵三甲医院



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