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贵阳治疗无精症去哪家医院铜仁市妇幼保健院体检中心网站毕节市妇幼保健院中医院治疗多囊卵巢多少钱 Its Thursday, April 21st, Im Natali Morris and its time to get loaded.今天是4月21日周四,我是Natali Morris,是时候接收今天的最新科技资讯了。Amazon announced kindle library lending. This lets you borrow books from over eleven thousand libraries in the US. You can use this with any kindle product, either the kindle app on your smart phone or your pc, you tablet or an actual kindle. You can make notes in the books and the notes will be yours to keep even after you returned these books. This feature will launch later this year.亚马逊推出Kindle产品的图书免费借阅务。这项功能持美国用户从1万1千多部书里借阅书籍。不管是智能手机还是笔记本电脑,或者是Kindle阅读器,用户可以通过任何一款Kindle产品使用这项务。用户还可以在阅读的时候做笔记,即使归还了图书,笔记也可以保留下来。这项务将于今年晚些时候开始实施。Toshiba will be launching its first tablet running Google Android operating system in June. We saw this tablet at CES in January, but now we have real information about it. It will run Android 3.0 and cost a little over 700 dollars. When it launchs, first in Japan and then overseas shortly after. Its a 10 inch tablet with a LED backlit screen, two cameras, HDMI and 16 gates of storage.东芝将于六月发布首款运行谷歌安卓系统的平板电脑。我们曾在1月的消费电子展上提到过,但现在我们有了确切的消息。这款平板电脑运行的是安卓3.0系统,售价700美元出头。它将首先在日本发售,不久后将在其他地区发售。这款平板电脑采用的是10英寸LED背光式屏幕,装有两个摄像头,配有HDMI和16G储存量。EBay announced the acquisition of where.com. This is a local advertising company that specializes in mobile phone ads. EBay did not disclose the terms of the deal but they did say the acquisition should happen in the second quarter of this year.易趣宣布收购where.com网站。这是一家专门从事手机广告业务的广告公司。易趣并没有公开交易的具体条款,但他们表示收购将定于今天第二季度进行。Goggle launched something called Goggle Earth Builder. This helps small businesses store geographic data on Google servers. It is a lot like Google docs for your maps. I dont suspect this will be a huge consumer hit, but some government agencies or companys that deal with special information could find this handy, it will help avoid expensive mapping software.谷歌发布了一款名为Earth Builder的应用。这款应用将帮助你通过谷歌地图得到路边小店的信息。他们就类似于地图版本的Google docs。如果这款应用受到用户热捧我并不会惊讶,但一些专门处理特殊信息的政府机关或公司会觉得这款应用太过方便了,它将延缓未来地图软件的开发。GameFly won a case against the US postal service. Two years ago the game rental company claimed that the post office was discriminating against them by charging extra for postage and not giving them the same preferential treatment that Netflix gets for their discs. The postal service now has to establish two parallel rate categories for round trip discs that would not be subject to surcharge when they are returned.GameFly打官司胜诉美国邮政行业。两年前,这家游戏租赁公司宣布相关邮政部门对其有歧视行为,因为邮政部门向其收取额外邮费而不给予等同于Netflix公司磁盘业务同样的优先权。现在相关邮政行业已经为其建立了两种平行规则,往返运送的磁盘在回程超载的情况下不会再被拒绝运输了。Thats your news of the day, Ill see you tomorrow. Im Natali Morris with CNet, and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的最新资讯,我们明天再见。我是Natali Morris,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/207853Now there are more and more subatomic particles, but its still a hot, violent place. All this is happening in fractions of a second, too small to detect it, but the Big Bang is moving into a critical stage now, a titanic battle between matter and the one thing that can destroy the Universe before it even gets started, anti-matter.宇宙冷却后,次原子粒子越来越多,但是内部温度仍然很高,很不稳定。这一切都在短得无法探测的一瞬间完成。但是大爆炸正进入关键性阶段,将上演一场物质与反物质对抗的激烈战争,后者能在世界还没形成之前就将其摧毁。Everything in the Universe is made from matter, from the smallest rock to the largest star, and all the matter there will ever be was created from the pure energy of the Big Bang. Einsteins equation, EMC2, says that energy transforms into matter, but it was just a theory. Today science is able to test that theory.从最小的岩石到最大的星辰,宇宙中的每件事物都是有物质组成。所有物质将会一直存在,它们都是由大爆炸的纯能量转化而来。爱因斯坦的质能公式:EMC2,表示物质和能量可以互相转换,但当时这只是一个理论。如今科学家能够验这个理论。 This is CERN in Switzerland, home to the worlds largest machine. Its the size of a city and engineered to recreate the conditions millionths of a second after the Big Bang.这里是位于瑞士的欧洲核子研究中心,世界上最大的机器建于此地。这个大如城市的机器被用来模拟重现大爆炸后百万分之一秒时的环境条件。 ;If we wanna probe ever smaller scales, paradoxically we need an ever bigger machine. Theres just no other way of doing it. So big machine(s) means small physics, means early times and therefore getting closer and closer to the origin of Universe itself.;“说起来有点矛盾,如果我们想探测小尺度的时空,我们需要超大的机器。这只是以另一种方式来模拟。巨型机器才能模拟微粒子运动,才能回到时间之初,才能越来越接近宇宙的起源。”This monster machine is called the collider. Its designed to take us back to those first fractions of a second after the Big Bang. Its a 12-foot wide, concrete-lined circular tunnel, 17 miles around.这个巨型机器被称作粒子对撞机,它旨在模拟大爆炸后那短短的一瞬间。粒子对撞机建在宽12英尺,,周长17英里的圆形混凝土隧道内。The collider makes tiny particles of matter smashing into each other at almost the speed of light. For a split second, those collusions generate turbo-charged energy similar to the explosive force of the Big Bang.粒子对撞机能给微小的粒子束加速,使其以接近光速的速度进行对撞。瞬息之间,粒子束对撞产生了涡轮增压式能量,与大爆炸的爆炸力相似。201205/183370贵阳市花溪区人民医院体检套餐

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毕节市妇幼保健院中医院网上看结果If the US had labeled China a currency manipulator, we would likely to have seen a chill in the relations between the world’s biggest and second biggest economies. Now the last time, the US named China, a manipulator was back in 1994 but since then both Republican as well as Democratic administration in the US had believed that it’s better to use a character rather than stick to get Beijing to lift value of its currency, the RMB. Now Beijing first losing controls on its currency paid back in 2005, back then it was just under 8.3 of a dollar you can see here. But since then, China’s currency has appreciated nearly this much, nearly 25% against the dollars. Still, it widely believed that the RMB should be stronger than its current value. And in a statement on Tuesday, the US Treasury said as much, said this: China’s currency “remains significantly undervalued, and further appreciation against the dollar and other major currencies is warranted.” Now the criticism of course is that a weaker RMB gives Chinese goods in unfair price advantage on the global market but with China’s leadership transitions still ongoing through earlier next year. It’s likely we want to see any more appreciation until that is all over.如果美国将汇率操作国的标签贴在中国身上,我们很可能将看到在世界上第一大和第二大经济体之间嗖嗖升腾起的寒意。截止目前,上一次美国将中国定义为汇率操作国的时间是在1994。但是,自从那时起,美国共和国和民主党政府都深信,最好是use a character,而不是坚持北京升值人民币。北京于2005年首度放弃对人民币汇率的控制,当时人民币与美元的兑换比值为1:8.3。自从那时起,人们币比照美元开始升值,升了近1/4。然而,人们普遍认为人民币应该比现在的价值更为强劲。美国财务部周三发表的申明就此做了很多,“中国的货币‘仍然被明显低估,人民币对美元及其他主要货币的进一步升值是有根据的。”当然现在的批评理据主要是:一个弱势的RMB使中国商品在全球市场上获得不公正的价格优势,但是由于中国的领导人过渡一直要进行到明年初,到那时我们将有可能看到人民币再次升值。 201212/215471 Its a city within the city. You have to look over 50,000 people. Youll be so alive when youre down here. What you would see mostly is when you came out for lunch on a beautiful day, when everyone is coming out of the buildings and then of course, youll sometimes look up and see these majestic mountains just staring down actively.那是一个城市中的城市。你得看看这里有超过50000人。当你来到这里,你会感到活力。你会看到大多是当你在美好的一天出来吃午饭,当每个人都走出大楼,然后,有时候你会抬头看见这些峻岭只是盯着下面。Then came 9/11. You know, we can just describe it like a death in the family. A collapse of the World Trade Center south tower obliterated the PATH Station. The station is the lowest point on the trade center site. All the water from fighting the fires poured in. Broken water mains flooded the PATH tunnel all the way to New Jersey. Workers built a temperate plug to sea of the tunnel. It took 40 days to pump all the water out. A crucial link to the subway system was destroyed. Now began the hard work, rebuilding. And Im president defeat of transient engineering. Workers got it one and a half kilometers of tunnels.之后就是9/11。你知道,我们可以把它描述成家庭的死亡。世界贸易中心南塔楼倒塌导致帕斯车站被毁。列车站是世贸中心的最低点。所有的水都在为灭火而战斗。断水淹没了帕斯从纽约到新泽西的隧道。工人们建造了温度插头来控制。而要花40天才能将水抽干。地铁系统的一个关键环节被摧毁。现在开始艰难的重建工作。而我则担任重建工程的总工程师。工人们的工作是1.5公里的隧道。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172709安顺市妇幼保健院做不孕不育多少费用遵义医学院附属医院输卵管堵塞



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