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上期中译英:(一)XiaoGao: Well, I think Ill save up a new car. Im sick of riding my bike everywhere!小高:嗯,我想我要存钱买辆新车,我都受够了每天骑车到处走Jingjing:Ive gotta hand it to you, Xiao Gao, that sounds like a great idea.京晶:那我可真佩你!小高,这主意不错!XiaoGao:And you? What are your New Year resolutions?小高:那你呢?你有什么新年的决心?(二)Jingjing:Im going to be an early bird and start waking up really early.京晶:我要当一个早起的人,然后开始早起XiaoGao: Ill pass on that. I like sleeping in late!小高:那我就算了吧!我喜欢睡懒觉Jingjing:Anyways, what are you doing tonight? Shall we go paint the town red?京晶:内什么,你今晚有何安排?我们出去狂欢吧!XiaoGao:Im game!小高:走一个!New words dialogue :Tell me about it an expression meaning ;I know; I have experienced what you are talking about.自己跟说话人有共同的经历或者体验,对说话人表示赞同、附和可以翻译成“可不是嘛,谁不说呢”之类的Have in mind to think about.想,考虑Save up accumulate money.攒钱Sick of [something] dont like something because youve done it too many times.厌倦做某事Hand it to someone to acknowledge someone efts; to give credit to someone.赞扬,佩某人Early bird someone who wakes up early in the morning.早起族Ill pass on [something] Ill refuse to do something. 我就算了吧,免了吧Paint the town red to have a wild time in the city; to party or dance all night in town. 狂欢Im game I want to do it."Under the Sea"—"The Little Mermaid" (1989) 《在海底,选自《小美人鱼(Ariel, listen to me. The human world, it's a mess.Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.)The seaweed is always greenerIn somebody else's lakeYou dream about going up thereBut that is a big mistakeJust look at the world around youRight here on the ocean floorSuch wonderful things surround youWhat more is you lookin' ?Under the sea, under the seaDarling it's better down where it's wetterTake it from meUp on the shore they work all dayOut in the sun they slave awayWhile we're devoting full time to floatingUnder the sea, ha ha...Down here all the fish is happyAs after the waves they rollThe fish on the land ain't happyThey sad 'cause they in the bowl!But fish in the bowl is luckyThey in a worser fateOne day when the boss get hungryGuess who goin' be on the plate?Wo-no, under the seaUnder the seaNobody beat us, fry us and eat usIn frickazeeWe what the land folks loves to cookUnder the sea we off the hookWe've got no troubles, life is the bubblesUnder the sea (under the sea)Under the sea (under the sea)Since life is sweet here, we got the beat hereNaturally (naturally-ee-ee-ee)Even the sturgeon and the rayThey get the urge and start to playWe've got the spirit, you've got to hear itUnder the seaThe lute play the fluteThe carp play the harpThe plaice play the bass and they soundin' sharpThe bass play the brassThe chub play the tubThe fluke is the duke of soul (yeah)The ray, he can play the lings on the stringsThe trout acting outThe blackfish he singsThe smelt and the spratThey know where it's atAnd oh, that blowfish blow!Yeah, under the seaUnder the seaWhen the sardine begin the beguineIt's music to me (music is to me)What do they got, a lot of sand?We've got a hot crustacean bandEach little clam here know how to jam hereUnder the seaEach little slug here cutting a rug hereUnder the seaEach little snail here know how to wail hereThat's why it's hotter under the waterYeah, we in luck here down under the muck hereUnder the sea 97

What I Want In a Man!我想要这样的男人!Age 岁时1. Handsome.1. 英俊. Charming.. 迷人3. Financially successful.3. 富有. A caring listener.. 善解人意的倾听者5. Witty.5.风趣6. In good shape.6. 身体棒7. Dresses with style.7. 衣着时尚8. Appreciates the finer things.8. 能够欣赏更完美的事物9. Full of thoughtful surprises.9. 常能给我我想要的惊喜. An imaginative, romantic lover.. 富有想像力的、浪漫的情人Age 33岁时1. Nice looking--preferably with hair on the head.1. 相貌好,最好不是秃头. Opens car doors, holds chairs.. 为我开车门、拉椅子3. Has enough money a nice dinner at a restaurant.3. 有足够的钱请我去餐馆吃一顿不错的晚餐. Listens more than he talks.. 他听我说多过我听他说5. Laughs at my jokes at appropriate times.5. 我讲笑话时能适时地用笑回应6. Can carry all the groceries with ease.6. 轻松地拿所有的购物袋7. Owns at least one tie.7. 至少有一条领带8. Appreciates a good home cooked meal.8. 爱吃一道家常饭菜9. Remembers anniversaries.9. 记得所有的纪念日. likes to be romantic at least once a week.. 一星期至少浪漫一次Age 岁时1. Not too ugly. Bald head OK.1. 不要太难看,秃头也将就了. Doesnt drive off until Im in the car.. 不会在我还没上车时,就把车开走了3. Works steady--splurges on dinner at McDonald on occasion.3. 工作稳定,偶尔挥霍一下带我去吃麦当劳. Nods head at appropriate times when Im talking.. 我说话时能适时地点头呼应5. Usually remembers the punch line of jokes.5. 总是能记得笑话的关键句6. Is in good enough shape to rearrange the furniture.6. 身体健康,能搬得动家具7. Usually wears shirt that covers stomach.7. 通常穿能够遮住肚皮的衬衫8. Knows not to buy champagne with screw top lids.8. 知道不买螺旋塞子的香槟9. Remembers to put the toilet seat down.9. 记得把马桶垫放下来. Shaves on most weekends.. 多数周末记得刮脸Age 55岁时1. Keeps hair in nose and ears trimmed to appropriate length.1. 鼻毛和耳毛修剪到适当的长度. Doesnt belch or scratch in public.. 不会当众打嗝或是搔痒3. Doest borrow money too often.3. 不会过于频繁地借钱. Doesnt nod off to sleep while Im emoting.. 不会在我滔滔不绝时打瞌睡5. Doesnt re-tell the same joke too many times.5. 不会把同一个笑话讲无数遍6. Is in good enough shape to get off the couch on weekends.6. 身体健康,至少周末能从沙发上爬起来7. Usually wears matching socks and fresh underwear.7. 通常能穿上同一双的袜子和干净的内裤8. Appreciates a good TV dinner.8. 爱吃电视便餐9. Remembers your name on occasion.9. 有时能想起你的名字. Shaves on some weekends.. 隔几个周末会想起刮脸Age 66岁时1. Doesnt scare small children.1. 不会吓到小孩子. Remembers where the bathroom is.. 能找到洗手间3. Doesnt require much money upkeep.3. 不需要太高的养护费用. Only snores lightly when awake (LOUDLY when asleep). 醒着的时候只会发出轻微的鼾声(睡着时鼾声如雷)5. gets why he laughing.5. 不记得自己为什么发笑6. Is in good enough shape to stand up alone.6. 身体健康,能够自己站起来7. Usually wears some clothes.7. 通常能够穿着些衣蔽体8. Likes soft foods.8. 爱吃软食9. Remembers where he left his teeth.9. 记得自己把假发放在哪里. Remembers when.. 记得……时候Age 77岁时1. Breathing...1. 会喘气…… 80

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