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It#39;s been so warm in the ed States this year, especially in March, that national records weren#39;t just broken, they were deep-fried.美国今年天气十分暖和,特别是三月以来,温度居高不下。这不仅是破纪录的高温,而且热度灼人。Temperatures in the lower 48 states were 8.6 degrees above normal for March and 6 degrees higher than average for the first three months of the year, according to calculations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. That far exceeds the old records.据美国国家海洋和大气的测算,美国南部48个州今年三月的温度比正常水平高了8.6华氏度,前三个月的平均温度比平均水平高出了6华氏度。这远远超出了历史记录水平。The magnitude of how unusual the year has been in the US has alarmed some meteorologists who have warned about global warming. One climate scientist said it#39;s the weather equivalent of a baseball player on steroids, with old records obliterated.美国今年是如此反常,让一些气候学家感到担忧,此前他们已经对全球变暖提出过警告。一位气候学家称,这就像用了类固醇兴奋剂的棒球运动员刷新历史记录一样,事有异常。;Everybody has this uneasy feeling. This is weird. This is not good,; said Jerry Meehl, a climate scientist who specializes in extreme weather at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. ;It#39;s a guilty pleasure. You#39;re out enjoying this nice March weather, but you know it#39;s not a good thing.;专门研究极端天气的气候学家杰里#8226;米尔说:“大家都有这种不安的感觉。这太诡异了,情况不妙。这是一种让人无法开怀享受的愉悦。你在户外享受着这美好的三月天气,但是你知道,这不是件好事。”米尔在科罗拉多州尔德的国家气候研究中心工作。It#39;s not just March.并不只有三月份如此。;It#39;s been ongoing for several months,; said Jake Crouch, a climate scientist at NOAA#39;s National Climatic Data Center in Ashville, N.C.气候学家杰克#8226;克劳趣说:“这种高温已经持续了几个月。”克劳趣在国家海洋和大气位于北卡罗来纳州阿什维尔的国家气候数据中心工作。Meteorologists say an unusual confluence of several weather patterns, including La Nina, was the direct cause of the warm start to 2012. While individual events can#39;t be blamed on global warming, Crouch said this is like the extremes that are supposed to get more frequent because of manmade climate change from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.气候学家称,包括拉尼娜现象在内的几种气候类型的异常交汇是导致2012年初以来温暖天气的直接原因。尽管不能将个别事件归因于全球变暖,但克劳趣称,就像燃烧煤油等化石燃料、人为导致的气候变化引发的极端天气一样,这种极端天气只会愈加频繁。Normally, March averages 42.5 degrees across the country. This year, the average was 51.1, which is closer to the average for April. Only one other time — in January 2006 — was the country as a whole that much hotter than normal for an entire month.正常情况下,美国三月的平均气温为华氏42.5度。今年美国三月的平均气温为51.1度,这更接近往年四月的平均温度。这种整个月气温大大高于正常水平的情况在美国只出现过一次——在2006年一月。In March, at least 7,775 weather stations across the nation broke daily high temperature records and another 7,517 broke records for night-time heat. Combined, that#39;s more high temperature records broken in one month than ever before, Crouch said.三月期间,美国至少7775个气象站测得的日最高气温打破记录,还有7517个气象站测出的夜间气温破了纪录。克劳趣说,二者加在一起,这一个月打破的高温记录比往年都要多。;When you look at what#39;s happened in March this year, it#39;s beyond unbelievable,; said University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver.维多利亚大学的气候学家安德鲁#8226;韦佛说:“如果你好好看看今年三月的天气情况,你会觉得太难以置信了。” /201204/177346。

There are two kinds of ;made in China;: made in China for export, and made in China to be palmed off on hapless consumers at home.;中国制造;分两种:一种是用来出口的;中国制造;产品,还有一种是甩给不幸的国内消费者的;中国制造;产品。For years the gap in quality has been wide. Chinese consumers received the worst that ;made in China; had to offer; all the good stuff ended up at Walmart.多年来,中国出口和内销产品的质量差距一直很大。中国消费者得到是最差的;中国制造;产品;所有质量上乘的产品最终都摆到了国外沃尔玛(Walmart)的货架上。But now Chinese consumers are what it#39;s all about. Beijing wants an economy driven by domestic consumption, so pleasing buyers at home has taken on a priority. About time. As the balance of consumer power shifts back to the motherland, Chinese consumers have responded by turning into some of the world#39;s most demanding shoppers.但如今,中国消费者成了关键所在。中国政府希望用内需来拉动经济,因此取悦国内消费者已成为头等任务。早该如此。随着消费力量的重心开始向国内转移,中国消费者的回应是:让自己变成全球需求最旺盛的消费者群体之一。Everyone from grocers to handbag makers, mall developers to paint mixers, say Chinese consumers are y and able to pay for world-class goods. Domestic and western retailers can no longer get away with giving them second best.从杂货商到手袋生产商,从购物中心开发商到涂料搅拌商,所有人都表示,中国消费者有意愿且有能力购买世界一流商品。国内和西方零售商再也不能妄想向中国消费者提供二等货而不受惩罚了。China even seems to be losing its appetite for fakes. Counterfeit luxury goods, a hit with the girls in the Shanghai typing pool, are losing out to the real thing. Chinese shoppers still like an extra dose of bling on everything, but as salaries and sophistication rise, they prefer their glitz genuine rather than fake.中国甚至似乎在失去对假货的兴趣。假冒奢侈品曾颇受上海白领女孩的欢迎,但现在正逐渐被正品取代。中国消费者仍希望拥有尽可能多的奢侈品,但随着薪资的增加和修养的提高,他们更希望自己拥有的是真货,而不是假货。Escada, the women#39;s designer clothing group, has conducted a survey that found a steep drop in Chinese consumer willingness to buy fakes, from 31 per cent in 2008 to 12 per cent by 2010.设计师女装集团Escada进行的一项调查发现,中国消费者购买假货的意愿大幅下降,从2008年的31%降至2010年的12%。Fakes were fine when all the Chinese wanted was a logo to flash around. But the country#39;s middle class is learning that there is more to life than showing off.当中国人想要的是不过一个可以到处炫耀的标识的时候,假货就能大行其道。但中国的中产阶级正逐渐认识到,除了炫耀之外,生活中还有更重要的东西。No one should expect China#39;s counterfeit markets to disappear. But Max Magni, head of McKinsey#39;s Chinese consumer goods practice in Shanghai, says the market for luxury fakes is growing much more slowly than the real thing, and Chinese consumers are getting harder to please.没有人会指望中国的假货市场消失。但麦肯锡(McKinsey)驻上海的中国消费品咨询业务主管马思默(Max Magni)表示,奢侈品假货市场的增长速度远远慢于真货市场,中国消费者正变得越来越难取悦。This plays out in all sorts of markets. Until two or three years ago, Chinese people shopping for a television looked for clarity of sound and picture, and other basic attributes, he says. But now, the average Chinese consumer will not stop there. They will insist on pressing every button on the remote to make sure it does what they want it to do, and testing the screen to make sure it is non-glare.这体现在各个市场。他表示,两三年前,中国人购买电视时看重的是声音和画面的清晰度以及其他基本功能。但如今,普通消费者不会满足于此。他们会坚持按下遥控器上的每一个键,以确保符合他们的要求,他们还会测试一下屏幕,以确保屏幕是否防眩。;A lot of people in Europe wouldn#39;t even care about that,; says Mr Magni. He sees that attitude not just in rich cities like Shanghai but in many that most of us have never heard of.马思默表示:;在欧洲,很多人甚至都不会关心这些。;他表示,这种情况不仅出现在上海等富有城市,在我们多数人从未听说过的很多城市也是如此。 /201202/171341。

Travel agents offer sunshine insurance摘要:法国旅行社推出了一项“阳光保险”业务,那些想享受阳光却被坏天气搅坏了心情的假日游客可以得到补偿。Sun-seekers whose holidays are spoiled by bad weather could be reimbursed after French travel agencies launched insurance cover for unwanted interruptions to the sunshine.The insurance policy, launched by holiday groups Pierre et Vacances and FranceLoc, will allow holiday-makers to claim back part of the cost of their trip if they suffer at least four days of rain in any one week."Aon France allows Pierre amp; Vacances to propose its clients with automatic reimbursement for part of their stay...if weather conditions don't meet expectations," the holiday group said in a statement.Aon France will use satellite photos obtained by the French weather bureau to calculate how much money subcribers should receive.Rain-spoilt holidays can now be worth up to 400 euros (6) and holiday-makers would be informed by telephone text message or email if they are liable for compensation. They would receive a cheque a few days after returning home.The man behind the idea, Herv Kayser, told French daily Le Figaro that in a trial run last year, 10 percent of those interested in the insurance policy witnessed sufficient rain to receive money back on their holiday. /200907/77702。

North Korea#39;s supreme court has detailed some of the charges against a Korean-American tour operator who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor last month for plotting to overthrow the government.朝鲜最高法院列举了对韩裔美国公民裴埈皓的一些指控。这名旅游运营商因被控阴谋推翻朝鲜政府上个月被判15年的劳教。A court spokesman told the North#39;s official Korean Central News Agency on Thursday that Kenneth Bae was arrested in the city of Rason in November while in the possession of anti-Pyongyang literature.法院发言人星期四对朝鲜中央通讯社说,裴埈皓去年11月在罗先市被捕,当时他随身携带反平壤的宣传品。The spokesman said Bae was working through churches in the U.S. and South Korea to bring down the North Korean government. He was also accused of bringing more than 1,500 people from North Korea, China and other countries to what were called ;plot-breeding; bases around China, and giving lectures opposing Pyongyang.这名发言人说,裴埈皓在美国和韩国的教会宣扬要推翻朝鲜政府。他还被控拉拢1500名朝鲜人,中国人和其他国家的人,到中国各地的被称为“制造阴谋”的据点,进行反对朝鲜的演讲。The spokesman said that Bae had confessed to all the charges. He was convicted and sentenced in a closed-door trial that his attorney was not allowed to attend.这位发言人说,裴埈皓对所有指控供认不讳。裴埈皓在不对外公开的审理中被定罪和判刑,他的律师未被允许出庭辩护。 /201305/239266。

YOU might say that one reason Barack Obama is president of the US is because he knows how to give a good speech. In 2004, when Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was the Democratic Party`s nominee for the presidency, a little-known senator from Illinois gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. That senator was Obama. It was a remarkable speech - poetic, and inspiring. The people who heard it would remember it for a long time.或许你会认为,奥巴马之所以能当选美国总统,全都要归功于他杰出的演讲才能。追溯到 2004年,当时民主党的总统候选人还是马萨诸塞州参议员John Kerry,在一次民主党全国代表大会上,一位名不见经传的伊利诺斯州参议员发表了主题演讲。那个参议员便是奥巴马。那是一场十分精的演讲--诗一般的语言充满了振奋人心的力量,令人过耳难忘。 /201007/108946。