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Today I have been both murderous and merciful. 今天,我既凶残又仁慈。I have deliberately mown down pensioners and a pack of dogs. 我故意杀死了领取养老金者和几条。I have ploughed into the homeless, slain a couple of athletes and run over the obese. 我撞了无家可归者,杀死了两名运动员,轧过了肥胖者。But I have always tried to save the children.但是,我始终努力救孩子。As I finish my session on the Moral Machine — a public experiment being run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — I learn that my moral outlook is not universally shared. 我在道德机器(Moral Machine)——麻省理工学院(MIT)运行的一项公开实验——上完成测试后发现,我的道德观跟很多人不一样。Some argue that aggregating public opinions on ethical dilemmas is an effective way to endow intelligent machines, such as driverless cars, with limited moral reasoning capacity. 有些人辩称,在道德困境上把公众意见汇集到一起,是向无人驾驶汽车等智能机器赋予有限道德推理能力的有效手段。Yet after my experience, I am not convinced that crowdsourcing is the best way to develop what is essentially the ethics of killing people. 然而,在测试之后,我不相信众包是形成杀戮道德(本质上就是这么回事)的最佳途径。The question is not purely academic: Tesla is being sued in China over the death of a driver of a car equipped with its semi-autonomous autopilot. 这个问题并不单纯是学术层面的:一辆配备半自动式Autopilot的特斯拉(Tesla)汽车的驾车者死亡,导致该公司在中国被起诉。Tesla denies the technology was at fault.特斯拉否认那起事故的过错在于该项技术。Anyone with a computer and a coffee break can contribute to MIT’s mass experiment, which imagines the brakes failing on a fully autonomous vehicle. 任何人只要有台电脑,利用咖啡时间就可以参加麻省理工学院的大众实验。The vehicle is packed with passengers, and heading towards pedestrians. 该实验想象一辆全自动驾驶汽车的刹车失灵。这辆车载满了乘客,正朝行人开过去。The experiment depicts 13 variations of the trolley problem — a classic dilemma in ethics that involves deciding who will die under the wheels of a runaway tram.实验给出了这一无轨电车难题的13个版本。这是一个经典的道德难题,需要决定谁将死于一辆失控电车的车轮之下。In MIT’s reformulation, the runaway is a self-driving car that can keep to its path or swerve; both mean death and destruction. 在麻省理工学院的重新设计中,失控的是一辆自动驾驶汽车,它既可以按原来路线行驶,也可以急转弯;两种情形都会造成死亡和破坏。The choice can be between passengers and pedestrians, or two sets of pedestrians. 被选对象可以是乘客或行人,或者两组行人。Calculating who should perish involves pitting more lives against less, young against old, professionals against the homeless, pregnant women against athletes, humans against pets.计算谁应送命,需要在较多生命和较少生命之间、年轻人和老年人之间、专业人士和无家可归者之间、怀女性和运动员之间,以及人类和宠物之间做出抉择。At heart, the trolley problem is about deciding who lives, who dies — the kind of judgment that truly autonomous vehicles may eventually make. 电车难题的核心是决定谁生、谁死——这正是真正自动驾驶的汽车最终或许要做出的那种判断。My preferences are revealed afterwards: I mostly save children and sacrifice pets. 我的偏好在实验后被披露出来:基本上,我会救孩子,牺牲宠物。Pedestrians who are not jaywalking are spared and passengers expended. 没有乱穿马路的行人得以幸免,而乘客被牺牲了。It is obvious: by choosing to climb into a driverless car, they should shoulder the burden of risk. 很明显:选择上一辆无人驾驶汽车的人,应当分担一部分风险。As for my aversion to swerving, should caution not dictate that driverless cars are generally programmed to follow the road?至于我不愿急转弯,难道谨慎没有意味着无人驾驶汽车的程序指令通常是沿道路行驶吗?It is illuminating — until you see how your preferences stack up against everyone else. 这很有启发意义——直到你看到自己的偏好跟其他所有人有多么不同。In the business of life-saving, I fall short — especially when it comes to protecting car occupants. 我在救命这件事上做得不够好——尤其是在保护汽车乘员方面。Upholding the law and not swerving seem more important to me than to others; the social status of my intended victims much less so.相比其他事项,守法和避免急转弯似乎对我更重要一些;我选择的受害人的社会地位对我完全不重要。We could argue over the technical aspects of dishing out death judiciously. 我们可能对于明智而审慎地分发死亡的技术方面争论不休。For example, if we are to condemn car occupants, would we go ahead regardless of whether the passengers are children or criminals?例如,如果我们宣判汽车乘员死刑,那么无论乘客是孩子还是罪犯,我们都会照做不误吗?But to fret over such details would be pointless. 但是,为此类细节烦恼将是毫无意义的。If anything, this experiment demonstrates the extreme difficulty of reaching a consensus on the ethics of driverless cars. 如果说有任何收获的话,那就是这个实验明,要在无人驾驶汽车的道德上达成共识是极其困难的。Similar surveys show that the utilitarian ideal of saving the greatest number of lives works pretty well for most people as long as they are not the roadkill.类似调查显示,对大多数人而言,救下最多条命这个功利主义观念合情合理——只要他们自己不在车轮下丧生。I am pessimistic that we can simply pool our morality and subscribe to a norm — because, at least for me, the norm is not normal. 我对于只是把大家的道德集合到一起、然后遵守一个规范感到很悲观,因为,至少在我看来,这个规范不是正常的。This is the hurdle faced by makers of self-driving cars, which promise safer roads overall by reducing human error: who will buy a vehicle run on murderous algorithms they do not agree with, let alone a car programmed to sacrifice its occupants?这是自动驾驶汽车厂商面临的障碍。他们承诺通过减少人类过错来提高整体道路安全,但是谁会购买一辆由他本人并不认可的杀戮算法操控的汽车呢?更别提程序设定牺牲车上乘客的汽车了。It is the idea of premeditated killing that is most troubling. 最令人不安的正是这种预谋杀戮的构想。That sensibility renders the death penalty widely unpalatable, and ensures abortion and euthanasia remain contentious areas of regulation. 那种敏感性让死刑普遍难以接受,并确保堕胎和安乐死仍是引起争议的监管领域。Most of us, though, grudgingly accept that accidents happen. 不过,我们大多数人咬牙接受事故可能发生。Even with autonomous cars, there may be room for leaving some things to chance.即便是自动驾驶汽车,或许也应该留下让某些事情听天由命的空间。 /201609/468720

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer stands to collect a million severance package if she leaves after Verizon completes its purchase of the once-mighty internet company.在威瑞森电信完成对雅虎这一曾经的互联网巨头收购之后,如果雅虎首席执行官玛丽莎·梅耶尔离职,那么她将获得高达4400万美元的离职补偿金。Mayer hasn#39;t announced plans to leave, but industry observers say she#39;s unlikely to stay after the .8 billion sale closes early next year.虽然梅耶尔现在还没有公布离职的计划,但是业内分析人士表示,明年年初这笔价值48亿美元的收购结束之后,她可能不会留下。The 41-year-old executive stands to collect million in cash and almost million worth of stock options and awards under a ;golden parachute; agreement described in a regulatory filing.这位41岁的首席执行官将会收获300万美元现金以及近4100万美元的股票期权,以及监管文件中透露的高额离职补贴。In a filing last spring, Yahoo said Mayer could walk away with million in compensation, but the estimates can vary with the value of Yahoo#39;s stock and the date she leaves.在去年春天的文件中,雅虎方面表示,梅耶尔可以带着5500万美元遣散费离职,但是这个数字可能会随着雅虎股票价值和她离职的日期而变动。Mayer has been CEO for four years but failed to reverse a long-standing slide in Yahoo#39;s advertising business.梅耶尔出任雅虎CEO已经有四年时间,但是仍没能扭转雅虎广告业务长期下滑的颓势。After an unsuccessful effort to spin off its investment in the Chinese internet giant Alibaba, Yahoo Inc. began entertaining offers for its core business earlier this year.因为没能成功从中国网络巨头阿里巴巴中分拆投资,雅虎公司今年年初开始把作为核心业务。Yahoo weighed a variety of offers, according to the proxy statement filed. One was a merger proposal from Yahoo Japan, a separate company that Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo co-owns with Japanese tech giant SoftBank.根据股东签署的委托书显示,雅虎考虑过一系列申请。其中之一就是雅虎日本的并购提案--雅虎日本是坐落于加利福尼亚州桑尼维尔市的雅虎公司和日本技术巨头软银合作经营的分公司。Another bid came from an unnamed group that asked Yahoo co-founder David Filo to consider financing its bid.另一个竞标来自于未透露名称的集团,希望雅虎联合创始人大卫·费罗能够考虑为其竞标投资。But in the end, the unnamed group submitted a .35 billion bid that was lower than Verizon#39;s.但是最终,这个未透露名称的集团出价43.5亿美元,低于威瑞森的出价。 /201609/466765

  Researchers presented a conundrum to new mothers on Monday, saying that women who want to lose the extra weight gained in pregnancy should try to get more sleep.They found that mothers who slept five hours or less a day when their babies were six months old were three times more likely than more rested mothers to have kept on the extra weight at one year."We've known for some time that sleep deprivation is associated with weight gain and obesity in the general population, but this study shows that getting enough sleep -- even just two hours more -- may be as important as a healthy diet and exercise for new mothers to return to their pre-pregnancy weight," said Erica Gunderson of Kaiser Permanente, which runs hospitals and clinics in California.Gunderson and colleagues studied 940 women taking part in a study of prenatal and postnatal health at Harvard Medical School in Boston.The women who slept five hours or less a night when their babies were six months old were more likely to have kept on 11 pounds (5 kg) of weight one year after giving birth, they found.Women who slept seven hours a night or more lost more weight, they reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology.The researchers acknowledged this may pose a dilemma to new mothers, given that infants sleep so fitfully."With the results of this study, new mothers must be wondering, 'How can I get more sleep for both me and my baby?' Our team is working on new studies to answer this important question," said Dr. Matthew Gillman of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. 研究人员于本周一称,新妈妈们如果想减掉怀期间增加的体重,应该多睡觉,这可要让新妈妈们犯难了。研究人员发现,在宝宝六个月大时,每天只睡五小时或不足五小时的妈妈在生完孩子一年后不能减掉多余体重的几率是那些睡眠充分的妈妈的三倍。“凯撒永久”医疗保健机构的埃里卡#8226;甘德森说:“我们知道,对于普通人群来说,睡眠不足会导致体重增加和肥胖,而我们的这项研究表明,女性在产后保持充足的睡眠有助于她们恢复前体重,这与健康饮食和锻炼身体同等重要。哪怕每天多睡两个小时,情况就会大不一样。” “凯撒永久”医疗保健机构在加利福尼亚开设有医院和诊所。甘德森及其同事对940名女性进行了研究,这些女性都参加过波士顿哈佛医学院的产前及产后健康研究。他们发现,在宝宝六个月大时,每晚只睡五小时或不足五小时的妈妈在生完孩子一年后更难减掉体重,她们在怀期间增加的11磅(5公斤)多余体重没有减掉。而每晚睡眠时间达七小时或七小时以上的妈妈减掉的体重更多。该研究报告在《美国流行病学》期刊上发表。研究人员承认这可能会让新妈妈们为难,因为婴儿的睡眠是断断续续的。哈佛医学院及哈佛朝圣保健机构的马修#8226;吉尔曼士说:“新妈妈们知道这一研究结果后,一定会问,‘那怎样才能既保孩子的睡眠,又保我的睡眠?’目前,我们的研究小组正在研究这一重要问题。” /200803/29223

  The pledge by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and his wife Priscilla Chan, to give at least bn over the next decade for medical research has justifiably received large numbers of likes, loves and wows on his social media site. Facebook创始人马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和妻子普丽西拉#8226;陈(Priscilla Chan)承诺,将在未来10年捐赠至少30亿美元用于医学研究,这理所当然地在这家社交媒体网站上收获了大量的喜欢(like)、大爱(love)和哇(wow)。It needs just a little nuance.只不过,我们需要对这件事看得再仔细一点。The couple have every right to spend their fortune how they wish. 这对夫妇完全有权按照自己的意愿花掉他们的财富。Choosing philanthropy over personal luxury is admirable. 选择慈善而不是个人奢侈享受的举动令人钦佩。It sets a powerful example for others to follow in donating money, expertise and time — from fellow billionaires, companies and individuals with far more modest means.这一举动在献出金钱、专业技能和时间方面,为其他人树立了一个强有力的榜样,包括与他一样的亿万富翁、企业以及财力远不如他的个人。The focus on medical research is also an excellent priority with global impact and high potential benefits. 对医学研究的关注也极好抓住了重点,有着全球影响以及极大的潜在好处。Ill health causes vast amounts of suffering, while disease and premature death are brakes on social and economic development around the world.人们的健康不佳带来了大量痛苦,疾病和早逝阻碍着全球的社会和经济发展。It is particularly smart to focus on bringing together scientists with engineers, to stress the importance of collaboration and sharing data, and to call for more science funding. 尤其明智的是,他们关注于把科学家和工程师带到一起,强调合作和数据共享的重要性,并呼吁对科学投入更多资金。Facebook’s expertise in bringing together disparate groups and individuals online could be a catalyst for identifying new ideas, partners for research and more efficient recruitment of patients for clinical trials.Facebook擅长在线上将各种不同群体和个人带到一起,这一优势可能会促进人们发现新创意、找到研究合作伙伴,以及更有效地为临床试验招募患者。Just as important is the Zuckerbergs’ use of a limited liability partnership rather than a more rigid tax exempt foundation as the entity through which to give. 同样重要的是,扎克伯格利用有限责任公司作为捐赠的实体,而非更严格的可以减免税收的慈善基金会。This provides greater flexibility in deciding whether they provide grants or invest for profit in medical programmes.这让他们可以更加灵活地决定是提供补助,还是对医学项目进行营利性投资。There are a few caveats, however. 然而,这里有一些提醒。First, while philanthropy is an excellent way to innovate, the fundamental role of the public sector in collecting and democratically distributing funding, including for medical research, is pivotal. 首先,尽管慈善是一种很好的创新方式,但公共部门在收集和民主地分配资金(包括用于医学研究的资金)方面发挥的基础性作用是至关重要的。Facebook and other companies should resist any aggressive tax avoidance that minimises taxable profits and reduces revenues to governments.Facebook和其他公司应抵制任何将应税利润降至最低并使政府收入减少的激进避税行为。Second, they should also set a good example with high levels of transparency and accountability for their donations and the results they generate. 其次,他们还应在捐赠及其结果的高度透明和可问责方面树立良好的榜样。That will help make future philanthropy more efficient, both for givers and grant-seekers.这将有助于让未来的慈善对捐赠者和受捐者都更高效。Third, while they are perfectly entitled to call their programme the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, philanthropy needs donors willing to co-operate. 第三,尽管他们完全有权把这个项目叫作陈-扎克伯格计划(Chan Zuckerberg Initiative),但慈善需要愿意合作的其他捐赠者。No one can begrudge them naming rights but there is a balance to be struck between strong personal branding and the need for wider collaboration and participation.没有人能够妒忌他们的命名权,但在高调的个人品牌和更广泛合作、参与的必要性之间,他们需要找到平衡。Finally, there is a risk of hubris, which in turn could lead to disillusionment and a loss of momentum. 最后,这里存在自大的风险,进而可能导致理想幻灭和动力丧失。Bill Gates, who has spent billions of dollars over the past 15 years on global health, has yet to achieve the eradication of malaria or polio, let alone either a vaccine or a cure for HIV. 过去15年,比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)在全球健康领域花费了数十亿美元,也未能实现疟疾或小儿麻痹的根除,更别提找到艾滋病疫苗或治愈良方了。Former US president Jimmy Carter’s 30-year campaign to wipe out Guinea worm disease is still not achieved, a reminder that goodwill alone cannot provide all the solutions.美国前总统吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)用30年时间致力于扫除几内亚线虫病,迄今这个目标仍未实现——这提醒人们,仅凭良好愿望是无法解决所有问题的。It would also be wrong to regard medical research as failing. 将医学研究视为失败也是错误的。Great progress has been made in recent decades in medicine, including new vaccines and treatments for cancer.近数十年,医学领域取得了重大进展,包括找到了一些新的癌症疫苗和治疗方法。The Zuckerbergs’ ambition to cure, prevent or manage all disease in our children’s lifetime seems grandiose. 扎克伯格夫妇想要治愈、预防或控制我们的孩子们一生中可能遇到的所有疾病,这个理想似乎相当远大。To give the gift some perspective each year, the US National Institutes of Health alone spends ten times the Zuckerbergs’ pledged decade-long bn. 从每年来看,单单美国国家健康研究院(National Institutes of Health)的出就超过扎克伯格夫妇承诺在10年间捐赠的30亿美元。The UK’s Wellcome Trust will spend more than twice their contribution over the next five years.未来5年,英国的Wellcome Trust将花费两倍于这笔捐赠的资金。But each new idea is welcome, and with their commitment and convening power, they could add a great deal.然而,我们欢迎所有新的想法,凭借决心和感召力,他们可以做出巨大的贡献。 /201609/468703。

  A new report has revealed that Apple plans to launch three handsets this year - two will be updates of the iPhone 7 family and the third is the 10th-anniversary handset -- iPhone 8.一份最新报告显示,苹果公司计划今年推出3部手机--其中两部将是iPhone 7系列最新版本,而另外一部则是iPhone 10周年纪念手机--iPhone 8。It is believed that the iPhone 8 will boast a massive 5.8-inch OLED display, but with smaller top and bottom bezels in order to shrink the size of the device.据悉,iPhone 8会配备一个巨大的、5.8英寸的OLED屏幕,但是为了缩小手机尺寸,iPhone 8顶部和底部的边框会变窄。Although the smartphone will have the largest display of any iPhone, rumors have suggested that it will also be the most expensive.iPhone 8不但会成为有史以来屏幕最大的iPhone,有小道消息称,这款手机的价格也将会是最贵的。The new report comes from Nikkei Asian Review, which has revealed the upcoming iPhone will launch in three variants.据《日经亚洲》发布的这份报告显示,即将发售的iPhone 8将有3种版本。Two are set to have liquid crystal displays and the other will be designed with a 5.8-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen.其中两款为液晶显示屏,另外一款搭载的是5.8英寸的OLED屏。Earlier reports have suggested that the two other smartphones, known as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be designed with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.此前曾有报道称,其他两款手机--iPhone 7s和iPhone 7s Plus将分别搭载4.7英寸和5.5英寸的屏幕。#39;By adding more large-screen options to the lineup to meet grousing demand for BIG, Apple intends to raise the average iPhone price, which has aly gone up by about 10% in the past three years to nearly 0,#39; Nikkei reported.据《日经亚洲》表示称:“为了满足消费者们对大手机的需求,苹果增加了更多大屏选择,同时苹果公司也打算提高iPhone的平均价格--而这一价格已经在过去三年里涨到了700美元,涨幅达到了10%。”Earlier this month it was revealed by Fast Company that the so-called iPhone 8 will costs more than ,000 (800 pounds) – making it the most expensive handset the firm has ever produced.据知名商业杂志《快速公司》本月初发布的消息显示,所谓的iPhone 8的售价可能会超过1000美元(约合800英镑)--这会使其成为苹果公司有史以来最贵的手机。However, it is said that users will receive more cutting-edge technology and a sleeker design – a handset that is sure to impress.但是,消费者会因此得到更多尖端科技和时尚的设计--这是一款肯定会给你留下深刻印象的手机。 /201703/498323

  Some 85 percent of respondents are looking forward to experiencing the application of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies in real life, a survey by China Youth Daily finds.近日,据《中国青年报》的一份调查显示,约有85%的受访者表示期待在实际生活中体验虚拟现实以及增强现实设备。Virtual realities artificially create sensory experiences, which include sight, touch, hearing, and smell, in a way that allows the user to interact with them. Augmented reality uses computer-generated sensory input to enhance a user#39;s perception of the reality.虚拟现实技术可以人为地创造包括视觉、触觉、听觉和嗅觉等感官体验,使用户有身临其境的感觉。而增强现实技术通过计算机产生感官体验以加强使用者的现实体验。In the survey, 84.9 percent said they are y to embrace VR and AR technologies to change their lives, and 76.8 percent said they pay attention to the development of VR and AR.调查中显示,84.9%的受访者表示希望能通过虚拟现实及增强现实技术来丰富自己的生活,此外,76.8%的人表示一直关注这方面的技术发展。More than 78 percent want to try new products that use modified reality technologies. The younger and better-educated the respondent, the more likely they are to be open to new technologies, according to the survey.根据该调查显示,超过78%的受访者想要体验、应用增强现实技术的新产品,越是年轻、学历越高的受访者对此项新技术越持开放的态度。Yan Qing, a respondent in the survey, said he bought a VR headset but found the technology not as powerful as he had imagined. However, Yan is still confident VR will bring more vivid and comfortable experiences in the near future.一位名为颜庆的受访者表示,他曾购买了一部虚拟现实耳麦,但是实际使用效果并没有之前预想那样强大。但是他表示仍然相信虚拟现实技术在未来将给人类带来更加生动和舒适的用户体验。In terms of expectations of how the technologies could be used, 65.6 percent see the application of VR and AR being useful in tourism and shopping, 61.6 percent in education, and 30.5 percent in the medical sector.关于此项技术的应用领域,65.6%的人表示虚拟现实及增强现实技术将被应用于旅游和购物领域,而61.8%的人表示此项技术将被应用于教育领域,还有30.5%的人表示其将应用于医疗领域。Nearly 70 percent said they worry about online safety and 56.3 percent are concerned about the potential risks posed by immature technology, or being unfamiliar with the use of the technology. About half also worry about the threat of high technology to human beings.另外,接近70%的人表示他们担心线上体验的安全性,有56.3%的受访者表示担心此项不成熟的技术存在隐患风险,或者表示对于此项技术比较陌生。另外还有大约一半的人担心此项高科技对人类有威胁。Among the 2,001 participants, 21.8 percent were born in the 1990s and 53.2 percent in the 1980s.在所有2001位受访者中,有21.8%的人为90后,另外80后的比例也占到了53.2%。 /201604/438454Aftershocks rippled across the southern island of Kyushu on Sunday after a magnitude 7.3 disaster killed 41 people and brought the area’s high-tech manufacturing industry to a halt. 上周日,多起余震在位于日本南端的整个九州岛不断扩散。此前,一场里氏7.3级的地震导致41人丧生,并让该地区的高科技制造业陷入停顿。 In addition to the confirmed fatalities, more than 1,000 people were injured and 184,000 evacuated from their homes. In a graphic illustration of the earthquake’s power, the Great Aso Bridge — a single span of 206m opened in 1970 — collapsed into the ravine of the Black River below. 除了已确认的死亡情况外,还有逾1000人受伤,18.4万人被疏散至住房以外。长206米、1970年通车的单孔大桥阿苏大桥(Great Aso Bridge)崩塌,坠入了下方黑川(Black River)深邃的峡谷中,此次地震的破坏力可见一斑。 Kumamoto city, close to the epicentre, has a large semiconductor industry, while manufacturers such as Sony and Honda also have factories in the region. The quake left companies scrambling to determine the damage to their plants, sparking fears of disruption to the global supply chain. A shortage of parts out of Kyushu forced Toyota to begin temporary shutdowns at car plants across the country. 靠近震中的熊本市(Kumamoto city)拥有庞大的半导体工业,索尼(Sony)和本田(Honda)等制造商也在该地区建有工厂。地震令各企业慌忙确认工厂受到的损害,引发了全球供应链被打断的担忧。九州岛配件供应短缺迫使丰田(Toyota)在全日本的汽车工厂启动了临时的停产措施。 Sony halted production of image sensors — which are used in Apple’s iPhones and other smartphone cameras — at its Kumamoto plant after the first quake on Thursday. Production lines at two other image sensor plants in nearby Nagasaki and Oita were restored on Sunday. Sony declined to comment on whether it could make up for the lost capacity by shifting production to its other plants. 上周四发生首次地震后,索尼暂停了熊本工厂的图像传感器生产,这种传感器被用于苹果(Apple)的iPhone和其他智能手机的摄像头上。上周日,位于附近长崎和大分的另外两处图像传感器工厂的生产线已恢复运行。对于是否能通过把生产转移至其他工厂来弥补产能方面的损失,索尼拒绝置评。 Japanese companies have learnt lessons from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, when car factories from Nagoya to Alabama ground to a standstill after production halted at Renesas, a supplier of microcontrollers used in vehicles worldwide. 日本企业已经从2011年发生在东北地方的地震和海啸中吸取教训。当时,在瑞萨(Renesas)停产后,从名古屋到美国阿拉巴马州的汽车工厂都陷入停顿。瑞萨是一家微控制器供应商,全球的汽车都使用其产品。 This time Renesas stopped its plant in Kumamoto but said the building’s exterior was not heavily damaged after it strengthened the structure’s quake resistance. It also keeps a certain level of inventories to sustain production. Renesas has, however, been unable to check inside the plant because of continued aftershocks. 这次地震瑞萨关闭了在熊本的工厂,不过该公司表示其工厂建筑的外部并未遭遇严重损坏,原因是此前该公司加强了该建筑的防震能力。该公司还保持了一定量的存货以维持生产。不过,由于持续不断的余震,瑞萨未能检查工厂内部的情况。 The Kyushu region has attracted such manufacturers in part because it is supposedly less prone to earthquakes. A local government homepage to recruit companies proudly claims that the region has not suffered a quake above magnitude 7 for the past 120 years. 九州地区会吸引这类制造商,部分是由于该地区原本不那么容易受地震影响。当地政府的一个招商网页曾骄傲地宣称,过去120年该地区从未出现7级以上的地震。 Toyota, which has aly halted operations at three plants in Kyushu, said that, due to parts shortages, it would suspend production lines at other domestic assembly plants in stages between April 18 and 23. The measure would affect a wide range of models including the Camry, Corolla and Prius. 丰田已关闭了位于九州岛的三家工厂的运营。该公司表示,由于配件短缺,该公司会在4月18日到23日之间,分阶段暂停其他日本国内装配厂的生产线。这一措施或影响包括凯美瑞(Camry)、卡罗拉(Corolla)和普锐斯(Prius)在内的大批车型。 Honda said it had reduced its dependence on any single supplier and reinforced factory buildings so they can withstand strong earthquakes. It has suspended a motorcycle plant in Kumamoto due to damaged sewer pipes and lighting systems, but said the building remained intact. 本田表示已经减少对任何单个供应商的依赖,并加固了厂房建筑使其能够经受住强烈地震。该公司在熊本的一处托车厂因为污水管道和照明系统受损而暂停运转,但该公司表示厂房建筑完好无损。 The island’s shinkansen high-speed railway was suspended and its two main motorways were cut in several places by landslides. Nothing abnormal was reported at any nuclear plant. 九州岛新干线高速铁路暂停运营,两条主要的高速公路因山体滑坡有多处阻断。没有关于任何核电站的异常报告。 Experts were repeatedly forced to reassess the nature of the disaster as the death toll from Japan’s worst earthquake since 2011 rose. With rain falling and more in prospect, officials warned residents to beware of landslides, as well as further earthquakes. 这场日本自2011年以来遭遇的最强地震的死亡人数不断上升,专家们不得不一再重新评估此次灾难的性质。由于目前的降雨和未来的降雨前景,政府官员提醒居民警惕山体滑坡以及更多地震。 “As of now, lively earthquake activity is continuing from Kumamoto to Oita prefectures,” said Gen Aoki, head of earthquake and tsunami observation at the Japan Meteorological Agency, on Sunday. “There is an ongoing possibility of ground slips from more strong tremors or the rain since yesterday.” “目前,从熊本到大分县一带,活跃的地震活动还在持续,”日本气象厅(JMA)地震津波监视课课长青木元(Gen Aoki)上周日表示,“仍然存在一种可能性,即更多的强震或自昨天开始的降雨会造成地面滑移。” After a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck on Thursday, officials were taken aback when a 16-times more powerful magnitude 7.3 quake hit in the early hours of Saturday, leading them to reclassify the earlier quake as a pre-shock. 上周四发生6.5级地震后,上周六凌晨发生的7.3级地震让官员们大吃一惊,后者的强度是前者的16倍,官员们将此前的那次地震重新界定为前震。 Tremors kept sping to the north-east, striking in three different zones of active faults — a pattern the JMA said was “unprecedented”. By Sunday, it had detected more than 400 tremors since the event began. 震动持续向日本东北部传播,影响三个不同的活动断层区域——日本气象厅称这种模式“史无前例”。截至上周日,日本气象厅监测到自此次地震以来的400多次余震。 Tomoki Nishikawa, president of the Sakurajuji Hospital in Kumamoto, which has been treating those injured in the disaster as public hospitals overflowed, said that although Kumamoto felt it had survived the first quake in fairly good shape, in the aftermath of the second, much larger tremor, “the city kind of died”. 由于公立医院人满为患,熊本樱十字医院(Sakurajuji Hospital)一直在帮助救治灾难伤者,该院理事长西川朋希(Tomoki Nishikawa)表示,尽管熊本市在第一次地震后状态相当良好,在震级高得多的第二次地震以后,“这座城市可以算是死亡了”。 “I was driving around the city and in certain parts, you can see that 30 per cent of the homes are uninhabitable now. The city is still shaking and people have changed their attitudes since the second quake. They have seen crushed houses and they don’t want to go back to their own homes,” he said. “我开车在城市中四处转,在某些地方,你可以看到30%的房屋现在不适合居住。这座城市还在震动,人们在第二次地震后改变了态度。他们看到了挤压变形的房屋,不愿意回到自己的住所,”他说。 /201604/438161





  If you plan on travelling abroad, make sure to protect your iPhone. Replacing your device could prove quite costly outside of the ed States, according to a report by Deutsche Bank.如果你计划出国旅游,那么请一定要保管好你的iPhone。根据德意志日前发布的一份报告显示,在美国之外的国家和地区,换一个手机已经被明是非常昂贵的了。The study, helmed by strategist Jim Reid, compared the price of purchasing an Apple iPhone 6 and 6S - the 4.7-inch screen, 16GB models - in 27 different countries.这项研究是由高级策略师吉姆·瑞德负责的,比较了27个国家和地区4.7英寸、16G的iPhone 6和6S的售价。;Don#39;t lose your phone while away in Brazil, India, Sweden, Denmark or Italy as a new iPhone is most expensive there,; Reid#39;s team wrote in the research note.瑞德的团队在研究报告中写道:“千万不要在诸如巴西、印度、瑞典、丹麦或者意大利这些国家丢失你的手机,因为在哪些地方,一台新的iPhone是全世界最贵的。”Brazil holds the highest price tag in the report for both iPhone models. The iPhone 6 will set a buyer back about 1, while the 6S model costs about ,164.报告显示,这两款iPhone在巴西售价最高,iPhone 6要花费约931美元,而iPhone 6S的售价约为1164美元。In the US consumers pay around 8 for the Model 6 and 7 for the iPhone 6S. Prices for the smartphones in Japan, Hong Kong and South Africa are also on the lower end.消费者在美国购买同款iPhone 6仅需付约598美元,购买iPhone 6S仅需707美元。这两款智能手机在新加坡、日本、香港和南非的售价也比较低。The Chinese mainland comes out as the 18th expensive place to buy the 6S model among the 27 countries and regions.该款iPhone 6S在中国大陆的售价在27个国家和地区中排在第18位。Reid#39;s report said his team ;tried to ensure that all taxes and surcharges are included; so the figures are comparable, but there could still be some variation depending on discounts and local fees.瑞德的报告中还表示,他的团队尝试着确保把所有的税金及附加费包括在内,因此这些数字是具有可比性的,但是仍有一些取决于折扣和地方性收费的变化。 /201606/447675


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