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江西上饶opt嫩肤多少钱上饶铅山县做双眼皮手术多少钱Language Points1. 爱者: We love all dogs equally.2. 养者: All dogs are great,but yours is absolutely, 100% the greatest dog who ever doggee.3. 爱者: You get to sleep through the night uninterrupted dreaming sweet puppy dreams.4. 养者: You very own furry, four-legged alarm wakes you up...... whenever they feel like.5. 爱者: Any movie where a dog dies will leave you in tears.6. 养者: You must protect your poor pup from this heartbreak.7. 爱者: You happily pet a dog and then move along.8. 养者: You love all dogs equally. /201612/480108上饶人民医院绣眉多少钱 4.Getting along with your job Dialogue4.实际接触工作 对话Steven has learnt many things from his job. Now he is talking with Tina about his actual feeling.史蒂文从工作中学到了很多东西,现在他正和蒂娜讨论接触工作的实际感受。Tina: Hello, Steven. How do you get along with your job?蒂娜:你好,史蒂文,感觉工作怎么样?Steven: Actually, I learn many things from it. I find that I am a quick learner in new things.史蒂文:事实上,我学到很多东西。我发现我学新东西很快。Tina: Practice makes perfect. By the way, what do you learn from your job?蒂娜:熟能生巧嘛。随便问一下,从工作中你学到了些什么呢?Steven: At first I didnt know anything about the machine. Now I know how to operate it. Besides, the work gives me a sense of fulfillment and achievement.史蒂文:起初我对机器一窍不通,现在我知道如何操作了。此外,工作给我充实感和成就感。Tina: Yeah, you are a good learner. I must commend you for your good performance.蒂娜:是啊,你很擅长学习嘛。我必须称赞你表现得不错。Steven: Thank you. Thats a long way to go for my job.史蒂文:谢谢,在工作上我还有很多东西要学习。Tina: I appreciate your effort very much. The coffee break is over; its about time we set to work.蒂娜:我非常欣赏你的努力。茶歇时间已过, 我们该开始工作了。Steven: OK, lets go.史蒂文:好的,我们走吧。 /201509/400073Jeff: So, Tim, you live in a nice natural spot.杰夫:蒂姆,你生活的地方有很棒的自然景点。Tim: Yeah, thats true.蒂姆:对,没错。Jeff: Lots of nature around where you live?杰夫:你生活的地方周围有很多自然景物吗?Tim: Yeah, Im from Oregon. Theres lots of nature. Theres not a lot of towns really.蒂姆:对,我来自俄勒冈州。那里有很多自然景物。没有太多的城镇。Jeff: And do you take advantage of it by doing any outdoor sports or activities or anything?杰夫:那你有好好利用这些来进行户外运动或其他活动吗?Tim: Yeah, I try to, like me and my friends, we go hiking. We camp. We backpack. Snow camp. Snowshoe. All kinds of stuff.蒂姆:有, 我和我的朋友经常去徒步旅行。我们也会参加露营,背包旅行,滑雪露营,雪地行走等各种运动。Jeff: Really. You snow camp?杰夫:真的吗?你们去过滑雪露营?Tim: Yeah, we snow camped before, yeah.蒂姆:对,我们以前有过滑雪露营的经历。Jeff: So do you stay out or do you stay in a cabin or?杰夫:那你们是呆在室外还是呆在小屋里?Tim: No, usually we go out. A lot of times its snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. We go out and we build a little hut basically by digging down and go underneath and stay there for the night and come out. Its really cold.蒂姆:通常我们会出去。我们经常去雪地行走和越野滑雪。我们会在室外动手搭建一个临时小屋,然后在里面住一个晚上再出来。真的非常冷。Jeff: So, do you pull a sled behind you or do you carry your stuff?杰夫:那你们是拉雪橇还是拿着行李?Tim: Usually, we just put a pack on your back. Yeah.蒂姆:基本上我们会背个背包。Jeff: I want to try that.杰夫:我也想试试。Tim: Yeah, its a lot of fun, but its cold and usually you dont enjoy a lot of it until you done, and when youre done you think, ;Ah, that was a great experience.;蒂姆:嗯,有很多乐趣,不过非常冷,可是还是很享受,结束之后你会想:那真是一次很棒的经历。Jeff: Yeah, yeah. I think it would be good but, so is it very different from summer camping?杰夫:对。我觉得肯定会很好,不过是不是和夏季露营有很大不同?Tim: I think that the biggest thing is that when you go out there its really, really silent. You dont see a lot of thing out and about because its cold. So its just really quiet and its really, really peaceful.蒂姆:我觉得最大的不同是,露营地非常非常安静。周围没有什么东西,因为实在太冷了。所以非常安静,而且非常平和。Jeff: Is it safe? Can you die?杰夫:那安全吗?会不会有生命危险?Tim: Yeah, it is relatively safe. People do die doing it. For the most part its really safe. One time we were caught in a pretty bad storm and we were coming back. The biggest thing is we came out and our car was covered in snow and we couldnt get out so that was a pretty big deal. Luckily the cellphone worked though and we were able to eventually get out but we had to dig the car out and call come people to come out and help us.蒂姆:相对比较安全。不过确实有人在露营时死亡。大多数情况下很安全。我们曾经遇到过严重的风暴,不过我们还是平安地回家了。不过我们出来以后发现我们的车被雪盖住了,我们不能离开,这确实是很严重的事情。幸运的是,电话还能打通,所以我们找其他人帮我们把车从积雪里开出来,然后我们才得以离开。Jeff: So do you follow a trail?杰夫:你们会沿着痕迹开吗?Tim: Sometimes. It just depends. Sometimes we just use navigation systems and just go out and go and pick points and go for it and sometimes we follow like ski trails that have like little diamonds on trees and you can point towards them and look for them and find them.蒂姆:有时会。这也要视情况而定。有时我们用导航就能出去,选择地点以后按照上面的路线走就可以,有时我们会沿着滑雪痕迹前行,那就像树上的钻石一样,你可以追踪寻找这些痕迹。Jeff: So do you recommend winter camping to people?杰夫:你会推荐冬季露营吗?Tim: Not unless youve had some outdoor experience. Not somebody whos just gonna go out there because you really got to look at the weather. You gotta have the right gear. If you dont have the right gear youll freeze to death.蒂姆:不会,除非你有户外经验。如果只是想去的话,我不会推荐,因为要考虑天气因素。而且还要有合适的装备。如果你没有合适的装备,你可能会被冻死。Jeff: So city people, dont winter camp.杰夫:所以,城市居民不要去参加冬季露营。Tim: Mostly yeah. Id say city people better not winter camp, unless youve got somebody whos really experienced with you. Ive taken my girlfriend out there and so you can do it as long as youre with somebody that knows what they are doing and you have the right gear cause if you dont have something thats waterproof and things that are going to keep water out you cant do it.蒂姆:基本上可以这么说。城市居民最好不要参加冬季露营,除非有经验丰富的人随行。我曾带我女朋友去过冬季露营,只要有了解的人陪同,有合适的装备,是可以去进行冬季露营的,但是如果你没有防水的衣,你最好不要这么做。Jeff: Great.杰夫:很好。 译文属 /201511/406824江西省上饶脸部去痣价格

上饶市第五人民医院做丰胸手术多少钱unit 127迟到致歉(1)dialogue英语情景对话A:I am sorry to have kept all of you waiting. I was delayed by something urgent.B:很抱歉让你们大家等了这么久。我被一些急事给耽搁了。B:You are not late, Mr. Thomas. Therere still 15 minutes to go. Mr. White has just called you.A:你没有迟到,托马斯先生,还有15分钟。怀特先生刚才打电话给你了。A:What did he say?B:他说什么?B:He said there was a traffic jam, but he is coming.A:他说有些堵车,他在路上。A:He shouldnt drive his car. He should come here by bus.B:他不该开车,他应该乘车来。 /201507/384906信州区妇幼保健人民中医院疤痕多少钱 Lupe: So, Kara, how did you like your birthday party last night?卢佩:卡拉,你对昨晚的生日派对满意吗?Kara: I had a great time. It was the first time probably I had a birthday party like that with all my family and friends in probably about ten years.卡拉:我过得很开心。这是10年来我第一次和所有家人和朋友一起开生日派对。Lupe: Yeah, because since I met you, Ive never been to a birthday party. I mean, weve gotten together, gone to restaurants, had a few drinks, but weve never really had a party for you.卢佩:我认识你以来从来没参加过你的生日派对。我们经常在一起,一起去吃饭,一起去喝酒,但是我们从来没有给你办过派对。Kara: I really enjoyed it. It was nice to have everybody out for it. Good food and good company.卡拉:我很享受这个派对。大家一起开派对的感觉很好。有美食还有朋友的陪伴。Lupe: Yeah, really good food. That guacamole was the best.卢佩:对,食物非常好吃。最好吃的是墨西哥鳄梨酱。Kara: Who made that — your mom?卡拉:那是谁做的?你妈妈吗?Lupe: No, actually it was me.卢佩:不是,那是我做的。Kara: It was you.卡拉:是你做的。Lupe: Yeah, my own recipe and I know that everybody really liked it, even if nobody believed that I made it.卢佩:对,我有自己的食谱,我知道所有人都很喜欢吃,虽然没人相信那是我做的。Kara: Yeah, I dont think you look like the cooking type.卡拉:对,我觉得你看上去并不像喜欢做饭的人。Lupe: Im not the cooking type but I did make guacamole.卢佩:我的确不太喜欢做饭,不过墨西哥鳄梨酱确实是我做的。Kara: Well, Bravo.卡拉:太棒了。Lupe: Did you like your presents?卢佩:你喜欢那些生日礼物吗?Kara: I loved my presents.卡拉:我很喜欢。Lupe: What was your favorite?卢佩:你最喜欢哪件礼物?Kara: My favorite? Well, the thing I needed the most was the screen I got to.卡拉:我最喜欢的?就是我需要的那个屏风。Lupe: That was beautiful.卢佩:那很漂亮。Kara: Make my makeshift closet. And my second favorite of course, because Im a shoe girl, would be the shoes you got me — the leopard high-heels.卡拉:我能用那个来做个临时衣柜。我非常喜欢鞋子,所以我第二喜欢的礼物当然就是你送我的那双豹纹高跟鞋。Lupe: Yeah, I was really hoping you would like because I really wanted to get those for myself and for sure they didnt have them in my size so I just decided to get them for you.卢佩:我很希望你能喜欢那双鞋,我其实自己也很想买那双鞋的,可是没有我穿的号,所以我就买来送你了。Kara: And the purse I got last night from you, Im wearing today.卡拉:我今天带了你昨晚送我的钱包。Lupe: Oh, Im so glad. I was hoping you would have enough stuff to match with it, cause you know, you dont have that much clothes or that many shoes.卢佩:哦,我真高兴。我希望你能有和它相配的东西,你的衣和鞋子并没有那么多。Kara: Very funny, Lupe. Very funny.卡拉:卢佩,这很有趣。很有意思。Lupe: Only half your room is filled with them.卢佩:衣和鞋子只在你房间占据了一半的空间。Kara: Well, you know. What can I say. Its a habit. Youre one to talk with your one hundred-fifty, two hundred pairs of shoes.卡拉:你知道,我能说什么呢。这是个习惯。你就会说别人,你得有150双或者200双鞋吧。Lupe: I think you do beat me with the count of shoes, Kara. I think you have a few more.卢佩:卡拉,我觉得你鞋子的数量肯定能打败我。我想你的鞋子更多。Kara: Mm, I doubt it.卡拉:我对此表示怀疑。Lupe: I think you are at the two hundred by now.卢佩:我想你现在得有200双鞋了。Kara: Well, not there. I counted the other day. I only had about eighty.卡拉:没有那么多。那天我数了一下,我只有80双鞋。Lupe: Yeah, well you can always just use another pair, right.卢佩:你现在又多了一双鞋。Kara: Right, well now I can fit eighty-one.卡拉:好吧,现在我有81双鞋。 译文属 /201511/411566德兴市妇幼保健院做去眼袋手术多少钱

上饶那里治鲜红斑痣最好put yourself in my shoes 站在我的的立场上想想put yourself in others shoes 站在别人的立场想想例句:You shouldnt have done that,you should put yourself in my shoes.你不应该这么做,你应该站在我的立场上想想。You would understand my decision if you put yourself in my shoes.如果你设身处地站在我的角度想,你就能理解我做的决定了。Always put yourself in others shoes,if you feel that it hurts you,it probably hurts the other person too.多站在别人立场考虑问题,如果一件事对你来说很痛苦,那么对别人也是一样的。背景音乐:Lenka-Get together更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201609/465263 4.Pride and modesty Dialogue4.骄傲 谦虚 对话Steven does well in his job, so his boss praises him and encourages him to learn more professional skills rather than to be proud.史蒂文在工作上取得了成绩,他的老板表扬了他,并告诫他不要骄傲,要好好学专业技能。Boss: Hi, Steven. You have finished a wonderful project recently.老板:你好,史蒂文。你最近的项目完成得很好呀!Steven: Oh, yeah, boss. Thank you for approving my job.史蒂文:噢,是的,老板。谢谢您对我工作的认可。Boss: Dont be proud. Youll gain a lot in the following job.老板:别骄傲。你将在以后的工作中得到更好的锻炼。Steven: Yeah, I believe it, but I want to know if you will give me a raise.史蒂文:是的,我相信。但是老板,我想知道你是否会给我加薪呢?Boss: Steven, talking about salary is not smart. You are a new manager and youd better learn more professional skills.老板:史蒂文,谈薪资可不明智。你刚升做经理,应该多学些专业技能。Steven: You are right, boss, but I need specific confirm to keep the future work better.史蒂文:你说得对,老板。但是为 了以后更好地工作,我需要得到您更明确的肯定。Boss: Okay. You are such a good talker.老板:好啦,你真会说话。 /201508/390315上饶广丰区治黄褐斑多少钱上饶县妇幼保健人民中医院整形中心



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