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Baidu#39;s victory has been struck out and it is now banned from similar competitions for a year百度的胜利被宣布无效并被禁止参加类似比赛一年。Chinese search giant Baidu has been disqualified from an artificial intelligence test in which it appeared to beat Google and Microsoft.中国搜索引擎巨头百度在一次人工智能大赛中看上去赢了google和微软——然而最终被取消资格。The test, in May, looked at how well computers recognise images.这场在5月份举办的比赛,比的是计算机识别图像的能力。But it has now emerged that Baidu submitted far more tests than the rules allowed, meaning its results were not comparable with others in the competition.但是现在逐渐披露出来,百度进行了比规则规定所允许的次数多得多的测试,这意味着百度的结果无法与其他参赛者公平竞争。The firm has apologised for ;this mistake;.该公司已经为其;失误;而道歉。Its win has now been cancelled and it has been banned from similar challenges for a year.百度现在被取消成绩,并被禁止参加类似竞赛一年。Rule-breaking违反规则Baidu claimed to have scored an impressive 4.58% error rate on a test which asked contestants to accurately recognise a series of images from a large picture database.百度曾经宣称,在这场要求参赛者在一个大的图片数据库里正确识别一系列图像的比赛中,其错误率只有令人吃惊的4.58%。Although Google and Microsoft were not far behind - with 4.94% and 4.8% error rates respectively - it was still regarded as a significant victory especially as Baidu is a relative newcomer to AI.虽然google和微软并没有落后很多——这两家各自错误率分别为4.94%和4.8%——但百度的胜出仍然被认为是一个巨大的胜利,尤其是考虑到百度在人工智能方面是后来者。But its victory turned out to be short-lived when, earlier this week, organisers of the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) - run at Stanford University#39;s vision lab - revealed that Baidu had broken its rules.但这个胜利很短命,本周早些时候,ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC)比赛的组织者——由斯坦福大学视觉实验室担当——发现百度违背了其规则。;During the period of 28 November 2014 to 13 May 2015, there were at least 30 accounts used by a team from Baidu to the test server at least 200 times, far exceeding the specified limit of two submissions per week,; it wrote.;在2014年11月到2015年5月13日间,百度团队用了至少30个账号在务器上测试了至少200次,远远超出所要求的每周2次;,赛会组织者说。It included some periods of very high usage - 40 submissions in five days during March.这包括在一些时期内的高频率使用——3月份,百度在5天内就进行了40次测试。In a statement Baidu said that it had been informed that ;we exceeded the allowable number of weekly submissions to the ImageNet servers;.在一份声明中,百度说已获知;我们超过了所允许的每周连接ImageNet务器测试的次数;。;We apologise for this mistake and are continuing to review the results,; it added.;我们为所犯的错误道歉,并将继续检查结果;。Dog breeds的品种ImageNet was set up as a resource for AI researchers and contains millions of pictures.ImageNet为人工智能研究者创建了一个包含数百万幅图片的源。Getting computers to accurately recognise the content and context of pictures is one of the key goals in the field of artificial intelligence and has obvious benefits for the search industry.让计算机正确识别图片的内容和背景,是人工智能领域的一个关键目标,并且对于搜索业来说也有显而易见的好处。The competition required competitors to arrange pictures into predefined categories and recognise small differences in images, such as different breeds of dog.这次比赛要求参赛者把图片归类到预先定义的目录里面去,并且识别图片内容的细微差别,比如的品种。For the test, Baidu used its deep learning supercomputer dubbed Minwa. In January, it said its computer vision system - Deep Image - was the world#39;s ;most accurate;.这次比赛中,百度启用了绰号为;Minwa;的深度学习超级计算机。一月份,百度说其计算机视觉系统——;Deep Image;——是世界上最准确的。At the time of the competition victory, Baidu scientist Ren Wu claimed the firm was now ;leading the race in computer intelligence;.在比赛获胜时,百度首席科学家吴恩达声称该公司现在已经;在计算机智能中领跑;。Since the issue emerged, the AI world has been buzzing, with many leading experts asking for details about what happened. Baidu has offered no explanation beyond calling the incident a ;mistake;.然而(违规)消息传出后,人工智能世界议论纷纷,很多行业尖端的专家询问事件的细节。百度除了把此事成为;失误;外没有给出其他解释。 /201506/379056Phones are gradually replacing a large number of everyday items and the latest household gadget under threat is the weighing scale.手机逐渐取代我们生活中很多东西。而目前受到威胁的东西就是称。Huawei recently unveiled a phone that can be used to weigh small objects thanks to its pressure-sensitive screen, and now an app promises to add the same feature to the iPhone 6s.近期,华为推出了一款新手机。这款手机应用压力感应屏,可称出小东西的重量。而现在,iPhone 6s也将在其系统中推出类似功能的应用软件。Called Gravity, the app uses the handset#39;s 3D Touch technology to turn the display into a scale, but Apple doesn#39;t appear to be a fan of the app and has rejected it from the store.Gravity应用程序应用3D触摸技术,可将称重物的重量转化为数据。而苹果貌似对这个程序不感兴趣,拒绝在应用商店中上线。Gravity was created by California-based design engineer Ryan McLeod who posted a blog about the development process on Medium.Gravity应用程序创建者为加州设计师瑞恩#8226;麦克劳德。曾在其客中发表了媒介的发展过程。It can be calibrated using quarter coins placed on a spoon and once calibrated, objects up to 0.8lbs (385g) can be weighed.将硬币(25分面值)放在托盘上就可以完成手机称的校对工作。校对后,重量在0.8磅(385克)内的物品都可以用此软件上称重。The spoon is necessary because, as Mr McLeod explained: #39;We needed an object that was conductive, had finger-like capacitance, formed a single finger-like touch point, was a household item, and could hold items to be weighed.麦克劳德先生称,托盘必不可少。“因为我们需要一个传感物。放在手机屏上,像我们的手指触摸屏幕一样。这样手机称就成了家居用品。家里的小东西就可以拿来称了。”#39;A spoon was the perfect solution we had been looking for.#39;“小托盘完美地解决了问题的症结。”In a demonstration , the app is shown being calibrated before a 100g weight, a US plug and coins are placed on the spoon.在演示视频中,此应用程序事先用插头和硬币等小东西调试,使其显示数据为100克。The measurement for the 100g weight is shown as being slightly out - by 0.283g - but this is still remarkably accurate for a device not designed primarily as a weighing scale.100克重量的轻微误差为0.283克。对于一款不以“称”为设计理念的应用软件而言,这个数据已经很精确了。Mr McLeod submitted the app to the Apple App Store on 29 September, but it was rejected on 7 October because #39;the concept of a scale app was not appropriate#39;.9月29日麦克劳德先生将此应用程序推荐给苹果应用商店。但是,10月7日,苹果拒绝此软件上线。原因是“称重软件的理念不恰当。”He also speculated that the reason may be because weighing items using the screen could damage the display and is hoping Apple changes its mind.麦克劳德还推测原因可能是,称量物品可能会损坏显示屏。但仍希望苹果改变主意。#39;We have a strong respect for the subjective process Apple uses to maintain a selection of high quality apps and look forward to seeing other creative uses of 3D Touch, but do hope for a day when Gravity can be one of the hand-picked, who-knew-a-phone-could-do-that-apps anyone can download on the App Store and have in their pocket,#39; he concluded.“对苹果筛选高质量应用软件所持有的可观态度我们深表敬意,并期待上线其它3D触摸类软件。但仍希望Gravity成为一款触手可及、家喻户晓、可装在口袋里的苹果系统软件。”At this year#39;s IFA conference in Berlin, Huawei announced its Mate S handset also has pressure pads built into the screen.在今年柏林召开的IFA会议上,华为宣布其Mate S系列手机也配备有内置压力垫。In addition to being able to control different apps and options, this screen was shown doubling up as a digital scale - and was even used to weigh an orange at the event.除了持多款应用程序和选择,此显示屏经数据折换后可作为一款电子称,甚至曾用来称一个橘子的重量。 /201511/407273Apple released on Wednesday the first significant update to its iOS 9 software for iPhones and iPads, though it might matter most to those who like to send emoji-laden messages about food.这周三,苹果首次推出iPhone和iPad的iOS 9升级。此次升级满足了许多喜欢使用emoji表情的用户需求,添加了许多有关食物的表情。The iOS 9.1 update is available now to all iOS 9 users. Outward facing changes include new emojis such as a taco, hot dog, champagne and a unicorn. Live Photos has also been fixed so that the camera stops recording if it detects that the iPhone has been lowered. It also fixes bugs in tools like CarPlay and the app switcher.现在iOS 9.1已经可以适配所有的iOS 9用户。新的表情包包括玉米饼、热、香槟酒还有独角兽。拍照功能经过升级,在探测到用户手机向下放后停止取景。同时,升级也修复了CarPlay和应用间切换的问题。In other words, the fixes are fairly minor compared with the iOS 7.1 and iOS 8.1 updates in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Last year#39;s update added support for Apple Pay, brought back the camera roll and launched the iCloud photo library. iOS 7.1 rolled out CarPlay and iTunes Radio, as well as tweaking the Siri digital voice assistant.但是,同2013年的iOS 7.1和2014年的iOS 8.1相比,这次升级改动并不大。去年的升级添加了苹果付,重新用上照相机滚动功能和iCloud相片图书馆。iOS7.1推出了CarPlay和iTunes 收音机,同时还有Siri电子语音助手。Apple, which updates iOS every year, needs to keep the system fresh to maintain customers#39; interest in its products and ensure that software developers keep making apps for its platform. The refreshes are also vital to keep Apple in step with competitors like Google, whose Google Now and Google Now On Top features provide predictive capabilities to users of phones that run on the company#39;s Android software.为了保系统的创新和让用户始终对产品保留兴趣,苹果公司每年都会更新iOS系统,以保软件开发者可以在平台上开发新的应用程序。谷歌之前发布的Google Now和Google Now On Top以公司安卓软件为平台,为用户提供一系列预测功能。为了同谷歌等竞争对手相抗争,苹果系统更新尤为重要。As of Monday, 61 percent of people who use Apple#39;s mobile gadgets had upgraded to iOS 9, according to Apple#39;s developer site. Another 30 percent were still using iOS 8, and 9 percent were using older versions of Apple#39;s mobile software.根据苹果开发网站的数据,截至周一,61%的苹果用户已经升级为iOS 9。30%的用户使用iOS 8,9%的使用更老的系统。The company released iOS 9 last month. The software includes changes designed to make iPhones and iPads far more able to predict an owner#39;s needs and interests. Among some of the new features for iOS 9, it can automatically suggest apps to load or people to contact based on a person#39;s usage patterns. iOS 9 also comes with updates to Siri to give the voice assistant a new interface and allow it to remind a user of appointments without being told to ahead of time.上个月,苹果推出了iOS 9。升级为iPhone和iPad带来了更多可以预测用户需要和兴趣的功能。在iOS 9的新系统中,根据用户的使用类型,可以自动推荐应用程序下载或联系人。iOS 9也升级了Siri,更新了语音助手的界面,无需机主告知,Siri就可以自动提醒预约事件。 /201510/406316

Computers are no longer just something we use every day but an integral part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, their omnipresence in our society doesn#39;t mean everyone has a full understanding of them. Many people have misconceptions about their computers and how to protect themselves from those who would target their systems maliciously.如今,电脑不再仅仅是我们每天使用的工具,而是日常生活中不可或缺的一部分。不幸的是,虽然它随处可见但并不意味着每个人都十分了解。许多人对电脑和如何保护电脑系统不受恶意攻击有误解。10.Password Length And Complexity10.密码长度和复杂性One of the most enduring nuggets of computer-related wisdom is to make your password as long, complex, and cryptic as humanly possible. As a result, incredibly easy-to-guess passwords like ;password; are becoming a thing of the past. However, that doesn#39;t mean that people have learned their lesson. Some people make passwords so long that they have trouble remembering them, so they write them down somewhere. This makes it very easy for someone else to find their way in. Many people also choose passwords related to something they like, which makes it easy for someone who knows them to guess.对电脑进行保护时,最常用的方法之一是设置又长又复杂,且神秘的密码。因此,像;password;这样很容易猜到的密码已成为过去。但并不意味着人们就得到了教训。一些人的密码设置太长,到后来很难记住,所以将密码写下来。这使得别人很容易找到密码的所在之处。许多人选择将密码设为他们喜欢的东西,所以很容易被认识的人猜到。While your password shouldn#39;t be easily guessed, it doesn#39;t really need to be that complex. What#39;s more important is not reusing it across different sites. With so many different sites to log into and passwords to remember, many people have chosen to use the same password everywhere. The problem is that if a hacker manages to break into a site and snatch their database, they can now use your password across multiple sites. The best thing you can do to keep your passwords in your head, something mildly complex but easy to remember, and vary them over multiple sites.然而,你的密码不会那么容易被猜到,所以不需要太复杂。更重要的是不要在不同的网站重复使用一个密码。因为登录不同的网站要记住不同的密码,很多人选择在每个网站上用相同的密码。问题是,如果黑客成功破解一个网站,盗取数据,他们就能使用密码登录不同的网站。所以最好的办法是用脑记住密码,稍微复杂一点但容易记住,并且不同网站使用不同密码。9.The Blue Screen Of Death9.蓝屏死机Many people assume when they have a blue screen of death that either their computer is about to die forever or that they have a virus. But while blue screens used to be a sign of much more serious trouble, they are rarely fatal errors anymore and rarely have anything to do with a virus. A blue screen nearly always occurs because a new program or a driver update caused a problem, and the computer responded by shutting itself down to prevent damage.许多人认为当电脑蓝屏死机时,电脑是会永远死机,或者因为电脑有病毒。在以前,蓝屏是有严重问题的迹象,但不是致命的错误或病毒所造成的。蓝屏往往是因为新程序或新驱动的升级造成的问题,是电脑自动关闭以防损坏。More recent versions of Windows deal with blue screen errors much better than in the past, so it isn#39;t usually much of a problem to worry about anymore. Of course, it can still occasionally be a serious hardware problem, but it won#39;t be because you have a virus. The best thing to do is plug the error message into Google and go from there.近几代Windows系统相比前几代更好地解决了蓝屏错误,所以它不再是一个值得担心的问题。当然,它也可能是出现了硬件问题,但不会因为有病毒而蓝屏。所以最好的办法是在谷歌中搜索这个错误信息,再找到解决办法。8.Random Access Memory8.随机存取存储器RAM, or Random Access Memory, is often just referred to as ;memory.; For this reason, many people think that when they are running low on space, they need more RAM. However, the long-term storage device is the hard drive, which can be confusing, because it doesn#39;t have the word ;memory; in its name.随机存取存储器(RAM: Random Access Memory)通常被认作为;内存;。因此,当电脑运行空间不足时,许多人认为需要更多内存。但是,长期存储器是硬件,会让人混淆是因为名字中没有;内存;的意思。Memory in a computer works similarly to memory in the human brain. The human brain has long-term storage, where we keep memories, and a working memory where you can keep a running conversation and do arithmetic in your head. While we are performing these tasks with our working memory, we also have the ability to retrieve memories from deep storage.电脑内存和人脑记忆工作很相似。人脑有长期存储,使我们保持工作记忆,你可以在进行对话时调动记忆,在大脑内计算。当我们用工作记忆处理这些任务,同时也能搜索深沉记忆。A computer runs in much the same way. The hard drive contains the computer#39;s long-term memories—s, pictures, and other files. The RAM is your working memory and performs immediate tasks, such as running Facebook, playing Candy Crush, and loading email while chatting on Skype. If your computer starts to perform slowly when you are trying to do all of these tasks, you probably need more RAM. If you find you don#39;t have enough room for all of your files, you need a bigger hard drive.电脑是用同样的方法运行。硬盘驱动包含电脑的长期储存--视频,电脑和其他文件。随机存储器是工作记忆,处理及时任务,如运行Facebook,玩糖果粉碎,Skype聊天时下载电子邮件。如果你的电脑在同时处理所有任务时开始运行缓慢,就可能需要更多的内存,如果你的电脑没有足够的空间储存所有文件,就需要一个更大的硬盘驱动。翻译:文思捷 来源:前十网 /201507/388603The Compass指南针The compass is considered to be one of the four great inventions of anaent China.指南针是中国古代“四大发明”之一。Before the compass was invented, people depended upon the position of the sun and stars to tell them the direction when at sea, which only worked when it wasn’t cloudy. The invention of compass solved the problem.在指南针发明以前,人们在茫茫大海上航行,只能靠太阳和星星的位置辨认方向,如果遇上阴雨天,就会迷失方向。而中国人发明的指南针则帮助人们解决了这个难题。Over 2,000 years ago, inthe Warring States Period, Chi-nese ancestors invented the earli-est compass-Si Nan, also known as the South Pointer. Si Nan was composed of two parts:a spoon and a tray. The spoon was cut from an intact piece of natural loadstone, with its handle as the South Pole and s round,smooth bottom as the center ofgravity. The tray, on the other hand, was made of bronze, and at the center, there was a round, smooth groove, carvedwith checks and words indicating the 24 directions. When the spoon was put into the groove, it would rotate flexibly. When the spoon stopped, its handle would point to the south.This instrument was the predecessor of the magnetic compass.早在2000多年前的战国时期,我们祖先就发明了最早的指南针——司南。司南由一把“勺子”和一个“地盘”两部分组成。司南勺由整块磁石制成。它的磁南极那一头琢成长柄,圆圆的底部是它的重心,琢得非常光滑。地盘是个铜质的方盘,中央有个光滑的圆槽,四周刻着格线和表示24个方位的文字。司南勺放迸了地盘就能灵活地转动,在它静止下来的时候,磁石的指极性使长柄总是指向南方。这种仪器就是指南针的前身。However, since was easy for natural loadstone ( magnetic iron oxide) tolose its magnetism, Si Nan could not be widely used. During the Northern Song Dy-nashjt, artificial magnetization was discovered, gMng rise to the Pointing-to-the-South Fish, which was made from a piece of thin iron sheet cut into the shape of a fish, magnetized in a geomagnetic field, and put into water, floating and lying norlh-to-south.However, due to its weak magnetic field, Pointing-to-the-South Fish was not of much pradical value. On the basis of the Pointing-to-the-South Fish,people replaced the thin iron sheet with a magnetized steel needle, gMng rise to the earliest artifiaally magnetic compass.由于天然磁石因打击受热容易失磁,磁性较弱,因而司南不能广泛流传。到宋朝时,有人发现了人造磁铁,进而发明了指南鱼。人们把经过磁化的薄片做成鱼的形状,将其放入水中即能浮在水面并指示正南北方向。后来,人们将指南鱼再加以改进,把带磁的薄片改成带磁的钢针,创造了人造磁体指南针。The compass was soon employed in navigation. The earliest record on using the compass in navigation was in Zhu Yu’s Pin,g Zhou, Ke Tan ( written belween 1119~ 1125 ) ,which recorded Zhu Yu’s experiences in Guangzhou ( South China’s Guangdong Province) , where navigation was highly developed.Zhu also wrote a-bout some of the experienced sailors, The sailors know how to pinpoint the ship’s position; they watch the stars a night and the sun in the day, and when is cloudy, they use the compass.This might be the earliest record on the use of the compass in the world’s navigational his.ory.Initiated by the Chinese people, this newigational instrument was a grand innovation in ncrvigation technology.指南针发明后很快就应用于航海。世界上最早记载指南针应用于航海导航的文献是北宋宣和年间(1119~1125)朱或所著《萍洲可谈》。该书记录了他在广州时的见闻,还记载了申国海船上很有经验的水手:“舟师识地理,夜则观星,昼则观日,阴晦则观指南针。”这是全世界航海史上使用指南针的最早记载。我国人民首创的这种仪器导航方法,是航海技术的重大革新。Soon after, Arabian sea boats also employed the navigation device, and went on to introduce it to the European countries. As Friedrich Engels, pointed out in his book Natural Dialectics,“The magnetic needle arrived in Europe via the Arabs in around 1180.”The stcrtemenf shows the Europeans applied the compass in ncrviga-tion 80 years after the Chinese.中国使用指南针导航不久,就被阿拉伯海船采用,并经阿拉伯人把这一伟大发明传到欧洲。恩格斯在《自然辩法》中指出,“磁针从阿拉伯人传至欧洲人手中在1180年左右”。中国人首先将指南针应用于航海比欧洲人至少早80年。The famous saentist Shen Kuo (the author of Dream Creek Notes ) of the Northern Song Dynasty discovered the existence of magnetic declination( the angu-lar devicrtion of a compass needle from true north) , after performing many saentffic expenments.He pointed out correctly that the magnetic poles of the earth were not in uniformity with the geographic poles. The use of marine compass and the theory of magnetic declincrtion combined played a most important role in the tong-distance sea voyages. For the first time in history, humans were able to navigate freely un-der any kind of weather conditions.Hence many new sea routes were opened to traffic, promoting the exchange of culture and trade among the people of the world.Words fail to describe the compass importance to navigcrtion.北宋著名科学家沈括(《梦溪笔谈》著者),在制作和应用指南针的科学实践中发现了磁偏角的存在。他精辟地指出,这是因为地球上的磁极不正好在南北两极的缘故。指南针及磁偏角理论在远洋航行中发挥了巨大的作用,人类第一次得到了在茫茫大海中航行的自由,从此开辟了许多新的航线,促进了各国人民之间的文化交流与贸易往来。指南针对航海事业的重要意义怎么说也不为过。Joseph Needham, a famous historian, once said to Chinese students:“In the realm of navigation, your ancestors were much more advanced than our ances-tors. Far before Europe, the Chinese aly harnessed the wind power, with the coordination of fore (front)and aft ( rear) sails to navigate in any direction of the wind they encountered.Perhaps for this reason, in the history of navigation, China never used the galleys, which were rowed along by slaves as in anaent Greece or Rome.”西方著名历史学家李约瑟曾对其中国学生说:“你们的祖先在航海方面远比我们的祖先来得先进。中国远在欧洲之前懂得用前、后帆的系统御风而行,或许就是这个原因,在中国航海史上从未用过多桨奴隶船。”The invention of the compass had epochal influence on navigation, opening up a new chapter in the history of world navigation. With its help, Admiral Zheng He made seven voyages across seas to Southeast Asia and around Indian Ocean in the early Ming Dynasty (1368 ~ 1644) , Christopher Columbus discovered the New Word, and Ferdinand Magellan sailed round the world.指南针的发明,给航海事业带来了划时代的影响,世界航运史也由此翻开了新的一页。明朝初期郑和率领船队七下西洋,15世纪哥伦布发现新大陆和麦哲伦环绕地球航行等壮举,都是指南针用于航海事业的结果。 /201512/410738American investors love drama. So it is no surprise that Theranos is causing a stir. Just two months ago this blood diagnostics company — created a decade ago by Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes — was an investor darling valued at bn. Now, however, it faces allegations that its testing techniques were not as novel as claimed, and the company has become a lightning rod for wider investor concerns about the sky-high valuations now seen in Silicon Valley.美国投资者喜欢戏剧性。因此,Theranos引起骚动并不令人意外。就在两个月前,这家血液诊断公司——10年前由斯坦福大学(Stanford)辍学生伊丽莎白霍尔梅斯(Elizabeth Holmes)创建——还受到投资者的青睐,估值高达90亿美元。然而,如今该公司面临指控:其检测技术并不像该公司声称的那样新颖,同时该公司成了投资者对如今硅谷天价估值的更广泛担忧的典型对象。But investors should not let the Theranos furore distract them from the bigger issue: something new is developing in medical diagnostics. Dozens of other start-ups are emerging in different medical niches (Sage Bionetworks, We Are Curious and Patients Like Me are just a few). They could change how US healthcare is done, just as Uber has transformed our idea of what a “taxi” is.但投资者不应因为围绕Theranos的喧嚣而忽视了更大的问题:医学诊断领域正在酝酿新趋势。数十家其他初创企业正在各种医学缝隙领域涌现(Sage Bionetworks、We Are Curious和Patients Like Me等等)。它们可能改变美国医疗务的提供方式,就像优步(Uber)彻底改变了我们对“出租车”的看法一样。At issue is the question of who controls medical data. In decades past, it was considered a hallmark of American culture that rugged individuals — that is, consumers — liked to exercise their rights. But in one area, health, they have appeared willing to let doctors control their records and keep them private.问题在于由谁控制医学数据。过去几十年,这被视为美国文化的特征:坚强的个人(即消费者)希望行使自己的权利。但在健康领域,他们似乎愿意让医生控制自己的病历并且保护隐私。Three factors look likely to change this. First, the cost of medical diagnostics has tumbled dramatically, making it more accessible for individuals, and enabling them to circumvent doctors and traditional healthcare companies. Not only are start-ups such as Theranos carrying out blood tests at a fraction of the earlier cost; it is startling that DNA sequencing now costs about ,000 per genome; in 2007 and 2001 the costs were m and 0m respectively.有3个因素看上去可能会改变这种格局。首先,医学诊断成本大幅下滑,这令个人有更多机会进行医学检测,绕过医生和传统的医疗机构。Theranos等初创企业的血液检测收费大大低于先前的价格;DNA测序现在的价格为每个基因组1000美元,这令人震惊;2007年和2001年的价格分别为1000万美元和1亿美元。Second, consumers have grown increasingly comfortable with the idea of managing their health in cyber space. According to the Pew Research Center, more than a third of consumers aly check health matters online. And the sp of fitness gadgets such as Fitbit and Jawbone has helped reinforce this change, showing consumers what can be done with their smartphones alone.其次,消费者对于在网上管理自己的健康越来越自在。根据皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的数据,逾三分之一的消费者已在网上查看健康事宜。Fitbit和Jawbone等健康设备的普及也帮助加速了这种变化,它们向消费者展示了智能手机能做什么。Third, consumer attitudes to the privacy of digital data more broadly may be changing. Until recently, it was assumed by the healthcare establishment that patients would resist putting too much data online or sharing it too widely. But it is aly clear consumers are less concerned about privacy than some activists might have hoped. Randall Stephenson, chief executive of US telecoms group ATamp;T, says his consumers will drop privacy restrictions on use of their mobile phone data (with marketing companies, say) in exchange for a monthly discount on their bills. Medical diagnostic companies are betting consumers will be willing to share their healthcare data, too, if they get something “back” — be it cheaper services or the hope that the data are used to improve medical research.第三,更广泛地说,消费者对于数字化数据隐私的态度可能在发生变化。直到不久以前,体制内的医疗机构认为,患者不愿将太多数据放到网上,或者让太多的人分享。但目前已经很明显,消费者对于隐私的担忧不及一些维权人士可能希望达到的程度。美国电信集团ATamp;T首席执行官兰德尔斯蒂芬森(Randall Stephenson)表示,消费者为了换取每月20美元的账单折扣,愿意放弃其移动手机使用数据的隐私限制(例如给营销公司)。医学诊断公司正在押注:如果消费者获得某些“回报”(无论是务费降低,还是希望数据被用于改进医学研究),他们也愿意分享自己的医疗数据。If this bet is correct, it has fascinating implications. For one, if consumers — not doctors — control data, the medical industry might have to turn its model upside down. Instead of being arranged according to how doctors are trained (making sharp distinctions between, say, surgeons and physicians), services may be shaped by the way consumers define their own health, typically focusing on specific ailments and body parts.如果这种赌注押对了的话,它将带来一些引人入胜的影响。首先,如果消费者(而非医生)控制数据,医疗行业可能不得不颠覆其模式。医学务可能不会再按照医生的专业来安排(例如明确分为外科医生和内科医生),而是根据消费者定义自己健康的方式分类,一般是关注具体的疾病和身体部位。More important still, if consumers allow their information to be placed (partly anonymously) on central databases, this might enable US medical researchers to take a commonsense step that has eluded them: to create population-wide databases for research purposes. These aly exist in places such as Iceland. But in America medical data are fragmented, in part because of privacy concerns but also because powerful commercial interests have prevented collaboration. If the trend towards consumer-controlled diagnostics accelerates, however, the dynamic could change; so much so that Brian Druker, director of the Oregon Health and Science University thinks that by 2020 America will have its first unified databank of cancer records.更为重要的是,如果消费者允许自己的信息被(部分匿名地)存放在中央数据库,这可能让美国医学研究者迈出此前一直做不到的常识步伐:出于研究目的建立全员人口数据库。此类数据库已在冰岛等国出现。但在美国,医学数据处于割裂状态,部分原因是隐私担忧,还有一个原因是强大的商业利益阻碍了合作。然而,如果医学诊断朝着消费者控制的趋势发展,情况可能会发生改变;俄勒冈健康与科学大学(Oregon Health and Science University)主管布赖恩德鲁克(Brian Druker)甚至认为,到2020年,美国将建立其首个统一的癌症病历数据库。There are big obstacles to this. One is that not all states allow consumers access to, let alone control of, their data. Another is that consumer trust in digital healthcare data will stay high only if the networks are guarded against cyber attacks; that is a big if, given recent high-profile hacks. Then there is the problem plaguing Theranos — namely that many consumers do not know how to validate the quality of their “diagnostics”.这方面仍存在巨大障碍。首先,并非所有州都允许消费者获取(更别提控制了)他们的数据。第二,只有在网络能够抵御网络攻击的情况下,消费者才会保持对数字化医疗数据的高度信任;鉴于最近发生的引人注目的黑客事件,这里存在一个很大的问号。还有就是困扰Theranos的问题:很多消费者并不知道如何验“诊断”的质量。But history shows that when American consumers are given a sense of agency — and a chance to act with their wallets — disintermediation can sometimes happen surprisingly fast. Just look at Uber. Whatever happens next with Ms Holmes, the real story behind the Theranos story is still an early stage.但历史表明,当美国消费者产生主体感(sense of agency)——以及用自己的钱包采取行动的机会——时,去中介化(disintermediation)出现的速度有时可能快得出奇。只需看看优步就知道啦。不管接下来霍尔梅斯会怎样,Theranos题材背后的真正故事只是刚刚开始。 /201511/409964

Classic of Mountains and Seas《山海经》Shan Hai Jing(Classic of Mountains and Seas)was an important geo-graphical literature on geography in ancient China. The currently availa-ble version includes 18 volumes,among which 5 volumes are Shan Jing(Classic of Mountains),8 volumes are Hai Jing(Classic of Seas),4 volumes are Da Huang Jing(Classic of Big Land)and 1 Volume Is Hainei Jing(Classic of Mainland).It is said that Shan Hai Jing was written by Yu,one of the forefathers of ancient Chi-na,but the saying is quite doubtful.《山海经》是中国古代的重要地理文献。现在的版本有十八卷,包括《山经》五卷、《海经》八卷、《大荒经》四卷、《海内经》一卷。传说是禹所作,不太可信。In this book, Shah Jing and Hai Jing form their own specific systems accord-ingly,while they were finished in different periods,Share ,Zing contains the descrip-tion of famous mountains and great rivers,propagation and minerals on the main-land. It is estimated that this part of the book was finished in the early or mid peri-od the Warring States Period. Hai Jing contains a great deal of alien legends,fairy tales home and abroad,and was written in the Qin Dynasty ( 221 一206 ) or atthe beginning of the Western Han Dynasty.《山海经》的《山经》和《海经》各成体系,成书的时代也不一样。《山经》涉及巫术较多,记载了海内名山大川、动植物产、祯祥怪异等内容。写作年代一般推测为战国初期或中期。《海经》则是方士用书,记载海内外怪异传闻,还有大量神话传说,写作时代是秦(前221一前206)或西汉初年。Shan Hai Jing,containing rich legends and fairy tales,is very valuable for historical study,especially helpful for research on primitive society in China,and the primitive surname,tribes,and knowledge and understanding of the universe,nature and social development.《山海经》中有丰富的神话传说资料,具有重要的史学价值,这有助于研究中国的原始社会和上古的姓氏、部族,及上古人对宇宙、自然和社会历史的认识状况。According to the records in Shan Hai Jing,the Yellow Emperors is the heavenly emperor of the west. He was the great grandfather of Zhuan Xu(a legendary ancient emperor),the grandfa-then of Guan. He was also the ancestor of many tribes inside and outside China. Di Jun has no re-cords in other books and is not listed among San Huang Wu Di(Three Emperors and Five Gods),and is the only heavenly emperor in Shan Hai Jing.In this book, he was the inventor of farming,craft, vehicle,boat, musical in-struments,singing and dancing. Together with Xi(the legendary goddess),he gave birth to 10 suns and 12 moons,which relate to the astronomy and the calen-dar. There are still many legends about the water-control of the Great Yu,battle between the Great Yu and Gong Gonq .and so on.根据《山海经》的记载,黄帝是西方的天帝。他不仅是撷项的曾祖、稣的祖父,还是中国境内和四裔许多部族共同的祖先,这对研究中国民族史有着重要价值。帝俊在其他书中没有记载,也没有列人三皇五帝之中,他是《山海经》中独有的天帝。《山海经》把农、工、车、舟、琴瑟、歌舞的发明权都归于他,还说他和羲和生了十个太阳,又生了十二月,这又和天文历法有了关系。《山海经》中还有关于大禹治水、禹攻共工等神话传说。 /201512/410683Google is rolling out its ;Hands Free; payments feature in select restaurants in California#39;s Bay Area which will let people who have the app strut into an eatery, order, and check out simply by saying ;I#39;ll pay with Google.;近日,谷歌公司正在加州湾区选定的几家餐馆推出了其Hands Free付功能,该功能可以让安装了此付应用的消费者昂首阔步地走进一家餐馆,点餐,只需说一句;我要用谷歌来付;即可结账。Cashiers then ask for your initials and double-check that the picture uploaded to the Hands Free app actually looks like you. In some stores, the company is also testing just letting you use your face for verification, through an in-store camera that would snap a quick photo.接下来收银员会询问消费者的姓名首字母,并进行复查核对,确认上传至Hands Free应用中的图片的确是消费者本人。在一些商店,谷歌公司还进行了一些测试,只需消费者通过店内的摄像头刷脸即可进行认,这些摄像头可以进行快速拍照。Hands Free uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location data, and this isn#39;t the first time we#39;ve heard about it: Google previewed the concept way back in May 2015, though this is the first time it#39;s loose in the wild on a larger scale.Hands Free应用主要使用蓝牙、Wi-Fi和位置数据。不过,这并不是业界首次听说Hands Free。事实上,早在2015年5月,谷歌就预演了这个功能,但这次是谷歌首次大规模的推出此功能。Google isn#39;t the first one to try going down this path, either. Square tried hands free payments way back in 2011, but ended up shutting down the app that offered it. PayPal has a hands-free option too.另外,谷歌也并非第一家尝试这种付功能的公司。事实上,Square早在2011年就开始尝试这样的无勿手动的付方式,但最终又停止了类似功能的应用。此外,PayPal也曾尝试过类似的付功能。Google#39;s had a long, complicated history with payments. It launched a near-field communications payments product called Google Wallet back in 2011, but ended up replacing that system with Android Pay late last year, and pivoting Wallet to a peer-to-peer money sending app (like Venmo).在开发付功能方面,谷歌有着较长的复杂历史。2011年,谷歌曾推出名为“谷歌钱包”的近场通讯付产品,但最终又在去年底,谷歌用Android Pay取代了谷歌钱包系统,并将谷歌钱包转化为一个类似于Venmo的端对端的转账应用。Even though technically Google was early on payments, its missteps, clunky roll-out, and late relaunch position it, at least recognition-wise, a few steps behind Apple, which has a tap-n-go payments system called Apple Pay.尽管从技术上来讲,谷歌在付领域仍进展较慢。谷歌最初是急促地推出这项产品,之后又重新推出这一产品,这种进展至少要比苹果慢一些。相比较而言,苹果则及时地推出了自己付系统,名为“Apple Pay”。Although Hands Free doesn#39;t require that users have Android Pay — the app works for iOS, too — Google#39;s likely hoping that this seamless experience will help the service take off and sp to more retailers.Hands Free不需要消费者拥有Android Pay,其功能独立于Android Pay之外,但是,谷歌可能希望这种无缝体验将帮助此务出师大捷,并能够推广到更到多的零售商。 /201603/430021

WASHINGTON — In an investigation involving guns and drugs, the Justice Department obtained a court order this summer demanding that Apple turn over, in real time, text messages between suspects using iPhones.华盛顿——今年夏天,在一起涉及和毒品的调查中,美国司法部获得了法院命令,要求苹果(Apple)实时提交使用iPhone的嫌疑人之间的短信。Apple’s response: Its iMessage system was encrypted and the company could not comply.苹果的回应是:iMessage系统是加密的,所以公司无法提交。Government officials had warned for months that this type of standoff was inevitable as technology companies like Apple and Google embraced tougher encryption. The case, coming after several others in which similar requests were rebuffed, prompted some senior Justice Department and F.B.I. officials to advocate taking Apple to court, several current and former law enforcement officials said.在此之前的多个月里,政府官员就不断发出警告:随着苹果、谷歌(Google)等科技公司开始采用更加严格的加密方案,这种僵局是不可避免的。一些现任和前任执法人员表示,在此案发生之前,还有其他几次类似的要求也遭到拒绝,导致司法部和联邦调查局(FBI)的一些高级官员主张把苹果公司告上法庭。While that prospect has been shelved for now, the Justice Department is engaged in a court dispute with another tech company, Microsoft. The case, which goes before a federal appeals court in New York on Wednesday and is being closely watched by industry officials and civil liberties advocates, began when the company refused to comply with a warrant in December 2013 for emails from a drug trafficking suspect. Microsoft said federal officials would have to get an order from an Irish court, because the emails were stored on servers in Dublin.虽然此事被暂时搁置到一边,司法部却正在与另一家科技公司微软(Microsoft)对簿公堂。位于纽约的一家联邦上诉法院本周三将审理该案,行业人士和公民自由权益提倡者正在密切关注。该案的起因是2013年12月,法院开出一份搜查令,要求微软提供一名贩毒嫌疑人的电子邮件,但微软拒绝从,表示联邦官员必须获得爱尔兰法院的命令,因为那些邮件储存在都柏林的务器里。The conflicts with Apple and Microsoft reflect heightened corporate resistance, in the post-Edward J. Snowden era, by American technology companies intent on demonstrating that they are trying to protect customer information.政府与苹果和微软之间的这些冲突,反应了企业在“后爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)时代”施加的阻力有所加大,因为美国科技公司想要表明,自己在努力保护用户的信息。“It’s become all wrapped up in Snowden and privacy issues,” said George J. Terwilliger III, a lawyer who represents technology companies and as a Justice Department official two decades ago faced the challenge of how to wiretap phone networks that were becoming more digital.“这些事都演变为围绕着斯诺登和隐私问题,”代表科技公司的律师乔治·J·特威利格三世(George J. Terwilliger III)说。他二十年前在司法部任职,当时电话网络正变得日益数字化,因此他曾面临如何窃听的挑战。President Obama has charged White House Homeland Security and cybersecurity officials, along with those at the Justice Department, the F.B.I. and the intelligence agencies, with proposing solutions — some legislative, some not — to the technology access issue. They are still hashing out their differences, according to law enforcement and administration officials.奥巴马总统让白宫的国土安全和网络安全官员,连同司法部、联邦调查局及各情报机构的官员一起,提出一些方案——部分涉及立法,部分不涉及——来解决从科技公司获得信息的问题。根据执法官员和奥巴马政府内部人士的说法,目前他们还在努力消除彼此间的分歧。Some Justice and F.B.I. officials have been frustrated that the White House has not moved more quickly or been more outspoken in the public relations fight that the tech companies appear to be winning, the law enforcement officials said, speaking only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the private conversations.多名执法官员表示,司法部和联邦调查局的一些官员感到不快,他们觉得白宫行动太慢,在公关大战中不够慷慨陈词,似乎被科技公司占据了上风。由于没有获得私下讨论的许可,这些官员不愿具名。The White House, after months of study, has yet to articulate a public response to the argument that a victory in the Microsoft case would provide authoritarian governments, particularly the Chinese and Russians, with a way to get access into computer servers located in the ed States.有人提出,如果微软这次败诉,那么极权政府——尤其是中国和俄罗斯——就可能会获得一条途径,从位于美国的计算机务器上取得信息。白宫已经研究了数月之久,但尚未公开阐明对这种观点的回应。“Clearly, if the U.S. government wins, the door is open for other governments to reach into data centers in the U.S.,” Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, said in a recent interview. Companies and civil liberties groups have been sending in briefs of their own, largely opposing the government’s surveillance powers.“很显然,如果美国政府获胜,大门就会敞开,其他国家的政府就可以从美国的数据中心获取数据了,”微软的总法律顾问布拉德·史密斯(Brad Smith)在近期的一次采访中说。公司和公民自由组织在散发自己的宣传资料,主要是表示反对政府掌握监视的权力。At issue are two types of encoding. The first is end-to-end encryption, which Apple uses in its iMessage system and FaceTime, the conversation system. Companies like Open Whisper Systems, the maker of Signal, and WhatsApp have adopted such encryption for stand-alone apps, which are of particular concern to counterterrorism investigators.问题关乎两种类型的编码。一种是端到端加密,苹果公司在iMessage和视频聊天务FaceTime中就使用了这种方式。Signal所属的Open Whisper Systems公司和WhatsApp在单独的应用上也采用了这种加密方式,而此类应用是反恐调查人员尤其关注的一个问题。With Apple, the encryption and decryption is done by the phones at either end of the conversation; Apple does not keep copies of the message unless one of the users loads it into iCloud, where it is not encrypted. (In the drug and gun investigation this summer, Apple eventually turned over some stored iCloud messages. While they were not the real-time texts the government most wanted, officials said they saw it as a sign of cooperation.)在苹果公司,加密和解密都是由其中一方的通话手机来进行的。苹果没有相关讯息的备份,除非一方用户将其上传到不加密的iCloud上。(在今夏那起毒品和调查中,苹果最后还是移交了存储在iCloud上的部分讯息。尽管它们不是政府最想要的实时短信,但官员表示,他们认为这是合作的标志。)The second type of encoding involves sophisticated encryption software on Apple and Android phones, which makes it all but impossible for anyone except the user of the phone to open stored content — pictures, contacts, saved text messages and more — without an access code. The F.B.I. and local authorities oppose the technology, saying it put them at risk of “going dark” on communications between terrorists and about criminal activity on city streets. The American military is more divided on the issue, depending on the mission.第二种编码涉及苹果和Android手机上的复杂的加密软件。有了它们,除手机用户外,任何人在没有访问码的情况下几乎都不可能打开存储内容,如照片、联系人、保存下来的短信等。FBI和地方当局反对这项技术,称它让自身面临对通讯信息一无所知的风险,而相关通讯会涉及恐怖分子,以及街头犯罪活动。美国军方在这个问题上则存在一定的分歧,具体情况视任务而定。Officials say a court fight with Apple is still an option, though they acknowledge it would be a long shot. Some object that a legal battle would make it harder for the companies to compromise, the law enforcement officials said. They added that Apple and other companies have privately expressed willingness to find common ground.官员称,与苹果对薄公堂依然是选择之一,但他们承认,成功的可能性很小。执法官员称,一些人持反对意见,认为打官司会导致科技企业更难妥协。他们还表示,苹果等公司私下里表示愿意寻找共同点。Apple declined to comment on the case for this article. But company officials have argued publicly that the access the government wants could be exploited by hackers and endanger privacy.苹果拒绝为本文该案。但公司领导层曾公开表示,政府希望获得的访问权限可能会被黑客利用,危及隐私。“There’s another attack on our civil liberties that we see heating up every day — it’s the battle over encryption,” Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive, told a conference on electronic privacy this year. “We think this is incredibly dangerous.”“我们看到,又一场针对公民自由的攻击每天都在升温,它就是围绕加密展开的斗争,”苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)在今年的一次有关电子隐私的会议上说。“我们认为这种情况极其危险。”Echoing the arguments of industry experts, he added, “If you put a key under the mat for the cops, a burglar can find it, too.” If criminals or countries “know there’s a key hidden somewhere, they won’t stop until they find it,” he concluded.接下来,他重复了行业专家的观点,“如果为了给警察行方便而把钥匙放在门垫下,那么窃贼也能找到。”如果罪犯或某些国家“知道有一把钥匙藏在某个地方,那么他们不找到钥匙是不会罢休的,”他总结道。The Microsoft case centers on whether the fact that data is stored around the world relieves American firms of turning it over. The government, which won in Federal District Court, has argued in its brief to the appeals court that where the data is stored is irrelevant because the company still has control of email records. The White House declined to comment because the case is in litigation.微软一案的核心是,数据存放在世界各地这个事实,是否能免除美国公司移交数据的责任。在联邦地区法院胜诉的政府在给上诉法院的案情摘要中称,数据存放在哪里无关紧要,因为微软依然控制着电子邮件记录。因为案件正在诉讼过程中,白宫拒绝置评。“People want to know what law will be applied to their data,” Mr. Smith of Microsoft said. “French want their rights under French law, and Brazilians under Brazilian law. What is the U.S. government going to do when other governments reach into the U.S. data centers, without notifying the U.S. government?”“大家想知道他们的数据会适用什么法律,”微软的史密斯说。“法国人希望用法国的法律保护自己的权利,巴西人希望用巴西的法律。假如其他国家的政府无需通知美国政府就能进入美国的数据中心,美国政府会怎么做?”Chinese firms aly have plans to build facilities on American soil that would store electronic communications, so the question may be more than hypothetical. In its brief, Microsoft argues that Congress will ultimately have to weigh in on the issue, since it is as much a political matter as a legal one: “Only Congress has the institutional competence and constitutional authority to balance law enforcement needs against our nation’s sovereignty, the privacy of its citizens and the competitiveness of its industry.”中国公司已经打算在美国境内修建设施,用以存放电子通讯信息,所以这个问题并非凭空想象。在案情摘要中,微软认为国会最终将不得不介入此事,因为这既是一个政治问题,也是一个法律问题:“只有国会拥有相应的制度能力和宪法权力来平衡执法需求与国家主权、公民隐私和业界竞争力之间的关系。” /201509/397738HS is out. Caixin and the Nikkei are in.汇丰(HS)退出之后,财新传媒(Caixin)和日本经济新闻社(Nikkei)接手了Markit采购经理人指数(PMI)的冠名权。A week after HS said it wouldn#39;t renew its five-year contract to sponsor Markit#39;s global purchasing managers#39; indices, two new sponsors have been revealed.此前汇丰表示,不会续签针对Markit全球PMI指数的为期五年的赞助合同。就在该行作出这一表态一周后,两家新的赞助商被曝光。Caixin Media, the Beijing-based group known for its independent, in-depth journalism on China, said today it would sponsor the influential manufacturing and services reports on the mainland, beginning in August.今天,财新传媒表示,将从8月份开始,赞助这一极有影响力的关于中国内地制造业和务业的报告。财新传媒总部位于北京,以对中国的独立而有深度的报道而闻名。Nikkei, the Japanese media group, said on Monday it would sponsor ten of the surveys in the Asia-Pacific region, from India to Hong Kong.日本媒体集团日本经济新闻社则在周一表示,它将赞助该指数在亚太十个地区的调查活动,其中包括对印度和香港地区的调查。Caixin said the deal is part of a wider push to increase its capabilities in financial information. ;This is a very important step Caixin has taken in its quest for a strategic transformation,; said Hu Shuli, Caixin#39;s editor-in-chief.财新表示,这项协议有助于提升其在财经信息领域的能力。财新传媒总编辑胡舒立表示:“这也是财新探索战略转型的一个重要举措。”HS declined to comment last week on why it ended its global sponsorship deal with Markit. Some speculated that the survey#39;s weak results on China had caused some political problems, but we argued it#39;s likely just an easy target as the bank cuts costs and refocuses.上周,汇丰拒绝为何结束与Markit之间的全球赞助协议。有人猜测,Markit中国PMI调查得出的低迷结果,引发了一些政治问题。但我们认为,汇丰这么做很可能只是因为,在该行削减成本和转移重心的过程中,这件事比较容易做到。 /201507/383689

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