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秋风起、菊花黄。天气渐渐转凉的时候来上一碗热腾腾的浓汤是最惬意不过了。今天就为大家推荐的一道西式蔬菜浓汤,做法简单,香料也很容易买到。只有搅拌机这种东西估计不是每家都有,但问题不大,大不了用勺子捣碎嘛……Squash and tomato soup recipe by Stevie Parle西葫芦南瓜浓汤(斯蒂夫派乐的食谱,6人份)Ingredients原料1 cinnamon stick1 dried chilli or 1 tsp dried chilli, plus a pinch to serve1 butternut squash, about 1kg/2lb 2oz, peeled, deseeded and cut into 5cm chunks350g/12oz large ripe tomatoes, cut in half2 small onions, peeled and quartered4 garlic cloves, peeled, cut in half2 celery sticks, cut into quartersOlive oil500ml/1pt chicken or vegetable stockCrème fra?che and fried sage leaves (optional), to serve一根肉桂枝一个干辣椒,或一茶勺干辣椒粉,外加一小戳最后起锅后用一根西葫芦,大概一公斤重。去皮、去籽、切成5厘米大小的方块350克大西红柿,切半2个小洋葱,去皮、切成四等份2根西芹(不要叶子),切四等份橄榄油500毫升鸡汤或蔬菜汤法式酸奶油和炸鼠尾草叶(可选),起锅后用Preheat oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. In a pestle and mortar, bash together the cinnamon and chilli until both are broken up a little and you have a coarse powder.预热烤箱到200°。另一方面把干辣椒和肉桂枝捣碎,不用太细。Place all the vegetables and garlic in a large baking tin. Add the mixed cinnamon and chilli and season generously, particularly with pepper, then pour over a few good splashes of oil.将所有的蔬菜和大蒜一起放在烤盘上,同时加入肉桂、辣椒和胡椒等调味,最后洒上橄榄油。Toss everything with your hands so all the vegetables are nicely covered in spices, seasoning and oil, then cover with kitchen foil and place in the oven for 45 minutes, removing the foil for the last 15 minutes. Everything should be soft. If not, return to the oven for a little bit longer.混合所有原料,让每个蔬菜都均匀调味,然后再盖上一层锡纸,放入烤箱中烤45分钟。最后15分钟可以拿掉表层的锡纸。出来的效果应该是所有蔬菜都是软和的,如果还不够软可以再烤一段时间。Remove from the oven, place in a food processor and blend until smooth (or place in a large pan and blend with a hand-blender). Taste for seasoning.从烤箱中拿出,用食物搅拌机充分打碎。再尝尝进行调味。Transfer to a large pan and pour in the stock. Bring to the boil, then turn down to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes.再把所有食物转移到一个大锅里、导入高汤。煮开后转小火慢炖10分钟。Transfer to bowls and spoon a good dollop of crème fra?che over each one. Add a sprinkling of dried chilli and a few fried sage leaves if you fancy.分盘,每碗加入一大块法式酸奶油。如果喜欢还可以加上一小戳辣椒粉和几片炸鼠尾草叶。 /201210/203774

After celebrating her 60th year on the throne in style this past week, Britain#39;s Queen Elizabeth II can now look forward to breaking some more records. She is aly, at 86, Britain#39;s oldest monarch (were she to die now, her son would immediately be the 12th oldest). On Sept. 10, 2015, she would pass Queen Victoria to become the longest-reigning monarch in British history. To beat Louis XIV (who succeeded to the throne at the age of 4) for the longest reign in European history, she would have to live to 98. 在风风光光庆祝完自己登基60周年后,英国女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)现在可以期待打破更多纪录了。86岁的她已经是英国历史上最年长的君主了(如果她现在离世,她的儿子就会立即成为第12年长的君主)。到2015年9月10日,她将会超越维多利亚女王(Queen Victoria),成为英国历史上在位时间最长的君主。要打败四岁时继承王位的路易十四(Louis XIV)成为欧洲历史上在位时间最长的君主,她需要活到98岁。 Elizabeth II is still going strong, but the maximum human lifespan isn#39;t rising at anything like the rate of average life expectancy, which is rushing upward globally at the rate of about three months a year, mainly because of progress against premature mortality. Indeed, we may aly have hit some kind of limit for maximum lifespan - perhaps because natural selection, with its strict focus on reproductive success, has no particular need to preserve genes that would keep us going to 150. 伊丽莎白二世身体依然很硬朗,但人类最长寿命并不像平均预期寿命一样在不断增长,后者在全球范围内以每年约三个月的幅度在增长,主要是由于对抗过早死亡方面取得的进展。的确,我们或许已经达到了某种最长寿命的极限,这可能是因为严格以繁殖成功为中心的自然选择过程没有必要特别保存能让我们活到150岁的基因。 The oldest woman in the world, Besse Cooper, a retired schoolteacher in Georgia, will be 116 on Aug. 26, according to the Gerontology Research Group, an organization that studies aging issues. That#39;s a great age, but it#39;s a hefty six years short of the record: 122 years and 164 days, set by Jeanne Calment of France in 1997. In other words, if Mrs. Cooper can get there, Mrs. Calment#39;s record will have stood for 21 years; if she can#39;t, maybe longer. 根据研究老龄化问题的老年学研究组织(Gerontology Research Group)的数据,世界最长寿的女性、来自佐治亚州的退休教师贝斯#8226;库珀(Besse Cooper)将在8月26日年满116岁。这是很长寿的年纪了,但是依然比世界纪录小六岁多:122岁零164天,它是由法国的雅娜#8226;卡尔芒(Jeanne Calment)创下的纪录。换句话说,如果库珀能活到这个年纪,那么卡尔芒的纪录就保持了21年,如果活不到,可能保持的时间会更长。 That#39;s a long time, considering that there are now nearly a half million centenarians alive in the world. That number has been going up 7% a year, but the number of those over 115 is not increasing. 这会是漫长的一段时间,因为目前全世界有近50万百岁老人在世。这个数字在以每年7%的幅度增长,但115岁以上老人的人数并没有增加。 If Mrs. Cooper does not take the record, there are only two other 115-year-olds alive to take on the challenge, and one of them is a man: Jiroemon Kimura, a retired postman from Kyoto. He#39;s within seven months of beating the age record for his sex, set by Christian Mortensen, who died in 1998. But Mr. Kimura is less likely than a woman to make 122, and there are fewer women over 115 today (two) than there were in 2006 (four) or even 1997 (three). 如果库珀没有刷新纪录,就只有两位在世的115岁老人接受这项挑战,其中一位是男性:来自日本京都的退休邮差木村次郎右卫门(Jiroemon Kimura)。他还有七个月就将打破由1998年去世的克里斯蒂安#8226;莫滕森(Christian Mortensen)创下的男性最长寿命纪录。但木村次郎右卫门活到122岁的可能性没有女性大,而目前超过115岁的女性(两位)没有2006年(四位)多,甚至还不如1997年(三位)。 At least two people died after their 110th birthdays in the 1800s, if you#39;re willing to trust the birth certificates. So the increase of 12 years in maximum life expectancy during the 20th century was just one-third as large as the increase in average life expectancy during the period (36 years). 从出生明来看,19世纪至少有两个人在110岁生日后逝世。因此,20世纪最长寿命12年的增长幅度只不过是同期平均寿命增幅(36年)的三分之一。 In 2002, James Vaupel of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany, startled demographers by pointing out that every estimate published of the level at which average life expectancy would level out has been broken within a few years. Jay Olshansky of the University of Illinois, however, argues that since 1980 this has no longer been true for aly-old people in rich countries like the U.S.: Official estimates of remaining years of life for a woman aged 65 should be revised downward. 2002年,德国罗斯托克马克斯-普朗克人口研究所(Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)的詹姆斯#8226;沃佩尔(James Vaupel)指出,每次公开发布的对平均寿命趋稳水平的估计都会在几年内被打破,这令人口统计学家感到吃惊。然而,伊利诺伊大学(University of Illinois)的杰伊#8226;奥尔山斯基(Jay Olshansky)则认为,从1980年开始,在美国等富裕国家,这种规律已经不适用于已经进入高龄的老人了:官方对年龄在65岁的女性剩余寿命的估算应该下调。 Thanks to healthier lifestyles, more and more people are surviving into old age. But that is not incompatible with there being a sort of expiration date on human lifespan. Most scientists think the decay of the body by aging is not itself programmed by genes, but the repair mechanisms that delay decay are. In human beings, genes that help keep you alive as a parent or even grandparent have had a selective advantage through helping children thrive, but ones that keep you alive as a great-grandparent - who likely doesn#39;t play much of a role in the well-being and survival of great-grandchildren - have probably never contributed to reproductive success. 由于生活方式越来越健康,活到高龄的人越来越多。但这与人类寿命存在某种期限并不矛盾。大多数科学家认为,人体随年龄增大而衰老本身并不是由基因决定的,但延缓衰老的修复机制却是由基因决定的。对人类来说,帮助人作为父母甚至祖父母活着的基因有助于孩子健壮成长因而具备了选择性优势,但帮助人作为曾祖父母活着的基因可能永远都不会有助于繁殖成功,因为曾祖父母在曾孙的健康和生存上可能发挥不了什么作用。 In other words, there is perhaps no limit to the number of people who can reach 90 or 100, but getting more than a handful of people past 120 may never be possible, and 150 is probably unattainable, absent genetic engineering - even for a monarch. 换句话说,活到90岁或100岁者的人数或许没有上限,但让一大批人活到120岁以上或许永远都不可能实现,没有遗传工程的帮助,人是很难活到150岁的,即便君主也做不到。 /201209/197946


  Fashion时尚It may come as a surprise, but those who scrupulously follow the latest trends and coo over magazine covers and strangers#39; outfits can actually make money off their love of all things fashion-related. For example, fashion gurus can become personal stylists, serving as a client#39;s ;voice of reason; when it comes to wardrobe. Fashion lovers often make great blog and book writers, too.听上去或许有些惊奇,但那些对最新流行趋势亦步亦趋、对杂志封面和他人着装评头论足的人其实也能从所爱的时尚类行业中赚钱。比如,时尚达人可以变身为私人设计师,在穿衣打扮方面成为客户的“权威发言人”。时尚达人还能成为优秀的主和作家呢。 /201208/197062。


  Paleolithic Age旧石器时代Paleolithic Age began around 3000000 .旧石器时代大约从公元前3000000年开始。During this period human beings underwent a long and slow course of physical evolution:在这段时期,人类经历了一场漫长而缓慢的体格进化:first, from ape-man to Homo erectus, than passing through earlier and later stages of Homo sapiens,首先从猿人进化成为直立人,接着经过早期和晚期的智人,to the emergence of modem humans having a similar bodi#172;ly makeup as that of humans today.最终成为拥有和今天的人类相似体型的现代人。During the Paleolithic Age, people were primarily nomadic hunters and gatherers, collecting fruit and fishing.在旧石器时代,人们主要是游牧猎人和群居者,收集果子还有。While living in groups and dwelling in caves, they knew about and used fire for heating and cooking.当过着群居生活并居住在山洞里时,他们知道并学会了用火来去暖和做饭。Their first introduction to fire was in the forest where lightning strikes had caused wild#172;fires.他们对火的最初印象来自于由雷击在森林里所引起的火灾。At first the cave dwellers took coals from the forest home to make other fires.一开始,生活在山洞里的人们从森林中将木炭带回家里来制造火。Later they learned ways to start their own fire by developing methods to catch sparks from drilling wood or rubbing two pieces of flint stone together.后来,他们学会了其他方法来制造他们自己的火,比如开发方法钻木取火或是将两块打火石放在一起擦。Fire played a significant role in the evolvement of human civilization.火在人类文明的进化中起到了重要的作用。It not only provided lighting, heat and protection from wild beasts, but also enabled them to cook food to be better nourished.它不仅提供了电、热和免于被野兽伤害的保护。Fire dramatically changed the living habits of primitive people,火彻底地改变了原始人类的生活习惯,much like how the use of the Internet in today’s world has changed our methods of communication.就像是互联网改变了如今人们的交流方式那样。The early implements of the cave dwellers were thick and clumsy having been crudely made by hand-striking.山洞居住者早期的工具非常笨重,是由他们手工敲打出的粗糙制品。There were only a few kinds available having very basic purposes.这其中只有很少一些具有基本的用途。As man#39;s knowledge and skills gradually increased,当人类的知识和技能不断增加,they had learned the art of polishing stones for better quality and had developed a variety of tools,他们学会了通过打磨石头获取更优质量的技艺并并且开发了许多工具making not only stone articles and animal bone needles, but also bows and arrows,——不仅有石器和动物骨头做出的针,还有弓和箭,a set of devices for spear hurling and an awl for punching holes.一系列用于投掷的矛以及用于打洞的钻子。 /201508/392922

  Think your office dress code is stiff, boring, and corporate? The truth is, you can still let your individuality shine when a business suit is your daily uniform. With these celebrity-inspired tips and tricks, you can express your personality and make your basics pop while still looking professional on the job.你是不是觉得自己的职业装呆板、单调又雷同?职业装穿衣秘籍来了:一点点“小心机”就能让千篇一律的正装穿出你自己的风格来。跟明星学穿职业装,突显个性的同时,又不失专业素养。 /201207/190185

  男人和女人来自不同的星球,同一句话在他们口中也有着不同的含义:1.;Nothing, forget it;1.;没什么,算了吧!;Female:You better figure out what you did wrong.女人:你最好自己搞清楚到底做错了什么。Male:Just quit talking about it, jesus.男人:我勒个去,拜托就别提这事儿了。2.;Are you tired?;2.;你累吗?;Female:Please don#39;t go to sleep. I love talking to you.女人:别去睡觉,我喜欢跟你聊天。Male:Genuinely curious as to whether or not you are sleepy.男人:他真的只是很好奇你是不是很困。3.;I#39;m cold.;3.;我很冷。;Female:Get a blanket and cuddle with me.女人:去拿条毯子来,抱着我让我取暖。Male:There#39;s pretty cold. I should probably get a blanket or some shit.男人:真的挺冷的。我得去拿条毯子或是别的啥。4.;Leave me alone.;4.;别管我。;Female:Please don#39;t go.女人:别走,别离开我。Male:Get out of my fucking face.男人:滚开,离我远点儿!5.;I love you.;5.;我爱你。;Female:Tell me you do more.女人:告诉我你爱我爱得更多。Male:I love you just that I don#39;t expect a stupid fucking response.男人:你知道我爱你就够了,别给我来个蠢透了的烂回答。 /201208/197046




  TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)The Epicurean Bull will most likely be found savoring succulent three-course meals at posh five-star restaurants. Surely dessert will be one of the three courses -- or will it be the fourth? -- as you have quite a sweet tooth.金牛:我们最有可能在奢华的五星饭店里找到正享受美味多汁的膳食的牛儿了。当然,饭后甜点对于你也是必不可少的。谁叫你就好这口呢? 内容来自: /201210/204378

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