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贵阳黔南州妇幼保健院做无痛人流多少钱贵州市天伦不孕不育症医院医生QQ黔南州那家医院做复通手术好 A photo was uploaded online recently showing a man placed his hand on the thigh of a woman sitting next to her reportedly on subway Line 2 of Chengdu city, southwest China#39;s Sichuan province.近日,一张中国西南部四川省成都市地铁2号线内一名男子偷摸邻座女子大腿的照片被传到了网上。The one who uploaded the photo said that the woman was apparently embarrassed. The incident lasted until an angry onlooker suggested swapping seats with the victim.据上传此照片的人表示,被骚扰的女子显然有些尴尬。直到一位旁观者和被侵害人提出交换座位,此次骚扰事件才结束。The photo quickly got circulated on China#39;s microblogging platform Weibo.这张照片随即很快在中国社交平台微上引起了轰动。Sexual harassment on public transportation has always been a plague. While people get enraged towards the wretched man, the topic of debate mainly lies on the victim this time.公共交通场合的性骚扰事件已经屡见不鲜。很多性骚扰事件,人们都把锋芒指向男性,然而这次性骚扰事件人们的焦点确实这位女性。;She could simply stand up and walk away. Why did not she?; one netizen said.一名网民说道:;她只需要站起来走开就可以摆脱骚扰。为什么她没有行动?;;I think she is enjoying it,; said one web user, who was strongly rebuked by many for the heartless comment.;我想她很享受被骚扰,;一名网络用户这样说道。不过这样无情的马上遭到了众多网友的强烈谴责。 /201605/441864When visitors stumbled upon scores of heavy stones that appeared to have moved across the dried lake bed of Racetrack Playa in California’s Death Valley National Park, leaving a tell-tale trail in their wake, scientists were baffled. How had so many boulders, some weighing 300kg, moved as much as 250m across this remote part of the valley, asks Quora user Farhana Khanum?在加利福尼亚死亡谷国家公园,游客无意中发现几十块大石头在赛马场盐湖的干湖床上移动,留下神秘的尾波,科学家们也不知道如何解释这一现象。Quora用户法尔哈纳#8226;哈姆问道,这些卵石中有的重达300千克,它们是怎么做到移动近250米到达峡谷的另一头?Adding to the mystery, some trails were gracefully curved, while others were straight with sudden shifts to the left or right. Who, or what, had moved the stones? A slew of theories emerged, from magnetic fields to alien intervention to dust devils to pranksters.更为神秘的是,一些痕迹竟然还有优美的弧度,还有一些痕迹是直线状,但伴有突然左拐或右拐的印记。到底是谁还是什么东西在移动这些石头?从磁场作用到外星人事件到尘卷风再到恶作剧,人们对此猜测不断。It took a NASA scientist to crack the case. In 2006, Ralph Lorenz developed a kitchen table model using a small rock frozen in an inch of water in a Tupperware container to demonstrate ice shove, the phenomenon behind the mysterious sailing stones.一位美国航空航天局(NASA)的科学家解开了谜团。2006年,拉尔夫#8226;洛伦茨发明了一个餐桌模型——在保鲜盒里装一英寸高的水,放入小石粒并将水冰冻。用这个模型解释冰壅,神秘的风帆石背后的真相。In winter, Racetrack Playa fills with water and the lakebed’s stones become encased in ice. Thanks to ice’s buoyancy, even a light breeze can send those frozen boulders sailing across the muddy bottom of the lakebed. Stones with rough bottoms leave straight tracks, while those with smooth bottoms drift and digress. Warmer months melt the ice and evaporate the water, leaving only the stones and their mysterious trails.一到冬季,赛马场盐湖涨满了水,而湖床里的石头则被冰封起来。由于冰有浮力,即使是一阵轻风也能帮扶着冰冻卵石一直划过湖床的泥泞底部。底部不光滑的石头会留下直线划痕,而底部光滑的石头则会漂移,偏离原路。天气开始转暖时,冰雪消融,水汽蒸发,留下的只剩那些风帆石和它们神秘的移动轨迹。Visitors can see these sailing stones in a few locations, including Little Bonne Claire Playa in Nevada and most famously, Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa.在内华达州的小女仆克莱尔盐湖以及著名的死亡谷赛马场盐湖等地方都可以发现这些风帆石。 /201608/460713贵阳黔南州妇幼保健院不孕不育专家咨询

贵阳市天伦不孕不育医院输卵管堵塞Ways to raise #39;good#39; kids, according to Harvard psychologists哈佛心理学家建议抚养“好”孩子的方法Here are the 2 parenting strategies they outlined that are proven to raise caring children.下面是哈佛心里学家概括的2个有效关爱教育孩子的方法1. Put Fun Time on the Calendar1.在日历上标注上时间Why: Kids learn about care and respect when they are treated with care and respect, psychologists say. The best time to give them care and respect—when you#39;re doing something fun together!原因:当孩子们受到了父母的关爱与尊重,他们也会学会关爱和尊重他人。当你们在一起做一些有意思的事情的时候,就是给予他们关爱和尊重最好的时间。How: It#39;s as simple as ing your child a bedtime story or playing tennis together. ;Build one-on-one time into their weekly schedules rather than leaving it to chance,; the findings suggest. That way you#39;ll treat it just as importantly as that work meeting, and it#39;s more likely to happen on a regular basis. Asking questions like ;what was the best part of your day?; and ;what did you accomplish today that makes you feel good?; can help them learn to think beyond the surface level of their actions and identify their feelings.做法:就譬如在床头给孩子讲故事或者一起打乒乓球那样简单。研究表明“在每周的计划中都安排一次时间,而不是顺其自然一起玩耍。”你需要像对待工作会议一样重视时间,而且最好是定期玩一次。问一些问题,例如“你今天感觉最好的是什么呢?”或者“你今天完成了什么任务让你感觉不错?”,这些问题能够帮助他们不止停留在行为表面进行思考,而是明确自己的感受。2. Be a Strong Role Model2.做最强大的榜样Why: The experts say your child learns ethical values and behaviors by watching you.原因:专家称你的孩子通过观察你学会道德观念和行为。How: Pay close attention to whether or not you#39;re practicing honesty, fairness, and caring for yourself. ;Nobody is perfect all the time,; the Harvard report points out. ;That is why it#39;s important for us, in fact, to model for children humility, self-awareness, and honesty by acknowledging and working on our mistakes and flaws.; Your kids know you#39;re not perfect—or they will when they get to their teenage years—so own it and use it as a chance to talk through your mistakes with your child.做法:要密切注意自己是否表现诚实、公正,关爱自己。哈佛报告中指出“没有人能时刻保持完美。实际上,这就是我们需要通过承认并改进自己的错误和缺点,成为孩子谦虚、自觉、诚实的榜样的重要原因。”你的孩子知道你并不完美——或者当他们长大成为青少年的时候就会明白这一点——所以要利用自己的不完美,借此机会与孩子讨论自己的错误。 /201607/454366从贵阳汽车站到天伦医院怎么坐车 六盘水市钟山区人民医院老人全身检查多少钱

贵州省贵阳市天伦医院治疗多囊要多少钱Two people are walking towards each other along a narrow pavement – who gives way?两个人沿着一条狭窄的人行道相向而行,谁给谁让路?If it is you, you fall into the 25 percent of people who prefer to step aside.如果是你让路,你就归入了25%喜欢站到一边让路的人群。Another 25 percent like to pass first, making the other person stand to one side.还有25%的人喜欢先通过,让对方站在一边让路。The remaining 50 percent make up the third type of pedestrian and vary their strategy.其余50%归入第三种类型的行人,他们会改变策略。The findings come from study in which researchers from the Technical University of Munich paired up 20 strangers and asked them to walk towards each other without colliding and without speaking.这项研究结果来自慕尼黑工业大学,研究人员将20个陌生人进行配对,要求他们在不发生碰撞也不说话的情况下向对方走去。The volunteers also filled in personality questionnaires and were measured and weighed.研究志愿者还填写了性格问卷,并测量了身高和体重。Interestingly, physical factors such as age, height and gender seemed to have no bearing on pavement etiquette.有趣的是,年龄、身高和性别等自然因素似乎与人行道上的礼仪没什么关系。Nor did traits such as extraversion or shyness, the Journal of Experimental Psychology reports.《实验心理学》杂志报道称,这与外向或害羞等性格特点也没有关系。In other words, some of us seem to be simply born to barge past.换言之,我们中的一些人似乎只是天生喜欢横冲直撞地先过去。A second experiment revealed that the person who passes first isn’t as rude as they may initially appear.另一项实验显示,先通过的人并不像他们最初表现的那样粗鲁。It seems they do tend to adjust their path – just not enough to avoid a collision.他们似乎倾向于调整自己的路线——只是不足以避免碰撞。As a result, it is only when the second person moves out of the way that the problem is solved.因此,只有当另一个人让路时问题才能解决。Etiquette expert William Hanson said that the custom of men walking on the outside of the pavement to protect women from traffic, splashes and other dangers has fallen by the wayside.礼仪专家威廉#8226;汉森说,男人走在人行道外侧保护女性远离车辆、溅湿等危险的传统做法已经被抛到一边。Mr Hanson said: ‘Traditionally, men let the woman they were accompanying walk closest to the building, away from the pavement edge.汉森先生说:“传统上,男性让同行的女性走靠近建筑的一边,远离人行道的边缘。How to avoid that awkward #39;pavement dance#39;如何避免“让路却让向同一侧”的尴尬?The German study doesn’t address what to do in the common but embarrassing situation, in which both pedestrians repeatedly dodge out of each other’s way in the same direction, giving the impression of dancing together on the pavement.两位行人互相让路,但反复让向同一侧,看上去就好像在人行道上一起跳舞,这种现象常见又尴尬。这项德国研究并未提及这时应该怎么做。But Mr Hanson said: ‘I tend to pick a side of the pavement, stick to it, and politely gesture to the empty space for the stranger to use.’但汉森先生说:“我总是选定人行道的一边,不换方向,礼貌地作出手势,让对方从另一侧通行。“THREE TYPES OF PEDESTRIAN三种行人类型Bumbler - Most people fall into this category. Scientists found 50 percent can#39;t make up their mind, and vary their strategy when walking in crowds.跌跌撞撞者——大部分人属于这一类。科学家们发现50%的人拿不定主意,在人群中行走时会改变策略。Barger - Around 25 percent of people like to pass first, making the other person stand to one side. The person who passes first isn’t as rude as they may initially appear.横冲直撞者—— 25%左右的人喜欢先过去,让其他人站到一边。先走过去的人并不像他们最初看起来那么粗鲁。It seems they do tend to adjust their path – just not enough to avoid a collision. 他们似乎倾向于调整自己的路线——只是不足以避免碰撞。Polite- Another 25 percent prefer to step aside. Interestingly, physical factors such as age, height and gender seemed to have no bearing on pavement etiquette.有礼貌——另外25%的人倾向于站到一边让路。有趣的是,年龄、身高和性别等自然因素似乎与人行道上的礼仪没什么关系。 /201607/452444 Writers of the most spine-tingling horror stories and thrillers create a feeling of suspense and of d, and one online th proves it only takes a few words to give ers the chills. 最吓人的恐怖故事的作家和惊悚片的编剧能营造出悬疑和恐惧的气氛,而一篇网帖明,只需寥寥数语就能把读者吓到打寒颤。A group of people shared the creepiest lines they could think of in response to a popular Reddit th asking for the #39;best horror story you can come up with in two sentences#39;. Reddit网站上的一则帖子最近颇受欢迎,要求参与者“用短短两句话写出你所能想到的最恐怖的故事”。很多人分享了他们所想到的最令人毛骨悚然的两句话鬼故事。From hearing voices from beyond the grave to the horror of being buried alive, many of the responses are sure to make even the bravest souls shudder. 坟墓传来阵阵异音,人被直接活埋,许多参与者写出的故事都足以让最胆大的人感到害怕。One of the most chilling entries was shared by a Reddit user known as i-am-the-a**butt, who simply wrote: #39;My sister says that mommy killed her. Mommy says that I don#39;t have a sister#39;. 名为“i-am-the-a**butt”的网友写了这样一则简洁而又惊悚的故事:“说是妈妈杀了她,但妈妈却说我并没有。”The simple lines leave the er wondering whether the mother actually killed her other child or if her child is hearing voices. 这简单的两句话留给读者无限想象空间,究竟是这个妈妈杀了自己的另一个孩子还是这个“我”出现了幻听呢?Resurrection_man created a feeling of d when he wrote about someone who knows they are about to die. 名叫“Resurrection_man”的网友写了一则故事,讲述一个能预知他人死亡的人,让人恐惧不已。#39;My grandmother told me that it was a gift to see the angel of death in front of people#39;s houses, to know that he#39;d be collecting someone there soon,#39; the person wrote. #39;I thought it was a gift too, up until the day I began to see it in front of every house.#39; “我奶奶告诉我,有些人天赋异禀,能看见别人家房子前的死亡天使,天使出现意味着他要带走某个人的灵魂了,”但她又写道,“我曾经也觉得这是一种天赋,直到我后来发现每一家的房子前都有死亡天使的存在。”JustAnotherMuffledVo shared a terrifying scene taken from writer Juan J.Ruiz#39;s story Tuck Me In. #39;I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, ;Daddy, check for monsters under my bed,;#39; the person wrote. #39;I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, ;Daddy, there’s somebody on my bed.”#39; 名为“JustAnotherMuffledVo”的网友分享了一则恐怖故事,灵感来自作家胡安#8226;鲁伊兹所写的故事《掖好被子》。“我为他塞好被角,他说‘爸爸,帮我看看床下有没有怪兽’,我为了逗逗他就低头去看,却看到了另一个他躺在床下,浑身颤抖地盯着我,悄声说道:‘爸爸,有人躺在我床上。’”One Reddit user know as PeopleInMyHead said the lines were so terrifying that she was scared to check on her son after ing it.有一位名叫“PeopleInMyHead”的网友说她被这一则吓坏了,看完就立马去确定儿子是否安好。#39;Yep, I#39;m done now,#39; she commented on the story. #39;When I finished ing that my son woke up and started to call for me. No sleep for me tonight.#39; 她道:“我真的吓坏了,读完后儿子刚好醒了,他开始叫我,我觉得今晚可能睡不着了。”Meanwhile, Miami_Metro One shared a story that was heard a while ago from someone else. 还有一个叫做“Miami_Metro”的网友写了一则刚从别人那听来的故事。#39;Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling,#39; the person wrote. “我和小猫小一起长大,所以早就习惯了睡觉时听见爪子挠门的声音。但现在我一个人住,再听到这种声音可就不妙了。”Therealhatman shared a similar tale, writing: #39;I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.#39; 名为“Therealhatman”的网友分享了一则小故事,“我醒来听见有敲击玻璃的声音,一开始以为是窗户,但后来我发现是从镜子那里传来的。” /201608/458127昭通输卵管复通医院贵州天伦不孕不育联系方式



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